but rose is a flat character!

day 5/30 day studyblr challenge! > your favorite book.

january 15th, 2017. i love the adventure and the depth of this book! plus bilbo is my favorite fictional character. 🙃i also love pink and gold.

little things i would have actually liked to see in su?? (feel free to reblog/add stuff!)

-steven actually being and looking 14 

-how peridot and lapis actually struggled through their differences and became friends?? how peri gained laz’s trust enough so that they could come to terms on boundaries or about mentioning jasper and such??

-more development on bismuth!! and her backstory! and her relationship with rose!

-i hope they aren’t doing that thing were they introduce characters (centipeetle, bis, the corrupted jaspers, the other earth-born amethysts, the zoo humans and etc) just to use them in one final diamonds vs. crystal gem fight.

-who the heckle’s did Pearl ‘belong to’ before rose?? how did she meet rose?

-another amethyst song please

-tying in beach city characters with gem characters

-lapis’s character is great and cynical and very pretty and all but i feel like her potential’s flat lined after barn mates. she just–she’s just been resorted to one-liners and death glares.

-battle of the pink off! lion vs. mystery girl! (or mystery girl really liking cats/lions and pearl is a little miffed about it but oh well)



Sooo…. I can art occasionally… And this is the first piece that I’ve done in months that wasn’t school related (at least that I’ve uploaded). I’m thinking that I need to work on my chibis. And did flat color cause I’m lazy af.

My first Rosewick piece/comic/thingy and my first time drawing any of the characters. It’s based off of this post : http://alice–with-a-bowtie.tumblr.com/post/138843197913/egobuzz-me-weak-and-smol

Thanks to that little comic and @alice–with-a-bowtie ‘s tags for it, I deiced to finally contribute to the fandom, Hopefully it’ll make you guys laugh or at least smile.

RWBY Lore - The Four Kingdoms

VALE rests on the northwestern shore of Remnant’s largest continent, Saunus. A steep mountain range along the western border provides protection from masses of inland Grimm, though that isn’t its only defense. It also rests on the border of the sea, which is to the east and too shallow for any large aquatic Grimm to pose a threat. There are three notable cities along the northwest as extensions of Vale’s territory. These are not yet named. Any attempt at expanding the Kingdom inland, such as Mountain Glenn, have been met with disastrous failure.

Combat School(s):
Beacon Academy, Signal Academy

Moderate. Hot summers, cold winters.

Cliffs, hills and mountains. Marginally flat terrain between mountains and sea.

Notable Characters:
Ruby Rose (Patch), Yang Xiao Long (Patch), Taiyang Xiao Long (Patch)

MISTRAL rests in the continent west of Saunus, known as Aunima. They have the most controlled territory, meaning greater diversity in geography, climate and indeed, people. Mistral’s high society contributes fashion, theater, architecture - basically all forms of art - to the world of Remnant. Mistral is also, unfortunately, home to the biggest black market in the world. The people of Mistral all share a deep respect for nature, especially the sea and sky. They appear to have been the first to invent airships, albeit primitive ones. There are two named outer cities - Windpath and Koutchinashi, which lie to the north and south of the main Kingdom, respectively.

Combat School(s):
Haven Academy, Sanctum Academy

Moderate. Hot summers, cold winters.

Extremely diverse. Cliffs, hills, mountains, desert, forests, etc.

Notable Characters:
Pyrrha Nikos (formerly), Team SSSN

ATLAS is located in the northernmost continent of Solitofs. There are nearly no Grimm here, as they are subjected to the harsh climate. The people invented technology far faster than the rest of Remnant as a result of the need for survival (household appliances, weaponry, etc). There is an R&D facility located in the land immediately beside the combat school. Dust mines and emerging technologies allowed for rapid expansion. The former capital of Mantle was quickly overshadowed by Atlas Academy (formerly known as Alcaeus), which grew into a city of its own and began to house the military, labs and research facilities. Eventually, it even grew a civilian population. Those in Mantle presumably hold a bitter resentment for those in Atlas.

Combat School:
Atlas Academy (formerly Alcaeus)

Polar ice caps. Frigid temperatures year-round.

Flat, frozen ice fields and cliffs.

Notable Characters:
Weiss Schnee (formerly), Winter Schnee, Penny Polendina, James Ironwood

VACUO is located on the western end of Saunas, in a scorching desert. It was once a paradise, containing a beautiful oasis wherein people thrived, living a comfortable life with minimal threat from Grimm. It was home to the largest Dust deposit in the world, and also contained vast natural resources. Atlas, Vale and Mistral set their sights on Vacuo’s riches and, as a result of their complacent nature, the citizens could do nothing to stop them from ruining their home. Human conflict, ecological disasters, and unrestricted mining changed Vacuo’s paradise into a harsh, desolate wasteland. Vacuo is home to a Schnee Dust Company mining facility, presumably a huge one given the rich deposit of Dust. The citizens were left to be nomads, traveling constantly as a result of depleted resources and Grimm attacks. After the great war, a formal government was created, but went unheeded by populace. The combat school, Shade Academy is the only sense of order Vacuo has. People in Vacuo have a mutual respect for one and other. If you can survive, you’re welcome.

Combat School:
Shade Academy

Dry desert. Rainfall extremely rare. Scorchingly hot year-round.

Desert. Mostly flat, contains sand dunes, presumably mountain ranges closer to the sea.

Notable Characters:
Sun Wukong, Team NDGO

Honestly, Rose Quartz is such a Dumbledore character because no matter how often she does something morally ambiguous or just flat out wrong, no matter how often her ideas or actions directly hurt or negatively impact those around her, no matter how hypocritical she is, no matter how much shit she literally hid from everybody and left Steven to clean up without giving him any information about anything, despite ALL OF THIS, people still worship the very ground she walks on, in the show and in the fandom.

I like how, slowly but surely, her “precious cinnamon roll” facade is being broken down and reanalyzed, especially by Steven who has no prior knowledge of Rose except through what the CG tell her. Just because we’re told to look at her as a good character doesn’t mean she actually is, and I can’t wait until they reveal all of her true motives for the gem war.

The Only Rose on Marigold Street – Jumin/MC Angst Fanfic (1/3)

Part 2

Here’s your special something to celebrate the 500+ followers. This fanfic follows Jumin’s route; I advise not to read it if you haven’t played it yet. I have used my character’s name (Sasha) for this. More below the cut. PG13.

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I’d like to, for a moment, back up my very strong opinion of Harry Potter’s depiction in Cursed Child as being—out of character and rather weak. And by extent, break apart my complaints with the script as a whole.

And to elaborate that what I had said was that his character depiction was “shit” not that he himself was, per say. And I stand that the script writing of these characters are. It’s a bit flimsy.

Now, you can like Harry, Ron, Albus, Scorpius, Rose, etc. Fine then. But this is my opinion:

The Cursed Child falls flat on basic story telling, and the “plot twist” as it were, is something eyebrow raising at its best. We see characters loop in and out when convenient, and with little explanation as to why it was important to have them in the scene. Example? Rose Weasley storms in and out for the first few pages making wild accusations and acting demanding. (But, Claire! That’s like Hermione!) No. No, you see, Hermione was given enough depth in the depiction of her introduction that while not wholly likable, we understand her actions. It doesn’t come off unnecessarily. Her arrival has a point. Rose on the other hand feels shoe horned in to remind us, “ohhh Scorpius shouldn’t be liked.” Which, is a purpose—I suppose, if I have to contain the rolling of my eyes. The thing is, even if you were to tell me that the interweaving of characters in scenes feels different to the books is because it’s a book and this is a script—nein. I wouldn’t buy that either. Film uses script and yet we can convey enough in one particular scene simply by where you stand a character. Which, I felt no effort being put into this script when it came to solidifying any personality. Most of what we pick up is through speech. I believe the phrase I’d apply to this is “show not tell”. Do not spell everything out. Do not play your audience as dumb.

The quest to save Cedric Diggory is, I’d say, nearly cringe worthy. It involves a lost time turner. See, the real sin—I believe is the lack of originality driving this story as a whole. A lull in creativity. Is the script passable on its own? I suppose. Even with its plot holes, but that’s the thing. Being an average story is worse a crime than being a bad one. I can write off a bad book, script, film with a laugh. I can’t earn back time, or appreciate just okay. And not to a series I have tattooed upon my skin. There’s expectations there. The alternative time lines created to justify any of this plot is—wowwww. Lazy. It’s beyond so. It’s a lackluster excuse to cover up any “but wait…” that linger on people’s minds.

The Cursed Child writes itself like a fanfiction. And then Bellatrix had a child, and it’s name was Darkness Raven Way. It’s in this twist I nearly scoffed at how much I could handle. Does that seem at all in character?

Hogwarts humiliated Cedric Diggory and so he turns Death Eater? Does that come off particularly like the noble, loyal, teenager we were shown in the novels, in the canon of why we know?

When Harry says to Albus “the thing that scares me the most about you is being a dad to you” and follows it with an explanation, feels not very Harry. Who we read for thousands of pages with Harry latching himself to several male figures as a father figure. To follow the spiel with how Arthur Weasley was anything less? And to practically say he has nothing—at what point would Harry suddenly have decided that being a parental figure or latching onto one could just sod off?

Does Harry threatening McGonagall come off as in character to you? That he’d, in character, become the sort of person that threatens an individual who had been there for nearly the entirety of his life? And on that note, Harry had never called her Minerva. It feels jarring, and uncharacteristic to have him do so now.

I was told, perhaps I should nitpick this like I did the book. Well, there we have it. I could go on, rave about the women characters used as plot devices. Or, rip apart how the play depicts logical Hermione Granger as a woman who makes decisions solely on Harry’s feelings now.

But I’ll spare that from this post.

I stand firm, Harry Potter’s depiction in Cursed Child is shit, and the play itself is riddled with cringe worthy mistakes.

If you like it as a play, that’s all well and fine. But now I hope it’s very evident why I do not

I am officially opening commissions for Revolutionary Girl Utena uniforms!!

I’ve spent the last five years or so consistently working on these things and I like to think I’ve gotten REALLY ALRIGHT at ‘em. Because of this, I’m happy to offer my services on just about any character that wears this style of uniform in the various Utena media for a flat rate of $180. This is for the jacket and the epaulet nonsense, tailored to your measurements. I’m happy to include a rose of the appropriate color, though the swirly brooch thing is not included.

The reason why I don’t include pants is that I’m not super comfortable making them. However, if you’re interested in these - particularly the student council members who have those silly colored pants and their matching color-blocked sleeves - I do have a pant recommendation that’s only about $30, which is FAR LESS than what I’d ever charge to make you a pair. Basically what I would have you do is purchase the pants, send them to me, and I will color-match to the sleeve as necessary.

Characters I am accepting commissions on:
Utena Tenjou - manga or TV duelist, manga or TV school uniform (I will take off $35 from the total price for the school uniform as it doesn’t have accessories)
Touga Kiryuu - TV or movie
Saionji Kyouichi - TV or movie
Juri Arisugawa - TV or movie
Miki Kaoru - TV or movie
Nanami Kiryuu - TV
Ruka Tsuchiya - TV
Souji Mikage - TV
ANY of the Black Rose Duelist jackets - TV

I can NOT make the standard female Ohtori uniform, nor can I make rose bride gowns for this price.

I am accepting commissions on a one-per-month basis starting in March. So if you have the March slot, I will have the jacket finished and shipped (assuming payment is on time) by the last week of the month.

Payment: via PayPal. I require a deposit of $80 up front for the cost of materials and the initial labor. The deposit is non-refundable should you cancel mid-project. The remaining $100 can be split however you prefer, though I will not ship anything until final payment is received.

If you are interested in one of these, please send me an ask or email me at carriewood34 (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line “Ohtori Commissions.” Thanks for your interest!!

I need help!

Hello everyone! I need your help. I have a friend who is in a really tight space right now, and I’m trying to make money to help them out. They mean so much to me, so I’d really really appreciate the help. I have open commissions for pretty good prices! Even a sketch would mean the world to me.

I’ll draw almost anything, with the exception of 

  • Underage NSFW
  • Non-con

Examples of my work:

Sketch ($5) (For one character)

Lineart ($10)

Flat Color ($15)

Full Color ($20)

I also do NSFW art and body horror! I’d really appreciate it if you helped me out. I’ll be making adoptables for $10-$20 each! Keep an eye out.

If you don’t mind, maybe reblog this or share it! Thank you so so so much!

My email is kmharroun97@gmail.com :)

Quick access to order a commission: Here  

Okay, let’s look at things for a moment.

Moffat’s RTD era episodes.

Empty Child/Doctor Dances

No complaints on the topic of this post here. Although remember that he does take credit for Jack from time to time.

Girl in the Fireplace

Moffat refuses to write Rose, so she’s off talking to Mickey most of the time while we focus on the Doctor and Reinette, Rose just…needs help and..waits for the Doctor, mostly.


Moffat flat out refuses to write Martha Jones. Period.

And the Doctor barely even shows up.

Focuses on Moffat’s original character.

Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead

Moffat refuses to write Donna Noble, so he shoves her into a simulation and does stuff with her here and there but focuses mainly on River and the Doctor.

So, basically, Moffat doesn’t like writing other people’s characters.

Just his own.

Other characters can go away.

Then just think about one of his episodes: Day of the Doctor.

what i support:
-ruby rose as representation for gender fluidity
-ruby rose as representation for the lgbtqa+ community as a whole
-ruby rose as a person
-people who simply find her attractive

what i am actually upset about:
-randomly giving hype to only ruby rose for solely her appearance on oitnb when there are other equally beautiful cast members who should deserve recognition as well
-“id go lesbian for her” as if 1. gay is a choice and 2. you can be specifically gay for only one person and then be done afterwards (perhaps use bi-curious instead?)
-ruby rose as the ONLY representation for the lgbtqa+ community and ignoring everyone else (especially woc)
-the character she played on oitnb being flat and pointless


“We came to liberate this town from that tyrant Cornello. We’re trying to help! What’re you blind?”

“You’re not interested in helping, you’re here for control. This is our village, not yours. We’re the only ones who can make it better.”

Again, is it really that hard to understand why people see parallels with American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan? This is exactly the way our military postures when it interferes in regions like the middle east. Lior is a desert town with very religious people of color, and it’s not hard to see the similarities between that and the real-world conflict America meddled with for years.

But Rose calls out the military’s bullshit. She understands how condescending and even exacerbating it is for the military to “help” her people. She says they have to fix their own problems and the military should stay out of it.

I took this screenshot from the trailer - I think this is Lupita Nyong’o’s character “Rose,” handing Leia the lightsaber.  You can just see her profile here, but she has big eyes, a flat nose and orangey skin.  There were rumors that Lupita was playing an alien CGI character and I think this confirms it!  She’s definitely little too - look how big the lightsaber is in her hand and look at the rest of that scene with her next to Leia (who is very short herself).