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“Every dime I make I put into a house, and then I sell the house and move on to doing the next one. I did it with a childhood friend, Kristoffer Winters. He’s like a brother. We’ve done some 20 homes together. I don’t want to have money in the bank. I’d rather have it in something that puts a roof over my head. I don’t invest in stocks.
Homes are tangible things. Music and acting are not. Renovating houses is still an art form for me, from designing to building, and it’s something I can touch. But the last two houses I did were for myself, finally, and not to sell to anybody.”

- Jeremy Renner talks about his home renovation business

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Inrenneridotrust left the fandom? That is very, very surprising. I wonder why?

Once again proving yourself to be the biggest renner fan out there - seriously I don’t know how you keep up!! I had to go and look up inrenneridotrust to figure out what the fuck you’re rambling about (only to find a pretty clear articulation to why s/he’s not left the renner fandom but is simply reserving their right to a change in focus which I now remember reading at the time and thinking “cool, whatever, go your own way my friend”) clearly s/he’s not got the die hard ‘renner to the exclusion of all others’ dedication that you display keeping tabs on every single fucking blog out there - I honestly don’t know how you find the time! But yeah - thanks for that. Pointing out that a blogger is enjoying their own blog to their own rules. What more can you ask for? It’s what tumblr is all about. Have fun inrenneridotrust (@willingforschilling) - make your own path - love what you love - ignore the jealous morons xx