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Andrew Ryans' Final Speech
Andrew Ryans' Final Speech

The assassin has overcome my final defense; and now, he’s come to murder me.

 In the end, what separates a man from a slave? Money? Power? No. A man chooses; a slave obeys. You think you have memories: a farm, a family, an airplane, a crash. And then this place. Was there really a family? Did that airplane crash… or was it hijacked? Forced down- forced down by something less than a man, something bred to sleepwalk through life until they are activated by a simple phrase spoken by their kindly master? Was a man sent to kill, or a slave? A man chooses; a slave obeys! Come in. Stop, would you kindly? “Would you kindly?” Powerful phrase. Familiar phrase? Sit, would you kindly? Stand, would you kindly? Run. Stop! Turn. A man chooses; a slave obeys. Kill! 

A… man… chooses! A slave… obeys! 



 "little by little, the old world crumbled, and not once did the king imagine that some of the pieces might fall on him."

art by toastydoodles.tumblr.com

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