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To the anon asking why there's a "white/black" war, there isn't really a debate it's just that some fans are butthurt that eths celeb crush isn't white and that doesn't suit their 1960s ideals/beliefs. As a woc it really does hurt when you don't feel protected as a minority in the fandom(or any fandom). Like it's bad enough to have a small- almost nonexistent representation(like in photos with the twins and/or liking tweets, comments). But honestly... what can you do 😕🤷🏾‍♀️

Why cant we all live in a world where equality exists. 😔

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Do you think there's a right way to represent characters that are LGBT+ or POC? Is it considered pandering if people like that already exist? Is creating diverse content really bad thing if its representing that audience? (I'm not asking this in a challenging way or to put you in the spotlight, I am just genuinely curious about your opinion on this.)

Just put them in. Don’t act like you’re saving the world like the Crewniverse do. Don’t present them as THE GREATEST THINGS EVER. Just write them well as normal characters. Sir Hammerlock from Borderlands 2 is gay, and he’s a great character. Why? Because he’s written as a good character with his own motivations and character. Janey Springs is a pandering mess who’s only real defining trait is being gay. She’s shoved in your face for the entirety of The Pre Sequel and is arguably one of the most important NPCs despite having nothing significant to offer. She’s a total creator’s pet and is infuriating. That’s the difference. 

But too many creators are so focused on pushing their gay characters (or just LGBT in general) that they end up writing Janey Springs and not Sir Hammerlocks.

Non white characters shouldn’t be considered special. They’re characters just like any white character is. And don’t use the term “POC” because that’s just racist. It lumps anyone who’s not white into a single category and treats them as interchangeable (which Tumblr fails to realize). People should just write the characters they want and not have to bow down to what people want to force them. Forcing representation of any group just for the sake of doing it is just pandering. If it doesn’t work in the story don’t do it. People need to stop putting “representation” as the number one goal because that produces only bad stories. Good stories are not made up of forced representation. Because that ends up making stuff like Steven Universe.

Any good writer can write any kind of character. And if they’re trying to write good characters it doesn’t matter what group that character is from. 







Few unnecessary side notes:

  • OH.MY.GOD.do I see Lucy in a draco(?)/(dragon type) stardress?God bless that badass child!(’DRAGON’ REMINDS ME OF NATSU BUT OKAY I’LL JUST DROP THIS HERE)
  • Natsu is transforming into a dragon of sorts?and looking hot and cool and awesome af???????Y.E.S.



ON A REALLY SIDE SIDE NOTE:google translate made more sense than bing for once like-that’s a rarity.



What if...
  • Cas: *smiles* Dean, close your eyes.
  • Dean: why???
  • Cas: Just do it.
  • Dean: No.
  • Cas: Come on.
  • Sam: *scoffs*
  • Dean: Fine *closes eyes*
  • Cas: What do you see?
  • Dean: Really? This joke, Cas?
  • Cas: What do you see Dean?
  • Dean: Blackness.
  • Cas: and?
  • Dean: uh... My eyelids.
  • Cas: Plz Dean. Just this once.
  • Dean: *sighs* fine. I see nothing.
  • Cas: *smiles really big* That's my world without you.

One night I spent 3 hours cutting paper triangles

No bigger than my smallest finger

I can’t tell you why except

That I had to do it 

 See, I’ve got this thing about repetition

I wouldn’t say I go looking for it

But I swear on my dead dog’s dusty bones

It haunts me in my sleep 

 My psychiatrist, he asked me once

About counting numbers and patterns

And I told him, I did!

The God’s honest truth: 

See, the thing is, doc

Math wasn’t ever really my subject

But shapes and colors and the way light penetrates glass—
I see myself in shadows of things that don’t exist 

And doc, listen close,

Please hear me out

I’m pretty sure the shadows see me too

hey everyone! i’m here to talk to you a little about a symptom that is a huge problem for ppl with bpd, dpd, and hpd but that most ppl without cluster b personality disorders aren’t educated about. it’s called relationship object permanence.

object permanence is the developmental skill to realize that an object continues to exist even when you can’t see it. that’s why peekaboo is entertaining to babies – they haven’t developed object permanence yet, so they really believe you stop existing when your face disappears behind your hands. then you come back into existence, and they’re amazed!

a lot of borderline, dependent, and histrionic people don’t have this developmental skill, but specifically in a certain area: we lack relationship object permanence, the ability to understand that a relationship continues to exist when it is not actively being reaffirmed.

this is why many borderline, dependent, and histrionic people can fall into a depression, irrationally believe that someone hates them, or develop bitterness towards someone if they are not actively reaffirming their relationship to us. our lack of relationship object permanence can often be triggered by people not contacting us for an extended period of time, acknowledging or interacting with other friends without acknowledging or interacting with us, and especially actively ignoring us.

(seriously, don’t ever intentionally ignore a borderline, dependent, or histrionic person person. when you do that, you are intentionally triggering someone. please understand that nothing feels worse for a person with a cluster b personality disorder than being ignored. i understand sometimes these things can happen by accident, which is ok, but doing it on purpose is nothing short of cruel.)

please be aware of this developmental problem when you interact with us. just understand that if we seem needy or cagey, this is often the reason. most of us aren’t trying to manipulate you, we just literally can’t understand that you still like us unless you give us some active indication of that.

i understand that being friends with borderline, dependent, and histrionic people can take a lot of spoons and not everyone has the capacity to have such an intense relationship, and that’s ok. i just want to offer this post to help you understand and hopefully be sensitive to your borderline, dependent, and histrionic friends and family.

“Do you belong to Kusakabe?”
“… Yes. Half of me does.”

can i talk about this? i’m going to talk about this. 

like we know already that this series and especially the movie is a wonderful existence for portraying such pure, sweet, slow and subtle, soft falling in love between two classmates that happen to be boys and none of those annoying melodramatic tropes often found in this genre (at least, none too distracting and heavy) but this. this part really hit me in the heart.

it’s always bothered me when people asked that question of “who do you belong to now” because that’s?? not how a relationship should work? you don’t belong to a person just because you’re with them? people are not objects to be flaunted and branded?????? it’s up to you to treat yourself right, and you totally can be with someone and love them so much it’s like you’ve become one with them, but it’s important to remember to put yourself first when you need to. 

and then sajou turns around and throws this at kusakabe, at us. and i’m. absolutely speechless. he’s not saying he’s given himself wholly to kusakabe, because, as romantic as all those super dramatic old-timey love stories like to brainwash us, giving away yourself to another is quite terrifying (and honestly? in my opinion? not healthy. you can give your whole heart to someone, but please keep yourself. value yourself more than anyone else, please). 

he’s saying, yes, i love you, and yes, i am taken by you.
he’s saying, yes i am yours but you are also mine.
he’s saying, this is a compromise, but this way, we are equal. 
we belong to each other, while at the same time, we still belong to ourselves. 

and fuck, if that’s not how a relationship should be, i don’t want any of it.

‘When everything feels like the movies.’

Summary: Malec dancing in the rain. That’s it. 

Shoutout to Ana for being the reason this exists. Malec + rain + Iris = you are very welcome. Song is here, feel free to scream it from the top of your lungs!


“Really? Out here? You want to do this…here?”

“Why the frown, hm? Are you saying you don’t want to dance with me, Alexander?”

There’s a quiet uncertainty behind the playful remark. Alec hears it, and quickly says, “No, I just, uh…” He shoves his hands into his pockets. “There’s no music.” He mutters. 

Because really, how ridiculous. Dancing. On a balcony. Well, specifically the balcony of Magnus’ charming loft. Like it’s a scene from one of those classical musicals Izzy adores so much. 

The flutters inside Alec’s chest protest against his own defence. His cheeks are betraying him, warming with a flush as Magnus surveys him with a grin. 

Dancing. With Magnus.

The prospect suddenly isn’t entirely awful after all.

“I’m a warlock. I can make music play whenever, and wherever,” Magnus adds pointedly. “, I want to. So, I’ll ask again.” Magnus slowly extends a hand and the delightful jingles of his bracelet and rings are already the only sound Alec needs to hear. That, and Magnus’ voice: a lilting, lovely guide like no other.

Alec rolls his eyes, but doesn’t protest further. “Alright.” He says. He wonders if he can speak at all after he steps towards Magnus and slips his hand into his palm. The first touch is gentle; soft. The second is firmer, as Magnus slides his hand around Alec’s waist, and gives a rough tug, but not too rough. He pulls Alec towards him, and into his arms. It’s enough to make Alec gasp, and then conceal his hitch of breath with a grin. 

“I still can’t hear any music.” He teases, desperately needing to gain the upper hand. Speaking of, Magnus’ hands are warm and soft, but they hold him with a strength, a confident power, that radiates from him. It’s magic, but it’s also Magnus himself, a poetry that can’t stay concealed in his body. It spills and dances like fire, and Alec is warmed in a heartbeat. 

“Hm. Are you sure about that?” Magnus cocks his head, and then with a quick snap of his fingers, a slow song begins to drift into the early evening air. It’s coming from inside, but reaches them with ease. Alec also notes that Magnus hasn’t let the song play too loudly, and he finds himself smiling and settling into the warlock’s arms.

He’s facing Magnus, and leaning in so close that their noses brush every so often. They sway and spin in slow circles, not trying anything fancy. Alec is grateful for the simple steps, knowing fore well that Magnus likely knows a whole bunch of complicated moves that would put Gene Kelly himself to shame. 

I wonder if he’s met the guy.

Alec’s next thought tumbles out of his mind. Magnus is lifting an arm, and Alec ducks his head just a fraction, letting Magnus turn him, and then steps back in again. He’s smiling, mirroring Magnus’ happy grin with ease, and after a few moments, as the song gets louder, and the chorus sweeps into a promise of love and hope, Alec leans his forehead against Magnus’ and captures the moment inside his heart. 

There’s a quiet rumble then, and they both look up, pausing as the sky above them turns grey. But it’s a soft, smoky image that greets their eyes; swirls of storm and hesitant rage. Much like the man who dances with Alec now. Alec doesn’t glance up after that. There’s too much beauty standing before him, and he doesn’t want to waste a second of appreciating it. 

When the first raindrop hits them, Alec quirks an eyebrow. He dares, “Want to go inside?”

Magnus raises his challenge with a smirk. In silent answer, his palm spreads out against Alec’s back and he winks. “Why? Afraid to get a little wet?”

Alec groans, a chuckle escaping from his lips. “That was terrible.” 

“You love me for it.”

“Yeah. I really do.”

When Magnus replies, it’s softer. “Good.” He says, and Alec knows he means it. The rain pours down in gentle cascades, but it’s not hail yet, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to. Alec laughs as Magnus spins him around a couple more times, and then tries to lead him through a step or two. But it’s hopeless when there’s rain falling, and lips to be kissed, so Magnus surrenders after a minute and lets Alec kiss him until there’s no more space between them. 

If cliches feel like this, than Alec has a feeling he’s going to start wanting to tick more off the list. 

When they make it back inside, after another good twenty minutes, Alec is soaked to the skin, and shivering, but when he glances over at Magnus, who is fussing over his hair and already starting to strip for a shower, Alec finds only traces of happiness in his chest. 

Dancing in the rain, he thinks to himself. Good invention. 


People strive to be like their Venus when really, they should strive to be like their Sun. Venus can represent what we’d like to be because it’s attractive, comfortable, and whatever else appeals to you.

However, the Sun represents who you truly are while Venus is a subjective ideal. Venus can be so subjective to where it can be argued that it doesn’t really exist… After all, beauty and comfort are truly subjective subjects. The tangible existence of beauty and comfort exists through societal standards and emotions. That’s why Libra is exalted in Saturn, a planet of rules while Taurus is exalted in the Moon, a planet of emotions. Emotions and standards keep Venus alive… but the true nature of Venus is unknown due to subjectivity. It kind of makes Venus mysterious in a way… No wonder Neptune, a planet of mystery, is considered a higher octave of Venus!

With that being said, this is why people with strong Sun-Venus aspects are so attractive to others. They find that their ideal self matches with their ideal self, and this confidence shines beautifully to others. However, this confidence doesn’t come right when you’re born… This is a confidence you grow into through your struggles (Saturn) and how you feel (Moon) throughout those struggles. After all, you gotta know yourself before you’re truly confident in yourself.

Sure, Venus can be a shallow, vain planet, but it’s a planet that gives us a direction in life. After all, most people earn money to be rich and comfortable (Taurus) and strive to be liked by the people around them (Libra.) Which way the direction goes, however, depends on you.



This was the other outline I had for my original secret santa prompt and even though I went with my other idea I just couldn’t let it go- so credit for this existing goes to @pozolegirl whose prompt this is also based on ^_~ 

Anyways enjoy this last little bit of holiday cheer. ^_^ 


December 1st 9:24 p.m.

“Do you really think these terrible lines of yours will ever work Chaton?”

Chat grinned as Ladybug once again rolled her eyes at his flirtation.

“Eventually,” he said lightly, leaning in so that their noses were almost touching.  

“How? They are terrible! Why would anyone think that combining puns and pick up lines is attractive?” She put a finger square in the middle of his chest and pushed him, flicking his bell once he was back to his original position.

“Because it’s funny. And everyone knows women love a guy with a sense of humor.”

“Aww poor Chaton. Looks like you will die alone.”


“I’m just teasing minou. There must be some poor soul out there that will put up with you.”

“Are you offering?” he asked, already bracing for yet another rejection.

“Ha. Hardly.”

And there it was.

For all their flirting- and Chat would argue to his dying breath that for all her denials she was definitely flirting back- he had never managed to get past the suggestive bantering stage of his courtship. After a year and a half of attempts it was beginning to get a little disheartening.

“Come on my lady, give me a chance? One kiss. We can call it a Christmas Miracle.” He hoped his voice didn’t sound as desperately pathetic to her as it did to him.

“Ok, you want a Christmas Miracle?” she asked, giving him a serious once over, “If you can come up with one of your horrible puns that actually makes me laugh between now and Christmas eve, I will kiss you.”

“Are you serious?” he gasped.


“That’s it? Just make you laugh?” he ask, waiting for some sort of impossible catch.

“With a pun.”

Ah. There it was.

“How many am I allowed to make?” he asked cautiously, already forming a plan in his mind. It was difficult certainly, but not impossible.

“As many as I can stomach I suppose,” she replied, shrugging her shoulders and giving him playful smile.

“You must really want to kiss me after all my lady,” he teased, grasping her hand in his and brining it flirtatiously to his lips.  

“No I just know that your jokes aren’t that funny. Perhaps this will teach you that as well and I can finally be free of them. It will be my Christmas present to myself.”

“We shall see, My Lady.”

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“Girls only do cute or sexy concepts” “even cute concepts are really just sexy concepts”. Alright, instead of slut shaming every girl group in existence, why don’t you just go ahead and admit that you hate women expressing themselves in anyway outside of your very specific, approved standards?

Six Reasons Why You’re (going to be) Okay
  1. A late assignment is not the end of your academic career. If something is late, it’s late. Whatever caused it to be late is in the past - go talk to your teacher now, and figure out what to do to fix it. Sometimes, they won’t even take off points if you explain what happened.
  2. A failed class can be retaken. If you fail a class, it sucks. It really does. However, classes can be retaken. That’s the beauty of them. You’ll do a lot better the second time, I promise.
  3. Small animals exist and would love you to pet them. It doesn’t have to be now. It doesn’t have to be soon! But find some type of small animal and pet it. Shelters have lots! Volunteering at a shelter is a good way to rack up both good vibes and release stress.
  4. You’re important to someone. It may not be someone you expect, either. Maybe it’s someone who sees you around and has a crush that they’ll never mention. Maybe it’s a teacher who believes that you can do your best. Maybe it’s a family member or acquaintance who isn’t very good at showing affection. Hell, if no one else, you’re important to me.
  5. No one judges you harder than yourself. You’re going to take all your mistakes harder than anyone else. Think about how you’d feel if your best friend made the mistake you just made - would you mock them or constantly talk about the mistake, or would you be kind and drop the subject? You are your OWN best friend. No one is going to take better care of yourself than you.
  6. Ten years from now, you’ll be great at whatever you’re upset about today. I was always upset at my lack of social skills when I was younger. I wouldn’t say I’m amazing now, but I can hold a conversation with a stranger at the desk where I work without breaking into hives, which is a huge improvement. I had the weirdest intonation when I was younger, and now I sing okay. Young Me would have thought Current Me was a witch, though, skill-level-wise. Keep at it, whatever you’re trying to improve. It’s going to get better as long as you care about it.
Wanted - Jungkook scenario (fluffy/angst/slight smut) - Part 4

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PART 1 / PART 2 / Part 3

A/N: Send me your thoughts on this! Thank youuu ^^ Enjoy!

: Jungkook x You ft. Jimin & Taehyung
Genre: angst, fluffy, smutish
Warnings: badboy, cussing, mature
Word count: 2950

It was too many calls and messages and just no reply. You never wanted this to end this way. You actually started to like Taehyung. You really did. He makes you forget about Jungkook, that he even exists.

You can’t lose such a sweet and kind person in your life. Why, why even you were doing that.
You want Taehyung back.
Want to feel his hands on your body, his lips on yours. See his smile and look at those eyes that you just can’t get enough of.

“Tae It’s me… Again… Please pick up or call me. Please” you said and stared down at your phone.

You felt so upset.
You didn’t answer Jungkook’s messages. Only left them on read. You wanted him to know that you didn’t lose the game. It only began. It’s not gonna be that easy to win.

In school it wasn’t that exciting anymore. You weren’t looking forward to going there. It was, quiet.
No one running around, shouting, looking for something. It seemed too peaceful to be true.
Rose was with Troy most of the time. They are working on their relationship to be better, they also have been arguing these days over little things that don’t even matter.
You were alone.

You saw Jungkook here and there, he was too calm. Not doing anything special, not even looking at girls. Which was surprising.
Taehyung was with him, they didn’t talk. Taehyung was serious most of the time, he looked really pissed off and you know why. Because of you.
Jimin was the sunshine, always smiling and joking around. Soon as he’s with them two his smile fades away, he becomes serious too. Even though you know he wants to have fun, but he can’t because they are ruining it.

Each day, it was raining. It was affecting the mood, everything.
It was slowly killing you that Taehyung is still not answering, replying.

Jungkook wondered why you never replied. Did he hurt your feelings? Are you angry at him?
Did you actually started to like Taehyung and he made you guys fight.
He wasn’t sure of anything, but one thing he did notice you looking at Taehyung with such guilt and it made him question some stuff.

Maybe it was really a game to you make him jealous, but actually gained feelings for another person and now you actually don’t give a slight fuck about him.
What if actually he maybe or should have just started smoothly. Friends. Just friends and see what it leads to. But you would always keep turning him on and make him think of fucking you and nothing else. That’s a problem, problem is him.
He needs to work on himself.

There’s no way in hell you will even talk to him after everything you guys been through.
But he will try.
Maybe you really are worth knowing, having as a friend.

“YAH JUNGKOOK!” Jungkook snaps out of his thoughts, and quickly looks up at Jimin
“Jesus fucking Christ, Taehyung is having a fight!” Jimin shouts and Jungkook’s eyes go wide and he stands up quickly running with Jimin to outside.

“He’s fighting in the God damn rain?!” Jungkook said and they run up to Taehyung and one guy.

Taehyung was on top the guy, punching him over and over in his face.
Jungkook grabs Taehyung’s waist and starts to pull him off.
“Let go of me!” Taehyung shouted trying to get Jungkook away
Jimin hops in to help, to hold Taehyung.
“The fuck is your problem?!” Jungkook shouts in his face and Taehyung smiles

The guy stands up, standing, staring into Taehyung.
“What happened?” Jimin walked up to the guy
“There’s been tension between us for a while. I am Y/N’s ex. So…?” guy laughs
“What were you saying to him? Why did you do this?” Jimin asked
“No I didn’t start it. I mean we met couple weeks ago. And they were together then, like not together together. I already then told him I bet he wouldn’t fuck her, yet Jungkook did when he didn’t even knew her. AND guess what? Taehyung didn’t ever fuck her” guy laughed harder
Jungkook looks away from the guy at Taehyung’s face.
“Because of a girl? Because of that bullshit?” he asks
“At least I had feelings when you didn’t” Taehyung said coldly and pushes Jungkook away slowly, wiping off the blood on corner of his mouth.
“Taehyung-“ Jungkook puts his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder but Taehyung just moves it away and walks back into the school

“Well at least there wasn’t big of a crowd” Jimin sighs
“Let’s go inside” Jungkook said

All of the clothes was wet, their hair, everything.
Taehyung was walking down the hallway, towards the boys bathroom. You were standing near and saw his face having bloody cuts, his fits red.
It was just your mind “go”. So you did and walked up to him.
“Taehyung what happened?” you asked standing in front of him
He just looks at you and walks pass, still walking towards the bathroom. You take a deep breath and follow him.

“Tae! Please” you said and he shuts the door in front of your face.

You roll your eyes and just walk into the boys bathroom, luckily no one was there except him.
He was washing his hands and his face.
“Taehyung…” you slowly walk up to him
He looks at you in the review of the mirror.
“What happened to you?” you kept looking at his face, his eyes who don’t want to meet yours.
“I am TALKING to you” you raise your voice feeling annoyed, forming your hands in your fists

Slowly his dark eyes look up at you. His hands rested on the sink.
“Fight. A fight, nothing else.” He spoke
“Why did you have a fight?”
“Because of the person saying some stuff about you” his eyes move away from yours and he starts walking pass you but you put your hand on his chest, stopping him.
“Me? You fought because of me?”
“TALK to me Taehyung PLEASE.” You added looking at him
“WHY? Why you want me to talk to you? Obviously I was a fucking toy to you. Go and fuck with Jungkook since that’s all you want.” Taehyung raised your voice at you, staring at your eyes
“I don’t want him. I want you!” you raised your voice at him too and just stopped for a moment, getting everything through your mind, what you said.

Taehyung kept looking at you. He was actually surprised to hear that coming from your mouth.
He felt your hand slowly fall off his chest.
“I’m sorry… I really am for everything I’ve done. And how I made you feel.” You look up and quickly get out of the bathroom.
“Do you think… I mean I can forgive you, but I’ll never forget what you done.” He said quietly
“Taehyung, please. I regret what I done. I just wanted him to be jealous, but I know he never was. And while being with you I felt so relaxed and happy. I had such a fucking good time.”
He shaked his head.
“Just don’t tell me you didn’t feel the same?” you stared at him
He licks his lips and looks up at you.
You felt like your heart is breaking.
“You’re lying. I know you’re lying!” you shout and push him, walking out of the bathroom.
You put your hand over your mouth, not believing everything you said, what he said.
“Y/N!” you hear Rose’s voice but you just wave your hand and walk away.
You felt tears building up in your eyes, but didn’t want to cry.
You walk outside and sit on the bench right next to the door. You kept listening and looking at the rain falling down.
Jungkook notices you sitting down.
“You have to do this.” He said to himself and walks out
You look at him and quickly wipe off your tears.
“What do you want?” you kept looking forwards
“Are you crying? Why are you crying?” Jungkook sits next to you
“I am not” you laughed and take a breath
“I can actually see that you are, you know?”
“Just, why would I tell you anything? What do you want?!” you look at his face
“Woah chill. I just asked.” He throws his hands in the air
“Just tell me what you want and get the fuck away from me.” You sigh
“I know this is fucking stupid and you will laugh, but… Can we start off again? As friends?” Jungkook was actually nervous to let this sentence out.
You stop and look at him.
“Are you fucking serious?” you laughed
Jungkook sighs and rolls his eyes
“See I knew you will laugh.”
“It’s so fucking funny. I can’t believe Jeon Jungkook wants to be friends with a GIRL” you said
“I am serious though.” Jungkook had a straight face
Your smile fades from your face and you two kept on looking at each other.
“You only doing this, so as friends we can go more and you can get me more easily” you said
“What?! No. Are you fucking kidding me?” Jungkook turns more towards you.
“I am. NOT. Going to be like I was” he points at himself
You smiled and shaked your head
“Y/N. Trust me for once”
“I had a bad day, so I really don’t want to talk” you said
“Can you please leave now”
“Do it for me. Okay?” you look at him and he slowly nods his head and stands up walking inside again

Unknown number, 5:01PM: You never told me if we are friends or nah
You, 5:01PM: I can’t talk right now.
Unknown number, 5:01PM: I know you’re lying but that is an answer too, so…
You, 5:02PM: Jungkook, come on
Unknown, 5:02PM: It’s fine, I know what I done, how was I towards you. It’s just who I am so. At least gave a try.

You changed the number to his name.

You, 5:02PM: I need time
Jungfuckingook, 5:03PM: Take as much as you need. Peace.

You sigh and turn off your phone. You layed on your bed, hearing the rain still pouring form the sky. You were getting sick of it. You loved rain, but just the sound of it and when you’re inside your room, just it feels calm.

“Y/N!” you heard your mom calling
You stand up and open the door
“WHAT?” you shout but there was no reply
“Ugh” you hated when you answer and she doesn’t say anything and then you have to walk downstairs and see what she wants.
You walk down the stairs and stop Taehyung standing near the front door. He looks up at you.
“A boy says he’s your friend.” Your mom took car keys
“I am going to the store” she added
“Bye” you said and she closes the front door.

You look back at Taehyung.
“What-I- I actually don’t know what to say” you said
“I did lie.” He spoke looking at you
“No matter how much I try, I can’t forget or deny what I am feeling and how I felt when we were well a thing? You would call it?” he smiles looking down
“You.. Um mean it?” you step closer to him
“Yes” he licks his lips
Two of you looked at each other, both of you just walked towards each other and he cupped your face kissing your lips passionately.
Two of you smiled pulling away. He held his forehead against yours and kept looking down at your lips, his thumb runs across your lips.
“I never thought I’ll feel this way” he said quietly
You smiled biting your lip and kissing him again. He slowly pushed you against the wall, not breaking the kiss.
His hands travelling down on your hips, then down behind your thighs, lifting you up. You laughed and kissed him again.
His lips softly were pressed against your neck. You threw your head back, closing your eyes.

You wrap your legs around his waist and your arms were locked around his neck. Taehyung slowly carried you upstairs to your room.
Soon after you were laid down on your bed. Taehyung kissed you more and more passionately.
Your hands tugged on the bottom of his T-shirt, he quickly sat up and took it off, throwing his shirt on the floor.
Taehyung’s hands tugged on your shirt now, sitting you and slipping the shirt off of you.
His eyes travel down your body.
“Jesus you are too damn beautiful” you two lock eyes and his lips find yours again.
Taehyung was so gentle and sweet towards you. His lips touch skin of your neck, leaving marks all over.
His hands travelled down your pants, he sits up again, looking up at you.
“Why did you stop?” you asked
“I didn’t even ask-“
“Taehyung” you smiled and sit up, your face being close to him
“I want you so fucking bad” you whisper to his ear and kiss his jawline
Taehyung licks his lips and smiles, unbuttoning your pants and pulling them off along with your panties.
“Damn baby” he said and leans towards you, kissing your lips again
His hand travelled down your body, his fingers massaging your wet folds, making you let a soft moan.
Not taking long he slipped two fingers inside you, pumping in and out slowly, teasing you a bit.
“Tae-“ you stuttered
He smiled and started to go faster. Your head fell back and a loud moan escaped your lips. It felt so damn good.
“Fuck I need you” you manage to say
Taehyung’s fingers stilled and slowly removed themselves from you. He came on top of you kissing you again. His tongue explored your mouth. It was too damn good. You never wanted him to stop.
His head goes between your legs again. His lips kissing your thighs and suddenly his tongue flattens against you. As his tongue starts circling against you, your hands gripped on a pillow tightly.
His lips wrapped around your sensitive bud, sucking hard. You screamed his name out. You weaved your hands into his hair, tugging roughly. His fingers slip inside of you again, curling his fingers inside you.
“Oh fuckk…” you moan loudly

He was too good. Actually great.
You twitch as he removes his fingers from you again.
Taehyung quickly takes his jacket, getting a condom out of it.
“Wow, you expected this” you laugh
“He’s always in the pocket if something happens” he laughs

Taehyung takes off his boxers and two of you look at each other and you just couldn’t help but smile.
He rolled it on and lines himself up with you.
He looks up at you once more and you nod your head. He began to push himself in you, you bit your lip, closing your eyes. Taehyung started with small thrusts, making you let moans out.
After short amount of time, he sped up, increasing the length of his thrust.
“Fuck.” He groaned
Taehyung’s head fell on your shoulder, he kept speeding up.
Slurs of swear words and names were sent flying of both of your mouths.

“Fuck, Y/N. You’re so tight” Taehyung breathes out
You hooked your legs around his waist. You felt a sweet, hot burn that made you tingle.
“Fuck yes” you choked out
You could hear the sounds of skin slapping skin.

After a few more thrusts you came un done around him moaning out his name. your wall tightened around him and soon after Taehyung joined you.
You could feel how his thrusts are slowing down. Two of you rode out your orgasms. Soon after Taehyung pulled out of you.

Everything was silent, all you could hear is heavy breathing coming out of your mouths.
Taehyung looks at you and kisses you one more time before falling to the side.
You smiled and looked over at him.
“Like fuck yes” he laughed
“Y/N I AM HOME!” you hear your mom shout
“Oh shit” you both said and quickly cleaned up the mess and got dressed

You open the door and peek if your mom is coming up.
“She’s not near” you said and turn around seeing Taehyung falling on the floor while pulling up his pants
You laughed.
“Well bravo for me” he laughs and pulls them on

Taehyung walks up to you and kisses your lips.
“I don’t want to leave” he whispers
“And you don’t have to” you look up at him
“I just want to say, sorry for-“
“You don’t have to apologize for anything, It’s all my fault.” You cut him off
“I got all of your messages and calls.” He laughed
“By that I saw you really are sorry” he added

“I have to go now. I’ll see you tomorrow” he said and you wrap your arms around his waist hugging him.
“Hey you didn’t put on your shirt” you laugh
“Right” he smiled and quickly took the shirt off the floor, putting it on, taking his jacket

Tae, 8:36PM: hey so like in case there is any confusion
Tae, 8:36PM: you’re fucking mine.

Taehyung leaves his phone and looks at Jungkook.
“So where you been?” he asked
“Nowhere” Taehyung said
“Yeah right. Come on. Let me hear something funny in a while from you” Jungkook leans back on the couch
“Funny? You know what’s funny, I just fucked Y/N. She’s mine now” Taehyung smirks
Jungkook’s eyes go wider, he starts to be nervous in a way.
“What? No way” he tried
“Yeah, she feels so fuckinggg good man” Taehyung smiled

Jungkook licks his lips. He felt something. He felt jealously.


While in New York we had a very strange experience. I enjoyed playing practical jokes on Michael, just as he did on me. I went out one night and Michael stayed home to relax watching television. He became absorbed in a Twilight Zone episode about a man who loses his identity. Everyone he thinks he knows treats him like a total stranger, until he begins questioning whether he exists at all. For some reason this story made an impression on Michael, blessed with an active imagination. I was inserting the key into the door of our apartment, he was sitting in front of the TV asking himself, Who am I? Am I really real? 

Why I did this, I don’t know, but on the spur of the moment I pretended I didn’t recognize Michael, staring at him blank faced and asking, “Who are you? And what are you doing in my house?”

Michael jumped on the sofa, aghast. “What do you mean? I’m Mike!”

“But who are you?”

“I’m Mike!”

“But who are you?” I asked him over and over again.

“Don’t do this to me, LaToya!” he pleaded.

I burst out laughing. “I’m just kidding, you creep,” I said, wondering why he looked so agitated.

“No, you don’t understand.” He gulped for air. “I saw this Twilight Zone episode where a guy loses his identity. And I said to myself, ‘If LaToya comes in here and asks me who I am, I am going to die.’ You almost gave me a heart attack.”

LaToya Jackson - 1977, New York 

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I always try to keep giving Ben the benefit of the doubt since it really appears all the guys genuinely like him but he consistently acts like a manipulative asshole towards fans. Time and time again. This was a totally uncalled for, totally unneeded manipulation of fans. They would have voted for the video without his release the hug bs but no he had to jump in there and promise something that doesn't exist and now is "oh lol why did you take me seriously." Asshole behavior 101.

The only useful thing I’ve seen Ben Winston do in my five years of being a fan is fight with Dan Wootton on Twitter. That’s literally it. The boys may be friends with him for god only knows what reason, but he has done nothing to endear himself to fans because he’s so consistently annoying, manipulative, and nasty.


Chapter One
Björn Ironside X Reader

Your father, King Ecbert of Wessex, hadn’t told you about the arrival of the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok to the castle. But then again, he never told you anything, believing that you were as unimportant as the servants. He hadn’t cared for your mother either. Always more of a fan of your sister in law Judith, they’d lain together multiple times and you couldn’t understand how your brother was alright with it. But as soon as your mother died he payed less attention to you and didn’t even really acknowledge your existence. As soon as he started having meetings with Ragnar Lothbrok, he got Athelstan to teach you Norse, but no one told you why. If you had then you wouldn’t have done it. You learnt languages quickly because you had nothing else to do. So you were now fluent in Norse but had no idea what words were specific to their culture.

A few months after their first meetings, you were invited into the throne room. Greeted by the same bright blue eyes of the Viking. He looked at you carefully and now you could see a tall blonde man behind him, along with the usual entourage that came with him. Your father beckoned you over and after a side glare at him, you walked over to him.

“This is my daughter, Princess Y/n.” Your father smiled and you saw the blonde boy fidget slightly.

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Wait so 'fuck the gender binary'? That's very rad fem of you

Um, no it’s not. Terfs conflate gender roles and gender identity, and still enforce the construct of the sex binary, while not even acknowledging the existence of gender outside of gender roles. If terfs really do want to get rid of the binary then please tell me why they won’t acknowledge the existence of anyone outside of it.

-Mod Ash

burning documents

it’s dark and we’re chasing fireflies.  our minds buried in the sounds of the forest. trying to remember how to be whole again –

as if our molecules reassembled together from our ashes hacking quantum mechanics on checkerboard floors.  there is no such thing as matter; it’s all empty space and frequencies, and what are we but sparks of divine light in the eternal darkness?  our DNA like computer codes trapped in a digital neoprene and our soul completely minimized.  

i set my judgment asleep, since there is no you and me and none of this really exists.  we’re all rays of light generating from the heart of the same sun, so why do we fight?

it’s just an illusion, maya.  no different from a dream.  the highest realm of demons and the lowest realm of angels – we’re the in-between.  the way mother earth explodes with love through volcano eruptions we’ve been shattered into pieces and taught our problems can only be resolved through self-destruction.  

Okay but guys you really don’t know how big of a deal this is because we’re seeing Mickey from the side and you see his ears? WE SEE BOTH OF THEM CLEARLY FROM THE SIDE!!! LIKE IN THE CARTOONS!!!! I’m so happy about this because this technology has existed for 6 whole years now and I’ve wanted to see it in a Kingdom Hearts game! Where have I seen it before, and why is this so huge? 

This is behind-the-scenes footage from Epic Mickey, recorded 6 years ago, and look! 

Do you not see this?! This is a Classic Mickey rendered in 3D!!! On the Nintendo Wii!!! And all while playing the game Epic Mickey if you so much as turn Mickey to the side his ears follow the motion!!!

Sure, this is just a Disney-nerd thing but for me even little details like this are huge and I’m so glad they’re starting to do this with Kingdom Hearts!!!

Allowance use

Alright my dolls, you locked that SD and started getting that money, what y'all gonna do with it?

-don’t even think about spending the whole amount. I mean NO. No matter if you are sure that’s a steel deal you got yourself, remember your daddy can leave you any time. So -

-always take some of your allowance and stack it like it doesn’t exist, literally, DEAD, burnt. Have your own little rainy day trust fund, it can be your childhood piggy bank, I don’t care as long as those paper bills aren’t spent.
You are in a great position now yet how you gonna know what tomorrow can bring you? Maybe you will be in drought for weeks sometimes a month or more. Always be prepared.

-don’t get into that terminator spending mode as soon as those hands feel the paper. Do you really need them Chanel bags and Loubies? If you are really craving for it make your SD get em for you. But honestly, shoe/bag/clothes shopping will make you happy for a while, a car or a house/apartment shopping would make you a bit more permanently happy ? These are big goals I know however aren’t unreasonable and aren’t something so not possible to reach.

-first take care of your bills/rent/tuition/food supply, COVER your basic needs for the month, SAVE the rest. You would be amazed by the sum if you counted all of them bills spent on cute little things you bought yourself from sugaring.

-Keep the receipts and sum it up in the end of a month, if you aren’t going to keep track of your money who will? God? No.

-set up some bigger goals that you plan on reaching from sugaring. It’s maybe paying off that student loan, signing up for masters degree, saving up for your own place, investing in stocks or a small start up of your own. You name it. But I’m sure there must be something more valuable to you than the shopping sprees. Tend to be more friendly to your future.

-I saw a movie few months back, and there was this scene where a bodyguard of a rich guy asks these SBs hanging in the mansion how are they investing their money? What they all said-shoes and bags. And then he spilled the basic truth, What y'all gonna do with them shoes and bags in few years? Mr X will replace you all with them younger bitches and then what? You gonna live in ya shoes? Damn. Opened my eyes. You ain’t gonna be sugaring forever.

-if you HAVE a vanilla job, don’t even dream about leaving/quitting! NO. No matter what or how good your SD is. No matter what he promises to you no matter how much money he gives you. THAT is NOT your PERMANENT INCOME. Allowance is your little/big lottery ticket you are getting every month/week. Treat it like one. It CAN be a losing one just from next time.

-be a HOE but a smart HOE. Always mention to these SDs your actual goals for your future, he is more likely to spend and help ya out with that education/business venture for example than he’ll be interested in spending on some flashy superficial stuff. I’ve learned that hard way.

-think about the way you get your allowance (wire transfer, pay pal, cheque etc) this does vary on a country you live in but CASH will always be the good old almighty cash.

-if he gives you a card, don’t buy everything you see! Take cash from ATMs and stack it. If that card is really at your disposal use it SMART. Pay your groceries with it, bills if possible, replace a thing in your home, help out your family if you are able. But don’t go on a crazy mall tour. Your SD won’t really give a damn how you used it, moreover you can earn bonus points if he notices you are spending it smart.

-I’m not saying that you should not go shopping eventually but be smart about it. Keep inventory of your wardrobe, do supply/demand chart. Do your supply renewal every 3 or 6 months. PLANNING is the mother of SPENDING. If you take care of your wardrobe it will always look fresh and new. Respect it. Remember- your bomb pussy earned that!

-you have stuff in your closet you haven’t worn a year? Great. Sell it online. It will clear up your space and get you some extra $$$.

-another tip on saving- don’t necessarily go all the time to beauty salons (if it’s not something mandatory you can’t do yourself), take some time and do your own mani/pedi, if you can style your hair (there’s some new brushes that literally do the straightening for you while using it, if I find a link I’ll post it) learn to do your own makeup. Don’t buy all the most expensive beauty products all the time, there are cheaper ones which are also good. Take note: BRAND sells the product. So don’t be a victim of someone’s successful advertising. Just because it’s a Dior cream it’s why you need to own it?

-stack as many SDs as possible, short time ones, regular ones, it means MORE money for your wallet.

-don’t show off, don’t bring that negativity out from people. It’s still bad energy and why would you possibly want to make yourself a problem or an unpleasant situation? E.g. Outing you to your friends family coworkers etc, list has no end. You DO NOT have to impress anyone! You live in your OWN skin NOT in other peoples EYES!

-if you can’t keep track of your finances/spendings hire an accountant, it will help you big time!

-take advantage of the sales when you are getting your food/wardrobe or whatever

-don’t be lazy and go to the restaurants all the time! LEARN how to cook if you don’t already know. I’m aware how delicious that home delivery is but the price of a single order could maybe cover more meals if you went to the supermarket. It’s ok occasionally ordering food/going out to eat but think how much you can save up just by cooking yourself.

-be bills and environmental friendly, which means that you don’t need to have all of your lights in the home ON all the time, take your charger out when finished charging your phone/computer, don’t leave your desktop running all day/night or on sleep mode. Same applies to your tv. Take showers instead of filling up the tub. You will be amazed how much all of that can reduce your monthly expenses! Now sum that up for a year! Oh, yes.

-instead of paying for a crazy expensive gym, go out for a run, work out at home/in nature, don’t be lazy and look up YouTube tutorials for different workouts that don’t include gym.

-use public transport whenever you can instead of taxis/uber/your own car (if you own one), take a bicycle if you can, it will do magic to your body and your bank account.

-learn the difference between your NEEDS and DESIRES. Your desire can be your worst enemy if you can’t control it.

-don’t hoard food! Do your supply AD HOC (when necessary).

-make list of all monthly expenses you have, write PROs and CONs for each. Ask yourself do you really need it every month? Cut all unnecessary things off that list.

-get a vanilla job if you already don’t have one!

Combine some of these tips and do good for yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow up to the point rather customize it to your own convenience!

Be a smart Hoe with your money.