but season 7 is the end

What is happening?

Kai is an actual genius… evil but a genius. But AHS why is every episode without your lead better than the others. I just want badass Sarah Paulson back. This season better end with everyone just killing everyone. But Aly gets to live and raise Oz, and see a real therapist who doesn’t keep his parents corpses in a room in his house. Is that too much to ask.

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As I’m on a meta binge at the moment - which metas do you consider ‘must reads’? Are there any that have have UTTERLY CONVINCED you of a jonsa endgame?

Wow! Ok. Where to begin?

These are pretty popular ones, but they’re favorites for good reason!

The meta to end all metas by @blindestspot

This super-comprehensive breakdown by @kitten1618x. I’m a history nerd, and this meta hit right in that sweet spot. 

My personal favorite, and I think this one had me UTTERLY CONVINCED, by @ladyandtheghost. Check at all her “Reasons” metas based on Season 7. 

and of course, anything by @marydri, @shinynewrevulsions, @scullylikesscience, @lieselstark to name a few. 

Thanks for the ask!


I guess I’ll give some of my unpopular opinions and predictions.

1. Curry the best player in the NBA (Listen to what Kerr said)

2. Giannis for MVP (Dedicated to his dad R.I.P)

3. Rookie of the Year - Donovan Mitchell (Especially with Dante Exum out)

4. Dennis Smith Jr. Dunk Contest Champion

5. Derrick Rose break out season. (Finally)

6. Drama with the Cavs all season obviously. (Kardashian curse)

7. New Timberwolves are boring/overhyped. (And their uniforms are ugly)

8. Rudy Gobert DPOY (Rudy deserves recognition)

9. Nick Young 6th Man of the Year. 

10. Devin Booker leads NBA in scoring. 

11. D’Angelo Russell is the most improved. (Maybe All Star year)

12. Wizards vs Celtics Eastern Conference Finals (Wizards are slept on)

13. OKC Thunder NBA champions (Melo gets his first title)

14. Knicks have their worst year ever. (End up with Top draft pick though)

15. Vince Carter/Dirk farewell seasons.

Did I miss anything?

2017-2018 NBA Predictions

BASKETBALL IS BACK!!!!! regular season tips off TONIGHT so here’s some of my predictions for playoff seeding and awards

Western Conference
1. Warriors
2. Rockets
3. Thunder
4. Spurs
5. Nuggets
6. Clippers
7. Timberwolves
8. Blazers

Eastern Conference
1. Celtics
2. Cavs
3. Wizards
4. Raptors
5. Bucks
6. Heat
7. Hornets
8. Pistons

Executive of the Year - Sam Presti (Thunder)
Coach of the Year - Brad Stevens (Celtics)
Most Valuable Player - LeBron James (Cavs)
Defensive Player of the Year - Rudy Gobert (Jazz)
Rookie of the Year - Ben Simmons (Sixers)
Sixth Man - Lou Williams (Clippers)
Most Improved - D’Angelo Russell (Nets)

Champs - Warriors (in 6 games vs Cavs)
Finals MVP - Kevin Durant

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Do you think that Fitz and Simmons will be separated for ten episodes? I think they've angered most of their fanbase already, so I don't see it happening, unless they're trying to alienate their audience like they did with the awful season 3 story (in general, not just Fitzsimmons, face it season 3's story is why the ratings fell). I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Simmons was brought back to Earth by Fitz before it ended. Plus in Daisy's season four arc, she reunited with the team early on.

Hi Anon,

No, I don’t think they will be separated for that long.  My current target for Fitz to get to Jemma is in the 6/7 range of episodes…maybe 5….maybe….depending on how things play out.  And I won’t put it past Fitzsimmons to not find some sort of way to communicate with each other before then either. If these guys have been watching the team, know that Fitz is “thinking about Jemma” then if Jemma can get her hands on it she might be able to interact with him.  Or for all we know Fitz has made some more upgrades to Jemma’s phone that includes a Interstellar data plan.

In every season since 1 at least one person from the team has been separated when we began the season and they were all back relatively quickly.

  • Season 2:  Jemma was at Hydra but was back with the team in 5.
  • Season 3:  May, was with Hunter by the end of 2 and back with the team by the end of 4.   Jemma was back by the end of 2.
  • Season 4:  Daisy ran into Fitz and Mack in 2, Jemma in 4, Coulson and May 5, and was working with the team in 6.

I also don’t think Fitz is going to be the only one separated here.   I think after the initial crazy of the team getting to space, they will also be split up either by the story IE different factions get their hands on different team members or they are separated due to their skill sets.  

At the beginning of the season: this is Jon Snow, he’s King in The North.

At the end of season 7: This is Aegon Targaryen, better known as Jon Snow, the seventh of his name. King in the North, Rightful heir to the Iron Throne, King of the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, The Resurrected, The one who couldn’t bend the knee, Mine-worker, Cave Artist, The one who doesn’t lie, Late night booty caller, Tamer of Khaleesis, and step father to dragons.

I’m already tired of hearing all the hate about Rhaegar looking too much like Viserys.

First of all, incest or not. Genetics are genetics. Believe it or not sometimes siblings look similar to one another *gasp.* And yes we hear in the books about how handsome, smart, strong, musically gifted, etc. Rhaegar was. But come on from the side profiles we get of Rhaegar. The man is nowhere NEAR ugly. I mean I for one sometimes I catch my side profile in the mirror and I have to look away before my eyes bleed. So lets all agree that he is not eye bleedingly hideous.

And secondly, can I just take a moment to somewhat put you in the shoes of a young Viserys? Prince Viserys got to experience 8 years of King’s Landing. He got to live in a palace with his mother father and older brother Rhaegar. Of course it wasn’t sunshine and rainbows but that’s a discussion for another day. Viserys knew Rhaegar. Viserys got to see him joust, play the harp, read, etc. Rhaegar was going to be the future king of Westeros. No doubt that Rhaegar was his role model. Have you ever seen a little sibling look up to their older sibling? They try to copy them constantly because they want to be just like them.

But alas, one thing leads to another and Viserys has to experience the deaths of both his parents and his heroic big brother. Plus he is exiled to a far away land with his newborn sister. How traumatizing would that be for a little boy? Now, I am not saying that Viserys would have been a good king. He grew up feeding on every lie he was told about the Usurper who stole his family’s crown. His own innocent, childish memories got twisted from years of yearning for revenge and power. Yet, a few of his memories still pull through unscathed. That being the memory of Rhaegar. Viserys mimicked his big brother’s appearance because deep down he still wanted to be like him; to be the king Rhaegar never could.

So in the end, what I am saying is that Rhaegar does not look like Viserys, Viserys looks like Rhaegar.


game of thrones ★ season 7 = the dragon and the wolf
this place was the beginning of the end for my family. a dragon is not a slave. they were terrifying. extraordinary. they filled people with wonder and awe, and we locked them in here. they wasted away. they grew small. and we grew small as well. we weren’t extraordinary without them. we were just like everyone else.

“It was really surreal,” says Glen, who plays the solemn Ser Jorah Mormont. “I think it’s hard for fans to appreciate how dissipated and separated we’ve all been over the course of seven or eight years. There are large numbers of these actors who have never acted together before. We’ve all been part of this thing that’s turned into an extraordinary success, and we’ve met at premieres and we’ve met at read-throughs and we’ll bump into each other in trailers. It’s been a very complicated process. You have two units operating at the same time, with actors flying from one unit to another — from Spain to Croatia back to Ireland on the next Wednesday. You pass each other, but to actually be able to be in the same space, to have fun together, to live in the same hotels, to act in the scenes primarily? For me, it felt like it was part of the beginning of the end in a very good way. In a very lovely way.”