but really they are pretty great

Steven Universe S1E16 “Steven the Sword Fighter” - Afterthoughts

That was such a great episode!

Finally got some explaination on gems dying, or poofing, i’m not really sure how to call it. The episode had some hilarious moments as well, i really loved all of Amethyst’s dialogue, her lines were just perfect, and Pearl getting stabbed was… holy shit.

Ontop of that, we got a new Pearl outfit! I really love her new appearance, the colors are amazing, and it’s really pretty and elegant. I think this design fits her perfectly, i like it way more than the old one honestly.

I rate this episode a 9/10, see you next time!


I loves me a good villain =w=

Been threatening to draw more President Star forever and I finally got around to it today. Still haven’t drawn a pinup of Val and honestly I just don’t think i can bring myself to, She doesn’t seem like the type to flaunt herself, but maybe that will change once the first part of Horde of Heroes comes out. XD

Anywho, Val and President Karil Star are part of Horde of Heroes which belongs to @gooseworxmusic! (and I hear it’s supposed to be coming out pretty soon!) Go check them out, they make cool art and REALLY great music =w=

One pretty awesome thing I’ve noticed on Twittersphere the past year or so is how there’s rarely negative comments anymore about Martin playing the same characters all the time, and more positive remarks about his performances in recent projects, like Fargo, Startup, WTF. As these shows and films spread, it seems like people are slowly opening their eyes and minds up to the idea that Martin’s a great all-round actor who works really effectively to have you empathise (and at times sympathise) with his characters, which is lovely to see 👍👌💗

(Wish I could actually tell Martin this, just quietly 😉)

So, today I told my Auntie about how I was stanning someone new, Yuzu.

And at first I showed her my calendar and her first impression was that we looked alike….and I was like “nooooo, he’s so much prettier than me!”

And then she flipped through the calendar some more and said that he was really pretty and good looking.

And then I took out my magazine haul to show her more.

She was like “oohhh he’s really good looking. And he’s so slender and flexible.”

And me being my honest perv self was like: “yeahhh and he’s got a great butt too!”

My grandma overheard this and immediately judged me: “why would you mention that? That’s crazy talk.”

Auntie was on my side though.

I waited to show Auntie the magazine for this season, and I was like: “not only will you see his butt, but his wee-wee too.”

At one point, she covered over Yuzu’s eyes, to look at only his nose and lips, and said “see, you two are similar.”
And I was like: “noooo” again.

All in all, she liked Yuzu’s Romeo and Juliet ver. 2, Blue Fire, Chopin Ballade, Phantom of the Opera ver. 2, and Hope and Legacy costumes. 
She thought his costumes were really nice and eye-catching.

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ok but has anyone come up with trans dee headcanons??? Like it would honestly makes sense like thats why their mom was so horrible to her and praised Dennis so much for being a 'real man' and why she had such a hard time with beauty pageants bc of bigotry. (also the gang constantly makes fun of her hands and feet for being big)

trans dee is an interesting thing because i actually have seen a fair number of people talk about that headcanon before! i agree with you on pretty much everything you’ve said here, and while i don’t see trans dee as “canon” the way i see, say, lesbian dee and trans charlie as “canon,” i am really fond of trans dee.

but like….. nobody writes dee fics? like ever? and i’ll admit right now that i’m also guilty of this myself thus far but there just AREN’T a great many dee-centric fics period, much less any that deal with dee being trans. i think i’ve seen….. one? trans dee fic? and it was really really good don’t get me wrong!! but it’s still just one

god knows i have a long-ass list of things i need to do and things that i want to write in the near future but i really really do want to write some sort of trans dee fic at some point, just because it seems like nobody else is going to

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who/what are 5 bloggers/blogs you love and recommend to follow? what are some reasons you like them or their muse(s)?

It’s pretty much impossible for me to only recommend 5, I interact with so many equally lovely people who write really interesting portrayals but I’m going to name off some of my great loves.

Of course there’s my beloved @neveroutofsight, I personally feel she’s a really understated Belle, but she does such an incredible job. I love the way she writes and Scout is just about the nicest person I have ever met in RP. If you don’t follow her, please do.

Some of my other beloved Belle’s to write with are: @thebeauty @finalpetal, @stillnotfree @coxragexs and @strangespecialmostpelicular @namemeansbeauty

My beastly babes are: @roseruin (SENPAI), @bcastmade, @xevermcrex and really every Beast/Prince around. I’m terribly shy and I haven’t actually had the balls to talk to these beauties, but I love stalking them.

And some of my other lovelies are @lcfou @lefoc LEFOCK @antlerdecor @bxstiion @the-delusion-of-a-dreamer (who followed me over from my Star Wars blog and has been my bud for over a year), @jcligarcon, @xcapableof, @reinemalheureuse (MOM) and…yeah just so many. I couldn’t possibly think of everyone off the top of my head.

I will say this, I really, really want to interact more with some servant blogs, I think so far I have only threaded with one. Again I’m horribly shy and I think many are not mutuals with me but if you play a servant and want to do a thing…please don’t hesitate to reach out. Sometimes it can take me a while to work up the courage.

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You should look at katsufleur's armand and marius photoshoot (slightly nsfw) it's pretty great. All their cosplay is really good actually

Actually just go through their “the vampire chronicles” tag I found more amazingness

Oh wow! These are serious cosplayers! Rather than repost any of their stuff, I’ll reblog smtg. Thanks for letting me know, anon!

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hey, if you're on the fence about seeing power rangers, i think you should see it. the one white guy is probably the least interesting character, but all of them have very good development and the movie was pretty great overall. ok thanks bye :)

not really on the fence because i heard great things about it. it’s just gonna weird me out to see the white dude because he’s also going to be on stranger things 2 and idk i just don’t think i’m gonna give a damn about him?? but dang the rest of the cast looks dope!!

i haven’t even watched a trailer or anything (nor will i, lately i tend to prefer going into things without hyping them up too much) but i’d bet money on that i’d walk out of that theater declaring that i’d die for one of the ladies

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Ah I love Australia, even tho I've never been there but I wish i could go there one day. Do you like living there? :) (here we go again with the great question - but i'm honestly interested haha) Yes and its not that bad, but it is still not your bed, so you never really sleep as good as you would at home. Also the kids can be annoying shits and keep you awake the whole night :DD haha

Lmao I think kids secretly want to piss people who are older than them and they know they’re being annoying lol (but I love lil kids omg, they’re adorable). I’ve lived in Australia pretty much my entire life so I’m kinda destined to like it? I think so anyway haha, it’s pretty cool. Ah, it’d be really cool if you came here though! If you do decide coming one day, do yourself a favour and come during winter lmfao. Summer will burn you into a puddle honestly.

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hey any blog recommendation like urs? u stay so loyal to that animation movie life and also a personal blog its a good mix heal my dashboard

first off: thank you! i’m pretty sure i’m blushing omg

Originally posted by agoodgifisworth1000words

and second off: tooootally! here you go!

some of my lovely mutuals:

and some people i follow because they’re great:

there’s probably more i could think of, but on a tired mind this is all i could drum up!

BTS Orchestra! AU | Yoongi

Originally posted by jiminrolls

Been waiting for a free moment to be able to upload this, enjoy!!

Jimin ver. | Seokjin ver.  

  • ok so like min Yoongi is v interesting person ok
  • he’s really not the type of person u would imagine being in chamber orchestra (ok kinda but not really)
  • Tbh he really only did it bc his mom wanted him to do extracurricular activities and he really hates exercise and sports
  • and he quote on quote said that “marching band is so much work, why would u do that to urself”
  • so the next best thing is surPriSe surPriSe orchEsTRA
  • so he auditioned for the piano bc u kno that’s his specialty
  • and the teacher was like “wOWOWOWOW YES WELCOME”
  • and like he was great, he was pretty lowkey about it tho like he went to practice and did his part he was p chill
  • but then like halfway through first semester of freshman year he kept noticing how the bass section had only like one bassist and he was like ?????
  • where the other bassists at
  • and the teacher was like “no one really plays bass, our previous two bassists graduated last year so now we’re down to one”
  • and Yoongi has always had a thing for the bass, like when he listens to music that’s one of his favorites part to listen to
  • sO as the semester goes on and the orchestra keeps playing and stuff
  • Yoongi is like “my music senses are tingling, something is wrOnG”
  • but he can’t quite figure it out, and then one day while the orchestra was practicing and he didn’t have any notes to play he was listening and then bAM

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My favorite English word is fuck, because it has its own rules on how it can be used that don’t really apply to regular words.

Abso-fucking-lutely is right but ab-fucking-solutely is wrong. Thats fucked up is negative but let’s get fucked up is positive. Its pretty great. Even non-English speaking people use it, like on tv shows and stuff.

Good Vibes Tag

Rules: Tag as many people as you want (non mutuals included!!) and spread some positivity :)))

@that-thing-with-the-stuff cat! i laugh so much with everything u reblog, especially parks and rec and new girl stuff and memes heh. u’re a great and lovely person!! oh, and your photos on vsco are amazing!!!

@the-common-tenenbaum <3 you also share some funny memes sometimes, but i mostly adore the stuff from films you reblog. you’re so niice!! talking to you is great

@mmcpp cat!! you’re such a nice person and so pretty??? how do you do that?? your blog is so nice as well! so aesthetically pleasing. thank you for the tips withn toothpaste hah, let’s keep sending each other snaps!

@lnalovegd sam! you inspire me a lot, really. i love reading your posts about learning french, they kinda encouraged me to learn italian on duolingo lol. i also love that you talk about yourself and what you’re doing and how you’re feeling. plus, thank you for telling me that benjamin alire sáenz is the best person

@thatmichaelguy2399 you’re a really cool dude with a really good taste in movies!! your film blog is great, and watched you short film and loved it!!!

@hirxeth anna, i know that i’ve never talked to you, but i’ve always wanted to say that your screencaps are the prettiest thing and your instagram is really cool and i love your tattoos so much <3

Newer Azure ref!! I just added a couple of things. heheh-

Since I never actually properly introduced him, I may as well do it now!!

So, this is my main fursona, Azure! In terms of personality, he’s basically me when I’m online! He’s pretty friendly and a great listener! If things get too busy and chaotic, he’ll get all anxious, and will try to leave on the conversation.

Azure simply loves anything blue raspberry flavoured!! Give him any sort of candy with a hint of the sweet blue raspberry, and you’ll befriend him immediately. He also loves biology! anything that talks about animals, plants, and how the way living things work utterly fascinate him.

There’s no really crazy and intricate backstory, since he’s basically just me! If you ever wanna draw me for whatever reason, (which I’ll totally love you for btw) you should draw this guy!! 

i watched dune last night and honestly i enjoyed it a lot. the editing was confusing but i love the books so i could piece together what it was trying to distill. as far as an adaptation of dune could go i think it’s the best we could’ve gotten. david lynch is one of the few directors that could get the tone of dune spot on, and he did!

it’s not as bad as i was lead to believe. the editing was very confusing though and i really think all the faults lie on that. i’m a big lynch fan so the changes/direction went over well with me. the acting was pretty great. only real issue i had was the writing, but i think that adapting dune into a screenplay would be a horrible challenge. with that in mind i think it’s fine.

and again the editing was HORRIBLE so maybe that’s what jumbled it. 

uh trying to think of anything else i want to write about.  the effects were great outside of the goofy green screen stuff.

pretty alright movie. would love a better cut of it. 

My new standing desk was set up for me and I’m actually giving it a go today. I like it, although I can tell I’ll need a mat to stand on at some point soon-ish. I feel sort of self-conscious like I stand out but then I realize all 5′3″ of me isn’t exactly towering over anyone, and a lot of people in my area use them so it’s not like I’m alone. Anyway, if I can get a treadmill desk I’ll really be in great shape, but pretty sure the company will draw the line somewhere.

Evil CCO continues to be a ridiculous human being and I am not into it. She was opening up wine at 5pm last week and I declined a glass since we’re kinda-sorta back on whole30 (strict during the week, with allowances for a glass of wine or a snack on the weekends, although we still tend to lean whole30-themed). I got a whole lecture on how this is no way to live and how she guesses “[you’re] just a better person” which: WTF? First off, I’m fine with the way I’m living, which is to leave the office at a reasonable hour, not sit at my desk drinking. B of all (thanks @hotjuliachildinthecity for that phrase), I AM objectively a better person than she is, but not because of my eating, drinking, and/or exercise habits. 

anonymous asked:

Oh my god, you're back! I thought something really bad had happened and I was pretty stressed out about it. I'm so happy everything is okay! ❤a

im great! but thanks for your concern, it means a lot!

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How Mimo is so distant now reminds me of a fanfiction where they were dating in the group but broke up and it was rly awkward between them after it for like months/years.

Could fan fiction have become… a reality? I don’t think they’re purposefully distant right now, they’re kinda just getting overshadowed by the other ships lmao

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I’m trying to make my friend an once, and she really likes them but i don’t know what to show her. Like, there is sixteen, twice’s private life and lost time. But do you know some nice interviews? (Beside weekly idol). Thanks by the way

Lost time would be a great place to start, and then private life. Sixteen is something you will want to leave for later once your friend already knows the group pretty well. My mind is blanking on interviews, you could try after school. They post all their episodes in full quality on youtube

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: Score!!! *Sherlock pose* your smile is naturally similar to nayeon, so it throws you a little. But it’s pretty! You got their expressions right -😘👌

Thank you, and I’m surprised you think my smile is similar to Nayeon, I wouldn’t have picked that at all. Maybe I have more of a bunny smile than I thought 

theoryinmotion  asked:

br: first of all, congrats on 4k!! your blog is really neat!! today i was so sleepy but managed to get a reasonable amt of work done so it's great lol

hello. thank you jay! i’m glad to hear that, but make sure you’re getting enough sleep, though!

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