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it’s midnight but i’ve been thinking about this since the video came out ahdbabaij

bonus under the cut :))))

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Some forest doodles

Painted on PS [2017.07] I am experimenting, we’ll see how it goes!

Have a good day <3 <3

  • them: whats your favorite movie trilogy?
  • me: Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017) DIR. ZACHARY EDWARD SNYDER
Star Vs Clip
  • Fandom: "It's a flashback!"
  • Also Fandom: "It's NOT a flashback!"
  • Me: "OK, BuT ToM'S PArEntS ThO."

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You know how Cas mentioned in s6e22 (I think? The one that Cas narrated while praying to Chuck) that he wouldn't go to Dean with his problems because of how much Dean had sacrificed for him? But here's the thing. I for some reason paid more attention to Cas than Dean (even tho I'm a Dean girl) in terms of sacrifices. So, do you have any examples of Dean sacrificing for Cas? Even in the seasons after six. Sorry if this didn't make sense.

Here ya go:

Dean - I try so hard not to have feelings, try to show as little emotion as possible, don’t tell anyone how I feel but end up doing it through gestures and even though I may seem angry it’s because I’m worried and I love you - Winchester 

Descendants 2 + Aesthetic: Lady Evie (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

“We’re always gonna be the kids from the Isle. I tried to forget it. I really tried, but those are our roots.”

(Pipi sending this)

Anyway I no longer feel guilty for stealing from him like yah I took his weed but he took my chance of being happy so??? I’d say we’re even

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i'm furious on behalf of you and your artwork being traced and now I'm sitting at work very heated and can't imagine how frustrating that must be

MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!! don’t stress about it, i promise i’m fine!!! this isn’t my first rodeo (FLASHBACKS TO WHEN DAN LIKED ART THAT WAS TRACED OFF OF MINE AND IT WAS NATIONAL FANDOM NEWS) and i’m well over … idk. anger? it happens. it’s an inevitable and awful part of being part of the phandom, especially, and i’m I Hate Tracers #1 but like. ya just gotta accept after awhile that when you’ve dabbled in a fandom of mostly younger people, tracing photos and tracing other people’s art is just a thing. people are hungry for notability and they see Adult Fancy Artists and want to be Famoosey on Tumblrooni so they do The Bad Stuff.

it’s still bad, ofc. i’m still pissed and it’s still nasty and it’s still an Awful Awful Awful feeling to have something you worked hard on used as a base for someone else’s creation (and that goes for style stealing and using someone else’s art as your reference, too … i do not create art for you to use for your Own art. do ya own thing. ya entitled little dork) but it’s something i’ve made peace with happening AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. mostly i deal with things on a lowkey basis and just dm or message the person and aggressively poke them until they inevitably take down the trace and apologize, but there wasn’t any way to do that this time around, so a good ol lighthearted reblog seemed justified, especially considering they’re getting a (degree??? how does british school work???) based on that course. that’s a bit TOO far into the Discomfort pit ya know????

ANYWAYS so yeah dont be furious. it’s okay!!!! i am okay!!! im going to bed now actually 


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Honestly fuck the fallen hero timeline. Like it has great games but I think Nintendo is more than capable to create something more creative than just taking the edgy death route.

i really hate that the downfall timeline is basically an au. it feels kinda… disrespectful to the original games, in a way. it’s clear that nintendo didn’t know what to do with them but they (understandably) didn’t want to make them non-canon so they just lumped all these games together in a third timeline. which is, y'know, fine and all, but did it have to be an au?? the source of my anger isn’t even that link dies, it’s just that THIS ONE PARTICULAR (POSSIBLE) DEATH caused an entire timeline to happen.

i remember this one theory about how the downfall timeline is the “original” timeline and link used the triforce in alttp to wish that the hero of time had lived or whatever. which was, y'know, very cool, but doesn’t satisfy me. i just want a good explanation for this whole mess.