but really they resemble me a lot

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So Anxiety as a personified character only first showed up recently, but who was the first of your 4 personality characters to show up? I'm guessing either Logic or Morality.

You mean as a character?? In terms of the history of all of my content, including my vines, I believe my Dad character was the first to pop up in “Dad Jokes Just Got Legit”. It was either Dad or the Prince character! I can’t recall the first time I used the Prince outfit… I believe it was for a vine called “A Fairtytale Ending!”. If you just mean in terms of my youtube videos, Logic, Morality, and Creativity all popped up at the same time in the video “My True Identity”. 

I also want to stress that it’s important to not address them as different “personalities”. The characters are all meant to portray facets of my one personality. It’s important, in the future, for me and for anyone who likes the characters, to really understand the difference here, because to refer to them as different personalities can be misconstrued as appropriative of people with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). There’s absolutely nothing wrong with DID, and if my characters and my interactions with them are slightly resembling it, I want to make sure that it is portrayed in a positive, manageable fashion, but I do want that distinction to be noted so as not to appropriate the disorder or offend! In the future, I hope to do a video about DID, and that will require a lot of research and, like I usually prefer doing, I would like to have someone with the disorder to talk with me about it for the video, so I and viewers can learn together!

An incomplete list of ideas I’ve had for Whitestone during the time jump that I haven’t written in the last two weeks and won’t write before Thursday.

- Vex is weirded out by the voluntary separation from her brother, their first ever in their lives. She and Trinket disappear into the woods for a few days while she gets her balance back. 

- Tary sticks around Whitestone because Percy is helping him build Doty 2.0. They get overly involved in the whole process, and it compounds Vex’s feelings of weirdness and loneliness. This is how she ends up bonding with Cassandra.

- Vex finds out that Cassandra has never in her life traveled outside of Whitestone. She sends a message to Vax and Keyleth, and tells Percy “I’m taking your sister to Zephyra, you’re in charge for a few days, bye!” And Cassandra gets a few days to just be a young woman without any responsibility with the Ashari. 

- (Percy is utter shit at being in charge. He gains a bit of perspective on what his sister has been dealing with, and promises to come out of his workshop more often. No, really, he means it this time.)

- Percy actually does keep his word, and helps more with the day-to-day running of the city, but he also keeps himself occupied by helping plan/build Vex’s new house. 

- While Tary is there, the three of them (occasionally with Cassandra, Jarret, and/or Kynan in tow) frequent the town tavern quite often, where Vex and Percy regale the other two with the ridiculous and completely true tales of Vox Machina. Everyone else in the tavern eventually stops pretending they’re not listening, and the stories of Lord Percival and Lady Vex’ahlia and their friends become legendary in Whitestone, passed from person to person, with a lot of accusations of people making shit up because really, a SPHINX? 

- During one of their visits, Percy asks Keyleth to cast Speak With Animals for him. Because while he has no intention of asking Vax for anything resembling permission, he rather wants to know what Trinket would think about him marrying Vex. He has to laugh when Trinket is just confused that they’re not permanently mated already. “You belong to her, just like me,” Trinket says, and Percy really can’t argue with that.

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I love your artwork. It's amazing. Could you show us a step by step tutorial on how you make the characters please?

it’s a pretty simple process for me now!

if you’re asking how i decide what i do to make the drawings actually resemble who they’re based on, i go by similar guidelines as a caricature artist. key things to exaggerate/focus on: hair line, defining marks on the skin, and general physique. i can translate a lot about a character with how they carry themselves, as well.

i draw cas pretty rigid, but when it comes to god’n’gabe/the swaingels, i have a really loose hand with how i draw them. i could go on and on for a million years but if there’s anything specific you’d like to know, i can try to answer further!

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I don’t know if this has been asked before but what do you use to make your art/comics?? I love them they’re amazing.

yup! this is actually answered in my frequently asked questions:

What do you use to art things?

  • I use Photoshop CS5 (with extension Lazy Nezumi Pro), Paint Tool SAI, and occasionally Tegaki E! I also use a Wacom Intuos Pro graphics tablet.

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i am lov u

thenks. am lov u 2

Anonymous said:

I just want to say thank you for being such an awesome person!! :)

thanks for thinking i am!! doin my best!

New Family - Requested

Requested by @tanovic54321 :  Can u do a fluff Sherlock imagine where his gf accompanies him to a family thing & she brings her sons for the first time his family (& him)meet them & slowly people realizes that the two little boys are tiny versions of Sherlock & Mycroft?

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 1,169

Warnings: This is mostly focused on the kids.

A/N: As someone who has lived this kind of situation (as in the kid’s point of view) I figured it would be too much to have many people there, so I reduced it a bit.


It was a big step – a huge step, more likely – for Sherlock and (Y/N)’s relationship. They never expected to get that far and so they decided to keep the kids out of it.

She had two young boys, smart and sympathetic, highly functional kids. Sherlock knew about them and even liked them in spite of having met them only two or three times maximum.

“Are you sure about this?” She stuttered. They were outside her home and the kids were inside. Sherlock wanted to take them all to a family thing.

“Of course I’m sure,” Sherlock assured, acting offended by the question. “I’ve never been more sure in my life.”

“I’m sure the correct word is ‘surer’, Sher.” (Y/N) chuckled.

“Surer sounds stupid.” Sherlock beamed, “Now call the boys and let’s go.”

(Y/N) hesitated but eventually called them. Sherlock noticed how the oldest one was clearly bigger than the other, not only in height but also he was chubbier. The younger one had a curly mess on his head, and he seemed to be skinnier and shyer.

“Michael, Shepherd, remember Mister Holmes?” (Y/N) asked as she pushed the two boys out.

“How do you do?” They both asked in mechanical voices.

“Nice to see you again, lads.” Sherlock greeted back.

“Mommy, is he going to take us to jail?” Shepherd, the younger, inquired.

“No, not at all,” Sherlock replied.

“Obviously,” Michael snapped, “he only takes criminals to jail. If you knew how to properly read, you’d know.”

“Enough, Michael.” (Y/N) warned. The kid shut his mouth but he kept the superiority pose.

“Where are we going, Mister Holmes?” Shepherd continued.

“I’m taking you to my country house to meet my parents and my brother,” Sherlock explained calmly.

“Why?” Shepherd asked.

“Because he’s mommy’s new boyfriend!” Michael huffed.

Shepherd gasped and tried to act surprised. Before (Y/N) could reply, Shep punched Michael’s arm.

“We had to keep it secret!” Shepherd cried.

“Enough!” (Y/N) split them. “Are you sure you want to take them?”

Sherlock giggled warmly. “Yes, my mother will love them.”

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Special Edition Young Jump GOLD Vol. 1: Aqours Mini-Interviews

Voice of Takami Chika
Belonging to CYaRon!

Inami Anju

Born on February 7. Height 157cm. Blood type B.
Nickname = Anchan

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“‘Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru Kai?’! It’s Aqours’ 1st single, so it’s the song of our beginning.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
“The same voice actresses performed as different characters in different works, and I was interested in being able to go to a lot of places and time periods. I want to share in the regular experience of ‘fun’ together with everyone as Aqours!”

Voice of Matsuura Kanan
Belonging to AZALEA

Suwa Nanaka

Born on November 2. Height 157cm. Blood type unknown.
Nickname = Suwawa

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“Aqours’ newest single ‘HAPPY PARTY TRAIN’. It’s a song with Kanan as the center, and it also voices a lot of my feelings.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"After I saw Hidamari Sketch, I started aiming to become a voice actress. I also liked foreign dramas, so I wanted to perform more as many types of characters.”

Voice of Kurosawa Dia
Belonging to AZALEA

Komiya Arisa

Born on February 5. Height 163cm. Blood type B.
Nickname = Arisha

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“‘Todokanai Hoshi da to Shite mo’. The title is like that of a ballad, but it’s a rock song, and I like that gap.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"I learned about this genre while acting and dubbing for Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. From now on, I want to go and continue working hard in live-action filming, anime and gravure.”

Voice of Sakurauchi Riko
Belonging to Guilty Kiss

Aida Rikako

Born on August 8. Height 150cm. Blood type O.
Nickname = Rikyako

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“‘Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru Kai?’, our debut song. I think that it’s a really positive and fresh song that symbolizes Aqours.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"I came across the work of a voice actress through Gintama, and I wanted to become a voice actress. I want to continue acting without deviating from my core as a voice actress.”

Voice of Ohara Mari
Belonging to Guilty Kiss

Suzuki Aina

Born on July 23. Height 147cm. Blood type unknown.
Nickname = Ainya

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“‘Mattete Ai no Uta’, Aqours’ first ballad. Within Aqours’ cast, there’s a lot of us with ‘Ai’ in our names too!”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"I wanted to become an anisong singer, so I entered this world. I want my singing to reach more and more people as Aqours!”

Voice of Kurosawa Ruby
Belonging to CYaRon!

Furihata Ai

Born on February 19. Height 148cm. Blood type B.
Nickname = Furirin (Artisan)

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“I really like the intro of ‘Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou’, so I listen to it a lot.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"My friend said to me, ‘Your voice resembles that character’s’, so I got an interest in voice actors, then I wanted to try to dub by myself. I want to become a voice actress who surprises people with the gap between me and my characters!”

Voice of Tsushima Yoshiko
Belonging to Guilty Kiss

Kobayashi Aika

Born on October 23. Height 155cm. Blood type O.
Nickname = Aikyan

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“‘Waku-Waku-Week!’! The energy of the Uranohoshi Girls’ High School 1st years squeezes into you.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"Auditioning for Aqours was a chance for me to enter into voice-acting work, so I faced my strong feelings of ‘I’ll start with this’. I won’t let go of whatever opportunity I have, and I want to do any job with my all.”

Translation: Dyrea
QC: @yujachachacha

The other two can be found here courtesy of shukamod (@saitou-shuka)!

So I just had an epiphany.

DMing is kind of like producing reality TV.  Really!

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  • It’s unscripted
  • It’s episodic
  • There’s a lot of characters, not just one star
  • The players are portraying a character but also trying to be natural
  • You have to give the talent challenges that will highlight what’s interesting about them and create memorable scenarios
  • The downtime between encounters is often just as important and focused on as the challenges.  Fluff is fun!
  • As a DM, you have to kind of guide and manipulate the chaos into something that resembles a coherent narrative
  • There’s an element of competition
  • The talent is motivated by prizes
  • Sometimes a character you love leaves the story, but the show goes on

This makes me feel a little better about the trash tv I’ve got playing in the background while I’m painting.  It’s for inspiration, you see!


Pairing:  Hotch x Reader

Request:   anon asked: can you do a hotch x reader where the reader is his pregnant wife and she goes into labor while the team and her are held hostage? or something along the lines of that

@millionsleeplessnights asked:  Pregnant Reader x Hotch, you can do everything you want!

A/N:  Thank you for making my life easier by requesting similar things lol.  Anyways so just in case, there is a warning that the reader will be going into labor.  Hope you like it! Lots of angst ahead too, and it doesn’t have a happy ending, I’m sorry.  Slight flood warning??  It’s 2500+ words, so.

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You smiled at Jack, handing him off to Jessica.

“Thanks again for watching him.  I’ve just been needing some me time,” you said to his aunt.

“Hey, it’s not a problem.  It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to spend time with him, so it’s really a win win for both of us.”

At seven and a half months pregnant, you felt like you resembled something of a blimp.  With Aaron gone most of the time because of his job, you were almost always alone, but you still had a job and had to watch Jack on the weekends, so you thought maybe you should have one to yourself for once.

“Just get some rest, okay?  You deserve it,” Jessica said, giving you a small hug.  You hugged her back.

“Will do.”

Once she and Jack were gone, you went back into your house to draw a much needed bath.  You turned on your relaxing playlist and listened as ‘Sleepwalk’ by Santo and Johnny murmured through the speakers.  Setting up candles and lighting them around the bathtub, you sighed in content.

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Some Thoughts on Lars, his family, and his relationship with Sadie

This is Lars’s house. His parents are very into handmade crafts they saw on Pinterest. On the other hand, the room they let their son stay in still looks like and has the objects of an attic (Christmas lights, boxes, coats). Knowing Lars, he probably didn’t want knick-knacks and rainbows in his room.

His parents clearly care about him, though. They don’t suppress his personality. His mother even bought him the heart plugs. 

I feel their family is one that’s stopped being on the same page some time ago. It’s a sharp contrast to Sour Cream’s family, who regularly communicates even though they don’t always agree. Lars’s family doesn’t seem to engage with each other on a level that both parties are comfortable with or understand. Can you imagine the breakfast scene but with Lars sitting there instead of Steven?

His parents see Lars as the person Lars wants to be, not as the real Lars. They see the tough, cool guy. They believe this so much that they’re not surprised he’s breaking into people’s houses as a burglar.

Lars is starved for the affirmation of his peers. With parents who see their son in town and immediately saying, “Let’s follow him!” you can sort of see how most of his childhood was. And we look back at the handicrafts and the general aesthetic of his house and his parents and we know that’s not the image he himself wants to project.

I’m not defending Lars, just trying to explain why he doesn’t want people to know about his parents, and why we’ve never seen them before.Their personalities just clash, most families do. The problem here is that they’re not making efforts to reach each other, or those efforts are taken at face value. 

When Steven gave Lars’s parents the answer they wanted to hear, that was that. They didn’t question him or ask what was wrong or anything. In the same way, I can imagine that when Lars’s parents got him what he wanted, that was it as well. 

Because neither are terrible people. Lars’s parents are concerned enough to talk about his grades and his education after Lars moved out. They didn’t give him one shot and then leave him on his own. 

But what are their conversations like? His father remarks it’s great that Lars didn’t even swear this time. They both are incredibly surprised by how the conversation went.

His parents know him, but don’t know him well enough. I have friends, who will immediately lash out when their parents confront them with something they’ve done “wrong” or when it’s something they don’t want to do. They sort of clam up and just stop listening to anything, even reasonable things. And from experience, it’s because deep down, they know they’re not doing well. They’re upset with themselves but also don’t want to change

Lars knows his responsibilities and what he’s supposed to do for school, but did you see all those F’s? He’d have to change a lot about his habits and his lifestyle, and it frustrates him because he wants to do better but doesn’t want to make all those changes and everyone suddenly feels up on his case and he doesn’t know how to answer them because they’re right but he wants to put it away. 

The very intentional running sentence shows that approaching it the way, I think, most parents would approach it, “What on Earth happened? Is there something wrong at school?” would make him explode. It’s a personality thing. So they take the opposite direction. Someone like Lars probably acts like he doesn’t hear anything, and then fights about it, but when he’s alone these words weigh on him and he starts to feel bad for himself, and the cycle starts again.

In the show, who actually gets Lars to do things? His peers. The way his parents address Lars, talking about his education and his decisions don’t really matter to him, because he cares very little about himself. Time after time we see Lars pretending to be someone he’s not for the validation he gets from other people means way more. If his parents addressed him from an angle that involved peers, it may help a little more.

At his core, who was Lars? He was best friends with Ronaldo, until he started letting people’s opinions dictate whom he should be friends with. Sadie says it best when she called him out (as Steven) for acting completely different in public and in private. He’s not a terrible person, but he ends up doing terrible things for the sake of that validation.

Because Lars is short-tempered, impulsive, at times violent. He throws things and rips things up and yells a lot. But what’s he doing it all for? It’s when someone messes with how he wants to be perceived, and being cool is something he thinks he’s got down but doesn’t actually understand. He wants to be like the Cool Kids, and not care about anyone, except the Cool Kids care about their friends and family more than they’d like to admit.

Lars does all these things but he’s capable of a lot of good. Sadie points out in Joking Victim that when they played video games together, Lars brought her favourite food. That’s a thoughtful thing. And the events of Horror Club show that he’s not completely awful. 

He’s done a lot of mean things, though. This episode, for me, is only the start of addressing that. Because at the end, it seems as though it’s a good thing Lars is mean again. Everyone liked the new Lars better, but his meanness is validated because Sadie prefers the original Lars. I don’t think this is the case.

Taken with a grain of salt, the ending makes sense. It’s not that Lars should be mean. Sadie likes having a friend who is cynical, and complains, and makes use of dark humour. Just look at the kind of movies she watches, and how she says things like, “I’d rather have my organs pickled,” in the same way Lars says, “I’d rather eat poop.” They do have a lot in common in terms of interests and humour and stuff like that. So why aren’t they acting like it?

Someone asked me:

Anonymous said:
I don’t know if you’ve talked about this before, but how do you feel about Sadie and Lars relationship? To me they could work as friends, but they’ve both got a lot of growing to do before they approach anything resembling a romance. Because whenever they try, someone gets hurt. Sadie was willing to hold both Lars and Steven (a minor) on an island just so she could be with him and Lars was selfish enough to take advantage of Sadie and fake a back injury to sneak out of work. Sadie puts (cont.)

…way too much faith in him when he hurts her SO badly (I mean, she was crying really hard out of betrayal and anger when he went and did that sleezeball thing, and THEN to hang out with some other girl too?) but Sadie’s no angel either if she’s willing to KIDNAP people and strand them from friends, family, and supplies just for her own personal gain. But Steven Universe, for all their progress, is still doing the Good Girls Love Bad Boys trope that is so damn eye-rolling. Real life ain’t so.

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got a theory

i think that the white robed frank from filthy frank vs chinchin is still not the real frank.

first, notice how his little title card thing has quotations around “real”. oddly specific detail.

next, fake frank even seems to doubt he is real, when talking to wheelz he says that there is an unknown person who is imitating him. though take this with a grain of salt because fake frank was most likely lying to get wheelz on his side.

next, we have the actual man himself talking. he says “some might call me a peacelord, i dont know..”
that was interesting to me, because sure, you can say frank could have secretly been a peacelord this whole time, but the quotations around “real” and the outfit and godlike powers really tie this together. the papa i know is a scrub and i really dont think he’d ever be that cool.
it was also said before that the peacelords were hunting both franks, so why would the supposed real one be labled as a peacelord himself? it doesnt quite tie together for me.

and as ive observed, outfits are absolutely EVERYTHING in this show. sometimes even the slightest outfit change can mean a new whole character (aka kamikaze failure frank) so really the possiblity of white robe frank STILL not being the real frank is quite real. in fact, im not even sure that the frank wearing orange sunglasses is the same as the frank wearing blue sunglasses.

sorry to say, but i still think it will be a time until we see the true filth again. i personally think that the white robed figure was a peacelord with striking resemblance to frank (because apparently there’s a lot of entities who look like him) who was just fighting chinchin. i really dont think frank was ever powerful enough to fight chinchin let alone brave enough.
besides, was it not hinted that this was only the beginning? let me know what you guys think!!!

SUMMARY: white robed man is a peacelord and not really the real papa franku. i think he still has yet to show up.

This thought process begins with Mr Robot.

I don’t know all that much about this show, even though I’m a fan of Rami Malek and I love his work. I haven’t felt able to tackle Mr Robot because it just seems too dark, too cynical and very focused on the hundreds and hundreds of ways modern society sucks. I can find that whenever I switch on the news - or browse Tumblr. I’m sorry, but no matter how good it is, I’m sure that watching Mr Robot would make me miserable - and I won’t do that to myself.

Mind you, I’ve kept it on my radar, because I’m interested in what Rami’s doing. My understanding of it is limited, but there’s always been something that’s bothered me a bit. And it’s pure nitpicking on my part.

Rami Malek and Christian Slater don’t look like father and son.

I’m not saying I expect parents to look exactly like their kids. I look much more like my mother than my father, but there are still subtle hints of his on my face. And as someone who’s very interested in genetics and family resemblances, it always gives me a thrill when casting directors are able to cast actors who look like they could be related. Take a look at both sets of Baudelaires, for example.

I suppose it’s also because not only do Rami and Christian not look like each other, they look so opposite to each other.

Maybe that’s the point. Maybe it’s meant to be because Elliott is misremembering his dad. I do know that plot twist. Or it’s because they were picked purely on their acting ability and for no other reason. And star power in the case of Christian Slater.

This is just a personal nitpick. I mean no disrespect to anyone involved with the production of such a great show.

So why do I bring this up? Because I do know of an actor who alternatively could play Elliot’s dad - or a parent for Rami’s character in another project.

This guy:

Does he look familiar? No?

What if I told you he was in A Knight’s Tale?

Yup. That’s Count Adhemar.

This actor’s name is Rufus Sewell. He’s not well known in America, though he does do a lot of work there, but in Britain we currently know him best for his work in Victoria where he co-stars with Jenna Coleman from Doctor Who.

The film that actually got me interested in him though was Dark City. I’d not seen this film until very recently, but to those who haven’t seen it, I really recommend it. It’s one of Alex Proyas’ earliest films and one of his best: leaps and bounds ahead of I, Robot or Gods of Egypt. Its plot is very similar to The Matrix (which came out a year later), but it’s better in lots of ways, because the story behind the false reality is slightly more unique and clever, and it’s more subtle. They don’t beat you over the head with all the symbolism. Also the acting is much better. No gormless Keanu Reeves or overly-intense ship crew here!

That said, The Matrix does have an advantage in that it can still be enjoyed if your brain is switched off, because it’s got these fantastic action scenes and it is so heavy-handed with its philosophy. With Dark City, you have really got to pay attention to have any clue what’s going on. So neither is really better than the other; each just does certain things better. I still love The Matrix, but Dark City is my favourite of the two.

Anyway, as I was watching Rufus in the lead, I couldn’t shake the thought that, Wow, this guy looks like Rami…

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Like, this guy really looks like Rami.

(Or more accurately, since he’s younger, Rami looks like him.)

It’s not just physical appearance either; a lot of their expressions are quite similar, right down to where they both convey a huge amount with tiny subtle movements. It’s the eyes, I think. 

And they both have a similar intense stare. That’s a scary stare right there.

(Don’t eat me, Elliott, please!)

Apparently Rufus’ parents were Welsh and Australian, so I don’t know if he’s descended from the Middle East somewhere further back in his ancestry. Obviously they aren’t identical, but the resemblance between these two is still uncanny.

Most of the gifs above are of Rufus in the 90s as a younger actor - roughly the same age Rami is now, actually. Here’s what he looks like currently.

His face has slimmed down a lot too, so even his jaw vaguely resembles Rami’s. There’s only just over a decade between them in age, but I think these two would be great together as a father and son. 

What do you guys think? Should I be a casting director? Heh.

If you’re interested in Rufus’ work, I cannot recommend Dark City highly enough, especially if you’re a fan of The Matrix. Currently he’s left Victoria (as Lord Melbourne really has no place once Albert comes along), but he’s also doing some work for Amazon in a series called The Man in the High Castle. So go and check that out, I guess?

As for Rami, I hear he’ll be playing Freddie Mercury of all people quite soon. I wonder if that means we’ll hear him sing?

Prison/Part2/Bellamy Blake Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

My dudes. I’m hella infatuated with Bellamy Blake. But I’m terrible at second parts, I apologize If this Is trash.

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The time has come for me to post my very first something that should resemble a masterpost ever. After more than half a year. Go me. Anyways, I am one of those people who like to study with sound, but not always with music. So here’s a little list of my favorite ambient study sounds on YouTube that I listen to while studying. Enjoy!

Most relaxing rain on tent ever (X)

Rain on tent (X)

Rain on tent 2 (X)

Waterfall and birds singing (X)

Busy cafe with lots of inaudible talking (X)

Mildly busy cafe (chatting, coffee machine, music) Really good 360 sound (X)

Thunder and heavy rain (X)

Hogwarts train (X)

Hogwarts train 2 (chatting, quill scratching) (X)

Disclaimer: none of these videos are mine :)

anonymous asked:

how do you draw a person just like them?

i’m a little confused and tired rn so correct me if i’m misunderstanding this ask. I’m gonna assume that you mean like, ‘if i wanna draw angelina jolie for example, how do i make it resemble irl jolie?’

honestly i’m not the best person to ask, i think i could do a lot better at getting people’s likenesses down, but here’s what i do know: caricatures.

study and draw caricatures. it’s not even really about realism it’s finding the distinct and unique features of a person and bringing them to the forefront of your drawing. Here’s a short example of how I do it:

Let’s draw Klara from First Aid Kit, sorry johanna, you’re sitting this tutorial out. 

Klara’s got a very unique look to her:

Clean it up a bit and bam, a fairly recognizable Klara Söderberg~ I hope this kinda helps?

*cat eyes = thin or squinty eyes, usually heavy lidded. My examples are  Norman Reedus, Amanda Seyfried, T Swizzle, etc.

Love You The Same

Prompto Argentum X Reader

Request: Oh oh can I request some prompto x reader that starts angsty but ends fluffy because he is such a sweet sunshine child :D please feel free to start it however you want!

A/N: THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED THE GAME! SO PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION. Also, I really hope you enjoy this story! I was thinking how to make it angsty and fluffy all at the same time so I hope I did it some justice. Prompto is a precious bean that needs to be protected so I really wanted to make this story special! He holds a special place in my heart. Also I literally just sat on my bed writing this for two or so HOURS SO IM SORRY I DIDN’T REALLY PROOFREAD AND I APOLOGIZE IF IT SUCKS AND DOESN’T MEET YOUR STANDARDS ANON!!!

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Vulpes Inculta and World Building

Alt Title: Obsidian Does it Better

Alt Alt Title: Beating A Pile Of Bones That Used To Resemble A Dead Horse

Vulpes Inculta is one of those characters where I can’t exactly fathom why he’s so popular. He is a minor character, appears sporadically, has admittedly excellent voice acting, but never really struck me as the game-changer a lot of the fandom regards him as.

But when thinking about this, I realized how well Vulpes fits into the world of New Vegas. This is sort of a way to stick it to Fallout 4, but this sort of world interconnectivity is not at all present in Fallout 4.

Let me explain. Vulpes Inculta is a character that we know just enough about to get a general idea of who he is, with his backstory and mannerisms, but we don’t know enough to keep us from being intrigued by him. It’s the oldest trick in the book – to hide just enough about the character to keep fans interested, and it works very well in the ‘Age of Fanfiction’.

So he’s a character that’s fleshed out surprisingly well for being a minor character. He has a backstory, people in the Legion regard him as being very important and capable, but what’s more interesting beyond that is that Vulpes’ influence is felt by the player as they move along the wastes.

It’s a small thing, but compare Vulpes to what many people consider his equivalent in Fallout 4: Pickman. Pickman is a serial killer in Fallout 4 with a soothing voice who has victims placed around the Commonwealth with a note left in the victim’s inventory. He can be traced to his location and either killed or worked with (both of which amount to no real reward or narrative) and then it’s over.

Meanwhile, Vulpes’ writing is strong because his influence his felt everywhere, and action taken against him is felt everywhere. First of all, while Vulpes appears in one of three locations, two of which are temporary, his influence is shown all over the Wastes. Ever notice how Searchlight, Nipton, The Strip, The Fort, and The Divide all have quests associated with or characters who discuss Vulpes’ actions? Searchlight’s massacre was his doing. Nipton was his doing. The Strip has a named spy under his deception. The Fort has the man himself. The Divide features Ulysses commenting on Vulpes’ deeds. All of this, for a minor character.

Thinking about this made me realize that Vulpes’ character serves as a narrative device to explain how the Legion operates and why they are a threat to the Mojave. Even seeing just two of these events gives the world a sense of true connection. What happens here affects what happens there. The world is big, expansive, like a spiderweb.

And Vulpes’ death is not ignored. When the Courier kills Vulpes, people know. The characters of Alerio and Gabban both comment on and have opinions of the Courier based on whether or not they murdered Vulpes. This is a natural way to treat the death of a character in an open-world RPG where characters like Vulpes need to appear. But the fact that characters comment on it gives the player a greater feeling of (ugh) immersion.

There are other characters that do this, sidequests like The Coyotes that take you from place to place, and have characters comment on it. Fuck it, Return To Sender and Restoring Hope are some of the best quests in the game and they just drip with this kind of interconnectivity and powerful storytelling.

Long story short, Obsidian does it better.

anonymous asked:

I think I liked the Volturi throne room much better in NM than I did in BD, it didn't make sense to suddenly change it all and I know it shows like darker tones but still...I just didn't get why they had to change it. So I'm wondering what your thoughts are on it? And is there anything that made you frustrated - movie wise?

I have mixed feelings about the change in the throne room. I really loved how it was in NM because it was very opened and sunny; I truly think vampires like having those opportunities to be in the sunlight, without having to worry about humans seeing them (like how the Cullens have a very opened home). But, I did like the kind of creepy vibes with the BD throne room and it was more close to how I imagined it based on the book’s description. But to be honest, I really didn’t like how the book portrayed it. It seemed very bare bones (stone walls with only the three thrones in the center) and had some sort of large drain in the center so that bodies could be disposed after feedings or executions. The Volturi, or at least Aro, have a better aesthetic than that. In NM, it was all pearly white marble and ornately designed; I really liked that a lot. So, yeah I agree with you because I preferred the NM throne room. Each movie they changed something because of the directors and it really bugged me (i.e: Alice’s hair length). 

There are few particular things that frustrated me about the movies, and they are all Volturi related, surprise surprise. 

  • I really wish the alleyway scene would have resembled the book scene more closely. I really like the good cop/bad cop vibe Demetri and Felix have going on. Plus, I just think it’s kind of funny that Felix is looking for an excuse to get into a fight. To be honest, it probably would have been the highlight of Felix’s week. 
  • I wish we could have seen that scene where Gianna offers Bella tea to calm her down after Bella sees Heidi leading the tourists to the throne room. Bella and Edward get into the discussion about how much Gianna knows and Bella is appalled/shocked that someone could want to be turned by them after knowing what they do to humans. And I think this scene brings up a really huge point about Bella’s lack of understanding on the whole vampires thing. 

I shuddered, “How can she want that?” I whispered, more to myself than really looking for an answer. “How can she watch these people file through to that hideous room and want to be a part of that?”

Edward didn’t answer. His expression twisted in response to something I’d said. 

This paints a really great picture between Bella versus Edward’s beliefs on vampirism. Bella is shocked that Gianna would want to be turned by a coven that freely kills humans, even though Gianna is a human. Bella kind of justifies the whole vampire thing by telling herself that she will never kill any humans, only animals, because of the Cullens. I really think she kind of ignores the fact that all of the Cullens, except Carlisle, have killed humans. I think Edward takes Bella’s statement in a more of a “how could someone want to be a vampire because you would want to kill humans,” kind of way. Obviously Edward knows more about the realities of being a vampire than Bella and I think this scene could have been used to show how Bella has this very idealist view of vampirism. Throughout the whole series, Bella kind of brushes off this idea and I was really hoping in BD she would slip up so she could understand how it really is a blessing (she gets to be with Edward forever and such) and a curse (she will have to deal with constant blood lust and the consequences of giving into it on occasion). But instead she got super-self control, so yay.

  • The whole battle scene in Breaking Dawn makes me so livid. At the very least, the Volturi Coven/Guard, Romanian Coven, and Egyptian Coven should be extraordinary fighters because of there experiences in wars. I’m not a war expert or anything, but I’m fairly confident charging straight at the enemy is a surefire way to get yourself killed. Also, no one really utilized there gifts except Bella, Jane, and Kate, which kind of bugged me. I also think some of the deaths were a little ridiculous. Like, Demetri just kind of chilled for a few seconds as Edward flew towards him and proceeded to decapitate him. Don’t vampires have like super-reflexes? Also, I really wish Renata would have been involved in the fighting scene. That would have been interesting to see. 

sleepykirby  asked:

Hi I saw your latest animatic and I think it's really cool of you to put that together! But I was kinda curious about what you meant about feeling cynical for the animatic community, and would love to hear your thoughts further. You can reply privately if you don't feel like publicly talking, or ignore this if you don't want to answer. Have a nice day and your style is amazing!

Yeah sure I don’t mind expanding on it. From what I’ve seen since starting to make animatics, your popularity is determined by not mainly your quality but what you’re animating about. Musical animatics blew up overnight and while it’s expanding outward to more than just Hamilton and Heathers, those two are still the big leagues that can guarantee you being noticed by more than just a handful of people who like looking at OCs and such. I didn’t get noticed until I made Heathers content, and while I absolutely love the people who watch my videos, I know that if I hadn’t decided to dip my toe into something that big not a lot of people would have given me a second glance. 

It’s also that people can get chased off by their fanbase. They can lose inspiration in something that maybe just a few weeks prior they were absolutely passionate and enthusiastic about, all because of harsh criticizing comments or overzealous praise. I’ve seen people get brutally thrashed at for having their art resemble Galactibun’s. She herself got so much attention that she deleted her original channel. There’s other reasons, I know that, but it’s just really alarming to see how quickly a fanbase and a community can turn on it’s head about one or two people.

There’s always a mob mentality. People compare your work to someone else’s, ask you really obvious questions that insult your intelligence, remark on things about your style that you were greatly proud of but now wonder if they’re right. 

For me, I can’t personally handle stuff like that. Getting told that I draw women ‘too thick’ or that Deacon, my OC, heavily resembles other fandom characters? At first I brushed it off because it was one or two people, but now I get an overwhelming amount of those comments. That my eyebrows that I draw are too large, that people can’t tell if my characters are boys are girls or vice versa. I’ve had several people tell me in private that I shouldn’t put suicide or cutting implications in an animatic about a severely depressed and mentally unstable person, while I myself have similar disabilities. There was one person who I still think about from time to time who told me that they didn’t “personally find animatics that imply depression to be attractive”. Like, I’m not doing it for you, I’m doing it for myself. 

I lose sleep over wondering what kind of content I can make to make sure people don’t forget about me, that I’m still current, that a few months down the road I’ll still be confident in my art enough to do stuff with it.

So I get pessimistic about finishing projects. Meant To Be Yours was the biggest hit of my channel and honestly? I’m not too fond of it because it got an even balance between positive and negative reviews. People traced it for themselves, bribed me to trace over it and then put it on their channels. 

The oasis that I found in animatics slowly provided me poison fruit and a snake that whispers to me that maybe I should just quit while I’m ahead. But I won’t, because that means the negative views win out, but I’m still going to stand by the fact that the community’s a fucking war zone. 

Luckily people like you who take the time to tell me that you like my work and that you enjoy what I do keeps me motivated. So thank you for taking the time to ask this, and I hope that my rant kind of… I guess maybe answered your question?

Cryptocase File # 28

     The Crowing Crested Cobra or “Inkhomi” meaning “The Killer” is an alleged cryptid found in Africa. This creature is believed to be quite large and very vicious, measuring up to 20 feet long (around 6 meters). Reports of the creature go as far back as the early 1940′s when a Malawian witch doctor found skeletal pieces to a snake believed to be the crowing crested cobra due to the cockscomb found attacked to the partial skeleton. (the whereabouts of these remains are unknown)

     Oddly enough the creature is said to leap from trees to attack its unsuspecting victims which of course reminds me a lot of the Drop Bear from Australia, thought it is believed to simply be a story to scare tourists. Witnesses claim the male cobra makes a crowing sound much like a rooster while the female makes a clucking sound like a hen. The appearance is what gives the Crowing Crested Cobra its name as they are believed to have combs and wattles much like a chicken.

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what’s in a name?

for @therebelcaptainnetwork‘s rebelcaptain week!

day one: family

word count: 2.5k 

my first ever modern au & longest fic! exploring how jyn tries to escape herself and her family

I’m really sorry if any of the gang violence or foster family stuff comes off as insensitive !! (there’s not much but… just in case) any pointers on how I could fix that would be appreciated! 

(sorry it takes a WHILE to get to Cassian but it’s worth it in the end.)

This is my family. I found it, all on my own. It’s little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good. 

Sometimes, when Jyn teeters on the edge of sleep, she could remember her birth parents. Flashes of memories from a child’s height: sights from behind her mother’s legs, views from her father’s shoulders. 

She knew that they were good people. She could tell from the way her father smiled at her before tossing her into the air. The way he always tucked her in at night even when he thought she was asleep. Her mother pointing at the animals in the zoo, slowly pronouncing their names one by one, smiling when Jyn repeated them correctly. The look in her eyes when she gave Jyn her last birthday gift - the crystal necklace she now has gripped between her fingers. 

She knew that they were taken far too soon. Gang violence. Jyn had suppressed the memory of her mother collapsing to the ground but on sleepless nights like these she clearly sees the growing pool of blood on the sidewalk. The way her father’s face twisted when he realized he couldn’t talk his way out of this, not this time. The way she muffled a whimper, slinking into an alleyway as goons dragged her father away, turning her world upside down. 

Looking up at the ceiling, she wonders how her life would be different. What if her parents were alive? What if Saw hadn’t raised her? 

Saw. Uncle Saw, when her parents were alive. He means well, she remembers her mother saying, but I don’t agree with how he does it. 

Some things can’t be erased, like the tattoos that snaked around Saw’s forearms, or the memory of him teaching her to keep her thumb outside her fists. The way he stripped her of her last name - for your own safety, he said. The dingy walls and broken lights of their small apartment, the cracks in the ceiling as numerous as their unpaid bills. 

The way he had abandoned her right before she was of age. 

Jyn closes her eyes. Two years in foster care. Shuffled between homes. First, complaints about her anger. Then, complains about her apathy. To school, to other people, to herself. 

She’s too stubborn, they’d say, and move her to the next home.

She asked them to call her by a different nickname every time. It helped scrub herself of her identity. You couldn’t dwell in the past if you never had cause to remember it. 

She was wrong, but she tried anyways. She put as much physical distance between herself and the Empire’s territory as much as she could. Pick pocketed, did odd jobs, kept a relatively low profile. Changing names, changing places. Jyn thought if she kept moving, her past couldn’t catch up with her.

But it did.

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