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Do you take prompts? I am sorry if you don't or you currently don't, but I really need to dump 'Jake gets framed for murder/some other crime and has to spend some time in prison, while the team fights to clear his name and get him out' on someone, Peraltiago of course, and may be Doug Judy is looking after Jake in prison. ??? IDK

Jake is in prison for forty-five days for the murder of Jonah Farley, a man he swears he’s never met before.

One hour after his processing is complete, he’s escorted to his cell, where he discovers he’s going to be spending the duration of his stay as Doug Judy’s cellmate because fate is cruel and what is tragedy without a dash of irony?

Two days after Jake’s been processed, Amy finds a partially smudged fingerprint on the underside of Jake’s kitchen counter that does not belong to her, Jake, or Farley. It’s not enough to dismiss the small mountain of evidence stacked up against Jake, especially considering Jonah was found out in the living room with three stab wounds to the torso, but it’s the start she’s been so desperately searching for.

Four days after Jake’s been processed, he gets his first visitor: Sophia Perez, who has agreed to take his case pro-bono “for old times’ sake.”

Five days after Jake’s been processed, Doug Judy has to intervene after one of the other inmates recognizes Jake as the cop who’d put him away. Jake comes out of it with a split lip and a black eye and a newfound respect, and an undying thankfulness for one Douglass Judy.

Ten days after Jake’s been processed, Amy visits him. They spend the vast majority of their ten minute visitation with tears pouring down their faces and their hands pressed against the inch-thick sheet of bulletproof glass between them, quiet, shuddering breaths muffled through the phone’s connection.

Twelve days after Jake’s been processed, Rosa breaks the other vending machine in a fit of rage.

Fifteen days after Jake’s been processed, Jake learns that he’s allergic to whatever unidentified sludge was set out for lunch. He spends three days in the prison infirmary.

Nineteen days after Jake’s been processed, Karen visits him, and tells him flatly that Amy will not stop until she gets him out. Jake smiles a heartbroken smile, taps the end of his index finger against the glass, and whispers, “I know.”

Twenty-three days after Jake’s been processed, Amy finds the murder weapon wedged between the side wall of Jake’s apartment building and the dumpster that sits directly beneath his bedroom window. The thunderstorm from Jake’s eleventh day in prison has washed all physical evidence away.

Twenty-four days after Jake’s been processed, Sophia visits and tells him to prepare for the worst. Jake waits until he’s back in his cell with his back turned to Doug Judy before crying quietly.

Thirty-six days after he’s been processed, crime scene techs are able to match the serrated knife blade to the wounds on Jonah Farley’s body, but are also able to determine that the blows were dealt by a left-handed assailant. Jake, as Amy is well-aware, is right-handed.

Twenty-seven days after Jake’s been processed, the crime tech lab comes back with a match on the partial fingerprint from Jake’s bed frame: Larry Gitimeyer.

Twenty-eight days after Jake’s been processed, Amy is incredibly disappointed to learn that Jake does not know anyone named Larry Gitimeyer. Later, she discovers that Larry Gitimeyer was reported dead in 2003.

Twenty-nine days after Jake’s been processed, Amy visits with a grainy black-and-white image of Larry Gitimeyer’s 1992 mugshot. Jake’s eyes go wide as saucers when he sees it through the glass. “That’s Freddy Maliardi,” he says weakly into the receiver.

Thirty-two days after Jake’s been processed, Charles is able to compile a comprehensive list of every known pseudonym Freddy Maliardi has gone by in the past.

Thirty-five days after Jake’s been processed, Rosa gets a hit on one of Maliardi’s false identities - a credit card registered under the name Lawrence McCall was used at a motel in New Jersey two days earlier.

Thirty-six days after Jake’s been processed, the Nine-Nine ambushes an abandoned motel room in New Jersey. In an open suitcase near the bed, Charles finds a t-shirt and a pair of jeans stuffed into a plastic bag. They’re both covered in blood.

Thirty-seven days after Jake’s been processed, crime scene techs confirm that the blood staining the clothes from the suitcase does, in fact, belong to Jonah Farley.

Forty-three days after Jake’s been processed, the Nine Nine receives a call from the NSA stating than an hour previously, they barred a man bearing a name from Freddy’s list from boarding an international flight after other passengers reported strange behavior. He’s being detained at JFK. When the Nine-Nine arrives, Freddy makes a break for it, offering Amy the perfect excuse to tackle him to the ground with all the strength she has.

Forty-four days after Jake’s been processed, Freddy Maliardi is lead out of the Nine-Nine’s holding cell, out into a waiting van belonging to the FBI, which will take him to federal prison.

Forty-five days after Jake’s been processed, one of the guards opens his cell door and tells him that he’s been cleared of all crimes. Doug Judy hugs him hard and slaps him on the back and Jake may or may not shed a tear or two before he follows the guard out of the cell block, through the belly of the prison, back through the room where they processed him and through the mugshot room and out near the entrance where the air feels fresher and the clothes he was wearing when he was arrested over a month earlier are waiting.

Five minutes after he changes, two guards lead him outside, flanking him on either side. He squints up at the cloudy sky, at the tall chain link fences topped with coils of barbed wire that tower up on either side of him, but before he can glance back at that hulking estate where New York’s Most Dangerous reside, he hears an all-too-familiar whoop of excitement several yards beyond the main entrance.

The Nine-Ninth precinct in its’ entirety appears to be waiting for him just beyond that prison gate, and even though Jake does register that every single member of the detective’s team - and his mom - is front and center, he can’t tear his gaze away from Amy’s pale face, made breathless with anticipation. The guard to his right unlocks the gate and the one to the left pulls it open but before it’s even halfway there Jake shoves past them and races outside, to her, to where she’s crying and running toward him with her arms raised to welcome him back.

They collide and he lifts her off her feet and spins and it’s so good, so much better than he remembered, something he decides right then and there that he will never again go without. He feels something heavy hit on his left side and an instant later something else hits on his right and then it’s rather dark, rather tight and warm, standing there in the middle of this precinct dogpile a hundred yards from a New York state prison.

Ten minutes after Jake changes, the dogpile finally disperses, and when Amy’s head lifts up and away from the dip of his shoulder, Jake kisses her for the first time in forty-five days. 

It’s better than going home.

Seven hours after Jake changes, he flops back on Amy’s couch, feeling all the muscles and joints in his entire body loosen for the first time in over a month. He can hear Amy and Karen chatting in the kitchen, still working on the coffee, but the warm peace of her living room is lulling him to sleep. He’ll be out cold before they make it out of the kitchen.

The last thought his sleep-deprived brain fabricates before sleep claims him goes something like this:

Good to be home.

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Hey... should you really be reporting about religious groups trying to hide immigrants? It seems like it'd be better to focus on activist groups that are seeking more public awareness, rather than on underground activists whose work are actually harmed by the attention.

I understand your concern. Underground groups generally do not want to be known. 

But to be fair, members of this group have spoken to media openly, giving their names and openly putting themselves at risk. We need to ask ourselves why are they doing this, it seems to make no sense. Why would they openly report themselves?

They do it because the only way an underground network works is if there are people who are connected together to hide people. When you are talking about 11.1 million undocumented immigrants that need to be hidden, that network needs to be quite large.

In today’s day and age, the easiest way to recruit people is through social media. And the best way to do that is for your story to go viral. So to me, it seems that this was a controlled leak in an attempt to let people know they exist, that way, they can find more help.

These people have put their life at risk to speak to the media, the least we can do is share their story. 

- @theliberaltony

Overwatch on Twitter
“There is a great spot for every spray—show us what you can do with your Overwatch sprays! https://t.co/eN3LVpY62j”

Hey guys, just browsing overwatch’s twitter and here’s this nice post with funny spray ideas so I thought you guys would like to have a look.

Here’s a couple I’ve done.

Froggy Lucio

Mercy handpuppet

I don’t really have a name for this one.

This needs no name ;)

It would be great to see what spray combos all of you have done :)

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Can you give us more info on the 5 brothers that watch over Witch Kid? They're designs are cool!!

yah i’m on it!!!

some general info about the 5 brothers:

  • they’re not actually watching over WITCH KID, in the slightest, the only one of them that’s benevolent is the FIRST BROTHER. the rest of them are Very mean and/or trying to eat WITCH.
  • those in the death-plans know them as THE BEHEMOTHS, beings consuming everything they come across.
  • they’re all appear in the story “A Close of Curtains and the Glorious Ressurection’ 
  • i gave them all really ridiculous names because they don’t actually have names but i need some way to differentiate them in my notes

THE FIRST BROTHER: shit my pants and call me jerry (in german)

  • The One-headed Brother
  • the most foul-mouthed, but the only brother to not try and eat WITCH KID, and warn them not to seek out his other brothers.
  • the smallest of the brothers, not counting his weird torso-entrails with trail off into the sky presumably forever.
  • he roams the out skirts of the death-planes, devouring anyone who tries crossing his path


  • The Two-headed Brother
  • he pities WITCH KID, and offers to make a quick job of devouring IT.
  • he pities IT because he can’t imagine how AWFUL it must feel having lost IT’s other head, stumbling around with out IT.
  • he lives deep within a tower, hanging above a massive hoard of bones and putrid old, lost things.

THE THIRD BROTHER: reginald veginald

  • The Three-headed Brother
  • lives at the end of a long long bridge, reaching out into the endless night and pulling things into it’s maw.
  • he’s missing his other eye, thanks to his fourth brother.
  • he and his forth brother are the second largest of the bunch, and they tend to fight a bit more then they do with their other brothers.
  • he barely cares to notice WITCH KID.

THE FORTH BROTHER: dirty old sock

  • The Four-headed Brother
  • the least talkative of the brothers, the the most ravenous.
  • he finds WITCH KID very endearing, and tells IT he’d eat IT again and again if he could.
  • everything he says is massively uncomfortable, and all of his movements sound like something stretching to far.
  • he lives deep with-in, a dark dark place.


  • The Five-headed Brother
  • the kindest-sounding of the brothers, he’s inviting to all of his prey.
  • he lives deep with-in a labrynthe made of his own entrails, and the discarded remains of those he’s consumed. 
  • he’s unable to leave the deep maze he’s created for himself, but there’s no need when everything is drawn into him.
  • the largest of the brothers, towering above them all significantly.

I need to find out the name of that la la land producer immediately, he handled that situation with grace, speed, and dignity and I really appreciate that and he deserves recognition. He made sure to get shit done and ensure that Moonlight would have their time to shine and give a speech

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ghost gen i'm back!! i wanna talk about bucky and moans pls!! i really feel like he's the kinda guy that doesn't necessarily need a girl that moans loud, ya feel? like if you do he'll love it and do his best to have you screaming for him all night but i also feel like he'd really love a quiet girl. someone that just pants and sighs softly. like he'd wanna see what he can draw out of her, what it would take for her to get a little louder. to swear and curse. to whisper his name over and over...


Sinful Sunday™

Svt as things said to me

S.Coups || Choi Seungcheol: So yesterday I was thinking what would I do if someone would attack me… My first thought was to scream your name.

Yoon Jeonghan: Yeah, because you know I’m just that pretty. I’m just kidding~ *laughs* … *Serious* No I’m not, I’m that pretty.

Joshua Hong: I hope to see you in heaven! If you’re not there I’ll bring you up!

Jun || Wen Junhui: Don’t ever do that again! Don’t! I’m cringing! STOP!

Hoshi || Kwon Soonyoung: I have chocolate! I love chocolate! You want chocolate? I have plenty of chocolate! It gives me energy! I mean, I don’t really need energy!

Jeon Wonwoo: It’s dark outside… yay~!

Woozi || Lee Jihoon: If you don’t stop dancing, I’m going to turn off the music. Stop! … That’s it! *turns off music* I LIKED THAT SONG TOO!

DK || Lee Seokmin: I don’t drink coffee, my family says I’m hyper enough :3

Kim Mingyu: I’m so tall, I can see over everyone! Except that person… I like them :3

The8 || Xu Minghao: What’re you doing? Actually I don’t care what you’re doing, but I’m just going to tell everyone about it.

Boo Seungkwan: My nails look nice! Why don’t your nails look like mine?

Vernon || Hansol Chwe: I’m just a meme! I swear, if I was famous, people would make me a meme!

Dino || Lee Chan: Dang! Michael Jackson is dope! What? If you don’t like Michael you’re not my friend!

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I was tagged by @carrotcouple​ Thanks  a lot for tagging me!!! <3 (I haven’t done tag thingys in a while again I’m so sorry (/o\) ) 

Nicknames: Since my name kinda is a nickname already I don’t have that many ‘XD but a few of them are Jen, Jen-Jen or my favourtite .. Senpai xD

Star Sign: Leo

Height: (/v\) 5,1 (/v\)

Time right now: 7:30pm

Last thing you googled: Pictures of the Genie from Disney’s Aladdin

Song stuck in your head: You ain’t never had a friend like me x’D

Last Movie I watched: Disne’s Aladdin xDD (Yep you may see a trend here xD)

Last TV show I watched: Some German shit showes dunno anymore. 

What I’m wearing right now: Mickey Mouse Hoodie (Dammit Disney you are everywhere right now O: ), black skirt and leggins

When I created this blog: some time around 1 ½ years ago. 

The kind of Stuff I post: Noragami fan art, Noragami fanfiction …. yeah that’s it ‘XD

Do I get asks regularly: I do get asks but I don’t know if it could be considered regularly. 

Why I chose my URL: Oh boy here we go … One of my oldest OC’s name is Heaven and I totally love her. She is my little baby that I have neglected for ages now TwT I’m sorry girl momma loves ya TwT … And I tend to give my OCs names like “Heaven” or “Sky” a lot (/v\) I just love to name characters that way aaaaaaaaah I’m dumb I know TwT … and the “1231″ part is only because you can type it really fast … yeah … ‘XD 

Gender: Last time I checked I was female xD

Favorite color: BLUE OWO BLUE ALL THE WAY! 

average hours of sleep: I try to get around 8 hours of sleep a day 

lucky number: All numbers are my enemy -.-

favorite characters: OwO YATO!!! … and pretty much everyone in Noragami.  Also the Genie from Aladdin (yeah again … I love him okay? XD), Baymax and Hiro from BH6, Gray from Fairy Tail … I can’t think of more right now TwT 

dream job: I’ve always wanted to make money with my art … but I know that it is never going happen sooo I don’t really know. Working for Disney would be a dream come true but there are some dreams that are just meant for sleeping I guess.

number of blankets I sleep with: One, One is enough xD

Won’t be tagging anyone (/v\) I think I would end up tagging people who already have been tagged sooo … if you see this and want to do this feel free to do it ^^ 

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I was left with a really sour taste in my mouth after reading an interview with fionn whitehead where he said harry was nice but he thought it was shitty that he got cast purely on his name and that actors like himself and the other young actors in the film have worked for years in the industry and fionn is basically the lead yet nobody is mentioning his part because harry's in it. Harry might be great in it but it's awful how he's being used for promo and that's part of why he got the role :(

chris didn’t need him for promo because he already has a legion of fans behind him. this movie was gonna be huge with or without harry. he cast harry not because of his status, but because he saw genuine talent in him.

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hey sorry that i'm a SHiT who doesn't know anything but i heard that cal got a gf?? and like i figured out her name is jordan but,,.,..,. who is she???

Yeah, apparently Jordan and Cal are together!! I never really kept up with her much outside of the basic stuff I’ve gathered through the fandom because I didn’t find a real reason to haha, but she’s this girl that he’s been friends with for a while, she’s a model and she’s been in a few of his videos before. I mean I’ve never spoken to her but I’m happy for him!! Our dude needs a life and just imagining his heart all happy gives me the warmest feeling lol.

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Hi, there! Can you recommend me some legacies?

Hey! I can totally try:

The Philomel Legacy by @neopixiesims

This is a legacy I binged back when it was only going through Generation 3! Awesome writing and amazing Sims! This legacy has a mix of everything and the evil drama is absolutely gripping! ♥

The Huntley Legacy by @lilsimsie

This legacy is real lovely! I need to finish going through some of the latest posts, but so far it’s great! Adorable Sims! ♥

The Greenwood Legacy by @lunarr-sims

Another good one! Love the writing and all elements of this one too, really. Again, adorable Sims everywhere! All so lovely! ♥

These are only 3 of many out there. These are the ones I have looked at before and able to name from the top of my head. I recommend having a look through the ‘sims 4 legacy’, ‘sims 3 legacy’, ‘sims 2 legacy’ and ‘sims legacy’ tags. You might come across another wonderful legacy!

Hope I’ve been of some help! ♥

I remember senior year of high school I went to this Christian charter school and all of the male classmates were outrageously homophobic, because the guy every guy (for some reason) wanted to be friends with was violently homophobic. Anyways, he ran for prom king unopposed and the prom royalty committee needed to find at least one other senior to run but no one else wanted to run. So, they sneaked my name on there without my consent, and I ended up winning in a landslide and the homophobic asshat only got two votes (one of which was his own vote).

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Fanfic asks 10 and 20? :)

10. how do you do your researches?

For the most part, my writing is light on research. For my fanfiction, I’ll refer to the appropriate wikis if I need to, but I generally do that before or after I sit down to write. I know myself really well, and I know I’ll just fall down the rabbit hole if I start researching while I’m writing. If I come to something I don’t know (someone’s name, a mission location), I’ll put a comment on the sentence where the reference is, and then go back when I’m revising and update it with the correct information. 

My original fiction doesn’t require a lot of research; for the YA novel I’m working on, I read a lot of coming-out-as-a-lesbian-in-high-school stories, since that’s one of the experiences my protagonist deals with, but since the rest of the story is supernatural in nature (this is the crimefighting banshee story I’ve been working on for a while now), I can get away with relying on my own alternate history in that story. 

For The Little Steps, the majority of the first book takes place in Liverpool in the 1970s, and while most of my cast is fairly divorced from normal society/events, I did want to get the texture of the city right. A lot of that flavor is coming in as I’m doing the rewrite on the first book, but I’m researching what bands played where, what moving around the city was like, what Liverpool looked like, what the political/social/economic situation was at the time – and luckily, for that, I have a good friend who lives in the city, whose brain I will most certainly be picking for information. :D 

20. favorite character to write

For fanfiction, it’s Rhyssa Hawke. She’s got a fantastic, bouncy voice, even when she’s mired in horrors (sorry, Rhyssa), and she’s fundamentally a more flexible and optimistic character than most of my heroines. I also started writing her after I got through the lion’s share of Gates of Summer, which meant I had really worked at developing individualized voices (and Gates of Summer was a masterclass in that; I think I wrote 17 different POVs for that story, and about 25 overall for GaVG) – Rhyssa really benefitted from that experience. 

For my original fiction, I love writing Marcie’s POV, mostly because she loves wordplay and puns and is ferociously intelligent and confident and also very exasperated at what her life has turned into, and she’s also so darn efficient: while everyone else is running around setting off spells and trying to fight eldritch abominations with magic, she just pulls out a gun and blows its head off. Why go overboard, when you can just fill it full of bullets and be done? 

A little joy...

I’m always talking about my job, and the bad things that go with it… because working in “retail” you get to see the worst of people, and I mean worst by having people, scream, shout and swear at you, also calling you a variety or names, and complaining because we don’t have specific things they need… not only that but my working situation isn’t the best either and so it’s been hard to find the positive (and hence going to find a new job) BUT today… today was a good day…

And today I got to see the best of humanity too, and so for once I’m going to spread some joy… to show the best of people… and of what we can do… because we all need a little joy sometimes…

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The Valentine’s Day episode would have been a lot better if Myxy had told Kara that M*n el was lying about who he was, and then she had confronted him about it. Myxy literally called him “fraudulent” and nobody questioned it at all. It just seems like the writers forgot their own story and the fact they’ve been foreshadowing M*n el as a fugitive, and probably the prince since the beginning of the season. I just really need the writers to redeem themselves with him because this is bad. Like my friend originally shipped karam*l but this episode really challenged why she liked them, and if his behavior continues, she’ll probably be on the same boat with the rest of us.

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hi! (it's me again..) and the prompt is to write about something mundane but give it magic,,but the end goal of the assignment is to have it get published in our school poetry magazine. thank you so much!!

Oh okay, that does sound like a really cool prompt! I’m sure it’ll come out great and be showcased in your schools literary magazine!

As for the poem itself, here’s a way that I often write poetry, especially for a deadline or when there are a lot of poems that I need to write (like name aesthetics):

First, I think of an object or scene to write about. I try not to think too hard about it: I usually know the right thing when I think of it. So in this case I’m going to pick a houseplant. Then I try to picture it in my minds eye. But not just the big picture, but the little tiny details. I try to pay attention to the sensory details, how they make me feel, what I could compare them to, etc.

Perhaps the sunlight is dancing on the leaves just so you can see the veins of chlorophyll working it’s way from the leaves to the stem to the roots, and you admire the way it can produce everything it needs all by itself. Maybe you watch it as it unfurls it’s leaves after a storm, arms stretched wide open to embrace the new day. Or maybe you even hear it whispering to you words of encouragement when you need them most, the leaves brushing against your skin in comfort as you water it, it knows and accepts you just for what you are. Etcetera.

Then from there it’s all about combining the images together, or focusing on one to write enough, making comparisons and observations about it. Then it’s all about finding the words to express what you see in your minds eye.

So yeah, that’s the advice I would give you: think of something and pay attention to it. Pidgeons shimmer blue green and purple but to someone who doesn’t look they’re just gray. Walking past a street lamp when it’s raining makes the droplets dance with yellow and orange. Even green grass holds a certain magic when you’ve been inside for a long period of time.

Anyway, I know that was really long, but I hope this helps you! And if you would like, feel free to send me/submit the poem when it’s done, because I would love to read it!! ❤

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Hey, I'm an advice and problems blog if you haven't guessed by my name. It is vital to have someone to talk to and I want to be someone you can come to, your 'survival guide' I would really appreciate it if you could suggest my blog to your followers as I'm very passionate about making this blog known for anyone who needs help. Sorry for the self promotion.. Feel free to ask me anything. Thank you x

Go check them out guys!