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Instagram Comments (Part 4)

Prompt: Dinah dares Camila to read Lauren’s instagram comment out loud to her and she actually does it.

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Later that day, Will insisted that all the girls go out to dinner to an old restaurant they use to visit during the start of their music career. Dinah, Ally, and Normani were all waiting in the lobby for Lauren and Camila to come down. 

“Camila hurry up we are already late and you are taking way to long!!” Lauren was shouting at Camila through the bathroom door. There is only one mirror in their hotel room and it is in the bathroom. Camila has been in there for an hour and Lauren hasn’t been in their once.  

Camila flung the bathroom door open. “Can you at least try to be patient for once? I didn’t even take long. I mean c'mon look at my outfit.”  she said chuckling.

Lauren was definitely looking at her outfit. She kept staring at Camila from head to toe because she looked so hot. Her hair was slightly curled and she was wearing her oversized Ed Sheeran hoodie, a camouflage SnapBack, and skinny jeans. Even in the most casual simplest outfit, she looked drop dead gorgeous.

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  Lauren was basically drooling over her and Camila noticed. She smirked as she watched Lauren obliviously check her out multiple times.

I might as well tease her while I can. 

Camila thought.

“I just remembered I forgot to turn my curler off I don’t want to light the room on fire!” Camila said. She turned back around and made sure her phone fell out of her pocket and on to the bathroom floor.  


She slowly leaned down to pick it up with a huge smirk on her face knowing Lauren was staring at her. Lauren’s jaw dropped and she forgot how to breathe. Camila’s ass was always one of Lauren’s favorite physical things about her. It was so big yet the perfect size at the same time and it looked so damn good in skinny jeans. 

Dirty thoughts were starting to flood Lauren’s head. She was trying to shake them off but she couldn’t, and the heat between her legs was continuing to grow. Camila finally stood up and when she did, Lauren pushed her out of the bathroom and slammed the door. She knew that if she was looking at Camila any longer she would pin her against a wall and start to suck on her neck and kiss every inch of her.  If only she knew that that is was what Camila wants too. 

“Thanks for politely asking me to get out of the bathroom, Lauren.” Camila said. 

 She swore when Camila just said her name it was twice as raspy and sounded like she moaned it. Lauren was breathing too heavy to even answer back. All her dirty thoughts were getting to her head.  

I’m crazy. Camila wouldn’t do that. 

 Lauren thought.  

Camila walked out of the hotel room with a smile on her face knowing she teased Lauren almost to her breaking point. This is going to be fun. She thought.


The elevator door opened and Lauren ran out to the lobby couches. She was met by 4 angry looking faces. 

“I was about to go to your room and drag you out.” Normani said. 

“Hey it’s not my fault. Mila took forever to get ready, I had to wait until she was done!” Lauren responded. 

Dinah looked at Camila and started quietly laughing.  

“What?” Lauren said confused by why Dinah found it funny. 

“Nothing! Now let’s go get food before I die. Our reservation is literally in 30 minutes!” Dinah said back. 

All of the girls starting walking towards the back exit of the hotel so they wouldn’t get ambushed by fans out front. 

Big Rob was standing in front of the black suv waiting for them. He opened the door of the car, and Lauren was the first one to get in. She slid all the way to the right to be at the window seat so she wouldn’t end up being smashed in the middle. Ally and Normani hopped in the back row of seats, which left Camila in between Lauren and Dinah. 

The car ride was only 10 minutes, but to Lauren it felt like 10 hours. All her dirty thoughts of Camila were still swimming around in her brain and it didn’t help that she was only inches from her. What made it even worse, was every time Dinah would tell a joke Mila would start laughing and her hand would always find Lauren’s knee or inner thigh. It was driving Lauren crazy.  


They finally got to the restaurant and sat down at their table. On one side of the table there were three chairs that sat Lauren, Dinah, and Ally. On the other side there were two chairs which were occupied by Camila and Normani. 

Normani originally tried to sit across from Lauren, but Camila ran and sat down in the seat before she could even pull out the chair.  

“Okay I’ll sit across from Dinah then.” Normani said with a confused face while also laughing. 

“Good, thanks mani.“ 

Lauren heard them and knew that Camila ran to sit across from her but she ignored it. She just continued to stare down at her phone in her hands acting like it didn’t effect her even though her whole stomach filled up with butterflies. 

“Ralph look up from your phone and stop texting Brad!” Dinah said chuckling. 

“Oh yeah that’s who I’m texting. Definitely Brad.” Lauren replied with sarcasm laced in her voice. 

“Ooh Brad isn’t he so dreamy?” Ally said playing along with their sarcasm. 

“Oh yeah! You can just melt in his brown eyes!” Lauren said back holding in her laugh. 

“Who the fuck cares about Brad. We aren’t even on tour with The Vamps anymore. That was a long time ago and Lauren isn’t dating him anymore. Drop it.” Camila said with anger in her eyes. 

“Chill out Mila! It’s a joke. They are all being sarcastic can’t you tell?” Normani said. 

“It’s not a funny joke. That’s like making jokes about Austin. It’s not funny.” Camila said still pissed off. 

“We always make jokes about Austin and you always laugh?” Lauren said laughing because Camila wasn’t making sense. Lauren knew she was jealous but it didn’t bother her, it made her happy to know that Camila gets mad about Lauren being with somebody.

“K Lauren.“ 

Just in the perfect timing, Camila’s phone buzzed and


popped up on her screen. She looked down at it and a huge smile grew on her face at his text message.  All of the girls saw her mood change from 0 to 100 so Ally decided to crack a joke “Texting Austin Mila?” Ally said causing all the other girls to laugh. 

Camila looked up from her phone shooting a glare at Ally. “Ha good one. It’s someone way cuter than Austin.“ 

"Ooh! I know! I know Mila’s little crush!” Dinah shouted. 

“Dinah stop!” She groaned, with blush creeping up on her cheeks.

“You know? How come I don’t know? Who is it?” Normani said continuing to ask Dinah questions until she answered. 

“Jacob Whitesides!” Dinah said in playful tone smirking at Camila. 

Lauren’s jaw clenched. She was now the pissed off one. She didn’t know why though. Friends don’t get pissed off when their friends have crushes, do they? They should be happy for them but Lauren wasn’t happy. The thought of Camila being with anyone made her mad. 

Lauren let out a bitter laugh. 

“Is something funny?” Camila said smiling knowing that Lauren was now the angry one. 

“It’s just funny that every guy you date is on tour with us and is big in the spotlight at the moment. It’s almost like you’re getting more attention from it.” Lauren said smiling back knowing she was going to make Camila mad.

“Oh you’re right I forgot that you met Brad from the Vamps at your school. He definitely wasn’t on tour with us."  Camila said sarcastically.   

Lauren just rolled her eyes.

Camila loved it. Jealous Lauren was the hottest Lauren in her eyes. Camila knows that whenever she makes Lauren jealous, she gets more desire to be with Camila and that’s exactly what Camila wants. 


After they left the restaurant they decided to hang out with fans and just walk around the city for a little bit. They did that for hours not realizing how late it was until exhaustion took over their bodies. 

"Can we go back to the hotel now, my feet hurt!” Normani whined.

“Yes please before I pass out! I’m so tired. I didn’t even nap today and I’m carrying this one which is making my back hurt.” Dinah said pointing to Camila who had her head one of Dinah’s shoulders peacefully sleeping, and her arms wrapped around her neck while Dinah held up her legs.

Lauren looked down at her phone, “Oh shit guys it’s already midnight”

“Okay we are leaving.” Ally said.

Luckily, they walked so far into the city that they ended up only being 5 minutes away from their hotel. They all strolled in silence until they got to the lobby doors. 

“Alright my dad is probably asleep so I have to sneak in to our room real quietly! Goodnight guys! Love you!” Ally said kissing the tops of the other 4 girls heads and walking into the elevator.

“Okay I need to get out of these heels, night Lauren. Dinah lets go!” Normani said.

“Hang on I still have Mila on me!” Dinah said turning around so her back was facing Lauren.

“Lauren are you going to grab her so me and Dinah can leave please?” Normani said annoyed. 

“No. Wake her up she knows how to walk.” Lauren responded walking away toward the elevators.

“Lauren!! Pick her up and take her to your room right now. I’m not playing she’s way to tired I’m not going to wake her up!” Dinah whisper shouted.

“Oh my god. You treat her like she’s 2.” Lauren said walking back over to Dinah. She went behind Dinah and wrapped her arms around Camila’s waist smoothly taking her off.  

“Do you want her to fall? Actually hold her!” Normani said.

Lauren rolled her eyes then turned Camila body around. Camila’s arms immediately went around Lauren’s neck and her legs wrapped around her torso and she was back asleep again.

Dinah started laughing “How the hell did she just fall back into a deep sleep like that!? Anyways goodnight Ralph!” With that Normani and Dinah bolted to the elevators. 

Lauren was slowly walking to the elevators getting more and more tired now that she had a human blanket wrapped around the front of her. When she got to the room, she let out a satisfied sigh knowing she was about to sleep in a few minutes. 

She walked down the hallway and into the bedroom and over to the bed. 

“Camila you have to wake up now so you can get in bed.”

No answer.


Camila stirred a little. 

“Good you’re up! Get off of me and get in bed.”

“ugh I don’t want to you’re more comfy!” Camila whined in the cutest little voice Lauren has ever heard. 

A smile grew on Lauren’s face because of how cute Camila was.  "Okay but the bed is much better.“ Lauren said back. 

"Finee!” Camila slid off of Lauren and plopped face first into the bed.

Lauren couldn’t help but laugh. “Okay goodnight Camila.” Lauren was about to walk away until Camila’s arm shot up and grabbed Lauren’s hand to pull her down.

“What are you doing?” Lauren said laughing at how weak Camila was when she was tired. 

“Going to sleep again.” Camila said pulling on Lauren’s hand harder. Lauren gave in and let Camila pull her down on to the bed next to her. She figured she would stay in the bed until Camila fell asleep and then would get up and leave to go onto the couch. 

“Finally!” Camila said sitting a little bit upright to grab the covers and pull them over her and Lauren.  It was quiet for a little and Lauren figured Camila had finally fell asleep but she was wrong.

“I know you want to sleep on the couch but please stay here you can stay on your side of the bed and act like i’m not here i just don’t want to be in this room alone.” Camila said in a sleepy quiet voice. It was so quiet Lauren barely heard it. 

Lauren sighed and hesitantly said “Okay…Goodnight Camz.”


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