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APH Germany 1945

Ludwig, das Symbol der Deutschen, wird durch ungünstige Umstände dazu gezwungen, die volle Verantwortung für die Ehre seines Landes auf sich zu nehmen, da sich der König als unfähig erweist. 

Ludwig, symbol of the Germans, is due to unfortunate circumstances forced to take full responsibility for the honour of his country, because the king proved to be unfit. 


I wasn’t gonna post this bc it’s based on a South Park story I never started but this took too long to draw and color so screw it

True context might be long… so I won’t say it. All you need to know is that oppressing government or something along those lines happened, Gregory did some stuff bc he’s a fan of freedom and now people wants to shoot him. He and Mole exchange clothing/accessories to confuse people (they even put mud in Gregory’s hair D:) but Gregory realized just now what might happen bc of clothes swap.

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Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Eliza: I'm thankful that, even though I love my beautiful daughters and their friends, I can finally spend time with someone close to my age on Thanksgivi- What do you mean J'onn isn't coming?
  • James: I'm thankful I can easily betray Kara's trust and she'll not be at all suspicious. Alex... Put down the carving knife...
  • Winn: I'm just thankful to be included, usually.
  • Mon-El: I'm thankful that, as the only current male character not yet rejected by Kara, I'm like her only realistic option.
  • Kara: ...I'm thankful that I have no idea what is going on.
  • Alex: Well I'm thankful that I'm a big ol' lesbi-