but robin is in my top 3 characters and i wanted this to be so much better

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Nickname (s): ToD (Tinkerbell of Doom - long story.)

Gender: Female!

Height: 5′3

Favorite Color: Green or yellow!

Time Right Now: 11:50pm

Average Amount of Sleep: 6:30hrs

Lucky Number: 14!

Last Thing That I Googled: Smokey eye tutorial!

Fictional Character That I’d Want as a Sibling: Robin from One Piece. She’s strong, beautiful, and my OTP is her and Franky so I’d have the best brother-in-law too. 

Blankets Slept With: Now it’s really hot, so 1 to none. 

Favorite Band/Artist: Eels or Sara Bareilles

Dream Trip: A road trip all around the USA! To each State!

What I’m Wearing Right Now: A pajama top. No pants cause it’s too hot. 

# Of Blogs I Follow: I have three blogs, so total over 300 probably. Not sure exactly.

What I Post About: Drabbles, roleplaying, I like bringing characters down from a world of just media and seeing how they’d be in every day situations. Like would they be trash or sophisticated or both? (Jessie can definitely bring out the trailer trash if she wants)

Pick a Word That Starts With The 1st Letter of Your Real Name and Ends With The 1st Letter of Your Tumblr Name: Proverb!

How Did You Choose Your Url: I wanted something for Jessie that wasn’t her name, but was easy enough for someone browsing to get an idea of what the blog itself is. And what’s more iconic for Team Rocket than blasting off? (other than the motto, but I had seen that before and didn’t want to copy)

I tag the following: I’m REALLY bad at this! I don’t know who wants to be tagged and who doesn’t, so if it would make your day to be tagged- I tag you!