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Hαppy Bιrтнdαy Ellιe || 12.27.16


Adam and Ronan spend New Year’s Eve together at the Barns, and it’s a dream come true.

general audiences
3.8k words, set post-trk
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Looking for a snack? Try pie, or a pie by-product. Dinner? Pie and/or its by-product. Trying to patch a leaky roof? We have just the thing for you, and we also have its by-products.

Mandy & Jenny: “We are living in an immaterial world – a ghost world, and I am an immaterial girl – a ghost.”

Bitty: “To the family of Chowder the intern, we regret to inform you that your son has, in the line of radio duty, transformed partway into a shark, and that his original body will be missed and never forgotten.

To the family of intern Dex, we thank you for his service to the cause of community radio, and join you in mourning the permanent loss of his chill.”

Hockey Mantra: Pain is just weakness leaving the body. And then being replaced by pain. Lots of pain.

An update on our previous message about pie and pie by-products. You should not eat pie or pie by-products, say several frantic sports nutritionists, waving clipboards in our studio. If you have any pie or pie by-products in your home, you are almost certainly already dead. Sorry about that.

… even in crossovers, some things don’t change ;)

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got any good hurt/comfort fic recs???


So, ignoring my inability of closing tabs, I gathered some of the ones I really loved. OK, IT’S A LOT I KNOW BUT I COULDN’T DECIDE.

Please read the author’s description first because there may be some touchy/triggering subjects.

A Sleep Like Death - Pre-release. A view on Noctis’ childhood accident and on “can you see the light?” from the versus time.
Warmness And Affection - Polyamory. SNOWSTORM AND CUTE. More comfort than hurt.
Enough Is Enough - Spoilers for chapter 1. It’s short but it’s goOD BC  FRIENDSHIP *sparkle*.
Elixir - One-shot series. Pre-release. Looong. The last chapter was supposed to have a follow-up but idk what happened osrjgunojerg. I read these so many times.
Too Much Is Never Enough - One-shot. It’s really painful.I MEAN IT. Spoilers for the whole game. Polyamory.
Old Lullaby - It’s really sweet though. Polyamory.
Opantes Mortem - Kinda spoilery for chapter 1, I guess. I also suggest you check all the other works of this series. All pre-release.
Trial By Fire - AaaaaAAaAaA it’s short but aaaaaa.
Guardian - I want more.
The Guilty - Spoilers for chapter 10. Canon divergence and aoerngoudnvfcxkjnve.
Pride - I… LOVE IT.
Good Enough - Pre-release. Brotherhood spoilers. Kinda promptis??
Coping - This really hurts.
Play On Words - THIS REALLY HURTS TOO. Spoilers for chapter 13.
Father - It’s part of a really good AU series. Did I mention it’s really good? Spoilers.
It’s My Job - One-shot. It’s cute in the end and aaaaaaaa.
In The Tidemother’s Wake - One-shot. Spoilers. It’s really sad.
Etro’s Eyes - Pre-release. Because of the “eyes that see the light of expiring souls” theme from versus.
We Need you At Your Best - PROMPTOOO.
Hold on, I’m On My Way Highness - Pre-release. it’s CUTE. Ignoct.

I know I’m sharing complete works, but I just wanted to mention these two that are still going and are amazing:

Not Quite Home In The Darkness - AU. Huuge Spoilers.