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Cute yuzu vs sexy yuzu which one u prefer?



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This is more like “which do you prefer: cute or serious?” In which I feel more incline to choose “serious” (because he never fails to give me a heatstroke) but I also really really love his happy-go-lucky self (most of the gifsets I made feat. cute Yuzu)….so…..

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Because Yuzu wouldn’t be Yuzu without both.

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Is nando really thattt extra???? (Lets pretend he isnt trying to sell emojis) because there are players who roll so much after a dive that they're not on the pitch anymore, there are players that have bitten other players, players that dive so dramatically they end up in the dugout??? Nando is a fav either way, but is he really that extra or have I just not seen his extra-ness??

okay, lemme help you on this one with a few random examples:  

he talked himself into getting a yellow (thanks @ikecarus )

‘it didn’t touch my arm, i don’t have arms’ 

can we talk about this game when he was a bb!captain?

i still have no explanation for this one (iris makes the best gifsets for me lmao)

look there’s dedication and there’s extraness. this is extraness

THE WHOLE BOOK HE WROTE i know i didn’t put any quote in this post but trust me i am not exaggerating at all. like when i say he’s extra about stevie g? HE WROTE ALMOST A WHOLE CHAPTER ABOUT HIM AND HIS QUALITIES. WHO DOES THAT ASLDKLKGHDKL ALSO HE KEPT THE FIRST TEXTS HE RECEIVED FROM STEVIE AND CARRA JFC HELP ME I AM SO SO SO DONE. 

oh and remember when he hit his head and everyone was scared to death and the next morning he was signing autographs and taking selfies with fans JUST OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL BECAUSE WHY NOT HAHA IT’S NOT LIKE HE NEEDED REST AND CALM LMAO ASDFGHJKL

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do you prefer Rapunzels long or short hair?

Gifset posted!

But this got me thinking, though. I have such a complicated relationship to Rapunzel’s hair. I mean, I really love her blonde, long hair. Tbh, it’s very pretty - especially when she braided it. Her short, brown hair on the other hand - it really suits her and frames her face very well, but it’s very messy (that’s what you get after cutting it off with a sharp mirror piece). I think I like her short hair better in Tangled: Before Ever After, rather than in the actual movie. It looks better there because it looks more and better styled, I guess. Or at least it looks styled even if it probably isn’t.

But I think I prefer the long, blonde hair in the end. I think it’s because it’s a huge part of her character and she really isn’t Rapunzel from the classic fairy tale without it. 

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Thank you so much! I'm so happy you love the gifset! I really wanted to do something to thank you for all your beautiful art pieces, especially starco fanart! And if it's not bothering you, send me your Starco playlist when you're done, I bet there's a lot of gifset material 😉


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how do you gif the most recent things omg how do you keep track omggggggg i always try to stay on top of things but ??? it's so difficult and by the time i've giffed something there's like 100000+ gifsets of it already esp from popular gifmakers and it's Such a Hassle

sdhsdjh trust me i try really hard lmao. bts are constantly doing something, so i’m always prepared for stuff to come out. i’m 2 hours ahead of kst so i’m always like 👀  at around 8pm bc that’s usually when bombs come out etc. twitter and official bts tumblrs are really helpful for keeping me up to date with their schedule.

and dw, just gif what you want. there are a lot of giffers in the fandom and there will always be competition so just try your best ^^ (also you don’t have to gif the new stuff!)


Ahn Min Hyuk’s hair pushed back (´⌣`ʃƪ)


Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.


You loved that woman, Vicomte. What’s more, you still do. Quite desperately. If you had not been so ashamed of it, how could you have treated her so viciously? – Christopher Hampton, Les liaisons dangereuses