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Arctic Monkeys in the raw

Requested by @enthusiasm-paraphernalia | Suggest me an Arctic Monkey’s funny moment and I may or may not draw it.

Stanzo ~ <3

I Love this ship, it’s too cute


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You draw all of your art on Colors 3d right? How do you make the quality so nice when u post it cause I have it to but the quality is never right.

I’m surprised I actually get this question a lot! Here’s a little photo guide I made, it took me a little while to figure out too and I’m so sorry it takes a while but I do this every time I make new art, it isn’t too bad!

First open the app and draw something:

Aah sorry I was going to make something special for this but work got in the way, I will use this rarity here! Once you’re done, hit manage painting–

> export to sd card > LARGE, the large is important because the small version is really pixelated!

If you export it with 3D on it’ll make two versions, I’ll explain it more later–

Now instead of going to camera, turn your DS all the way off and flip it over and use a tiny screwdriver or a hairpin to unscrew the two back screws:

You’ll hear a pop/click noise when they are unscrewed, the screws keep turning and don’t come out but as long as they clicked then you can stop turning and take the back off!

Push in the microSD to get it to pop out and then you’re good to stick it into a laptop/tablet with the right slot, or if your computer is old like mine then just use an SD card reader!

Then it’s pretty easy, just go to my computer > the removable disk it reads the card as > DCIM(the photo folder) > the most recent photo folder(it makes a new folder every 100 photos) > the latest photo file, that is your art!

I exported mine without 3D on so there is only one HNI0066 but HNI0065 has two copies because that was an earlier art I exported it with 3D on, the JPG is the one you want to use for posting online but the MPO file is a special 3D version of your art! It can only be viewed on 3DSes, if you want to keep viewing it in 3D on the camera app on your DS then definitely keep it but if not then you can delete the MPO version, most computers don’t recognize it anyway and I sometimes delete them when I need more space because they’re bigger than jpgs!

Click on the JPG and there it is in high quality! After you’re done just remember to take the Sd card back out, put it back in your DS and re-screw the screws, just be careful not to tighten them too much or the back plate can crack! That’s all, sorry this became kinda long but that’s how I do it! Thanks for the ask!

Good Things are coming

You Belong With Me (Shawn Mendes Imagine)

requested: yes

summary: you are Shawn’s long-time best friend and you have feelings for him that he just doesn’t seem to notice, and now he’s dating someone else.

pairing: reader x Shawn

a/n: tell me what you think! requests are open at the moment, but you can always feel free to talk to me about shawn/send blurb prompts :) 

He’s really doing this again. 

You sigh and flop back on your best friend’s bed as he’s speaking to his on-again/off-again girlfriend over the phone. Shawn asked you to come over to hang out tonight, claiming that you two “haven’t really spent time together” since he got back together with whatshername. You acted shocked when he told you this, but held in the back of your mind that it was because she always got dragged in the middle of your time with Shawn. Tonight wasn’t any different. 

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Guys meeting their s/o's parents.


He’s a gentleman; calm, polite, endearing, everything you’d expect him to be.  He’s no different from how he usually is.  It doesn’t take your parents long to realize that he’s perfect for you, and that he has their blessings if he ever wants to take the relationship further.


The guy is so nervous, but not as nervous as Donnie would be.  He cleans up a bit and reminds himself to be more gentle with his actions and words; Raph wants to make a good impression.  When he meets them he’s very careful with how he acts around them and you, treating you an your parents with respect and complimenting on the house and such.  Once the two of you leave, he sighs really loudly, because keeping up that posture was about the hardest thing he has ever done.  You reward him with a kiss.


He’s shaking so bad that he feels like he’s going to be sick; he hasn’t been this nervous since his father gave him the talk (I’m trying to be funny here shut up). It only gets worse during dinner; he’s stuttering, he’s shaking and his stomach feels like it’s going to crawl up his throat at any second.  But you’ve told your parents how good he is to you, and that how shy he was, so Donnie relaxed a bit when your parents were very patient with him.  He opened up a bit, and by then end of the evening he was asking you if the two of you could visit them again soon.  He was proud of himself.


This boy has got it all under control.  He’s charming your parents by the second the front door opens, cracking jokes, complimenting the decor and just being a joy to be around, as he always is.  You, and your parents, are actually very surprised about it all since he can be a bit childish at times.  Your parents are wanting you to bring him back around.  

Side Effects

❤ Soulmate Drabble (4/13) ❤ 

Originally posted by kwontv

Member: Hoshi
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 645

Once you meet your soulmate all of your senses are heightened, however there is a catch. 

TRIGGER WARNING There is mention of cancer and death in this!

Hoshi stood a few steps in front of you cleaning the dishes while you sat at the bar lazily drinking a cup of hot chocolate. It was too early in the morning for most to be awake, but just bright enough where the two of you could justify not turning on the lights and instead letting the sunrise illuminate the kitchen leaving everything with a green tint as it seeped through your curtains. The radio played whatever upbeat pop song had been circulating this summer, but neither of you were really listening. This was how you liked things between the two of you, at least at a glance. Things weren’t healthy between the two of you. Things stopped being healthy when you stopped being healthy.

When you first met Hoshi you were skeptical to the idea of finding a soulmate. The concept of all your senses being heightened as soon as you laid eyes on someone seemed just about as fake as the fairy tales you had read growing up. Sure, there had been people that believed that the soulmate effect worked, but you never cared how many people told you it did because it had to be a hoax. You believed that until you turned 16, and then it happened to you.

Out of all places for it to happen finding your soulmate while you slipped and fell on a slushie at the gas station seemed impossible. Whatever music played in the background when you fell in the dimly lit gas station while eating a bland breakfast, it was a shitty start to what should have been a shitty day. But then you met eyes with him. And suddenly the music that played in the background seemed like something that would be played at a symphony and composed by the most brilliant connoisseur of music in the world, the gas station erupted with colors you had never seen before, colors you never previously could have comprehended. Your mouth tasted like the richest form of chocolate and that donut you were eating when you met him became a delicacy passed down for thousands of years that only you had ever known about.

You had made a lives for yourselves almost instantly, everything about Hoshi seemed perfect almost too good to be true. You had gone on adventures together in rainforests and seen and heard things that created new levels of ecstasy in your brain. You had gone on adventures together in only your backyard with nothing but a picnic basket with a few raspberries inside. Every day was a new form of pleasure, whenever you thought it couldn’t get better it did. Until, one day it didn’t.

Sure, you had heard rumors, but much like before you were skeptical, in fact you were optimistic that it wouldn’t happen to you. Cancer. That’s what the doctors had said. You didn’t even mind you were dying, you had truly lived a wonderful and beautiful life in the arms of Hoshi. You didn’t mind until the side affects of finding your soulmate began to settle in. You began to destroy Hoshi.

He wiped the dishes down for the 700th time not making eye contact with anything, he was much too lost in thought. If you were to take a snapshot of this moment you would both look happy, it could be on the cover of a happy couple’s magazine, but that was be so far from the truth. “I stopped seeing blue last night.” He mumbled into the plate he was scrubbing. “I was watching the sunset, you know how the moon looks blue this time of year? It was there for a moment and then the next, it was gone.”

“Is that so?” You whispered in a trace of mind numbing exhaustion. You took one long sip of your hot chocolate and tasted nothing but sand.

- Peach

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"just because he wasn't seen doesn;'t mean he was actually there" it doesn't mean he wasn't there either. what points to him being there is logic and common sense, and also harry being a loving person who cared deeply about jay regardless of his relationship with louis. you can't hold out one piece of the puzzle and use it to support your theory when it's all of the pieces put together that prove you wrong lmao. they really just keep holding onto two things like we don't have 50 that disprove it

Yep… Without mentioning that Harry was there for Louis performance, and the only pic we have, he’s clearly upset, and with puff eyes… Regardless of what you believe it’s real, Harry loved Jay with his whole heart and when you say things like that your disrespecting /him/ more than anything. Do you think I care about you or your nasty message? I don’t, but don’t use Jay’s name and passing ever to support your nasty asks and don’t disrespect Harry’s feelings because he’s a good person and people like you (that anti, of course) don’t deserve to even write his name with such words to follow 

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Smol fic idea: Pidge and Allura brotp over some /feminine issues/ the other boys wouldn't get?

So I’ve thought about this for a while. And I don’t think there’s a lot of feminine issues that the two can really relate to? Unless Alteans have the same reproductive systems (which they seem to?? because Allura’s got titty??), I don’t think there’s especially feminine issues they would discuss. 

But if you want a really real conversation between the two, I can make that happen! Just wanna give you the option of backing out of a very biologically correct and blunt discussion if you needed it :D


My Blueby made an édit of us !!! Try to guess which kitty I am!

Lol Luca though Malina is my true twin 😂😂😂 (I already show you à pic of my true twin I think 😂) but Malina is just a really close friend that looks reaaaaally like me 😂😂😂😂😂

April: Awww! You two really do look similar!

Hmm… you are… the lighter kitty!

Isn’t prom like right around the corner?

• • •


- The perfect man to go to prom with.
- His promposal is pretty standard. He goes to your house with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and asks you to go to prom with him!
- Definitely takes you out to dinner beforehand.
- Slow dancing with him is the best!


- Man he wants to do something COOL!
- Probably arranges some fireworks that say “Will you go to prom with me, s/o?”
- He’s so happy when you accept!
- This goofball is always on the dance floor.
- You two are having a really good time!


- Now let’s be real, this weirdo is going to get his servants to do something big.
- So when he invites you over, you didn’t exactly expect his house to be decked out with frilly decorations.
- He has loads of stuff you like! Flowers, candies, snacks- you name it!
- There’s no way you can say no, especially when he did all of that for you.
- No matter what, you two are going to be prom king and queen.
- The vote may or may not have been rigged.
- You don’t need to know that.


- He did lots of research on prom!
- So like Gonta, his promposal is pretty basic.
- Still full of heart, nonetheless!
- He’s super excited!
- He’s so happy, he loves you so much and he wants this experience to be the best for you!
- Lots of pictures are taken.
- You have to lead when dancing.


- Probably some cheesy promposal.
- He’s excited, but nervous.
- Your pictures with him are pretty cute!
- He has such a cute nervous smile.
- He has two left feet when it comes to dancing.
- But he likes it when you’re held really close to his chest.
- You probably go to his house when it’s over and… Snuggle.


- You’re probably cuddled up to him and watching a movie when he asks you.
- You accept, of course!
- He tries to have everything absolutely perfect.
- Though you two dance and have pictures, you’re snacking as well.
- A majority of the pictures are selfies of you two eating.
- Embarrassing pictures, too.
- “Hey, delete that!”
- “Hmm… No.”
- Why is he wearing all of his jewelry with his suit.


- He’s actually nervous about asking you?
- Not sure how he should go about it.
- So he asks you when he takes you out to dinner.
- Accepted, of course!
- You can barely see him in some of the pictures.
- Dancing is a struggle.
- Hell, if it gets too bad you two will probably ditch it and go have some fun on your own!


- There’s nothing particularly special when he asks you.
- He brushes your hair behind your ear and pops the question.
- You say yes!
- Wait- he got you a really nice bouquet!
- It’s so pretty… You haven’t even seen some of these flowers before!
- The absolute madman has a particularly fancy mask for prom.
- And by fancy, It’s just embroidered nicely.
- He knows how to slowdance, and his techniques leave you swooning.

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What's an example of an argument? It really doesn't seem like you two have ever argued

yesterday i called casey a brat and just as an fyi don’t call your girlfriend a brat unless you plan to be silent treated for an hour


Day and Night

“when in distress, draw a dude in a dress” is what i always say

and man a lot of you have been mentioning me on this post and the first time i saw it i fell in love but before drawing yuuri in that dress i had to find something for viktor and lo and behold i found this on my dash