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Can u please draw my Lavender Quartz gemsona. She has her gem on her eyeball, she has a big hair bun, and she's buff like a quartz. U can play around with the rest of her design. Please and thank u.

Now that’s an aesthetic girl is I ever saw one.


No pets were allowed on campus.

The freshman orientation guide was very, Very clear about this point. Absolutely, positively, no pets allowed. (minor exceptions to be made for service animals.) And yet here she was, 3 weeks into her first semester, sitting on the ground, staring at a cat. It was staring back.

Dread had always been fond of animals. She had never been allowed to have any pets, (her father was allergic to most things with fur, and her mother just hated animals) but she had always wanted a cat. Multiple cats, preferably. And now she was sitting on the steps of her dorm, in a college where No Pets Were Allowed, staring at the most precious little ball of fur she had ever set eyes on. She knew far too well about the other rules (she was on her second roommate, now, and the delicate horns curling from the thing-that-was-not-her-first-roommate’s face had left an… impression.) She was very good about remembering iron, salt, and not to say please or thank you. But this was a very cute cat, and she was willing to risk a little bit.

It meowed. She held out a hand, and it walked right up to her, and “oh my goodness you are just the cutest thing!” she squeaked. The cat seemed satisfied.

She was, to say the least, conflicted. The rules were very clear, and the rules were generally right, but this was a very small cat, and she did not have very many friends, and really, she already knew what she would do. “C’mere, you.” She scooped up the cat and it snuggled into her jacket. “I’m going to name you Eldritch.”


It was about three weeks later that things got… actively weird. She had managed to smuggle in, via the Walmart (which had no employees that day, she left the money on the counter and hoped that nothing Else would take it) a litter box and cat food. Eldritch seemed to settle in fine, and she traded her roommate 3 dollars and a cool rock in return for not telling anyone about the very, very illegal pet currently snoozing on her lap. The roommate, whose name was Chalkboard, seemed to like the cat. Chalkboard even gave the cat a cat-toy. When Chalkboard vanished (decided to take the “fake your death to avoid breaking up with your s.o” advice a little too much to heart), Not-Chalkboard did Not like the cat. Dread caught Not-Chalkboard making what looked like a very rude hand gesture at the cat on multiple occasions, although it’s hands were strange and​ it was hard to be sure. It was when Not-Chalkboard, after having a Very Intense staring contest with the cat for about 6 minutes, saw the error of its ways and vanished, leaving Chalkboard in its place, that Dread began to think something might be up. Eldritch said nothing, as cats are wont to do, but it purred a great deal when Chalkboard let it sit on her lap while she was doing her homework. This was, to say the least, Rather Suspect. Nothing more was said about it.

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College Boy Part Three

Prompt: Harry wants a shot at a normal life so he attends Northeastern University, but it’s harder than he thinks. The friends he made just want fame, and the other hardly look at him. But then he meets her, Y/N, and she wants nothing to do with the a-list celebrity.

Word Count: 5532

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

You can find part one and part two below :)

Part One Part Two

Y/N was never great at opening up to anyone-not even her family. She had learned to keep to herself, that way no one could leave her, no one could take a spot in her heart only to rip it away later. All through middle school and high school she had no friends, no birthday parties, no graduation party, no sleepovers, no late night drives with anyone. At first she was upset, and she started to open up in high school, but she quickly stops when she couldn’t make any friends. It was too late, she was labeled as the weird one, the only friends she had were on Facebook.

When college first begin she promised herself it would be different, that she would try to make friends, and she did, she tried. The first week she found a nice group of people, but as the month went on she found the group chat dying and none of them ever spoke again. They waved, they smiled at each other, but none of them responded to her texts, and no one bothered to ask her to hang out. Her roommate was different, the two never bonded. Jessica went out with her friends, and when she had friends over none of them ever spoke to her. Y/N slowly learned that she was invisible, but she wasn’t invisible to him.

Okay well, at first she was invisible to him. But when Harry noticed her, he couldn’t stop noticing her. Harry found himself going to the gym at the same time as her, he would run next to her, telling her about his day. Y/N would nod, hum every once and a while to let him know she heard him, but she never really talked back. Harry would ask her questions and she would answer them but other than that she never really spoke, keeping it short and simple, and he couldn’t tell if she was still upset with him.

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I love Sidon more than the next person. I make references to him constantly in real life, driving my family mad. I love Link and his cute ponytail, his excited smile when he cooks, and I am excited to ship them both. But, I have seen people be extremely rude to Mipha’s character because of the ship. I love Sidlink a ton, but Mipha is my pure little baby. I love her and her tons of jewels, her beautiful eyes, her sweet smile, and how she cares so much for Link. Please respect Mipha and love her as a character, and your Sidlink wishes. I doubt she wouldn’t be on board.


“It’s one of these moments where you see Alex, one by one, having to cross this road and see how people react,” Leigh says. “She hasn’t seen him in over a decade and, ‘Guess what? I’m gay!’ It’s great. His reaction is so wonderful. It’s a great, sweet, endearing moment: ‘OK, I’m being accepted for where I am.‘”

Um… okay Chyler, but have you seen your own face in this scene…..?

You’re on YouTubers React to Kpop and you’re their favorite YouTuber (Seventeen)

So I broke it up into different songs for the units

Hip Hop Unit: Check-in

Performance Unit: Highlight

Vocal Unit: Chocolate

S.Coups: -you would be dancing almost instantly ‘he’s acting so tough for someone so adorable looking’ you would comment at the end- “thank you Y/N”

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Jeonghan: -’aw he looks so soft’ you would say as you grab your partner from your channels arm ‘the lip bite got me’ you would claim as you put your hand over your heart to be over dramatic- “she likes me. I will meet her some day”

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Joshua: -you would start swaying and by the end you would be smiling ‘see with kpop you don’t need to understand to get the warm feelings from videos and songs’ you would chuckle- “if she said she would love me I would love her response even more” 

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Jun: -’Oh Seventeen. Who doesn’t like them’ you would say instantly noticing the group. ‘Like the performance unit is the best unit’ you would continue as you watched the rest of the video- “she actually knows our group and likes out unit the best”

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Hoshi: -almost as soon as the video started you made a sound ‘oh I’m in love’ you joke as you look at him and then looked up. ‘They are really good’ you say as you smiled happily- “please love me. I would love that”

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Wonwoo: -’my god his voice is so freakin deep. I like it’ you would say ‘I’d buy the mixtape with ease’ you would comment as you- “she likes my voice”

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Woozi: -you were always a dork so saying ‘I don’t know who I want more him or the chocolate’ you would laugh at your own dumb joke before smiling asking to move on so you would be less embarrassed- “please let it be me more than the chocolate”

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DK: -you instantly slapped your partner as said ‘this is the vocal unit of Seventeen’ before smiling ‘I love the group everyone is so cute’ you continued as your friend rolled their eyes and tried to watch with your constant talking- “she’s right we’re cute”

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Mingyu: -you would instantly start watching with complete focus ‘that’s some bright ass hair. Like you wouldn’t lose him in a crowd’ you would. You would start dancing with it though- “well it could be worse. At least she noticed me”

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The8: -you would instantly start dancing along with the music. ‘I like it already’ you say as you continued watching happily. ‘Kpop is a happy thing, I have no idea what’s going on normally but its always fun. Other than that which group is this?’ you would ask- “will you become our fan then?”

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Seungkwan: -’That smile though’ you would tell yourself as you smiled at the video ‘if I could I would like to hug them all. They don’t deserve the heart break’ you continue as you finished the video- “she wants to hug me”

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Vernon: -’I don’t know what kind of voice I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting that one from him’ you would say with a chuckle ‘he’s really cute though’ you would finishing before feeling embarrassed- “she thinks I’m cute”

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Dino: -’Oh I’ve seen this. Fans recommended this to me because the one member watches all my stuff’ you say happily ‘I would go see them in concert if they come to my country’ you tell them as you chuckle- “she knows I love her. That’s nice”

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concept: moana getting super sick. nothing fatal, just something REALLY unpleasant to go through. She knows nothing's gonna happen to her, but unfortunate, out-of-practice-for-1000-years maui does *not* and goes into full-blown Panic Mode over her well-being.

Look, an honest effort at fluff! Fun fact: I wrote this when I was actually suffering a migraine. Probably should’ve gone to sleep, but I hadn’t written yet that day, so this is the result of me shamelessly inflicting my own pain on my favorite characters.

Also, in Moana: Island Life, it’s confirmed canon that Moana sometimes forgets to eat her own breakfast because she’s too busy worrying about her own people. Chill, Curly, they’re not gonna die if you drink a coconut or two.

His first clue is a wince. It’s a little thing, just the smallest movement in the corner of his peripheries, and it’s gone when he glances beside him, but he catches it all the same.

“Something on your mind, Curly?”

“Huh?” Moana responds, all of her earlier eloquence gone, and Maui takes that as a no. Makes sense. Even an orator like Moana has to run dry of clever words sometimes, and after her incredible display of diplomatic navigation inside that fale tele he’s not surprised she’s hit her cap.

“Ah, nothing,” he says, waving an airy hand in her direction. “Anyway, now that’s done, whaddya say to a day on the water, huh?”

Moana’s face lights up, all eagerness and anticipation…and then falls. “I can’t,” she replies quietly. “I have stuff to do.”

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Number Five

Another small Supercat ficlet. As always, I become pretty blind to mistakes, so please forgive them. And, it’s meant to be silly.

“I want to be number five!” The words left Kara in a rush. Her eyes widened and she immediately clapped her hands over her mouth. She wanted to take the words back, to pluck them out of the air as if they were tangible objects she could grab, hide, and pretend never existed.

Instead, chatter in the small conference stopped. The room, which had the tendency to feel cramped with only ten people, was packed beyond its capacity. Dozens of people stood shoulder to shoulder awaiting their weekly assignments, and all heads, including Cat’s, turned towards her. She shrank back as far as she could, but Kara was already wedged too far into the corner between Derek and a newly-hired intern. She wanted to curl up and hide like that night she had watched The Ring alone in the dark, and the phone rang right as the credits rolled.

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Prompt: from @malindacath, “I was wondering if you could write something about Jim and Reader where they are in a relationship and anytime he compliments her, she blows it off. He goes to Uhura for answers finding out that as she grew up her family always degraded her so she really doesn’t have any self esteem or self worth even though she would do anything for everyone else”
Word Count: 1530
Author’s Note: GAH! Sorry!! I forgot the read-more cut! Getting into the mindset of this reader was SO easy for me. The first time the husband told me he loved me, my response was ‘are you sure?’ Fortunately for me, my parents weren’t the ones who fucked me up. It was school.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Jim leaned across the commissary table and dropped a kiss on your cheek, prompting a blush and slight scowl. “What?”

“Did you miss the giant spot in the middle of my forehead?” You countered, arching your eyebrow. “Not exactly enticing this morning.” You didn’t often fall victim to premenstrual pimples anymore, but you’d wakened with a zit that felt like a volcano brewing on your forehead. There was no covering it or masking it, and there was no making it go away.

“I hadn’t noticed at all. I was looking at your eyes, Y/N,” he shrugged, his glance lifting to assess the situation on your forehead. You felt yourself flushing more. “It’s tiny. Certainly doesn’t affect how gorgeous you are.”

You stared at him, expressionless. He had to be kidding, but you hadn’t finished your first coffee, and were in no mood to start a squabble about whether or not he needed his eyes checked. Instead, you returned to your meal wordlessly.

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so, for your botw zelink fanfic, can you maybe do like a re-imagining of the scene where Link tells Zelda the reason why he doesn't talk ( as stated in the diary )?

Today was the day. After the events of yesterday, Zelda had come to the realization that she needed to talk things out with her appointed knight. With Link. There was miscommunication between them, if that’s what you could call it. He never spoke a word, and that was probably why she misinterpreted him so badly. But she assumed the worst of him and let it show, and now was the time to put things right.

After she got dressed and left her room, she waited for her knight to arrive. Usually she would go on without him, uneager to have him join her, but not today. So when he finally arrived, the surprise in his eyes was unmistakeable.

“Good morning.” She said, and he nodded to her. “Link, could I talk to you privately?” She clasped her hands in front of her, fingers fidgeting together nervously. She had thought over what she was going to say all night, sleeping restlessly over it. Now it was time that she put all that had transpired between them to rest.

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Episode Concept:

A woman is found in the bunker, lost and confused with no memory of who she is or where she came from. She is just there. The boys bury themselves in research whilst Cas looks at her oddly. He is sure that he has met her before but can’t figure out where.
She slowly warms to both Cas and Sam and both of them feel like they know her and that she is trustworthy. Dean however doesn’t like her, doesn’t like the way she laughs and jokes with his little brother and he certainly doesn’t like the way she is flirting with Cas… 

Throughout the action and the drama (maybe the woman brought a monster along with her from wherever she came from) much to Dean’s annoyance she becomes closer and closer to Sam and more so even to Cas. The woman bonds with Castiel in a way no one has since Dean himself, and Castiel seems rather taken with her too. Dean is obviously jealous of the pair (in that subtle subtextual way the show likes to use so much) and it all kicks off when Dean accidentally sees them sharing a passionate kiss.

Castiel is rather shocked himself that the woman was so forward but he can’t deny that he has feelings for her, though in a very confusing way. Castiel ponders this new development whilst Dean broods and Sam frantically looks for a resolution to this new madness they have got wrapped up in. 

When the climatic fight is over and the boys find out what the monster had stolen from the mystery woman, all is resolved. The woman’s younger sister was being held hostage by the monster, along with the woman’s memories. 

She reveals herself as Deanna. she followed her sister Samantha into the monsters trap on a hunt and was transported to an alternate universe. Needless to say everyone is surprised. Not least of all Castiel, who realises why he had such strong feelings for her. The sisters are able to reopen the portal to their universe and bid farewell to the boys. Though not before Cas gets a kiss goodbye and Dean gets a wink. Leaving Dean even more confused than before.

Nothing more is mentioned about the whole situation other than a knowing look from Sam and a slightly awkward pat on the shoulder between Cas and Dean. The episode ends with a lingering shot on Dean’s face as he watches Cas walk away. His confusion is evident on his face. An audience of general viewers wonder what the hell that was all about. Misha tweets something entirely inappropriate and Jensen flirts with him about it. The episode breaks Tumblr. The writers work is done… for now…

Your daughter has a crush on another member (Monsta X)

Y/D/N: Your daughter’s name

Shownu: -Kihyun. He would mainly watch his 10 month old walk to Kihyun her best. She would enjoy happily clinging to Kihyun who praised her constantly- “she’s so in love with having you around”

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Jooheon: -I.M. He would tell your daughter that she really didn’t like him. Even though he was just teasing she would end up getting mad and yelling at him saying she did love Changkyun- “alright alright. You love him”

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Wonho: -Hyungwon. You would ask him if he was alright when he watched her hang off of Hyungwon with happiness- “oh yeah. Every dad is okay when his little one ditches them for another man”

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Minhyuk: -Shownu. The moment she mentioned Hyunwoo he was on her to change the topic. He was all he had been hearing about for awhile so he tried bribing her to stop talking about him- “I’ll take you out for ice cream if talk about your shows that you watched with mommy today instead”

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I.M: -Wonho. Your daughter fell in love with Wonho after they went swimming together and ever since then she wouldn’t stop talking about him- “Y/D/N. I get he’s good looking. You need to calm yourself a bit please”

Originally posted by changkyuh

Hyungwon: -Minhyuk. She straight up told him that she wanted to sit with Minhyuk instead of him during dinner- “what? Why? Daddy’s lap is much better”

Originally posted by yuhwan

Kihyun: -Jooheon. He would watch her cuddle Jooheon and told him constantly how much she loved him- “this is wrong why is she doing this to me?”

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I have a really far-fetched theory about Stevenbomb 6

What if Steven visits the future? My main reasoning is that I can’t help thinking that the child asking “Are you my dad?” in the promo is addressing Steven. The creatures whose silhouettes we see behind Onion aren’t like anything we’ve encountered before, and Pearl’s expression when Steven is leaving through those glowing yellow doors suggests that she’s never seen that kind of thing before. I could see Steven having to visit a future in which he never heals corruption and leaves his own kid to finish his work just like his mom did. So Steven goes into the future to recover the people who’ve gone missing and meets his future kid, who convinces him to take some drastic measure to change the course of fate. I predict that “Doug Out” and “The Good Lars” will be mostly fluff, so all of this action would be packed into two 11-minute episodes (“Are You My Dad?” and “I Am My Mom”). Of course, we’ve seen the Crewniverse do this before ;)
Needless to say, I am so pumped for this new bomb!

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i would like to see hillary in another hair color. red or brunette? agree or disagree?

well I don’t know about now, I think she really suits the blonde the way it is especially with her hair all short in it’s current style I can’t really picture her with any other color anymore. But I do think she looked really stunning when she still had her natural hair color, which was pretty close to brunette and I think if she’d kept that through the 90s matched with her killer eyebrows that would have been a Look indeed.

Just imagine all the ballgowns and skirt suits she wore as first lady but with this hair, maybe a little bit longer and in all the different fancy styles she had. I mean the golden color she did have was utterly gorgeous, but there is just something really stunning about her natural hair…

and red I’m not sure about, maybe when she was at wellesley and her hair was all long and straight? that’s about the only era I can really picture her carrying off that color 

Side Nigga Diaries

So I’m playing “side nigga” to a chick with a girlfriend. They been going steady for a while now and shorty told me she loved lesbian sex, and it was great but she said it aint dick tho. She told me she just wanted regular dick and I felt like I was just the man for the job, so that’s what it became. 

She would go through the motions with ol girl come to me on some “she tryna get fucked” shit. I remember she told me about a conversation she had with with her girl. She said she talked to her about a threesome but she really wasn’t down for it. I was down though. That would have been the most pivotal point in all side nigga history. I felt like if she would have gotten her to agree to it I probably wouldn’t do anything else in life. That’s how excited I was about the idea. 

Time went on without any mention of the threesome and I kind of forgot about it. So one night I’m in my room chilling, trying to find something to do for the night. I texted shorty to see what she was doing but she didn’t respond so I hit up one of my old hoes. She told me she wasn’t really getting into anything because she had some homework she had to get done. She said she would probably just watch some Netflix or whatever, so I invited her over to my place. I told her to finish her homework then we can watch Netflix together– kick it and shit. 

Probably an hour or two later she called me to let me know that she was on her way. Not even two seconds later, shorty with the girl hit me up. She called me and asked me what I was gonna do for the night. I guess she wanted to chill but I told her I had a chick coming over and her first reaction was, “is she cute?”. I swear I laughed so hard. But I sent her a picture and she started asking whether or not if she was a freak. We were on the phone for like 20 minutes trying figure out if she like to eat the box or not.

Shorty finally got to my place but I was still on the phone with chick so I told her that’ll just text her. I went down to let shorty in and when we get back to my room and we just sat there for awhile– we were talking or whatever but we weren’t really talking bout shit though. We finally put a movie on Netflix and that probably only lasted for 2 minutes.The next thing I knew we were playing 21 questions. And as expected the questions got a little kinky. Meanwhile chick texting me like, “you getting the cheeks”,“is she a freak or na”,“ask her if she down for a threesome”,”she eat pussy”. wholetime I’m trying to chill shorty blowing my phone up. So of course, ol girl said something. She was like damn,O.J I’m confused because I think she calling me OJ Simpson but then she was like Oj the Juiceman. I’m rolling because it wasn’t even like that. I’m like wholetime that’s you with all the juice and she’s like what do you mean. So I showed her my phone. I told her my homegirl think you cute and she want to smash– the both of us. She didn’t believe me so I had to scroll up and shit.

At first she laughed but then she got quiet for a minute. I gave her this “you nasty” look and she smiled. Then she was like, well I am a little horny though. Then she was like “what your friend look like?” So I showed her a picture and she was like “oh, she cute. Tell her to come through.” And at that moment I knew I was about to reach the highest point in side nigga history, even though it wasn’t with ol girl’s ol girl but nevertheless I was about to get the booties. 

BIG BANG: The Media Bashes his Girlfriend

- Admin Tamra

GDRAGON: “Hey, (Y/N), don’t listen to them.” Jiyong would be pissed that the media was bashing him and it would just make him post about you more, wanting to rub it in their faces that he doesn’t give a shit.

T.O.P: He would pay no mind to them, what are they gonna do about his relationship? Absolutely nothing. It bothered him of course, but he wouldn’t say anything about it and would continue posting with you.

Originally posted by royalseunghyun

SEUNGRI: “Hey look! It’s (Y/N)! My GIRLFRIEND!” He would like pointing out that you’re his girlfriend and that he doesn’t care about the media. He can date whoever he likes and if they have a problem with it then they can leave. He’d be annoyed to no end though, but would try his best not to let you see it.

Originally posted by jeffersonhairpie

TAEYANG: He, along with Jiyong, would speak out about it. He’d be pissed of course, but would try his best to stay calm when letting everyone know that they can’t control who he’s with. “I can date whoever I want, just because she’s younger doesn’t mean you can bash her.”

Originally posted by topsommelier

DAESUNG: “You guys bash her yet you don’t even know her,” he’d say. He would be annoyed, yet sad that the media was bashing (Y/N) without knowing a thing about who she really is. He would keep calm and quiet though, not letting any of it really get to him.

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how do you think awashima would react if she found out fushimi was self harming, or if she walked in on him one night harming himself? regardless of whether theyd be in a romantic relationship or not, but I just love the idea of her taking care of him and wrapping bandages around his arms annd giving one a kiss its cute

I imagine her being shocked initially and then stern and disapproving but also really caring towards him, trying to help him. Like maybe Fushimi stayed late to work as normal and Awashima’s already gone to bed but then she recalls there was something she forgot in the office. She walks back into the room to find Fushimi there at his desk looking up at her in surprise, knife in hand and cuts on his wrist, with obvious older scars visible now that he’s removed the wristbands. I think her initial reaction would just be to ask what’s going on, her voice is stern as if she’s caught Fushimi doing something terrible and Fushimi’s just frozen because he didn’t expect to be caught. He initially tries to cover it up, yanking his sleeve back over his wrist and looking away with a click of his tongue. Awashima recovers herself quickly and just strides over to him asking what the meaning of this is. Fushimi tries to blow it off like it’s none of her business and she should just go away and Awashima just pulls his sleeves back up to reveal the scars. Fushimi’s all irritated and embarrassed at being caught, probably just waiting for her to go tell Munakata and then everyone will fuss over him like he’s damaged or something.

Instead Awashima has him sit down and tells him to stay there while she gets the first aid kit. Fushimi’s like that’s not necessary and Awashima rattles off all the issues he could have if the cuts go untreated, like you could lose your sword arm Fushimi-kun I don’t think you want that. Fushimi’s all confused, waiting for the lecture, but instead Awashima opens the first aid kit and begins to gently take care of the wounds. Fushimi probably ends up being the one to break the silence, wondering if she’s going to scold him or ask him questions, and Awashima just notes that scolding him rarely has an effect anyway as she carefully cleans his wound and bandages his arms. I think she would make it clear that she disapproves of what Fushimi’s doing to himself and that she is worried but she also wants him to feel comfortable with her, like this way Fushimi at least knows that if he does go overboard one day Awashima will be happy to clean his wounds and bandage his arms. I do think she’d want to try and get him help though, like I can imagine the more she realizes what’s going on the more forceful she is about it because she’s so worried about Fushimi and she wants to be able to help him somehow, to make him realize that it’s important he take care of himself more than anyone and that he shouldn’t have to hurt himself just to feel some relief from all his chaotic emotions.