but really tonight was chill

so i rewatched “past tense” tonight and for some reason it really chilled me this time around, it’s just way too timely

- the unsympathetic bureaucracy that both dictates the lives of the poor and judges them for their poverty

- the employees of that bureaucracy who may not wholeheartedly agree with its approach but have no choice but to be complicit (a job’s a job)

- the repeated references to the significance of having identification, and the ramifications of not being able to provide identification when prompted by police

- the normalization of extremely subpar living conditions for the poor, and the liberal-minded rich half-heartedly objecting without actually working to change those conditions

- rich characters talking about protests as abstract philosophical concepts at best, inconveniences at worst

- technological advancement as a barrier between the classes rather than a bridge, with tech allowing wealthy people to live in comfort but being wielded as a weapon of the above-mentioned unsympathetic bureaucracy against the poor

- the many scenes, some moderately graphic, of healthcare being denied to the poor

i mean…”causing people to suffer because you’ve forgotten how to care” pretty much sums it up

Bi women really are acting like shit tonight like…. can we collectively chill out and understand that there is literally never going to be a time when a bi woman in a relationship with a man is just as oppressed as a lesbian? Or oppressed in the same way? Or directly oppressed because of a current relationship/sexual partner? Shut up and stop trying to co opt lesbian issues in a context that makes absolutely no sense y'all are really on some whole other level of annoying on this day

Type: Imagine

Pairing: Damon Salvatore x Reader

Prompt: Damon is your boyfriend. However, after getting turned into a vampire yourself after Katherine kills you, you find out that Damon had been compelling you to forget his feedings on you. Angry, you storm away from him, breaking up with him. This leads to this confrontation a few days later.


“Hey, Elena? I’m just gonna chill in my room tonight. I’m not really in the mood to party or whatever.”

Your younger sister gave you a concerned look, making you internally sigh. Here comes Ms. Perfect, to try and save the day.

“(Y/N), you should really get out more. I mean, I know that the breakup with Damon was bad. But, he was really bad for yo-.”

“Elena!” You interrupt her, voice angry as you lose your cool. She gives you a startled look. “Leave it alone, okay? It’s none of your business.” You hiss before stomping up the stairs, adding extra emphasis to make your frustration and desire to be alone more obvious.

While looking down at your phone, in mood for Chinese, you begin to type in the familiar number by heart as you enter your room. While kicking the door closed behind you, you looked up casually, only to scream in surprise.

Your ex, Damon Salvatore, was on your bed, holding your teddy bear Mr. Markimoo.

“Damon!” You hiss, ending the call and slipping the phone into your pocket unable to turn your gaze away.

He turns to you, smirking before holding the teddy bear up to cover his face. “Hey, (Y/N)! It’s me! Mr. Markimoo! You know, I really think you should forgive Damon. He was a complete dick-Uh, I mean jerk. But, he is really sorry.” His voice was high-pitched and he controlled the bear’s hands to make it seem like it was moving.

You tried to hide the smile and smother the laugh, but it was difficult. You raised a hand to cover your mouth. Just thinking of the big bad Damon Salvatore speaking through a teddy bear is already hilarious. But… to imagine is one thing…  you’re looking at it.

Managing to contain your laughter, you crossed your arms and leveled him with an disinterested stare.

“Damon? Get out.”

Giving up on the teddy bear act, he placed it beside him before jumping to his feet. Striding towards you, you proceeded to back up against the door staring up at him.

Placing his hands on both sides of your head, he leaned forward pressing his forehead to yours. Your eyes widened as you were forced to look him in his gorgeous blue eyes.

“(Y/N).” He whispered, the regret and guilt in his voice making you blink. “I’m sorry. I know that I shouldn’t have fed on you as much as I had. I know that I shouldn’t have fed on you for so long even. But…” He leaned closer, tilting his head so that he could kiss the side of your neck softly. This made a small sigh escape you, your head lulling to the side slightly.

“I want to have us be even… as much as I can.” He mumbled against your skin before pulling away almost making you mumble in protest. You were so weak when it came to him.

Damon looked down at you, clearly contemplating something before shrugging off his leather jacket. Your head tilts in confusion that quickly becomes realization when he takes off his black shirt revealing his naked upper body.

Your mouth falls open a bit as you stare shamelessly at his upper half. Damon smirks at you before speaking. “Go ahead. Bite me. Anywhere you want.”

Biting your lip as the possibilities run through your mind, you settle on the place he bit you at the most.

Stepping closer cautiously, you move until your close enough to touch him. You place your hands on his chest, tracing the contours of his abs and chest before you apply enough pressure to force him to sit down on the bed. He applies with your silent demands, letting his arms hold himself up as he eyes you in a form of anticipation.

Biting your lip, you move closer and straddle his form, sitting in his lap. His hands go around your waist pulling you closer. “Your game, princess.” He says with a grin, clearly anticipating your next move.

Nervousness aside, you use your fingers to move his head to the side to bare his neck to you. His fingers trail up your sides before going down to caress your thighs. You shudder slightly before leaning forward and pressing your lips to the juncture between his neck and shoulder.

You pause, feeling hesitation overtake you. Damon, feeling your nervousness, spoke. “Babe, don’t worry about it. I fed on you and compelled you to forget. Used you as a blood bag. Lied and deceived you. I’ve… developed feelings for you. So, in order to make you feel better, I want you to bite me back. It’s okay. It’s the only thing I can really do to give you some form of payback.”

You felt your heart warm at his words, comforted in the way he opened up to you and told you about his real feelings. Decision made, you pressed your lips to his neck once more before you allowed your fangs to elongate before sinking your fangs into his neck. You heard him suck in a breath as his blood entered your mouth.

Your eyes snapped open, whites black and veins exposed. You let out a moan when the taste connected with you. It was one of the best things you’d ever tasted. Pulling him closer, you sucked greedily at his neck taking in more. And it was only through the haze did you feel his arms encircle your waist pulling you closer and the moans that escaped him. Moans that were a mix of both pain and pleasure. He was enjoying it as much as you were.

About a minute later, you pulled away from his neck, blood dripping from your mouth. You gave Damon a bloody grin. Damon, after studying you, seemed unable to control himself as, in literally the speed of light, he had you on your back on the bed with his lips hungrily tasting yours. Your legs encircled his waist, pulling him closer to you as your hands ran through his hair, tugging on it.

“I love you.” You mumbled as he peppered kisses down your neck. Pulling away, he looked you in your eyes, studying and searching them. When he was satisfied, he gave you his signature crooked smirk.

“Love you too, princess.” He stated, making you beam in return. You moved your hands to his neck, tugging him down to resume your kiss.

how to draw mizar:

-stay up for 56 hours

-drink 4-5 red bulls 

-put on some sweats 

-look in the mirror 

-draw that

OSRR: 1072

okay so i never specified that going to dinner and seeing spider-man tonight was a date, so i feel like it was more chillin with ian which was still pretty excellent. if it were a date, though, i’d chalk it up to one of the better ones, but still a bad date idea across the board, mostly because it doesn’t allow for much conversation. or it counts as a friend date, which i’m 100% okay with bc i love my friends and that’s my jam.

dinner was delicious. the movie was EXCELLENT. ian is a sweetheart still. he’s fun and funny and spending time with him tonight was really chill and calming and it was nice to just sit and talk with him, just us two. i may have found a movie buddy though, because we like the same kinds of movies. we’re basically the same person, except i feel like he’s a better mormon than i am. a better sibling. eh. i’ll live with it? yeah.

and then i totally didn’t get pints of ben and jerrys and eat one of them while watching the science channel bc i definitely wasn’t trying to comfort myself because i definitely wasn’t a tiny bit disappointed. (i did, i was, and i was. whoops. i’m gonna get chick fil a tomorrow. comfort foods.)

anyway, i’m honestly happy that it came through pretty clearly today because i hate guessing, and really i’m okay with being just friends. i’ve wanted to be his friend for literal years and i’m finally there and i’m so excited to say this beautiful human being is my friend and that i know him. although it’ll be an interesting dynamic because he’s also everything i’ve been looking for and everything i’ve ever wanted? yeah.

My hot takes from watching just bits and pieces of the games tonight (I had to work):

- Sam Kerr for NWSL MVP. She’s been on fire this season and that bicycle kick will be remembered forever.

- Orlando is still one of my least favorite teams but I admire how much they’ve grown over the past two seasons. They still need some more work but they’ve improved a lot and props to them for coming back and winning an away game.

- I would’ve liked a 1-1 tie between the Dash and the Breakers, they both deserved to score at least one goal.

- I actually thought Janine Beckie played well tonight, usually we forget she’s on the field but she was really a key player tonight.

- Raso seriously needs to chill like I understand feisty play but in every game this season she’s been playing way too physically.

- I will take a Thorns win done by a beautiful cross goal and a Sinc brace over a lucky PK.

- Seattle is still my least favorite team.

- Seattle is still a phenomenal team with so much talent and grit.

- I wonder if the cameraman at the Seattle game has whiplash, that game was so back and forth.

- I’m not medical expert but I don’t think Fishlock should’ve returned back onto the pitch. Head injuries are serious but also not always visible. I’ve only gotten two concussions before (due to sports) and it took me a couple months to recover from both and I’m still experiencing minor after affects.

- No offense to the ball girls but the ball girls at Seattle and Portland need some extra training or something like they’re always so slow and they’re never there when players need them?

- Chicago really deserved a point at the very least, they really played so well.

- It was nice to see McCaffrey back and she actually played pretty well given the circumstances.

- Christen Press is the best striker in the world.

- @ Sky Blue and @ Red Stars

jinyoung has such a cute habit of covering his mouth when he laughs 😊😊😊 he’s trying to keep his amusement contained but it’s adorable when he finds something so hilarious he can’t keep it from escaping from him

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Sorry for the recent spam! I really felt like doing some chill drawings before bed tonight <3 Hope you’re all having/have had an awesome day! xoxo

Yeah Boy

Hey guys–felt inspired by all the Yeah Boy Instagram fun Taylor was having this weekend. Let me know what you think!

Taylor glanced around the room, drink in hand, bemused. She and her friends had come down to Vegas on a whim, and after Adam’s show, they all went back to his suite to hang out. She didn’t know if her friends and Adam’s would mesh, but thankfully everyone seemed to get along great. Everyone was currently dancing in the living room, laughing loudly and cursing when their moves got their drink spilled on someone else. 

Mostly the music they had been dancing to had been a bunch of pop music or EDM, considering the company. Taylor was standing near the music player, trying to pick some new music. She wanted to play some country–you can take the girl out of the genre, but not the genre out of the girl. 

She sighed and scrolled through her iPhone to something more mainstream. She and Adam had just started seeing each other and she didn’t want to freak him out with her country loving roots. She put on Chains by Nick Jonas and went back to join the party. A cheer erupted when she made her way next to her friends. She rolled her eyes–man, they were drunk. Except Adam. His eyes were clear and when he looked at her, his smile was easygoing and friendly–fuck he was hot. Taylor took a deep breath and looked away, leaning into Selena as they all danced. Adam and Taylor had been keeping their distance on the dance floor, not wanting to become a spectacle of PDA in front of their friends, but staying away from him was becoming harder and harder as the night went on. 

After a few minutes the music turned off. “Boo!” The drunken voices rose up together at no one in particular. Taylor laughed and Adam started to head to the music system. Selena laughed and jumped into the other room. “I got a song I wanna hear!” She called out and drunkenly weaved over to the music. Taylor rolled her eyes and hoped desperately it wasn’t anything by Justin Bieber. That girl could be a bit one track minded sometimes, especially when she was drunk. 

Suddenly they all heard the song Selena chose, and Taylor cursed under her breath. It was a a country song, “Yeah Boy,” a song she was currently obsessed with. It made her think of Adam every time she heard it, and she had told Selena that last night. Selena came stumbling back into the room, a sly smile on her face. She danced right over to Taylor who whispered in her ear, “Wish you hadn’t done that, Sel.” Selena just shrugged and shook her hips, pulling Taylor in to dance. Everyone else was too drunk to really care about what music was playing, and they continued to dance regardless of the song. But Taylor’s face had flushed bright red, and she knew Adam could see. She took another drink of her beer and glanced away, hoping he would think it had something to do with the alcohol. 

Suddenly she felt an hand on her back. She turned around and Adam was there. “Don’t mean to pull you away from your friends,” he said in her ear, “but I can’t stand watching you dance anymore from across the room. Dance with me?” Taylor nodded and allowed him to pull her in tight. After a couple drunken catcalls from their friends, the two of them pulled a bit away from the group, and started dancing on their own. “I love this song,” Taylor murmured as they danced, her head on his chest, swaying to the music. 

Adam laughed from above her head. “I figured,” he explained, when Taylor looked up. “Selena–she’s not exactly subtle, is she?” Taylor smiled and put her head back on his chest. “It reminds me of you,” she whispered as they swayed. Taylor felt Adams arms tighten around her, and in that moment, she couldn’t be happier–the perfect guy, the perfect song, the perfect moment. 

After a couple minutes, the song ended. “Where is everybody?” Taylor said looking around at the now empty living room. She grabbed her phone off the counter. “It looked like you two could use some private time :)” was all the text from Selena said. She glanced over at Adam. “I guess they headed to another room. You wanna go find them?” Adam laughed scratched his head with his hand. As he did, his shirt crept up a little, flashing a bit of his perfect abs. “Not really,” he admitted, giving Taylor a shy smile. “Do you?” Taylor shook her head no. “Not really,” she said, putting her phone down. “I’d rather stay here with you,” she admitted. Her face flushed again–she wasn’t usually so direct but whether it was the alcohol in her system or the way he was looking at her, Taylor suddenly felt bold. 

Adam face softened and he walked over to her. They were still in the early stages of their relationship, and Taylor wasn’t sure how far she wanted to go–especially since she was pretty drunk. She knew she wanted to remember their first time clearly, and the fuzziness in her brain was going to make that impossible. She wanted to explain all that, but the closer Adam got to her, the less her brain could function normally. Adam leaned down and pulled her face to his, kissing her softly at first, then with more pressure. Taylor kissed him back, enjoying it a bit too much. 

He pushed her up again the wall, and it was several minutes later before Taylor could even put a thought together. The two separated for a moment to catch their breath. “Adam,” Taylor murmured. His hands had made their way under her shirt, and he was attempting to get her bra off under her shirt. “Adam,” she said again, trying to decide if she really wanted to do this tonight. “Yeah?” Adam whispered in her ear, sending chills down her spine. Her mind kept flip flopping. She wanted him, she really did. “Nothing,” she said, and kissed him again, pulling him in tighter and deciding to hell with it. She wanted him, her body wanted him, and he obviously wanted her. Why would she wait? 

She pushed him back towards to the bed. Adam pulled her on top of him as he sat at the edge of the bed. Taylor lifted his arms up, and he obliged as she pulled his shirt off of him. “Fuck,” she murmured, and she rolled her hands down his abs. Adam laughed. “What–never seen a six-pack before?” He teased. Taylor swallowed nervously. “I’ve seen one before, just never been this close to one before,” she admitted, laughing a little. 

Now that they had taken a breather, Adam assessed Taylor’s face. She was flushed, her eyes were a bit cloudy and distracted. Her hands trembled a little, and Adam worried if maybe now wasn’t the right moment. She was pretty drunk, he remembered. He didn’t want to take advantage. 

As Taylor leaned in to kiss him again, he pulled back slightly. “Taylor–you know how much I like you. But maybe–this isn’t the right time for this?” Adam suddenly felt nervous, uncomfortable. Taylor’s flushed cheeks turned to bright red. “You don’t want to–with me?” She stammered, scooting off his lap and onto the bed, her cheeks burning. “Taylor, come on–you know I do,” Adam said quickly turning to face her. “I practically undressed you three minutes ago. It’s just…” He hesitated. Taylor interjected, “What? What is it? God, do I have man repellent on or something?” Her embarrassment was quickly turning into anger, and although she tried to be rational, her drunken mind wasn’t making it any easier. 

Adam noted her embarrassment quickly and leaned over, grabbing her hands. “Love, you know that’s not it. It’s just–I want our first time to be something special. Something memorable. And I’m just worried that you had too much to drink, and that you might regret this in the morning.” Taylor took some deep breathes, processed this information silently, while Adam stroked her hand, reassuringly. “So you’re saying–you don’t want to have sex with me because I’m a bit drunk,” she clarified. “Right,” Adam confirmed, trying to catch her gaze. 

“Well that’s a shift,” she remarked, brushing the hair out of her eyes and getting comfortable on the bed. “What do you mean?” Adam said curiosity. “Just that, most of my boyfriends usually wanted us to be a bit drunk before, you know, doing this,” she gestured to the two of them, half dressed and sprawled out on the bed. Adam turned and sat up against the headboard. “What? Really?” He asked, surprised. He gestured for her to lean against him, his arms out. Taylor sank into them, her head on his chest. “Not like that, but like–I don’t know–to loosen up a bit? Like, they were nervous I guess, I don’t know. That’s kind of how it’s always been,” she yawned, pulling her arms around his waist. 

“Well that’s not how it’s going to be with me,” Adam said seriously. “When we have sex for the first time, I want you to remember every single moment.” Taylor nodded, half asleep. “Tay, why don’t we get changed before we sleep?” Adam suggested, standing up and searching for her bag. Taylor half sat up, still sleepy. “I can’t find your bag,” he called out, searching the hotel room. “Selena probably has it,” Taylor’s muted voice called back. He came back into the room and rummaged through his bag until he found a clean T-shirt of his. "Here, you can wear this.” Taylor blushed and turned around to change, and he turned too, to give her some privacy as he slid off his jeans.

When he turned back, Taylor was lying on his bed, looking up at him expectantly. Adam wasn’t prepared for the sight of Taylor in his clothes. “Shit,” he muttered, staring at her. Taylor giggled. “Come to bed,” she gestured, her arms out. Adam slid into bed and shut off the lights, and Taylor snuggled in close once again. “You’re not disappointed,?” She asked as they lay in the dark. Adam laughed. “No, of course not. I couldn’t be less disappointed.” Taylor leaned up to kiss him before settling back into his arms. “Me too,” she whispered as she closed her eyes and fell asleep in his arms.