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Hi, i really loved your glorious post on ontae..In your tags you mentioned that you actually have a file full of ontae hugs, will you be generous to share with us some of the precious ontae hugs/moments, esp the old ones?? I got into shinee during View era and ontae has been my otp since then. Sometimes feel that there isn't enough ontae, so i tend to get excited whenever i meet fellow ontae lover...Thanks ^-^

this post

hi!  i will always share any ontae i have & will always look up any i don’t.  here’s a baker’s dozen of ontae hugs, including the infamous l.a. k-pop festival snuggle of 2014.

baby ontae!

sneak attack!

“i love onew” (literally what he said.)

i love that somehow jinki looks so much smaller than taemin in this.

what we don’t see in this is taemin throwing himself against jinki’s chest.  #snuggles

the moment that broke ontae shippers everywhere.

this is what it looked like from behind.

after jinki’s surgery, his first performance i think.  i started crying & posted it to facebook. 

after jinki slapped his bum.

just kickin’ it back stage.

remember that time taemin lost at the game & he went running to jinki?

yup, this happened.

this.  just…this.

the end.

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I saw that matsuhana as parents pic and 🙏👆👀 lord I have the will to live matsuhana is so underappreciated.

Matsuhana would make the best parents in the worst way

Okay, so hear me out

I have this one headcanon that they would argue over who gets to be called what (dad or pops)
and they are both fighting over dad because “hell no, I ain’t gonna be called pops. That sounds so old and lame.”

The argument starts off all fun and light-hearted but gets super-heated and out of control, so much that they drag Oikawa and Iwaizumi (IWAOI UNCLES! IWAOI UNCLES!!!) in to finally sort this once and for all.

The four are just sitting there with Mattsun and Makki arguing for thirty minutes straight until fed-up Iwaizumi finally just goes “okay, look. If you guys hate the name pops, then why don’t you use something else? Like, one of you be dad, the other can be papa or something.”

And the two just stop mid-argument, stare at Iwaizumi, then look back at each other and at the same time say “shot gun papa.”

Then they start fighting AGAIN because “papa sounds hella cuter than dad.”

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do you think that since sam didn't have the tattoo in his hallucination, it's confirmation that he actually hasn't gotten it back?

I’m gonna say yes. If he had it redone, there’s no reason why he wouldn’t have it in his hallucination; he thought that was reality. 

So, I guess that answers my question, even if it completely fails to deal with the issues attached. I guess I can still hope about it. Honestly though, after what happened with Toni it feels like a demon warding tattoo wouldn’t be enough; after Gadreel he must want anti-angel symbols but he needs anti-witchcraft stuff too.

Ok, so I’m super curious:

You know that one fic trope that is done in almost every fandom, the one where all of the characters of the movie/show/book/whatever all have to live in the house for some reason? Sometimes it’s for a reality show or for fun, but you get the point.

Has that been done for Miraculous Ladybug yet? I feel like it would work great with how many side characters are in it and all the dynamics.

If I had the time and motivation, I would write dozens of poems that are supposed to be like… From Ringabel to Edea (and maybe some for my other ships), but I’m not sure how well that would work ovo’’

Does it ever hit you how intelligent Dan and Phil are? I mean first of all, Dan was accepted to study law at university which usually requires pretty high grades, but he also is incredibly articulate and is able to present such deep and thoughtful ideas in ways which are truly astonishing. And then we have Phil, who has a degree in English language and linguistics, who has a brain that manages to come up with amazing, creative ideas and not only that, but he has the intelligence to turn these ideas into something amazing. 

Yes Dan and Phil are incredibly attractive, funny, and Relatable™ but their brains? Damn, guys.