but school :(

I submitted my thesis, my paperwork is turned in, and I’ve done everything else required of me. Now I just wait for a piece of paper saying Master of Arts on it to be mailed to me in mid-late September.

Until then, I have to now condense my thesis into a 8000 word book chapter for an edited volume on architectural energetics. My rough draft is due September 1st.

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While studying to become a doctor, did you ever feel like you weren't smart enough for this profession? And if you did, how did you overcome that feeling? Cuz undergrad has this amazing way of reminding me I'm not as smart as I want to be and it feels like a dead end sometimes...

Thank you for your question!

I don’t feel smart ALL OF THE TIME!

In medicine, you are surrounded by some of the most intelligent minds our society has to offer. But being smart is not always the mark of a great doctor. A great doctor is passionate, hardworking and thirsts for knowledge. You have to be willing to put in the work, more work than anyone else, but it doesn’t matter because this is what you were meant to do, or at least that is what I told myself.  

I was never the top of my class or did I ever get the highest score on any of my medical school exams. I did well in undergrad and medical school, I passed my exams and made it to where I am today. If you are passing your classes and scoring well on your exams then I think you are well on your way to becoming a doctor one day. Hope this helps.

Piece of cake to bake

μ’s takes out Nico to celebrate for her birthday. Unfortunately, Maki couldn’t make it, but she had her own good reasons. NicoMaki.

Word count: 1581

A/N: This is a collab with @myonmukyuu!!! sfuibfuiweb I was so excited when she asked me if I wanted to do something with her but don’t tell her that mkay??? thanks

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I think the new Ishida pic is of little shironeki the one that haise saw. Or some variation of that.

oooh I had considered that for a second too!

the only thing is though, the jawline looks quite defined and mature- probably a little bit too much to be Chibishiro

In the end, it will probably be revealed to be Kaneki with the black paint splashes across the eyes like Kaneki’s black tears (honestly, 90% of the time Ishida has a mystery character in his icon it ends up being Ken haha) but I would love if it was Hide too!

When the world has screwed you,
And crushed you in its fist!
When the way you’re treated,
Has got you good and pissed!
There’s been one solution,
Since the world began:
Don’t just sit and take it,
Stick it to the man!
Rant and rave and scream and shout
Get all of your aggression out
They try to stop you let ‘em know
Exactly where they all can go
And do it just as loudly as you can!
Stick it to the man!
—  Ryuji “Skull” Sakamoto, definitely
Columbiners be like

“Yo natural erection bitch, come suck my dick in the clickity clank”

*wears wrath shirt to prove a point they are E D G Y*


*pisses on the memorial and states that the cops are on their side*


*buys trenchcoat and take pics tagging it “Dylan is my daddy”*


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Hi there! I'm currently in my second year of high school and have no idea what I want to do for a career. I would love to be a vet, but I don't know if I can afford/ don't want to go through the six years of school required. What would you say to convince someone one way or another? Question tax: Milk, dark, or white chocolate?

In my experience, most people make their mind up early about whether they want to be a vet, but about 15-20% make that decision either ‘last minute’ or later in their lives.

The cost and time of education is a significant factor that must be considered for anyone wanting to become a vet. It’s easier in Australia where we’ve got a decent uni fee system (for now), but this is still a significant loan.

As a general rule of thumb, if someone needs convincing to become a vet, I don’t try to convince them. We’re not in short supply of hopeful future vet students. I always recommend spending some time in a clinic, or shadowing the type of vet you think you want to be, because there’s nothing like reality for making up your mind.

The realities of veterinary medicine are:

  • You will be relatively underpaid for your level of education.
  • The general public thinks you are much better paid than you are.
  • Your education is long but consistently undervalued.
  • Constantly encouraged to lower your prices or work for free.
  • Long, anti-social hours
  • The patients are usually nice, but the clients can vary.
  • You will outlive all of your patients, except perhaps for the odd very lucky parrot.
  • No other professions, except perhaps doctors, dentists and emergency services workers, really understand.
  • Burnout, moral distress and compassion fatigue await most of us.
  • Most of us develop or have a mental health issue at some point.
  • Approximately 1 in 6 of us will contemplate suicide. We are also 4x more likely to succeed.
  • Most of the time, the animals you get to interact with are sick, injured or frightened.
  • Sometimes the law sucks but you have to follow it anyway.
  • You are constantly having to justify yourself against whatever ‘Dr Google’ said.
  • Critiques on social media are harsh and unfair, but there’s nothing you can do about them because you can’t reveal the truth about a case because of client confidentiality.
  • There are easier ways to earn a living, and easier ways to interact with animals.

But if you read all of that an still think that becoming a veterinarian sounds like a good idea, then Congratulations. Welcome to the veterinary medicine family.

And for the question tax, white, mild and THEN dark chocolate.

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How are Stan and Mark going to feel about seeing Jackson stroll back on campus?

Also when the cat’s out of the supernatural bag where are Stan and Mark going to land? On the side of the hunters or the pack?

Oh, they’re going to have mini heart attacks and dash back to their office to add him to the projector screen of theories and conspiracies. I mean, come on, Jackson and Ethan? Whose brother died right around that time Stilinski was acting funny and kept missing school when he wasn’t missing altogether?

That is suspicious as fuck and they would be all over it.

The guy they suspect was using drugs provided by the McCall gang and overdosed, and then the guy whose brother was probably actually killed by the McCall gang? Probably over drugs??

Those two are back for revenge, and if they’re on school grounds, it’s Stan and Mark’s job to stop it from happening.

McCall and Stilinski might be drug dealers, but they’re still students, god damn it, and there will be no murders happening on their watch.

Well, no more murders.

And oh man, I really like the…I don’t know if it’s a trope, but when law enforcement of some kind is chasing someone for so long that they get somewhat attached to them? Or maybe fond? Sympathetic? I don’t know exactly what word I’m looking for here, but they’ve gotten to know these kids so well, even if they don’t know the whole story, that they realize that they can’t be evil. Whatever that giant monster rampaging through the school was that one time, they saw Scott put himself in harm’s way to save his classmates.

Drug dealers don’t do that.

“Maybe to keep their customers alive longer?” Mark suggests halfheartedly, but they’re both starting to suspect they’re barking up the wrong tree here.

And then people are disappearing, and coming back, and they’re all in a train station and then being ushered out into the school somehow, and the news is out, there are monsters in town. And it’s McCall, and Stilinski, and Malia Tate burying her textbooks in the woods is starting to make a weird kind of sense now–none of them are human.

Well, maybe Stilinski, they’ve always been on the fence with him after seeing him in lacrosse practice. He definitely never kept up with the rest of the team.

“But the rest of the team are werewolves!” Stan points out, quite logically, he feels, and Mark bobs his head in reluctant agreement.

“So maybe he’s just not as monster-y as the rest.”

They’ve got a big question mark over Stiles Stilinski’s name.

In the end, I think they’re going to end up protecting the pack. They’ve watched the pack carefully for a couple years now, and the second they realize it’s not drug or gang related, I think they would see that they’ve always been trying to help in their own, pretty destructive to school property kind of way.

And they’ve been watching them for so long, running around after them, trying to corral them into behaving or making a provable mistake that I think they grow protective of them. They saw little werewolf Liam trip and fall on his face in the parking lot–how do you turn against that? 

They notice the bags under their eyes after a late night, when Stiles comes to school limping, or when Lydia seems to get migraines and leaves early. They’ve got cameras everywhere, they see the quiet moments where Scott stands in a corner of an empty hallway and looks like he’s trying to hide from the world. 

Once they realize what’s really going on, they’ll step in to help the pack. They’ve seen the toll it’s taking on these kids, and they’re not going to let them do it alone anymore.

favorite solos of the ‘16-’17 season by age

I’ve done this the last two years and people seemed to like it! So here goes again :) Youtube vidoes are linked for all! If you want, feel free to comment some of your favorites so I can watch them. 

age 8: Cameron Voorhees (Evolve Dance Complex) - The Way

age 9: Savannah Kristich (The Rock Center for Dance) - Dance in the Light

age 10: Brooklin Cooley (Club Dance Studio) - Solitude

age 11: Kiarra Waidelich (The Rock Center for Dance) - River

age 12: Ella Horan (Creative Arts Academy) - Risiko

age 13: Tate McRae (YYC Dance Project) - Stillness

age 14: Eva Igo (Larkin Dance Studio) - River

age 15: Talia Seitel (Murrieta Dance Project) - Natural Woman

age 16: Camryn Mandelbaum (Expressenz Dance Center) - The First Time

age 17: Justine Kaneda (West Coast School of the Arts) - Wild in the Wind

age 18: Simrin Player (Club Dance Studio) - Good Girl

bonus favorite groups:

mini: Landslide - Evolve Dance Complex

junior: Vibeology - Club Dance Studio

teen: Hideaway - Murrieta Dance Project

senior: La La Land - Larkin Dance Studio

In case you want to check the past years out:

Favorite Solos 2015 - 2016

Favorite Solos 2014 - 2015

Hi, everyone! My name is Emma, and I’m new to the Tumblr community. I joined specifically for Studyblr because I heard about how supportive and helpful it is! So, after a few weeks of checking it out and meeting some amazing people, I’ve decided to officially join!

Some things about me:

~I’m 16

~I’m going to be a junior in high school

~I want to major in political science and legal studies



~I’m really excited for this year and am going to work my absolute hardest!

Classes I’m taking:

~AP English

~AP Environmental Science

~AP Music Theory

~Latin III

~Honors Precalc

~Honors Human Anatomy

~a few band classes


~drum major of my marching band

~president of debate team

~advanced concert band


~academic teams

~and I have a job at a local bakery

Things I Love:

~my family



~band (I play bari sax)


~politics and history

~Parks and Rec

~Bake Off

~To Kill a Mockingbird

~Donna Tartt

~^all books and authors really

Enough about me, though! Here are some really great blogs..

@elkstudies  @emmastudies @memorisu @arizonastudies @mollystvdies

@starlight-student @getshitdonetbh @legallychic @king-studies @botanical-studies @studysmiley @brightstudying

Thanks, everyone! Looking forward to meeting you!