but rushed it cus i wanted to do new chapter stuff


 No! Simple as that, no, this blog is not dead. I have lots of stuff planed for mortem, blood moon, slice-n-dice, dee and everyone BUT (!), i have said this before. I am taking a break from the blog!!! I never said how long cus i dont know, i love this blog, all of the characters are my babies. And me and mod-named-carot (mod of purehueanswers, mortems girlfriend) have lots of stuff planed for the cutest pony couple.

But after updating once ( and even twice) day for almost 2 years kills you on the inside. And thats what happend to me. I lost all the joy of drawing and needed to get away and rest and in the middle of all this i was rushed to the hospital for surgery. I just dont feel like drawing anymore, still want to finish this blog. But its hard when you have no will to work on it. 

even tho i am taking a pause from  the blog i will still post the art i do when i do them

A little over a month ago i started a YouTube where i talk about games. This sparked new life in me and a new passion. A new joy. I feel horrible for just leaving Mortem alone for so long but i am not ready to return yet. I can start draw again but then i will NOT try and draw my best. The art will be like in the intermission chapter. Very unclean and very rushed. I will stip answering asks and JUST focus on the story (not that i answer that many asks anymore). I still appreciate asks cus it helps to know what i missed to answer. 

 And because its traditional now i guess, here is a sparkly mortem