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Birthday Blues

Hey babes! This is my contribution to the Harry birthday one shots. It’s going to be a little different to other birthday one shot’s you may have read, with plenty of angst, but of course with a VERY fluffy ending! PSA: this is not a part of my one shot series, and does include some explicit language! xxx

Y/N’s P.O.V.
The fighting started weeks ago. God knows why, it just did. At first, it was just bickering. I understood Harry was tired from work, and I’d been studying for exams a lot so the both of us were constantly exhausted. But to make matters worse, the two of us being so tired meant no sex, which meant no stress relief. So we kept bickering, going to bed without good night kisses and leaving in the morning without so much as a “good bye.” Until the real fights started. One day I got home late because I forgot to tell Harry I was working late, and when I came home at nearly 11 PM, he lost it. Then everything came out, and we haven’t gone more than a few days without a fight since. It exhausted me, but today was his birthday. I was going to make it so special for him, and put the past few weeks behind us. I woke up without Harry next to me, so I grabbed his present (a new journal) and wandered down stairs to find him fully dressed, looking like he was about to leave. “Going somewhere, birthday boy?” He looked up, startled. “Oh, hi. I’ve got meetings all morning then I’m going to lunch with Gem, so I won’t be home until later. Then the boys and I are going out for drinks tonight.” My stomach dropped as the cold tone of his voice washed over me. “Oh, okay. Well, here’s your present. Enjoy lunch with Gem. Happy birthday.” I tried to control the shaking of my voice, and walked back upstairs so he wouldn’t see me cry. An hour later, I woke up again and wandered downstairs to see his present completely untouched.

Harry’s P.O.V.
I wasn’t really going to lunch with Gemma. I was going with Kendall. I felt bad for lying to Y/N, I really did. But Kendall offered for my birthday and I knew Y/N would be mad at me, so I lied. As long as no one told her, I’d be fine. The morning dragged, and guilt started to set in. Y/N was supposed to be the love of my life and I was going behind her back. The meetings finally finished, and I hesitantly went to lunch with Kendall. All went smoothly, with no paparazzi, but I was anxious to get home to Y/N. I needed to put everything behind us. I pulled up to the house, and made my way inside. “You home, baby?” I called out, but the house was quiet. I walked around looking for her until I saw her outside, a cigarette in her hand, and her face all puffy like she’d been crying. I opened the back door and she glared at me. “How’s Kendall, Harry?” My stomach dropped. “W-who told you?” She took a drag of her cigarette. “Niall. Thought I should know you were going behind my back. Why’d you lie, Harry? You know I wouldn’t have minded if you had told me the truth.” Her voice was calmed, which scared me. “I just wasn’t sure how you’d react, given the past few weeks. I know I shouldn’t have lied. I’m so sorry.” “I was ready to forgive you, Harry. Forgive you for treating me like shit lately, but then you go and pull this shit! How fucking dare you!” She was yelling now, her voice dripping with venom. I was mad now, too. “Are you fucking kidding me, Y/N?! You’re the one who’s been moping around for weeks!” “Is Kendall going to be there tonight, Harry?! You gonna spend the night balls deep in her fucking pussy?!” I was raging now, and approached her, yelling in her face. “Maybe I fucking will, considering you haven’t given it up in weeks!” As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew I fucked up. Bad. Y/N was shaking and tears were running down her cheeks. “No, no baby. Don’t cry. I’m so sorry, sweetheart.” I reached up to wipe her face, but she hit my hand away. “Get away from me, Harry. Get out. Now.” I nodded, not wanting to cause any further arguments, and left.

Y/N’s P.O.V.
I spent hours just crying and smoking. I only ever smoked cigarette’s when I was under a lot of stress, and now they at least soothed the pain. It was dark, and late so I made my way upstairs to shower and try to get some sleep. After tossing and turning for hours, I finally started dozing until my phone started ringing. Niall’s name came up on the screen and I answered, nerves starting to build in my stomach. “Niall? What’s going on?” “Y/N, you need to get down here and get Harry. He’s not in a good shape.” I sighed, rubbing my eyes. “Niall, I don’t care. I’m not ready to face him.” “He’s sobbing for you, Y/N. He needs you.” I sat up, getting out of bed. “Okay, I’ll be there soon. Make sure he doesn’t drink anymore.” “Thank you, Y/N. We’ll be outside.” With that I hung up, got dressed and made my way to the local pub. I pulled up to see Harry and Niall, standing outside, my 6ft tall boyfriend a sobbing mess. I got out the car, and Harry stumbled over to me, wrapping me in a huge bear hug. “Oh, my baby. I’m so fucking sorry I’m such a piece of shit. I would never cheat on you. I’m sorry baby. I’m sorry.” I rubbed his back. “Baby, we can talk about it in the morning, okay? We need to get you home.” He nodded and sniffled, letting me help him into the car. I waved goodbye and called out “thank you” to Niall, and drove home. Harry was still a mess, but I managed to get him upstairs and into bed, where he fell asleep almost instantly. I curled up beside him, and quickly fell asleep, too.

I woke up, my head pounding and stomach churning. I got up and ran into the bathroom, vomiting into the toilet. After a while, I groaned and stumbled downstairs to find Y/N pottering in the kitchen. The sight of her wearing only a pair of knickers and one of my t-shirts with her hair in a floppy bun warmed my heart. She turned around, a small smile on her face. “Morning. I made some peppermint tea to help your tummy.” I picked up the tea and sipped on it. “Thanks, love. Now, about last night.” She shook her head at me. “Drink your tea. Then we can talk about it.” I nodded and sat down beside her at the table. “Did you sleep okay last night?” She rubbed my shoulder gently and whispered, her voice cracking. “Only after you got home.” I put my tea down and took Y/N into my arms. “Oh, my sweet girl. I’m so, so sorry.” She sobbed hard into my chest. “You can’t say stuff like that to me, Harry. You almost killed me.” I held her tighter. “Sweetheart, stop cryin’, please. You’re breakin’ my heart.  I know I’m a terrible boyfriend, and you deserve so much better, especially with how I’ve been treatin’ ya lately. But you mean the world to me, and I don’t think I could function without you.” I cupped her face so she’d look at me. “You’re the love of my life baby, and I am going to marry you one day.” Tears were still running down her face, but she smiled at me. “Really? You wanna get married?” I kissed her lips gently. “There’s no one else I want to spend my life with.”

After I showered, Y/N made the two of us breakfast and we spent the whole day watching movies. After we finished watching If I Stay, Y/N stood up and walked to the counter and picked up my present I’d left there yesterday morning and brought over to me. “I know it’s not much but-” I cut her off with a kiss. “Sweetheart, stop. Whatever it is, is perfect.” I unwrapped the paper, carefully, revealing the journal. My breath caught in my throat. Y/N never failed to amaze me. It was a beautiful, leather bound journal with thick paper. “Baby, I love it. I truly love it. Thank you so much.” She leaned in and kissed me sweetly. “You’re welcome.”

Even though my hang over was terrible, Y/N and I had sweet, lazy, intimate sex and were laying in bed. All was quiet until Y/N whispered “Harry?” I kissed the top of her head. “Yes, my sweet girl?” She looked up at me, her big eyes full of love. “Happy birthday, baby.”

Happy 23rd birthday to the love of my life. Happy reading, honeys. Please reblog! xxx

You (Probably) Shouldn’t Have

Characters: Sister!Reader, Sam, Dean

Pairing: N/A

Warnings: Language, Arguing (not really bad, but *shrugs*), kinda fluffy, a spot of angst (again, nothing too bad), Dean being a cute older brother, Sam being the cutie that he is, sugar coma, Dean briefly hating on Sam’s hair

Word Count: 2755

A/N: What’s up my peeps? I haven’t written anything in a while, so I figured I should probably do that before people start to hate me more than they probably already do. So, here is the sequel to Of Women and Winchesters. I know that you guys probably expected something a little different, and so did I honestly, but this is what came to me. So, here you go. I don’t really think it’s super required to read OW&W before you read this, but it kind of helps and definitely doesn’t hurt. So, please leave feedback, like, reblog. I really do live for your guys’s comments and would love to start getting more of them.

Of Women And Winchesters (Not required, but it could help with context)


*If you wanna be tagged in any future works just shoot me an ask:)

Six hours. Six long hours is the amount of time that Sam and Dean had to be stuck in the car with you after your post spirit celebration. After your nap, which lasted all of about thirty minutes, you woke to the sensation of a hammer consistently beating against your skull. You began whining about twenty minutes into the headache causing both boys to glance back at you.

“Morning sleepyhead.” Dean says before turning back towards the road. “Now, I imagine you probably have a pounding headache right about now?”

“Uh huh.” You groan burying your face into the backseat. “It hurts…and my mouth is so dry.”

“Hold on a sec.” Dean tells you before you suddenly feel the car swerving and then hitting what seems to be a pothole.

“Ow!” You whine when your head bounces off of the seat. “What was that for?”

Instead of answering, he tosses something over the seat. Groaning, you drag your arm over to pick it up and grimaced remembering your antics from the night before.

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Apologies Owed

Summary: After accidentally overhearing Jeremy tell someone what the Halloween party was like from his perspective, Chloe thinks back on her actions and realizes that she really owes some people an apology. (ft some pining pinkberry and background meremine)
On AO3
Words: 2,423
TW: talk of past sexual assault

Jake was holding a small house warming party/sleepover thing that only consisted of the core friend group that he said was to “try and make the big fancy new house feel lived in,” but most people could guess he just used that wording to mask the fact that he was desperate for company after living alone for so long. Everyone had spent a few hours drinking wine and having increasingly strange conversations in the sitting room, but eventually they all had scattered to the wind. Jenna had to skedaddle home to look after her little brother, Jeremy, Michael, and Christine had gone upstairs to find a room in which to sleep, Chloe and Brooke decided to follow their lead and found a room as well, and Jake and Rich had passed out where they sat in the sitting room.

However, as Chloe lay in the dark about a foot away from a sleeping Brooke, she found herself oddly wakeful. She sat up and saw light shining under the door from the hallway, and decided to get up go to the bathroom. Once in there, she just stared at her own face in the mirror for a few minutes, playing with her hair and poking at her face.

As she walked back down the hallway, she heard talking from behind one of the doors. She was just going to ignore it and keep going, but she heard someone say her name. “You know when Chloe brought me to Jake’s parents’ room at the party?” It sounded like Jeremy. She knelt down and peered through the keyhole, and it indeed was the pale skinny young man. *He sat crossed-legged on the floor, looking a little teary eyed, with Christine and Michael each holding one of his hands.

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The lovely @loosedart sent me the original post from @snowystater and i fic’d it! Sorry not to reblog the original post but the formatting was weird as it’s not a text post. Enjoy!

“It’s been an hour. I want to see my husband,” Jack announced to the mostly empty rink. When no one seemed to take him seriously he continued, “w3eOkay but really…” Jack frowned, “He’s like less than a mile away. Why can’t he be here?”

“Brahski! Brosef! Jackers!” Shitty drunkenly skated over, nearly crashing as he attempted to stop next to Jack, “We went through this already. It’s your bachelor party! You gotta celebrate with your friends!”

Jack’s frown deepened and the lines it created pulled his whole face down.

“Eric is my friend. Also, my friends are his friends. And I’m skating! He’d love to skate.”

The frown turned into a pout and Jack tried changing tactics, “It’s just like with all the wedding planning and my away games and his work and stuff I don’t even seen him ever. So wouldn’t it be great if I could see him AND we could hang out with our closest friends? That’d be swawesome. The swawesomest.”

Tater skated up next with Ransom hot on his heels.


“Yeah man,” echoed Ransom, “It’s skating time!”

“I wanna see Bits!” Jack had firmly moved into whining territory and he didn’t even care.

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I've debated doing this for a while now

But, after receiving so many messages and asks asking for advice on this or that, I think the best I can offer you all is a story. And whatever lessons, or knowledge or whatever you want to take from it…is yours. I hope in some way it helps you.

All I ask, is that you do not reblog. A lot of you tend to reblog my stuff before reading it lol so if you accidentally do well…try and delete it. I know regardless this story is still out there but just for my own tiny comfort, no reblogs. I’m not gonna go into every single detail of my life. As that’s not something you guys need in your heads, but I’ll explain the gist of it.


My parents divorced when I was 9, they argued a lot when I was a kid, and my dad did drink often. I’m assuming because of everything piling on. The reasons behind their divorce are their own and I won’t share them because that’s their personal history, not mine to tell. Needless to say, I was expecting it. Even at a young age I just knew something wouldn’t last. I grew more closed off, and my brother grew more rebellious. As children do during these times.

I learned I had to grow up fast, because custody battles suck, and being a teenager and growing up through all that is tiring. Parents, even if their heart is in the right place sometimes, can guilt trip. It’s a horrible feeling, and you love them both so you try and figure out what to do but you’re also a kid and that’s not your responsibility to carry. That’s my background. I developed mild anxieties from it, but nothing awful.

Then I graduated high school, and started college and thought ‘yay new beginning’. I met some wonderful people and even my best friend there. But, I also met the boy that would cause me such pain that taking my own life actually seemed plausible to me.

I was 19, young, and even though I know I’m a smart person, when you’re young it’s inevitable that you’ll be naive sometimes.

This boy, I had him for a class, and he started talking to me. I never had any romantic experience before, and he was cute so I liked him. But, my own insecurities kept me from dating him that whole semester. Next semester came and I had him for the next level course and long story short he wore me down and we started dating. At this time, I lived by myself in an apartment off campus. An hour away from my parents. Within weeks of dating him, he changed from the sweet guy I met, to a controlling, angry, cruel person. I found out he had a girlfriend back home when I confronted him all he had to say was “yeah.” As if I asked him the time of day. My naive self decided to stay with him still. I wish I could give a good reason, but I can’t. I just did.

A few days later he would take my virginity by force, in an awful way. Even writing this now feels weird. But, it’s what happened. And the only thing that made me cope, was that I told myself at least I knew him. Sick as it sounds, it was the only thing that somewhat helped me deal with it. Because I need that one thing, to keep me grounded and keep me sane. And he would continue to take by force the entire time we were together. Our relationship got worse, threats, verbal abuse, physical. And this entire time, I didn’t tell anyone. Not even my friends. I turned to absolutely no one and the only reason why, was because I was ashamed.

Ashamed that someone as strong and mature as me could allow myself to let this happen. I blamed me. And I didn’t want anyone to know about it. Because in my head they would be disappointed in me, and I thought that was something I couldn’t handle. I stayed with him for 4 months. And the only happiness I take from that, is I was strong enough to leave after such a short time. There are many who stay in abusive relationships because they’re frightened, rightly so.

I didn’t tell anyone about him, until 3 years later. Because at that point I had no choice. I went in a binge, I was taking pills I shouldn’t have been taking, I was depressed, anxious, and insomnia just took over. Everything felt uncontrollable for me. But, years later and I still couldn’t tell my parents why. My boyfriend at the time tried to help, but it was too much for him. And I don’t blame him at all for leaving. I do blame him for other dumb shit, but not this. Sorry…trying to throw in some humor.

Right..so, my life felt empty then. And I was mad at myself for so many things, and when I actually tried to get help, the psychiatrists just stared at me, then wrote down a prescription. Pills weren’t what I wanted or needed, I felt like no one could help me, and as against suicide as I am, I actually contemplated it a few times because what else was there. Then I broke down, and told my mom after a visit to the psychiatrist. She was angry (justified in my opinion) mainly at him, but also because I never asked for help. And it hurt her to know that while she was only an hour away, her daughter was being hurt and she couldn’t do anything about it. I’ll stop there. But, I want you all to think about some things.

When tragic things happen, they can’t be prevented. They’re going to happen, and how we deal with them is our choice. We get to decide. Life is unfortunately not fair to us all, and that’s okay. We live and learn that way. I want you to remember that people can certainly effect us, but they can’t get the final say on who we choose to become. And they can only hurt you as much as you let them. I chose not to let what he did to me continue to cause me pain in my life. I had a life to live, and he wasn’t going to take control of that. I could move on, and I could be happy. Taking my life, thinking of that now just makes me want to cry because all you have to do is look at the faces of the ones you love, your pets, family, friends, whoever. I can’t begin to imagine seeing them in pain.

Just know, that no matter how strong you are, no matter how smart, that does not make us immune to bad things. We can all suffer harsh moments in our lives. Rich, poor, it doesn’t matter. But, that doesn’t mean we have to suffer it everyday. Things can and do get better. You just have to give it a chance.

If any of you ever need to talk, I’m here, and I’ll certainly be as honest about anything.

Thanks for listening.

And many of you are still growing, hell we all are, but don’t ever feel like you’re alone. I’m not your parent, or even your best friend, but if you need to vent by all means, go ahead. That’s what I’m here for. I won’t vent to you because I’m an adult and my problems are not meant to be dealt with by youngin’s lol but regardless, I’m here.
Don’t Scare Her Away

Imagine for: http://hellonheels-x.tumblr.com/

Asked: May I please request a Paul Lahote imagine where we see each other at First Beach and he imprints on me, but I get freaked out by him staring at me (even though I think he’s kinda cute) because I’m kinda self-conscious and hate people staring at me? So the other guys in the pack or maybe Emily get involved and try to get us together properly so he can explain, and see what happens next? :3 Cheers xxx

Before I start, I wanted to say that I am sooooooo sorry that this has been in my inbox for FOREVER but I completely forgot because i’ve been focused on School and Wattpad. But, i’m going to make it a goal to get on here at least every other day (but let’s be honest, every day) and write and inbox messages and redo my reblogged ones to make them my own, things like that. So, once again, I am so sorry and I love you!

My friend nudges me lightly, nodding up at a guy not far from us, “that guy is staring at you,” she informs me. I get a weird feeling throughout my body, causing my eyebrows to knit together in confusion. Why is my body giving off a light feeling, as if I was floating or something? I mean, a cute guy is creepily staring at me, why aren’t my senses telling me to run? But, he couldn’t possibly be staring at me, right? I mean, i’m not the prettiest girl here, especially next to (Y/F/N). She was drop dead gorgeous… but he was staring at me? No, he couldn’t possibly be staring at me with her right next to me. Maybe she just saw it wrong.

“Uh, yeah. Let’s go to the other side of the beach or something,” I mumble, watching his friends laugh at a joke someone made as they approach him. They’re all shirtless, and they seem to be on steroids, since they’re all buff and macho. It’s hot, but it’s also extremely intimidating.

We both walk away from their group, however, their shouts and hollers are still able to be heard over the breeze and the ocean in front of us. We were enjoying the scenery for a few minutes when a woman with scars down her face walks up to us, “hi, i’m sorry to disturb you,” she speaks up.

“No, no, you’re fine,” I smile, waving her off, “is there something wrong?” I cock an eyebrow, hoping I was wrong. I’d feel so terrible…

“Oh, no, not at all! I just wanted to say that the guy who was staring at you, he’s one of my great friends and he feels embarrassed for freaking you out. He just found you really attractive and couldn’t get the guts to come speak to you. He’s never been nervous around any woman before, either. It’s weird, but you must be extremely special for Paul to be nervous.” Paul. What a cute name for him; it suits him.

“Really? He was… he was nervous? And why was he looking at me? I mean, my friend, here, is way-” (Y/F/N) glares at me, ending my sentence.

“If you downgrade yourself, I will slap you. Go talk to Paul, Blair. I’ll still be here… depending on how well you two get along,” she snickers. Before I could protest, she shoves me straight into the woman with scars down her face.

“Well, at least you have approval,” She laughs lightly.

“I don’t really know him, though,” I admit, biting down on my lip, “he’s cute and all, but I don’t even know you, either. However, since (Y/F/N) is going to end up pushing me over to Paul, I might as well go by my own terms. Just… as long as you introduce me formally?” I give the woman a sheepish smile.

“Of course. Oh, and my name is Emily,” The woman, now known as Emily, grins, “and i’m sure Paul will be thrilled to meet you.”


“Wait… so, you all are…” I trail off, looking over at each and every one of the pack. My eyes land on Emily, who grins sheepishly, “and you come into this… how?” I quirk an eyebrow in confusion.

“Uh, Paul?” She coughs lightly, looking away from me to signify that she shouldn’t be the one to tell me. Um, okay…

“Right. And, the reason why we told you all of this is because, well, you’re my soul mate. To me, you’re the most beautiful woman on this planet and I wouldn’t want anyone else. And if you don’t want a boyfriend or anything like that, I will be your best friend, and I will protect you from anyone and anything. Whatever you want me to be, I’ll be,” Paul scratches the back of his neck awkwardly, “Emily is Sam’s soul mate.” he adds afterwards. Oh, that makes so much more sense.

“And I know it’s a lot to take in, but trust me, it’s best not to push him away. I did that when I found out and it didn’t turn out like I planned,” Emily says.

“You pushed Sam away? Why?” my eyes widen at the many possibilities of why she would do that.

“Emily, don’t scare her away!” Paul hisses, “It’s a personal matter. which you’ll find out about eventually. But, don’t let it scare you. It wasn’t… that bad,” Paul states.

“So, what about the scars?” Almost immediately after I ask, the whole pack freezes, their eyes widening, “oh, God, did I ask the wrong thing?” I panic.

“No. Not at all. Uh, it was my fault, I was too close to Sam when I triggered a bad memory and he gave me these scars. But, immediately afterwards, he took me to the hospital,” she clears up, “trust me, you have nothing to worry about. Sam is sensitive about it, which is why the boys froze up. Anyways, yeah, let’s get back on track, shall we?”

“Thanks, Emily,” Paul sighs, running a hand through his hair.

“Well, as long as I don’t get mauled to death, I think i’ll be fine. However, I might need a few hours to let all of this sink in,” I admit, biting down on my lip, “but, if you take me out on a date, that might make me feel a bit better about the fact that at any time, you could turn into a big wolf and kill me,” I joke lightly, grinning at him sheepishly.

“If I ever do, you have full ability to punish me. You know, if you live. If you don’t, just know that i’m dying with you,” Paul says.

“What?” I gasp, eyes widening. Emily chuckles under her breath, clearly knowing my reaction.

“Yeah, well, let’s just say that if you decided to kill yourself, which you shouldn’t, they will join you if you want them to. I don’t like it, but it’s how they act. It’s romantic, but it sucks. But, hey, you’re like Romeo and Juliet?” Emily shrugs sheepishly.

“Not sure if that’s a good thing… anyways, uh, is there anything else I should know?” I ask them.

“Well, if you want the full explanation of things, you might want to take a seat. This will take a while.”

AquarianValentine’s Glorious Troll Horn Fabrication Guide

so hey i could get  all fancy with a ridiculous and self aggrandizing intro, but frankly its already pretty late and this will take long enough as it is. Basically most ways to make troll horns either don’t turn out good enough, are way too expensive, or are the plush monstrosities at the what pumpkin store. So using whatever i could find lying around the house, i crafted a pair of amporas i used for cosplaying, and i must say they came out better than expected. The rest of this post will be explaining how you can make a pair yourself. So you’re welcome

Step One: Materials

You’ll require 

1 Wire coat hangar, the more malleable the better

1 roll of aluminum foil, you want use all of it, dont worry

an unspecified amount of regular glue, not a lot, as well as access to some water and a washable cup 

1 paintbrush, doesnt have to be fancy

Several sheets of colored tissue paper, in the horn colors. Alternatively you could use plain white paper and then just paint/marker the colors on instead, which would certainly work; however this requires fewer steps. 

i mean this is pretty cheap stuff, right? none of that weird polymer clay stuff, which is bound to cost you

optional: i would suggest finding a hammer or pair of pliers, it makes bending the wire a lot easier, it will save you a lot of pain in your fingers. but maybe dont take my advice. what is art without suffering after all?

Step 2: basic head shape

this is for the basic shape that the head band part will take, pretty much regardless of whatever troll you are doing. A pair of full on Nitrams might require some more support, but idfc, its your problem for cosplayin a lowwblood like them, not mine. anyways

first youll need to bend out the wire, untwisting the top hook, and into this basket shape. its your starting point, and it should be pretty easy

then, youll need to bend the bottom piece of wire into this headband shape, making sure to keep the remaining spans of wire perpendicular to the plane created by the loop. doesnt have to be perfect, but it helps for later on.

now bend the two ends back onto themselves, so that they are parallel with the headband, but not touching! if you were to put it on your head, you should lightly feel it curving over the top of your head with the small horseshoes on both sides sitting directly BEHIND your ears (the Do Not loop under your ears, if they get snagged i would place my bets on the horns over your ear skin), and the end pieces hovering over your temples. now if you have a smaller head than i do, which is likely you poor poor saps, youll probably need to bend the wire a bit higher on the headband piece, making it so theres less of the headband and more of the end pieces. this will help it fit better, and not rub against your ears unpleasantly. if you scroll down a bit there is a picture of how it rests on my head, and roughly how it should on yours. 

now, you need to bend the end pieces towards each other, which translates to bending them into your temples. not uncomfortably, but enough so you can feel them.

Here you can see ive bent the endpieces out again, about where you want the base of the horns to sit. i prefer the idea that the horns sit just behind the temples, but you have the capability to make it as you please.

this is the start of a more tricky maneuver, but its rather vital for the horns stability. i call it the lock bend. first you need to straighten out the very end of the wire, without bending the work youve done so far. then, youll put the indent pictured into it. its important that its shaped like this, with the spiral at the end still in line with the main portion of it. 

now, bend that key like segment back onto itself, so its parallel with the main section of wire. its okay if they are touching now, its supposed to be rather compact.

not pictured: removing that hook by repeatedly bending it back and forth in the place where i wanted it to break. yeah basically do what you just did to the other side, they dont have to visually match, as long as a pattern is present on both sides. you are probably wondering AV, that was complex and painful, why did you make me do it? to which i respond i am but a humble space player, your thoughtless actions are on your own head bud. however, there is intent to my rambling. i hope. but it is called a lock bend because when the tinfoil is wrapped around it, it stops it from moving about, thus locking the horns in place. 

and thats what it should look like so far! that is also the end of the basic shape, everything from now on will be based on what specific pair i am making.

but before we move on

this is roughly where they sit on my head. eventually the front will be moved up a bit, but its close enough. 

IMPORTANT, DO NOT SKIP   for how it should feel to your head, you should only be able to really feel it in four places, where the horseshoes touch your head behind your ear, and where the base of the horns will be on your temple. thats it! the headband should be hardly noticeable. also, the places that touvh your head should have a firm presence there, but they should NOT hurt. dont worry, the whole thing is so light they dont need to be tight, and they will still stay on all day. Seriously, these things hold so well i went to a rave with them on and they held just fine. only thing they cant handle is headbanging. i was a little disappointed at that, but oh well. anyways, if your horns are too loose, just bend them in at the the four places, the temples and behind the ears on both sides. but they should not get so tight as to immediately cause discomfort. after a whole day of con going they can get a bit uncomfortable, but just moving them a bit fixes that.

Part 3: Magnificent Maryams

who i think would appreciate some pleasant alliteration every once and a while. specifically i am doing Porrim’s, so they will be slightly bigger than kanaya’s.

here, rip a sheet of aluminum foil off the roll, about the length that you think you will need for the height of the horns. dont fret over this part, its very malleable.

put the edge of the tinfoil between the lock bend and the main piece of wire, and proceed to start wrapping foil around the wire. you will want to compact it down to the wire as much as you can, this is the base of the horn, and will be used to determine the length.

look at how big that is, and straight! it wouldnt do at all for our darling porrim. so i bent that one (also, remember kids, images in the mirror are flipped, so for non symmetrical horns make sure you have the right side where its supposed to be, because i almost didnt) and pushed down and bent the wire itself a bit, to give it the slow graceful curve i was looking for.

see? much better! now all it needs is a few more layers of tinfoil 

dont those babies look swell? make sure to have them be thicker at the base, and i would compact them at the top so they are stronger. and although you cant see it in this picture, the very bottoms of them are flat and at an angle so they are flush with my skull, which looks very nice. if youve gotten this far, you aught congratulate yourself, for you are very courageous! and dont worry, its almost over.

Part 4: applying the colors

now it seems i erred and did not take any pictures of this process. oh well, its all rather self explanatory. first mix a bit of glue and water together in the container, it doesnt really matter concentration wise, just get your finger tips wet and if they are a bit sticky you are good. 

then, take the paint brush, dip it in the slimy solution, and paint a bit of it onto the horns, and put a little piece of the colored tissue paper onto the horns. obviously, make sure the colors go where they are supposed to, there should be no tinfoil left when you are done, actually eeach color should have several layers. since my yellow was a bit too pale for my tastes, i put a layer of the orange underneath it, and that worked for me, but you might not need to do this. 

a couple hours later, and they are all dry! they are ready to go to your convention now, or maybe just around the house. idk, do whatever you want with them.Good job! you made it to the end of this large and rather incoherent crafts guide on how to make an aliens horns. this whole post took as long as actually making the horns, so around 2.5 hours. i am so tired right now. its 4 am. id be more than happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments. heres a picture of me wearing them

thanks for reading and hopefully learning something, and if you like them please reblog for visibility, thank you kindly,


coredesignixandnekonee replied to your post:

I tried to reblog this with a question earlier, but it turns out that I’m over post limit (again) so, I’ll ask it here; what is A'lansha?

Alright, buckle up because you’re going to learn about some mother-glubbing a’lansha.

So first thing you’ve gotta know is that of course there are some things in the ocean that we know about that surface-dwellers don’t (some of which you’re really lucky to not know about), and one of those things are a’lansha.

Imagine this for a moment:

Originally posted by honestlydeepesttidalwave

Imagine something like a huge great white shark. Now imagine it has these brightly colored sharp and spiky ridges around large eyes. Also imagine that this shark is freakishly intelligent, like someone took the mind of an orca or a dolphin, ratcheted up the intelligence and playfully-murderous tendencies to the point where it’s like dealing with a dragon in those movies where dragons can talk (though thankfully these things can’t in a way that most people understand), and then also gave them a vindictive streak miles-wide. Imagine that they have these wide bands of light cells going along their sides that they brighten or dim in various patterns, and can change the color of, with a single thought and that’s their main means of communicating. Now also imagine that you can tell from the look in its eyes when it’s thinking and working something out, when it’s plotting, when it’s thinking about attacking you, and when it’s just toying with you. Furthermore, imagine that these things are so damned smart that they can– and will– set traps. THAT is an a’lansha.


When these assholes turn up you can never tell if they’re cruising around for a meal (i. e. to pick off whatever poor bastard or guppy happens to get in their way) or if they’re just hanging around to make people freak out (which they apparently think is hilarious). Sometimes they’ll just come drifting through to get into things, cause havoc and break things, and then just go on their way like nothing happened.

Now you might be thinking ‘sure they’re a pain, but they’re animals so there’s only so upset you should get’. WRONG. THOSE BASTARDS UNDERSTAND SPOKEN LANGUAGE AND KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE DOING–


How do I know? Well for one my friend Garth can talk to the damn things (he actually argued with one for close to two hours once trying to get the damn thing to stop lurking around the Conservatory of Sorcery in Poseidonis, and miraculously enough it actually freaking listened after a while and left– or it just got bored of Garth yelling in its head). Secondly… let’s not get into that. Still gives me a headache. The point is they know exactly what they’re doing and how damned awful they can be.

There was one time where a whale, by pure chance, died roughly above part of the outer edge of Poseidonis close to the Conservatory. Three or four a’lansha (which is a pretty surprising number because there actually aren’t a lot of them and they’re usually pretty solitary, at least when they decide to roam around in Atlantis) decided it would be hilarious if they lurked around the damn carcass for a few days just so that we couldn’t move the carcass and get it out of there. And of course no one could reasonably go out there and try to reason them into leaving when, so far as anybody watching the situation saw, they weren’t exactly going off and hunting (or even picking off the whale corpse all that much) so there was the whole possibility that anyone going out there would get eaten. And let me tell you, decomposing whale reeks for miles underwater.

Did those a’lansha care? No. They were too busy thinking it was hilarious watching people warily watch them and not really do anything to get them to leave because those people were afraid of possibly getting eaten. It eventually took the king coming out (with damn near half an army at his back) to talk to them in order to get them to leave.

I’ve been told by Garth that there are exceptions to the rule and that there are some decent ones (apparently he made friends with one– which, HOW?), but I make it a rule to never trust them. And considering the fact that every time I’ve had a run in with them has always been so infuriating that I just want to break something, I highly doubt I’m going to be making friends with any of them any time soon.

(And random side-fact: Garth’s parents were weird as hell. ‘Garth’ is his surface-name, the same way ‘Calvin’ is Kaldur’s and ‘Arthur’ is our king’s. Garth’s parents actually named him A’lansha. Really don’t blame him for not going by it.)



((FINALLY got these dumb bitty bones done. Took days to finish them but some of my friends wanted some and the bitties @askstudiotaleblueberry made were so cute, I wanted some. But I decided to go all out and make ten types for my followers to celebrate 1500 followers!

These are adoptable and you can have as many as you like! Gonna put additional information beneath the Read More so I can edit it as I answer anymore questions I don’t already answer and make a list of confirmed owners for each bitty just cause I wanna.

Oh, also, I should mention that Yanderror is based off a Studiotale version of Yanderetale by @ammazolie and Lusterror is an Error version of Underlust Sans (I may post his actual glitchiness eventually, I dunno, lazy and tired) by @nsfwshamecave from when Error had to be an Underlust version of himself for a while. I DIDN’T COME UP WITH THAT IDEA ON MY OWN, I SWEAR))

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Malec Week 2015– Day 7

“Scene not in the book but in the TV show”

I’ve waited a hundred years
But I’d wait a million more for you
Nothing prepared me for
What the privilege of being yours would do

Magnus fiddled with the tie. It was too loose and then suddenly it was too tight, strangling him, but always managed to be uncomfortable. He squeezed his eyes shut in a horrible effort to swallow his nerves and discomfort. His fingers still itched to tug at the tie though.

As he promised himself it was fine–he was fine– they crept their way up the front of the suit only to find another pair already there.

“Alec–!” Magnus yelped. It was instinctual now.

“You’re going to strangle yourself,” Alec said, an relieving calm to his voice. Magnus took Alec’s hands in his, trying to relax.

If I had only felt the warmth within your touch
If I had only seen how you smile when you blush
Or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough
Well I would have known
What I was living for all along
What I’ve been living for

“Unless, that was your intention–?”

“No!” Magnus said quickly. Alec stepped around to face Magnus, though his hands broke contact with Magnus. “You still shouldn’t be in here.”

“Contrary to your and Isabelle’s beliefs, neither of us are brides and this isn’t exactly a traditional ceremony, so that’s a stupid superstition,” Alec said, all of his attention on the tie. He pulled the tie, now untied, away from Magnus’ collar.

“I didn’t want to see you until–”

Alec leaned forward, cutting Magnus’ complaint off.

Your love is my turning page
Where only the sweetest words remain
Every kiss is a cursive line
Every touch is a redefining phrase

Magnus’ entire body relaxed as the warmth of Alec’s lips spread throughout him.

The tie fell from Alec’s hands onto the ground, coiling like a silk snake. It was an involuntary reflex on his part, the result of a desperate need for his hands to do more than just dangle at his side, uselessly, holding the tie that was better suited for the floor anyways. They reached for the collar first, then slid along the planes of Magnus’ shoulders. They glided effortlessly, feeling the expensive fabric underneath.

“This suit looks really good on you,” Alec mumbled into Magnus’ neck.

“I’d like to keep it on for now,” Magnus whispered, stepping out of Alec’s reach.

I surrender who I’ve been for who you are
For nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart
If I had only felt how it feels to be yours
Well I would have known
What I’ve been living for all along
What I’ve been living for

Defeat didn’t wash over Alec’s face like usual when Magnus cut him off. A smile played on his lips, one of his rare, truly genuine ones that could only be sparked by true happiness.

“Alexander,” Magnus smiled. His lower lip caught in between his teeth in an attempt not to grin stupidly. “You are so incredibly beautiful.”

Magnus knew any compliment would cause Alec to duck his head for a moment while he hid a smile, before he’d raise his head, a peach blush tinting his cheeks.

“And I am so incredibly happy right now,” Magnus added.

Too long Magnus had been without this– this happiness, this sense of being whole and complete. Alec was his missing half, and Magnus wasn’t going to deny that. The fact that he had gone an entire month denying that filled his with an unforgettable regret.

How could he deny himself this?

How could he deny Alexander this?

He was obviously as in love with Magnus as Magnus was with him.

Years of emptiness and now he had Alec.

Though we’re tethered to the story we must tell
When I saw you, well I knew we’d tell it well
With a whisper we will tame the vicious seas
Like a feather bringing kingdoms to their knees

“I still have to put this tie on you,” Alec said, beckoning Magnus back to him. He picked the gold tie up off the ground, shaking it free of whatever dirt and grime it might have picked up.

Alec’s fingers worked on their own. What he was failing to tell Magnus was that he had no experience prior to today tying ties. Jace had sat with him for an hour that morning, Googling tutorials and trying to pick a knot out of dozens. But that hour had given him plenty of practice.

“Tell me you love me,” Magnus said, softly.

“Telling you on command defeats the purpose,” Alec responded, pulling the tie through.

“Requited love is better than unrequited, I’ve found.”

Alex pulled the tie a little tighter.

“Don’t touch this,” Alec ordered. Then he looked up at Magnus, his eyes pure and honest. “I do love you.”

“I’ll see you at the altar?”

“I’ll be there.”

“Don’t be late.”

“That was you, remember?” Alec laughed.

Magnus left a kiss on Alec’s cheek.

“Go before your sister finds you–”

“–lest I risk her wrath.”

“–lest you risk her wrath,” Magnus echoed.

Alec slipped out the door, winking as he shut it.

It was the last time he’d ever see Alexander Lightwood.

From now on, he was Bane-Lightwood.

Turning Page by Sleeping at Last.

And so concludes Malec week, fun friends.

So this was basically me this week though:

Originally posted by o0laurine0o

If you’ve been reading my fanfic, liking it, reblogging it, know that I’ve pretty much had a heart attack this week with keeping up with notifications. And just all the Malec feels ugh I can’t.

I really appreciate the love and support. I write more on Wattpad under minipage and my AO3 account is in the works under the same name. 

Sharing is caring || MURPHY X READER

Hey, guys! So I was supposed to post the cop!Bellamy AU thing but I got just the right idea for autumn-out-boys’s request. 

“Hey I’d like to request a college au on Murphy. Where murphy always brings food to lectures and shares it with the reader. One day the reader ask Murphy why he always shares his food with them and Murphy makes up an excuse saying he doesn’t want to be the only person eating in class but it’s actually because he likes them. Sorry if my words are all over the place, you can change some stuff if you want. Love your writing btw!”

So here it is! No warnings, except for the AU (Murphy even has a little sister but whatever, it’s AU for a reason) and my lack of skills.

I hope you like it! Like and/or reblog, darlings. :)

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Imagine.. Jared Leto Comforting You At A Concert (Ft. All Time Low)

*My laptop has completely broken so this is why the imagine will be a little short this week as I’m using my phone. Hopefully things will be back to normal next week! Sorry guys!*


“All the.. Small things..”

You turn to see Jared singing along which make you giggle. You had been sat in the line for All Time Low for 7 and a half hours now and whilst everybody else was getting restless: you were just happy that you could spend all of this time with him in this break from tour. The kids with the speaker in their phone changed it to a different song which slowly dissolved into the general murmur of the crowd.

You turn your head to the right to face Jared as you sit in in between his legs. He’s wearing black skinny jeans, red converse, dark sunglasses and a blue “Don’t Panic!” t-shirt that you had made him wear tonight even though he did wear it regularly around the house. He smiled down at you as his arms rested around your waist.

“What do you want them most to play?” You quiz him. You couldn’t recall asking him previously.

“So.. Long.. Soldier!” Jared began to sing as the fans all around you sang back “Cruise controller!” and everybody started laughing.
“That would be good to hear..” He continued. “For Baltimore too.. Dear Maria.. And what’s the one that goes ‘I’m sure as hell the happiest I’ve ever been’..?” He said with a slight frown forming as he thought.

“Vegas? That’s the one that goes, 'Make it last.. Take it slow.. We’ve got it all figured out for now..’” You sang which you never did in front of Jared. You feel the warmth flood your cheeks as Jared beams down at you and tightens his arms around your waist as he kisses you at the top of your head.

“Only half an hour to to go.. And then we see Jack Barakat!” He fake squealed like a fangirl would however you knew that Jack was secretly his favourite member of the band. You’d seen what he reblogs on his personal tumblr.


“Can I have your ticket? Thanks. Have a good evening.” The stocky bouncer said at the door. Although you were near the front of the queue, hundreds of people were trying to run in to get to the front.

“You go and get a t-shirt and whatever you want.. And I’ll go stand in the crowd. You can walk over and find me when you’re done - okay?” Jared said as he slowly took off his sunglasses and put them in his pocket.
“Okay.” You replied as you turned to the merchandise stand.

As you returned with your t-shirt and wristband the first support act had already started. You hadn’t managed to catch their name but you slowly bobbed your head along to the best as you decided you’d look for Jared in the interval as it was dark. As these supports finished: everybody pushed forward. You had been to a large amount of concerts in your time but none had ever been like this. You couldn’t even move your arms up to ring Jared. You didn’t mind the small spaces that much however you kept loosing your balance as everybody pushed. In no time at all Jenna was on the stage with the rest of Tonight Alive and a smile crept back onto your face.

“I’ve been to hell and back just to be where I am today..” She sang melodically into the microphone.


As Tonight Alive thanked the crowd and slowly walked off stage after an amazing set, you still couldn’t find Jared. The pushing had gotten so bad you couldn’t move your arm to check if your phone was even in your pocket. You tried hard to shout his name above the noises of the crowd but you couldn’t: everybody was shouting. Even if you did see him, there was absolutely no way of being able to move to find each other in this mess of sweating bodies.

So you wait.

Soon enough, this strange, olden style of music began to pump out of the speakers. Then it all happened so fast: the music stopped. The screen dropped. Alex, Zack, Rian and Jack all walked out onto stage. This was it.


“So do you want me.. Or do you want me dead?” Alex sang as he smiled to an adoring crowd.

Without pausing to talk, the heavy guitar rifts started to boom out and dissipate right from the front to the very back of the arena.

“Back in ninety five..”
You recognised the song straight away and you remember what Jared had said earlier. You really wish you could see his reaction and how he would be singing along to the song. You faced the stage and stood in absolute awe as Alex bounded all over it as he sang. You couldn’t believe this was actually it.


“Alright guys I want to play a few acoustic songs if that’s alright with everybody? Yeah?” The whole crowd cheered louder than before and then silence fell across the room.

“He woke up from dreaming and put on his shoes..” Alex almost whispered into the microphone everybody either began smiling, singing softly of crying. Some: all three. You didn’t know why Remembering Sunday made you feel so sad but it seemed to have the desired effect across everybody. All of a sudden the people to your right began talking.

“They’re going to play it aren’t they..”
“I bet they’ll play it next..”

You were happy you hadn’t looked at the set list but you were curious as to what everybody in the crowd was hinting towards.

“I guess I’ll go home now.. I guess I’ll go home.” Alex finished. The whole crowd started cheering softly.

“One more?” He spoke which was met by a collective yes.

All of a sudden, a familiar guitar tune began to be played. You couldn’t quite but your finger on which song yet as your ears were still ringing from all the songs they had played. Only when he began to sing did your stomach drop lower than the floor.

“My ship went down..” Sang Alex and the rest of the crowd. Therapy. It was therapy. You’d hoped and prayed that they wouldn’t play this song because it was too much. The lyrics, the meaning.. Everything. All of a sudden there was a massive amount of movement to the right of you and before you could blink away anymore tears, a sweaty Jared had his hands on your shoulders.

“Do you want to leave?” Jared knew what this song meant to you and how many memories it brought back. But you didn’t want to leave: you just didn’t want to feel this way any longer. You shook your head and Jared slowly stood back up and moved behind you as he slid his arms around your waist and rocked slowly.

“A handful of moments I wish I could change but I was carried away..”

You felt the tears run down you face and you felt yourself crumble. Your throat began to close and breathing almost began impossible. All you could do was try to blink away the tears and stand upright.

“Give me therapy..” Alex finally spoke.

Jared pushed his face into the crook of your neck and hugged you tighter.

“It’s okay.. It’s going to be okay..” He kept whispering over and over again.

“Arrogant boy, love yourself so no-one has to..”

And where Alex was meant to sing the original line, Jared began to sing softly into your ear.

“We’re not better off without you..” Jared whispered.

“Arrogant boy, cause a scene like you’re supposed to..”

“I won’t fall asleep without you, your memory will always remain..” Jared spoke. This made you cry even harder.

Jared softly rested his head on top of yours as you both watched the stage as Alex sang the last line.

You both held each other’s hands. The songs before had been amazing and so were the ones to come. But right now, stood watching All Time Low sing Therapy on stage in a sweaty room in Birmingham on a cold March night with your best friend, the rest of the world seemed a million miles away.


“Thank you Birmingham.. See you next time!” Alex shouted as the crowd went wild at the end of the concert. As the crowd started to dissipate toward the exists, you slowly turned to face Jared. His smile felt as genuine as yours for the first time in a long time and he leant down and kissed your lips gently.

“Woah - hold up.. Is that.. Jared Leto?” Alex was about to pick up another bottle of water from the front of the stage when he caught sight of you.

Jared turned with a huge smile on his face to hug Alex.

“How you doing man? I don’t think we’ve met before!” Alex said with a huge grin on his face.

“I don’t think we have - I love your music so much. Tonight was amazing.” Jared said with an even bigger grin.

“Hey us too! 30 Seconds To Mars are awesome man! And who’s this?” Alex said jumping off stage to face you. He stood a little taller than you as he fiddled with his fringe as he always did when he was tired.

“That is the love of my life.” Jared spoke proudly.

“Well.. Love of Jared’s life.. Thank you for coming to the gig. I hope you enjoyed it.” He giggled.

Without thinking about it, you hugged him. You felt Alex’s arms wrap around your waist and his heart beat repetitively against your chest.

“Thank you for being here.” You and Alex both said at the same time. When he pulled away, you both looked at eachother.

You both understood.

“Well, how about we get you guys back stage?” Alex said putting his arms around yours and Jared’s shoulders.

“Only if we get to meet Jack..” Jared said with a smile.

“Did somebody call?” A slightly high pitched voice shouted from behind the curtain. Jack began to collect the bras from his mic stand.

“Now I wonder which one’s Jared’s..” Alex giggled which made everybody laugh.

Rachel Amber Alive in Chrysalis

Theory expansion

Dark Room Spoilers below

I believe that Rachel is alive when we start playing the game. She gets killed that same day while Chloe and Max are at the lighthouse. I already talked about this in my predictions for episode 5, but I’m going to expand further as to why I think this is the case.

First let’s think about Kate, since she’s the only one that has gone through this and we had the option to talk to. She went to a Vortex Club Party, took a sip of Red Wine and started feeling like she was dying. Nathan offered to take her to the hospital, they drove for a long time and last thing she remembers is being in a (ironically) white room, someone talking to her in a soft voice (could be Jefferson but hard to believe she wouldn’t recognize his voice, although there’s a traumatic situation involved so maybe she didn’t want to remember) then felt a sharp sting in her neck and next thing she remembers she’s outside her dorm.

So they didn’t kill her, maybe even nothing would have happened if not for the video. The shaming and bullying drove her to suicide, that could have worked in their favor, I mean Kate is a witness. But without the video she wouldn’t have gone that far, the Video Victoria took and uploaded.

That whole event gave Max some vital information to find out what was going on. It’s probably because of this that Victoria is their next target. But this is about Rachel not Victoria.

Another thing that leads me to believe Rachel was alive in Chrysalis is that the number of missing people doesn’t match, at all, the number of binders they have in the bunker. Like I said in my theory, either Rachel’s death was more than likely an accident and Nathan is responsible, or Chloe’s efforts to find her drove them to kill her.

Of course, my main theory is tied to Max’s tornado visions (both of them in Chrysalis) The first one doesn’t have the doe but the second one does (that ended up being a pun since there is a real doe when they get there)

By the way, I don’t think the doe is Rachel’s spirit animal, (not saying it is exclusive to Max, for all I know Rachel, William and Max share the doe as their spirit animal and that’s why Chloe loves those 3 so much) But I feel like she appeared to Max as Max’s spirit animal. (I don’t really care if I’m wrong on this, in the end it doesn’t matter unless we actually get to learn something real about Rachel)

In terms of personality, William and Max are very alike, that’s why I think they share the doe as their spirit animal. But what people keep saying about Rachel, she sounds so different that it makes me think that Chloe wanted Rachel to be Max so much, that she only saw Max’s qualities in Rachel.

This is a long explanation, so you know what to do.

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Okay, y’all. Owl City On The Verge Tour Experience! Spoilers ahead...

I bought my tickets early. Like, the week they came on pre-order early. Fast-forward to October 5, 2015…

 Mid-afternoon, I pack my stuff and fly to Nashville.

Next I hopped in a cab and headed to the Cannery. Upon my arrival, I saw a bunch of Hoot Owls lined up on the sidewalk. I should have expected that, but I didn’t think about how many people were as excited about this concert as I was.

We were soon herded off into our own VIP line far ahead of everyone else (sorry guys).

We were taken inside and instructed not to take selfies. I asked the stage manager what the reason for this rule was and she said that selfies generally take up too much time and not everyone gets their fair share of time with Adam. (Seriously, they should start this an hour early.)

I was first in line to meet Adam. First one on the first night of the tour. What. But then I saw @asitfillswithlight behind me and I went to say hi to her.

I managed to get back second in line. I was having a conversation with a dad who really didn’t want to mess up his daughter’s picture. I was trying to show him the best ways to ensure that he took great pictures. As I was speaking with him, the crowd fell silent. They all looked over my shoulder as Port Blue softly started playing. I turned around and there he was. Adam Young. I didn’t have time to gather the thoughts and things I was going to say to him, so our conversation ended up going like this:

Me: Am I actually talking to Adam Young?

Adam: I don’t know… I think so!

(I shake his hand and introduce myself.)

Me: Man, thank you for everything.

Adam: Well, thank you for coming!

Me: Talk about surreal, meeting the guy you look up to that’s always writing about surreality.

Adam: Yeah, definitely. Thank you.

Me: So did you fly in?

Adam: Yeah, we flew!

Me (forgetting all the interviews that say he doesn’t like flying): Do you like flying much?

Adam: Um, not so much.

(We both laugh. At this point, the stage manager or whoever she was started rushing us to take our photo. She doesn’t appear to know how to change exposure, but that’s okay. I’m gonna actually fix it in Photoshop soon.)

By this time, I’m ushered to the main concert area and told to find a spot. Still spinning from the sheer surreality of this whole thing, I walk right up the stage, to the front row. (We didn’t have seats, but I was right at the front.) I realized that I hadn’t given Adam the letter I had written him earlier. I peeked around the corner of the fabric backdrop.

Me: Hey, Adam!

Him: Yeah?

Me: This is for you.

Him: For me? Thank you!

I walked back to my spot, happy with the experience so far. We stood around for about an hour, and then Rozzi Crane came out and performed a few songs. (Oh my gosh. Her vocal range… I can’t) We realized before she came out that her setlist had been put on a piece of paper so she wouldn’t forget any songs. Being on the front row, I took a flash photo of the setlist, turned my camera upside down, and saw the setlist.

Warning: This next part contains spoilers not only to Rozzi’s setlist but also to Adam’s. If you are attending an On The Verge concert and don’t want it spoiled, then don’t read the parts that are italicized. You have been warned!

Rozzi’s Setlist:


• Jealous

• What a Girl Wants by Christina Aguilera (Cover)

• Painkiller > Mirrors

• How Come You Don’t Call Me by Prince (Cover)

• Psycho

After Rozzi finished her set, she hung out at the merch booth and took photos while Adam’s show got set up. (She was super nice oh my gosh)

When Adam’s setlist was taped down, I jumped at the chance to photograph it.

Adam’s Setlist:

• Mobile Orchestra Intro (Jasper played his guitar with a violin bow and it was amazing.)

• Bird With a Broken Wing (I recorded this one in HD. It was the only one that I took on my GoPro. I’ll upload it via YouTube soon. My Nikon had some weird settings to record super low quality in super slow motion… so it cut out half the audio. If there’s one of these that you want to hear, it’s likely I caught at least half of it on LQ video. You can inbox me to get that.)

• Dreams and Disasters (The transition between BWABW and DD was so seamless.)

• Dementia



• Unbelievable

• Beautiful Times (JUST YES)

• Kamikaze (This just gets better and better)

• Meteor Shower (He dropped his pick right as he was starting to strum and handled it like a total pro)

• This Isn’t The End

• Sky Diver

• Midtro (I quite honestly forget what this was… I’ll go back and check my footage. If anything turns up, I’ll make an edit.)

• My Everything (For this one he used the dreamy My Everything preview he posted on Instagram recently. The atmosphere during this song was spectacular.)

• Back Home/Fireflies (Adam opened this by mashing up the lyrics to the chorus of fireflies and Back Home, then when he was on his final chorus, he looped the vocal where he sang the word “fireflies” over and over and over again, making a seamless transition into Fireflies.)

• The Medley (This was an Owl City dream mashup. Tip of the Iceberg, Umbrella Beach, Cave In, and one or two more I can’t recall. They all blended perfectly.)

• Verge (Verge was great. Some people have complained about his range being too high in this one, but like, have you heard Thunderstruck? Just saying. He nailed every high note he hit.)

• Deer in the Headlights (Everyone. Went. Nuts. As soon as they realized this was playing. It was amazing.)

• Hello Seattle (This one started off with a cool guitar-ish version of the Hello Seattle Remix. It transitioned into the Ocean Eyes version of Hello Seattle.)

After they played this song, Adam said “Thank you so much! We’ll see you next time!” After the band exited the stage, the crowd chanted, “ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG,” at which point the band returned to play

• Good Time (Accompanied by Rozzi Crane. Which I have to admit, I really, really liked, even though Good Time is not one of my favorite Owl City songs.)

(I’m not sure what happened to the 99 Red Ballons cover. They may have just cut it for time.)

Spoilers over.

Here are some pictures from the show! I’m happy to send any of these to you without a watermark for edits or whatever, but if you plan to use them online, I’ll ask that you credit me and my blog. Inbox me if you want details about that.

EDIT: I forgot to include his shoes. You’re welcome.

After the concert was over, I talked to some hoot owls, got some pictures, and had a fantastic time soaking in the atmosphere. Here’s a picture I got with Leah (@asitfillswithlight ). Y’all should follow her if you haven’t already.

And then, after talking to Gabe about drums and GoPros, buying some awesome merch (I got a wonderful t-shirt and a fantastic poster), and saying farewell to all my new friends, it was time to say goodbye to the skylines and hello to the tree lines. I took off from Nashville and got home safely a couple hours later.

So that was my experience at my first Owl City concert! The whole night was incredible. I hope I’ll be able to go to another one whenever he’s back around.

Oh yeah, and you should reblog this cause I spent like, a thousand hours writing it and your followers probably want to see it too If you have any further questions, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.

elocyn  asked:

Hey I'd love to hear your opinions on people feeling a lot of Steven universe feelings and dealing with it by calling the show "sad." Things like this really interest me, and I really respect you and your expertise in animation!



anyway okay so here we go:  I’m humbled by your flattery, which I believe is undeserved, but I will accept it anyway.  If you ever want to hear me rant about cartoons, there’s no need to appeal to me with praises, just ask me literally anything and I’ll go off for like an hour. (or until my computer lags and I accidentally delete everything)

Okay, so the thing that’s been bugging me is not exclusive to SU, but I’ve noticed it with SU fans a lot recently, so I’m gonna try to tie all of that together.
The other day I saw this really nice gif collection of all the characters from SU, crying.  And I almost reblogged it but I got to the end, and there was this quote:
“But it’s JUST a cartoon, right?”

And like… I juuuuuust … couldn’t reblog it.  Because like, I AGREE WITH YOU, I really do.  I agree with that sarcastic-ass indulgent comment.  It’s true.  People are incredibly dismissive of cartoons, as if they’re childish or low-brow.  That’s a thing. 

I remember in school, my animation instructor was going off on this whole rant, about how “it’s NEVER just a cartoon”.   And I’ll never forget that, MOSTLY because his example was from The Simpsons–Homer thinks he’s the last person on earth, so he’s in the church, dancing and singing, butt-ass naked, with a stereo blasting “War” by Edwin Starr.  And my instructor is like, “look, a lot of people would brush that off because it’s just a cartoon and it’s funny or whatever, but if you don’t think that’s some subversive shit, man…”

And leave it to Doug to take the “animation is punk rock” route, because that’s his attitude, and it’s great.  But the point that I took away from it is that animation can accomplish things because of it’s medium, and sometimes even in spite of the perception of it’s medium. 

And that thing doesn’t have to be sad!  I’m seeing a lot of people waving the “it’s not just a cartoon” flag lately, and TRUST ME, I’m right there with ‘em, but I’m noticing the thing people are honing in on is how SAD and HEARTBREAKING it all is.  And don’t get me wrong, that shit is REAL!  A cartoon made you FEEL A THING, and that kicks ass!  But it feels like the attitude is that it has to make you cry to be doing something important.  Like it has to be the first 20 minutes of Up or some shit. 

And yeah, the sadness is a PART of it, sure.  We all cried during the first 20 minutes of Up, and I’m sure we’ve all cried during SU once or twice.  That’s totally valid.  But like… the thing about SU, is it’s not trying to be a sad show.  The phrase I would use–and this is straight from R-Sug in this interview (22:44) that everyone should listen to if they haven’t already–is “subversive positivity”.

And really it’s trying to be a lot of things.  Just this sort of idea that there’s all this crazy stuff happening around you that you might not understand, and trying to find your place in it, and be yourself, and come out of it all okay.  That’s a really big concept.  I mean I think the show as a whole is kind of tackling some really big, nebulous concepts, and that’s what’s great about it. 

Like, idk, a few times now I’ve been watching it and realized I’m crying, but I don’t know why.  It’s not always ‘cause I’m sad.  Sometimes it’s happy, sometimes it’s an indescribable nostalgia, sometimes it’s something I can’t quite put my finger on (those are the ones that really get me.  I still don’t know why I cried at the end of Winter Forecast). And even so, like… it doesn’t have to make you happy-cry, or nostalgia-cry, or even make you cry at all!  I think what’s happening is that a lot of people put a lot of heart into this show, and there’s a lot of feelings to be felt.  And people are picking up on that, and they’re connecting with it, and they care about the characters… and I think, I mean I could be wrong, but I think that sometimes we just don’t really have the words for what we’re feeling.  And the first thing that people jump to is “sad” for some reason.  I think it’s a lot more complex in what it’s doing though.  It’s more experimental and explorative with the way it presents emotion, and I think that’s great! 

Yeah SU can be sad, but it’s a lot of other things as well!  That’s just my thoughts anyway.  (Can you tell I tried to shift the tone to a more positive one at the end here?)

Egg Storage as a Trans Guy

Link to a much longer post giving a lot of detail about my whole experience with the process, start to finish.

I haven’t found many resources about egg retrieval/storage for trans men, and since I just finished the process, I thought I’d make a post talking more generally about what it was like for me and what my doctors have told me. This talks about testosterone and eggs, what the process is like, how long it takes, cost, etc.

Disclaimer: There are literally no studies on the effects of testosterone on fertility/egg quality in trans men, otherwise I’d link to sources. All of this information is coming from my doctors, one of whom treats mainly trans patients and is one of the leading physicians in treating trans people. He helped write the Endocrine Society’s guidelines for HRT.

Feel free to add in a read more or something if you reblog. If people want me to put one in myself, just let me know.


I was on T at 100mg/2 weeks for exactly 12 months before stopping to do this. I was told by my endocrinologist that although there’s no official research published yet, in his experience, success in storing eggs tends to really decline after more than a year on T, so this is something to consider before starting testosterone or fairly early on if you’ve already started.

I was off of testosterone for 2.5 months total before starting, though some physicians prefer for you to be off of it for longer. My physician who monitored the egg retrieval told me as long as my level wasn’t abnormal for a cis female my age, he felt it was fine to go ahead. I did have to wait until my period started back, though that’s not always necessary.

The process:

During my initial appointment, they explained the process, took a bunch of blood and urine samples, and did an intravaginal ultrasound. The ultrasound is to count the number of follicles in your ovaries, which is considered a good measure of fertility. I still had an above-average number compared to a cis female my age, which was surprising to everyone involved.

If your blood tests come back normal, great. If they don’t, you have to address whatever medical problem there is before you can start everything (I had a surprise thyroid problem I had to get checked out). I then had to go see the clinic’s psychologist twice to talk about the trans component of things and general things like what would happen to the eggs if I died, was I prepared if the treatments didn’t work, etc.

Prior to starting the treatment medications, you also have to get a complete physical and more bloodwork to pass FDA standards for gametes.

I went back for more blood tests. Sometimes they will put you on birth control to get your hormone levels where they want them, but fortunately I had apparently just ovulated, so my levels were right where they wanted them. I did, however, have to start taking a medication called Glumetza to help prevent something called Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome, which is a potential complication of the process. They also put me on low-dose antibiotics.

The stimulation medication process only lasts 8-12 days, though I was pretreated with another medication for an additional 4.

I was started on an injectable medication called Ganirelix for 3-4 days, until I got a period. I then went in for another ultrasound and blood tests, and was told to start another injectible medication called Menopur that night. I took that for the full 12 days and added Ganirelix in addition to it for the last 4 days. The medications can cause bloating, cramping, headache, and generally feeling ill, but I did not experience any negative side effects.

During the medication period, you will have to go in for a quick ultrasound and blood work every few days to every other day. This is to monitor your hormone levels and to allow the doctor to see how many eggs are developing and how mature they are.

When the doctor determines they cannot let the eggs grow anymore, you will be told exactly when to administer your trigger shot(s), which is 36 hours before you are scheduled for retrieval. You go in that morning, they put you to sleep, they take them out, and they send you home.

For me, they were only able to grow and retrieve 7 eggs, despite me having 23 follicles. The minimum they normally shoot for is 10 eggs. They aren’t sure if my low number of eggs was just a fluke because I didn’t respond well to the medication, or if it was because I had been on testosterone for a year. The doctor was leaning toward the latter explanation.


Recovery varies from brief and easy to awful, as with any other surgery. You will be extremely bloated for a few days afterwards. They tell you to expect light bleeding and spotting for up to a day or two after the procedure. You also have to avoid sex, orgasms, hot tubs, rigorous exercise, and lifting anything over 10 lbs until they tell you otherwise.

I got a mild case of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome the day of the procedure, resulting in me gaining 8 pounds of fluid in a few hours and having a lot of trouble breathing. It took me about 5 days to feel totally normal again, though I’m still waiting on some bloating to go down. I went on vacation 2 days after the procedure though, so it clearly wasn’t too bad.


This depends on where you go, but your eggs will most likely be stored at an outside facility with a different company. Mine are stored by a company called ReproTech. All it required was filling out a few forms. The cost for storage with them depends on whether or not you test positive for an infectious disease (like HIV). If you test negative for everything, it’s $275 a year.

Overall cost and time:

The retrieval, clinic visits, blood work, ultrasounds, and psychologist were all lumped together and were $6900. I was charged a separate $300 for anesthesia and $75 for optional genetic testing.

The medications were separate through a pharmacy and, for me, were $1700. They usually range between $2000 and $5000. Some insurance companies cover the medications and procedure, but it’s rare, and mine definitely didn’t. There are certain companies your doctor can tell you about that may pay for part of your medication cost based on demonstrated need and a personal letter you write to them about your case.

If we measure time from when I stopped testosterone until my eggs were retrieved, the whole process took exactly 3 months. It could go much faster or slower depending on a lot of things like your dosage of testosterone if you’re on it, how long your doctor wants you off of it, how long it takes your periods to start back, if they discover any blood test abnormalities or medical problems, and how long you have to stay on the medications. I will say that my doctor was extremely prompt with moving things along, so this went about as quickly as possible for me.

I was allowed to start back on T three days after retrieval.

That’s about it! If anyone has questions, feel free to ask. I’ll answer as best as I can.

micamone submitted:

okay that color au you reblogged was SO CUTE and my mind totally went to ANGST so I’m not a writer and I’ve only seen the episodes like twice but you said you wanted more and I love your blog so anyway here I go off my cuff I took kind of a different turn and I’m sending it before I chicken out too much 

John Watson’s muted world was slowly getting more gaining more color since the night before.

And he hated it.

The world was not biased either way, for or against people that saw color, but not seeing colors had made his life difficult as an doctor. Especially an army one

The color red creeped into his life first, like they were told in school will probably happen if they ever were on the path to meet their other half. Before, he only knew that red smelled metallic and left a shine on his hands and the victim’s body before being washed off. Now that he was back home after having his own fair share of red pouring from his body, he was horrified to see what he instinctually knew as red in advertisements and nature, and worse now in his nightmares.

John wasn’t anywhere close to having a good day when he ran into Mike Stamford at the park. He wondered if Mike knew how irritating the red stripe in his tie was. And wait… is that what yellow looked like? Christ, it was getting worse. 

He had wondered since that morning what unfortunate girl would he find out to be his other half some point soon.  Who would want him, a broken ex-army doctor with a therapist?  He’d always been good with girls, but they never stuck.  Why would they want to now?

Meeting Mike’s mad friend had been wild.  But for the first time since getting back he felt interested in doing something.  The flat was nice.  Very cluttered, but it was easier to differentiate things when you had to growing up without color, so having it start to show up made it even easier.  John hit the Union Jack pillow before sitting on it. Red and blue, he’d been told.  Well he could see the red now, but he knew that blue and purple were usually the last colors to show.  The landlady was sweet, if a bit talkative and presumptuous.  He’d get over it, it wasn’t the first time he’d been mistaken for being with a bloke.   He wondered why though Sherlock came back, after running out excitedly, for him.

“That… was amazing.” John said.  He immediately felt Sherlock ease up to his left.


John almost couldn’t believe Sherlock left him at the crime scene.  He wondered how Sherlock made such brilliant observations.  The one that shocked him the most though was the comment on the “frankly alarming shade of pink”.  John had to agree of course, but he was surprised that Sherlock could see color after seeing him interact with others. He wondered if he was one of those few people that had a few or all muted colors with them their whole lives.  Knowing Sherlock even for a few hours it seemed so.

“You brought me here… to send a text.” This man was insufferable. Do people have arch enemies? Seems likely after spending part of the day with him.

“You want me to go with you?” John looked at the colors in the flat. Some things were still grey and the things that weren’t red were muted still.  He thought about the yellow in Sherlock’s eyes and wondered if that meant they were green, since people didn’t have yellow eyes.
Sherlock smiled “I said dangerous, and here you are.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Not really my area.”

“Oh.” oh. “Boyfriend?" Sherlock turned and looked at him. "which is fine by the way”

“I know it’s fine”

“Okay. You’re unattached… like me.” John laughed nervously. Why did he bring this up? oh right cause he’d been seeing colors and it must have been on his mind subconsciously even though this was not a date he didn’t date blokes why did everyone keep thinking that great now even Sherlock thinks it
“No, no I was just saying” John said cutting Sherlock off, “it’s all fine.” Really.  John didn’t care if his flatmate had boys or girls over or whatever, even though now he knew that wouldn’t happen. Sherlock was “married to his work.” Right.

John thought Lestrade was crazy. A drugs bust? on Sherlock??

“John, you might want to shut up now.”

“Yeah but come on…” John trailed off and stared at Sherlock’s eyes.  They seemed brighter than any other color he had seen that day and, along with the flecks of yellow somehow in them, they were so very blue. “No…”


John tried to shake it off,  ”you?”

“Shut up” Sherlock said and whirled away.

John hated being out at night.  Everything was more difficult to see when everything is just shades of dark grey.  Having color introduced helped a bit but he still wasn’t used to it, and he was in a bit of a rush to find Sherlock before he got himself killed.  Running threw the building John hadn’t been given much time to think about the fact that his other half was apparently this mad man, but there was no way he was letting his sexuality get in the way of at least a brilliant friendship.  They could try couldn’t they? Love was difficult, but damn that man that cornered him was right, he already trusted Sherlock and that’s more than he’d given any one else.  Shooting the cabbie was easy.  He had a feeling his life with Sherlock wouldn’t be.

Walking comfortably in stride with Sherlock away from the crime scene they laughed and John looked forward to the next colorful day.