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Popular LGBT+ music videos part i (pt ii)

- Take me to Church - Hozier

- Ghost - Halsey

- Blue Neighborhood - Troye Sivan 

- Girls like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko 

- Same Love - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

- Girls/Girls/Boys - Panic!At The Disco


1. Hozier - Take Me To Church

 2. Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls

 3. Blue neighbourhood trilogy:

 Troye Sivan - WILD

 Troye Sivan - FOOLS

 Troye Sivan - TALK ME DOWN

 4.  Halsey - Ghost


 6. Hayley Kiyoko - Cliffs Edge

 Popular LGBT+ music💜💜💜 I am so proud of them💜💜💜

I think one of the most interesting things my dad has ever said to me about music is that ‘you don’t have to be a great singer to be a great artists, as long as you can make people feel something.’ it’s easy for people to hate on an artist because their voice is not conventionally pleasing to the ear but they forget to look into the music and realize that the message the artists is sending is far more important than how well they are hitting the high note.

I am...

I got this idea while listening to a sermon in church today about love… then I spent over six hours downloading audio and editing and messing things around and forgetting people and almost quitting… also a lot of crying as this is from someone mostly in the closet. All of these ‘coming out’ videos from Connor, Troye, Joey, Evan and Shane (I added Chris and Dodie too) made me feel better and I hope this is satisfactory for all the work put into it….