but s2 is beauty

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she really means: basically all of the trainees who were eliminated held back their own tears and masked their own pain and instead clapped for and cheered for and smiled at their friends without a hint of bitterness and then they went home and holed themselves up for a WEEK and cut off all contact w/ the outside world so as to not spoil the show for the national producers and help MNET despite the fact that the most screentime they ever got was during their own eliminations and the fact that they were deprived of food and sleep and friends and family and the fact that they were treated as numbers and statistics on a ledger for ratings and not as real people and the fact that their dreams and hopes were toyed with and manipulated for the sake of views

“You know, you don’t get to decide what I am.”

Sarah // my favourite new character from Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle (I love her and am always here for more badass resistance ladies! \o/)