but seeing this in hd made me happy

Ok you know what doesn't make since to me

Is with short running shows like groundhog day the musical & the great comet of 1812 you think with people who run Broadway HD this would be a good idea to film it instead of disappointing people who really wanted to see it I mean look at falsettos it got made into a movie & it made a lot of people happy I mean come on this is the reason why people are turning to bootleg do the math

Bootleg giveaway and trading

So I’m giving away my bootlegs (not made by me, the ones that I have), but if you have any send me your list, so that I can see if you have anything that might interest me ;) They’re not many, but I’m happy to help

-American Idiot -(Los Angeles production professionally filmed)

-Amelie (original cast)

-Dear Evan Hansen (Original cast)

-Hamilton (Original cast from the balcony, Understudy for Samuel Seasbur, HD)

-Hamilton (Original cast from the mezzanine)

-Hamilton edit ( a mixture of the other two and some officially recorded clips)

-Hamilton (Original cast+ Javier Munoz as Hamilton, Andrew Chappelle as Laurence/Philip and Alysha Deslorieux as Peggy/Maria)

.-Hamilton Chicago(Original Cast)

-In the Heights (Original Cast)

-Notre Dame de Paris 1999 (original french production, professionally filmed with english subtitle)

-Notre Dame de Paris 2001 (original italian production, professionally filmed in the Arena di Verona)

-Romeo et Juliette 2001 (Original french production with italian subtitles, professionally filmed)

-Romeo es Julia (the hungarian version of the musical with english sutitles, professionally filmed)

-Romeo et Juliette-Les enfants de Verone Revival 2010 (professionally filmed and if you want i can give italian subtitlies)

-Romeo e Giulietta-Ama e cambia il mondo(The italian version of the french musical professionally filmed in the Arena di Verona)

-Spring Awakening Deaf West (Original Cast)

-Spring Awakening Original cast (link to the youtube playlist)

Watching Newsies live is still so surreal to me.

Like almost every single time I watch it, there’s usually at least one moment that just…. Makes me clench my heart and think –

Did this really happen? Or is this some sort of crazy thing my hyper fixated brain has made up? Am I hallucinating??

And then I realize, yes. This really happened. I’m really watching Newsies filmed live in HD on my laptop/phone/tv.

And then I get emotional because I miss these boys and I miss seeing it live - But I’m so happy. Because it happened. And I have it forever.

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Not sure if you have heard but Okami is getting an HD Remake coming out this december, Your fictional weapon reply made me think you were a fan of the series so i thought id give a heads up

I woke up to like a ton of people either screaming or @ing me on twitter about this.
This game is my lifeblood
Okami is one of those games that I had a deep connection with and that got me through an exceptionally hard time and it remains standing as my favorite video game of all time.
Seeing it get not only an HD remake but TWO on a bunch of different platforms makes me so happy, that people still care and love and want to do things with it. I am a very, very happy girl today.


And lo, it is finally finished! Happy (early) 413, Everybody~

I decided to post a bit sooner since we’re all going to be focused on the upd8 tomorrow. In the meantime, WHO’S HYPE BECAUSE I AM.

If you’re interested, I’ll be posting a couple HD shots tagged as #Counting Starsigns on my page. A couple will be made into wallpapers, but if you see something in particular you want a higher quality version of look there and if I haven’t put it up yet feel free to message me.

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Prompt idea: established Bechloe. Beca has contacts but she runs out and is forced to wear her glasses. She doesn't like her glasses cuz she thinks she looks like a nerd (even tho she is, she's a math/science major) and Chloe thinks she looks absolutely adorable (or hot) in glasses. Lots of fluff.

She doesn’t like them mostly because they bring her back to the days of stringy mouse-brown hair and clothes that were somehow simultaneously too tight and too baggy. Before Beca learned the art of nicely applied eyeliner, she was stuck inside the world of having limbs stretched out and squished in various places, with her MP3 player only holding enough songs to get her through a busride and not through an entire day. She would, later on, dub those the nerd years, and while the glasses weren’t the largest part of this label, they greatly contributed. 

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So finally, I was able to watch “The Last Naruto movie” in a theater. I already saw the movie from a camrip, but I did not watch the HD version. So, for the first time, I saw the full credit/Naruhina wedding scene. And I noticed a lot of things like this:

For me this is very heart warming. They are very happy for Naruto and Hinata. Seeing Guy-sensei and Lee crying made me remember Neji. I bet Neji would also cry when he sees the wedding.

Also, loot at little Mirai. She’s giving some gift to Hinata. And of course, Hinata knelled to reach Miura’s gift.

I also like this scene. I imagine the host of the wedding saying “Let’s give a round of applause for the newly wed.” This made my heart go doki doki.

I also noticed that Hiashi looks older in this scene (I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong)

And finally… Look at Shino’s swag:

Men.. Pretty cool.

Also I wanna add, I noticed that the producers/film distributor changed some of the subtitle in the movie. Example: Naruto’s confession.

This is the subtitle in the confession scene.

Naruto said “I’m not kind because I love you or anything. I also want to rescue Hanabi”

Hinata replied “What did you say?”

Naruto: It’s nothing

Hinata: All right

Naruto: Well, the thing is… Hinata, I’m in love with you.