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Just got wind from a friend and confirmed on Facebook, Spirit riding free is releasing more eps November 17! So of course, I’ll be doing another premiere night. This one might not be planned as a drinking game, but you can use last time’s rules if you wanna do that.

I’ll also be claiming the 16 as a rerun night. We’ll either do season 1 and 2 or just season 2 (depending on if the majority wants to see 1 again or not)

Both events will be at 7 pm EST in my rabbit room. Hope to see you guys there!

Me Too

I really tried to post this on Facebook but it just wasn’t happening. So here I am screaming into a void.

Three years ago I chugged a lot of booze at a party. I did say yes to this guy. Then it all hit at once. I told him I didnt want to anymore. But things happened anyway. And because I said yes, then no, it took me weeks after continuing to party with this guy, who was being really weird around me and talking shit about me to our mutual friends, for me to realize what he had done. I blamed myself for such a long time.

Never blame yourself. And never let him win. You are in control now.

I get really annoyed by the number of people I see who are like “Alice Wu’s study shows that the economics profession is sexist!”

like, that study is only surprising to someone who has literally never been on EJMR

saying “this study shows the economics profession is sexist” is equivalent to saying “the existence of this creepy internet forum shows the economics profession is sexist” but I guess the second one sounds less authoritative so people say the first?

(”study finds elevated use of homophobic slurs on 4chan”)

not to mention that afaik there are no equivalent sites for e.g. math or physics, so using the discourse on this site to explain the underrepresentation of women in economics (where they are much better represented than in math) lacks a certain parsimony


It’s Sunday and now Sunday means spitpaint uploading day.

some grl on my college’s facebook page: anyone here really love BOOKS if so tell me your FAVORITE books DOWNbelow !!

some rando: haaha i like silence of the lambs and a clockwork orange WHich are also my favorite movies BUT i have a FUCKED UP taste in books lol *shrug emoticon* just an absolutely Nasty taste in literature ;P

me: *removes the tape from my webcam & looks straight into the cia man’s eyes with an expression that looks like this: :|*

I tried to tell Quincy that we were standing in front of natural treasure and that we should appreciate it. He continued to pose with this vaguely indifferent expression, effectively rendering all of my photos useless.  

aqua-pikachu  asked:

To be honest, I think Facebook isn't the greatest place in the internet world. It seems like a melting pot hole for rude and disrespectful people.

(tru tho)

others are telling me to disallow fb reposting altogether (since most pages ‘forget’ to credit anyway) but ehh we’ll see

Y'all please share this! Ria was my roommate at NYU this summer and she is literally the kindest person ever and I hate the idea of anything happening to her.

She lives in Durham, North Carolina so if you’re in that area please be on the lookout!

For some reason, this photo is really popular on my Facebook!

Ichabod showed us pretty quickly that his mild head injury wasn’t about to slow him down. Ichabod is our Halloween foster kitten who is available for adoption; until he finds his forever home, he’s learning to love life comfortably with us. :)
Note: he was outside for a photoshoot and supervised; we do not support outdoor cats.


just an early birthday present to ya’ll since it will be my birthday soon

You can’t tell me that there aren’t conspiracy theories galore about Bruce Wayne being The Batman and you can’t tell me that his kids don’t fuel them like their life depends on it

•Tim has an entire fucking page dedicated to it

•"I found this sitting on the kitchen table this morning" *pulls out batarang*

•*a picture of what looks like a cape hanging off the back of the couch on Dick’s Instagram page* “mighty suspicious”

•"now that you mention it, Father is rarely home on nights batman is patrolling"

•"all I’m saying is that those old mine shafts go under the house"

•"you know, Jason did go missing right around the time Robin went missing" “it’s true. I could have been Robin and not remember it. Would explain the scars”

•"When Bruce is yelling it sounds a lot like Batman’s voice. It’s pretty freaky"

•*snapchat videos of what appears to be a super grainy batman entering the manor*

•"have you seen Alfred’s car? It’s totally the batmobile"

•"listen Linda, Bruce is the CEO of a technology company. One of the only company’s that has the same tech as batman" “he is always placing weird orders” “see, Damian knows”

•"I saw a bunch of bats fly out of the chimney this morning when I was coming home"

•*super bad candid of Bruce* “loOK HE TOTALLY HAS THE SAME FUCK OFF FACE AS BATMAN”

•*really detailed side by side comparisons of Bruce and Batman on Tims facebook*

•*super bad quality Snapchat video* “Alfred, is Bruce batman?” “Master Dick, you know the answer to that”

•"Bruce Wayne is rich as fuck what more do you need"

•"he had a grappling hook in his pants pocket once"

•"he’s always disappearing during galas right before batman shows up. Have you ever noticed that?“

•"the amount of sick days he uses is mighty suspicious” *side eyes Bruce*

•*video of Bruce coming into the kitchen at 4 in the morning looking like absolute shit* “where have you been young man?” “Fuck off Jason” “oh, so you can say fuck but I can’t–” “Jason I will throw this at you” “do it you coward–” *a scream and a crash as the phone falls as a metal object goes past Jason’s head*

•a shit ton of super blurry photos of things that look like Batman’s gadgets and costume keep popping up on the kids Instagram and twitter accounts

•"hey, look at this mask I found"

•Clark is getting a little concerned

“Don’t you think you should stop them?”

•Bruce just sighs

So, just checking - was I the only fool who assumed Facebook notifications popped up at random? Or, well, not at random, but, you know - more or less automatically? Like, I just thought - 3.15 pm, I post an adorable kitten video, 3.20 pm, Susan likes it, 3.21 pm, I get a notification that she liked it. Instead, this is what happens - 

The techniques these companies use are not always generic: they can be algorithmically tailored to each person. An internal Facebook report leaked this year, for example, revealed that the company can identify when teens feel “insecure”, “worthless” and “need a confidence boost”. Such granular information, Harris adds, is “a perfect model of what buttons you can push in a particular person”.

Tech companies can exploit such vulnerabilities to keep people hooked; manipulating, for example, when people receive “likes” for their posts, ensuring they arrive when an individual is likely to feel vulnerable, or in need of approval, or maybe just bored. And the very same techniques can be sold to the highest bidder. [source]

I think I’ll just go lie down for a sec.


I’m emotionally unstable waiting for this next clip (probably on friday) so here’s some pictures of Iman looking beautiful and slaying us all with her dimples and gorgeous cheekbones!