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18-year-old girl turned in by her father for planning a mass shooting on her high school

In Thurmont, Maryland an 18-year-old girl was turned into police by her father after he came across her journal where he found detailed plans to attack her school. 

“Cevario’s journal “clearly spelled out” detailed plans for an attack she had been working on for some time, including a timeline of the attack with her expectations for each stage, officials said. She had set April 5 as the day of the attack” -Fox News 

After alerting the police, Nichole Cevario was removed from school and taken to a hospital for physical and mental evaluations. Her journal plans indicated no signs of bullying, but instead frustration of her living situation. she planned to kill herself in the attack.  

Marc and Cleopatra

      A Richonne AU One Shot! Enjoy if you will…..

   Michonne was sitting in her drama class with her acting partner, Rick. Their teacher, Mrs. Peletier, had assigned them all little scenes to act out.

    These little scenes were all interesting. She had one single bright light on the makeshift stage and the rest of the room was dark. She would peak over at Rick, who was slouched in his chair. He had on all black. He was interested in all the scenes.

     It was really heavy stuff for high school students, but Mrs. Peletier felt they could experience the real world. There was one scene where their classmate, Tyrese, had to forgive someone who killed his son. His acting partner, Philip was portraying the drunk driver. They did a real good job.

   Tara and Rosita played two women who fought in the gulf war and came back with PTSD. They individually spoke about how their lives changed with their families. Again, they did a good job.

    Then there was Abraham and Eugene who played two guys coming to terms with what was their usefulness in life. Mrs. Peletier didn’t mind cursing, as long as it wasn’t toward an individual. So Abraham would throw in colorful improvisations. At one point he told Eugene’s character he’d have a better chance at picking up a clean end of a turd. Michonne bust out laughing, as did the rest of the class.

      “Now, my Marc and Cleopatra.” Mrs. Peletier said clapping for their arrival to the makeshift stage.  Rick stood up in his black hoodie and jeans. Michonne followed suit in her all black t shirt and leggings, and they headed to the center of the room. Everyone’s eyes were all over them. Michonne felt her knees grow a little wobbly and Rick smiled at her. She wasn’t used to standing in front of large crowds.

     “You ready?” He whispered in her ear. She nodded quickly and closed her eyes regaining her composure.

       “Okay, I’m ready.” She took a deep breath and kept calming herself down until she became Cleopatra. It’s like she actually went back to that place. Back to the roman empire. She felt like she was a queen, so she became royalty. She started the scene.

     “Don’t go. I demand that you stay,” she said in a desperate and commanding voice. She turned and faced the audience. Her eyes looking off into the distance, past the students in the class. Her character did not want Marc to go to war, she was trying to convince him to stay.

     Rick, in character, walked up behind her touching her shoulders gingerly. Needing her to understand that he would be with her no matter what. “I have to go. I’m at war with Octavian. It is my duty to go lead my men.” He turned her around abruptly causing her to gasp a bit. So far their performance was going great.

    “I love you, dammit. Can’t you see that Cleopatra? Can’t you see that in my eyes? In the way that I stare at you? The way that I care about you and how I make sure you’re taken care of?” He held her shoulders tight and looked into her eyes. “Don’t you see it, Cleopatra?” He gazed at her intently.  His sky blue eyes had a questioning look in them.

    Michonne was stumped for a minute because he went completely off script. Like, he was way in left field and the ball was in the right. She was supposed to be the one begging and pleading. Not him. Even Mrs. Peletier put her glasses on to read the script thinking maybe she had forgotten what she wrote. So, Michonne improvised as well.

   “I love you, too. From the moment I met you til each second that passes by. I’ve always known it deep down. That’s why I can’t let you go away. I can’t lose you.” Michonne walked away letting the character control her. “If you leave me I won’t have anything. Sure, I’ll have everything I want at my disposal and a kingdom to rule under my every whim.” She swiped her hand across the audience. “But without you there by my side ruling with me, it won’t mean a thing. I need you.”

   She walked closer to him, extending an arm out so her hand could touch his face. It was smooth. She smiled. “If I lose you, none of this means anything.” She looked at him longingly. She tried to get back on track, but he veered off course again.  

    “I wouldn’t leave you if this didn’t mean so much to me. If fighting for what’s mine wasn’t so important, I would stay, but this war is bigger than us. Bigger than just you and me. If I could, I’d stay here with you and feed you grapes. Taste the finest wine with you, but all I can do is give you this.” He grabbed Michonne and hungrily kissed her lips and she was on fire. He plunged his fingers through her soft locs, and cupped the back of her neck with his fingers, the other hand planted at the small of her back. She could do anything but fall against him and hold on.

  At first it was fast paced, he devoured her lips taking her by surprise. Whatever he was doing, he was setting her ablaze. Michonne never kissed a boy before. Not that she didn’t get approached or asked out. A lot of guys have asked her out. But she was so occupied with school, she didn’t see how a boyfriend would fit into her hectic schedule.

    Something was fitting now. Rick pulled her even closer to him and she heard a whimper. Was that her?  He slowed the speed of his kisses down and gently kissed both the top and bottom of her lips over and over again, until he parted from her and gave her the deepest stare. She didn’t know what she looked like, but she knew she was pulling lust and want for him off right now.  Her lips were tingling. Other places on her were, as well.  

“Wait for me, my love. I’m only going to be in the distance.” He held her hands and kissed each one. He was slightly taller than her so he bent a little to meet her gaze. “Look for me there, in the distance. Okay?”

   He let her go and left her standing there. Mesmerized. Confused again. Other feelings she couldn’t explain, but once he left she felt an ache, a bit of heartache and it read all over her face.  She felt crushed a bit because her world came crashing down around her. Her mind and heart were trying to level her to their playing field and she didn’t know which one to follow.

   He came back onto the stage and grabbed her hand and shook her out of whatever state she was in. He leaned over and told her to bow to signify the scene ended. She took her bow, but did it end?

  The class gave them a standing ovation. Everyone started talking about it. The girls were crying. Crying. They were moved to tears. Mrs. Peletier even appeared to wipe her eyes a bit.

    She walked over to them clapping her hands. “Brava! Brava! If you’re going to improvise, you better just go full Nelson with it. That was better than what I wrote. Where did y'all draw that from? That was riveting?” Mrs. Peletier was smiling ear to ear.

     Michonne hadn’t heard a thing she said. She looked at Rick, who for the first time all year really looked at her.

   His eyes never left hers.

                                                        END SCENE

Amedot post-war headcanon

Ok, so this takes place in the future after Steven saves the Earth and makes friends with the diamonds because let’s face it, that’s how this show is going to end.

Anyway, Peridot has published her old “logs” about her heroic adventures on Earth in book form, starting with her being assigned to check on the cluster, meeting and joining the Crystal Gems, etc. Her book is INSANELY popular on Homeworld. They even turn it into a movie, once they learn what movies are. Amethyst hasn’t really read the whole thing, since “hey, I already lived through it once” and it’s like 2,000 pages long.

When the Crystal Gems join Peridot on a visit to Homeworld, Amethyst notices how weird the Homeworld gems act around her, always staring, giggling and stammering. It’s even worse when they see her and Peridot together.

It turns out Peridot’s book is full of glowing depictions of how beautiful and cool Amethyst is. So naturally, half of Homeworld has a massive celebrity crush on Amethyst now. The other half are Perithyst shippers.

Classic Pixelberry Fandom Wank (HSS and HWU Edition)

since Hollywood U is ending and its making me reflect on my time in the pb fandom during its peak and honestly some of the most memorable parts…. was all the ridiculous shit. but a lot is just some lighthearted things that i enjoyed! but anyways i made a list - enjoy.

  • MCxHunt discourse
  • MCxMax discourse
  • MCxChris discourse
  • Mia is a Lesbian/Bisexual/Straight/whatever discourse
  • Autumn is whiny and the worst character in the game
  • “Where’s Ezra?”
  • Wes is creepy and shady
  • Lea Michele update
  • people literally writing entire thesis papers about them leaving the fandom because of said update
  • Monster High halloween update
  • Beckett is a smol soft cinnamon roll pumpkin flower star prince uwu 
  • Ellie Is A Fucking Furry
  • Logan is a discount Wes
  • “:) shane isnt gay honey stop going by stereotypes”
  • Edward and the 10 hour livestream (Cautumn 5evr)
  • “Hunt cant be trans because he kept calling Crash spencer :/”
  • PriyaxHunt discourse
  • okay literally Hunt x 1000 of his ex girlfriends discourse
  • Ezra’s sister Ezra (literally my favorite pb fandom meme hands down)
  • Autumn and the ducks meme (which y’all ran into the fucking ground)
  • WesxAutumn discourse
  • Lena
  • the anonymous confession blogs
  • Ace
  • Kara’s redemption arc
  • Jack Carver
  • ppl making twitters for their MCs
  • Chris’ ex wife
  • those fanfics about sucking Hunt’s dick under the desk
  • MCxHunt + 50 Shades of Grey (god)
  • Kip
  • the silver circle bullshit
  • Richard Sheridan
  • Officer Mohsenin is daddy uwu
  • being poor af in hwu and not having enough to buy plots of land which was a requirement for like every level
  • Bianca and Lance (FREE LANCE 2K17)
  • both games only having like… 2.5 outfits for guys
  • Bianca pregnant with Hunt’s baby
  • Brian Ratzik
  • the Hunt RP blogs
  • people sexually harassing the Hunt RP blogs for some reason and just generally being creepy and gross
  • College Town
  • The Vampire OC Takeover of October 2015
  • Val
  • people headcanoning all the asian characters to be related to each other for some reason?
  • the atlas effect
  • Are you… Gay?

and last but definitely not least

  • fresh hell