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gruvia hogwarts au

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  • They’re both in Slytherin.
  • In her first years, Juvia was an outcast, quiet and gloomy. She earned the nickname Rain Girl because all her spells seem to summon dark clouds no matter what she tries.
  • Gray is a popular kid, but has issues of his own that plague him. He keeps having nightmares, even now, of the time Death Eaters killed his family and he barely made it out alive.
  • He is a troublemaker, and a drunken night at Hogsmeade leads to a brawl and detention. Poor Juvia, who has been following him and his friends to the village, longing for friends but too shy to approach them directly, gets dragged into the whole thing.
  • She is pissed, because she did nothing wrong! Gajeel was right after all - these guys are nothing but trouble. In her fit of anger and disappointment, she challenges him.
  • Gray, though not really willing to fight her, accepts when he sees the determination (and sadness, not like he cares) in her eyes.
  • It is a battle of equals, but in the end Gray is the winner nonetheless.
  • Something curious happened, though. This time, when she cast her spells, no rainclouds appeared. And as he extends his hand to her with the ghost of a smile on his lips, she thinks that maybe Gajeel isn’t always right after all.