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Hey followers of mine:

I organized all my fics that are specifically about the magnificent and kickass ladies of TMNT on AO3, and just wanted to encourage you all to go check them out.

Only the first two are currently connected in terms of AU-verses, but they’re all really awesome in my opinion. Definitely worth the read.

Please go check them out! Show these ladies the love they don’t get in canon! We all know they deserve some, at least from the fandom!

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Ahh that's so cool that your kwami OC is a golden tiger too c: If you have a ref for your miracusona it'd be fun to draw them together (once I finish my design myself, of course -_-)

I do have a miracusona, actually !!!!! An older design I really need to update since I want to change the type of animal, but here’s one I designed nearly a year ago and never posted:

Thank you for 1000+ followers!
Really guys this is crazy, this morning I only had like 800 followers now I have 1000!
I can’t thank you guys enough for all the support you all have given me I really appreciate it. Thank you all so much for following me and I hope you all enjoy my art


Okay! Okay, so, I leave in a little over an hour for my 1ish appointment. I’m wildly nervous (the last time I got the root canal on this tooth, it took nearly 4 hours and involved 19 injections of anesthesia, so. Yeah, nervous) B U T.

I want to thank everyone SO SO MUCH. You’ve all been incredibly generous and I cannot believe the amazing and wonderful friends I have. Although I’m scared of the actual procedure today, I can go in there knowing now that I can pay the bill without going into debt over it.

Thank you SO MUCH. I’ve really been bowled over by your response, honestly. I’ll try to update everyone after it’s done to let you know how it went. If you’re the praying sort, I’d appreciate some today, too. :)


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Hello! I just reread your beauty and the beast klance fic for the millionth time (even though it's one chapter so far) and I just want to say that I really am anxious about your next update! I really want Lance and Keith to interact more! I just saw the movie today and all I kept thinking about was your fic! It's so well written and I love big bro Lance! Please update soon (no rush of course darling). It's just so unique and exciting! Thank you for writing! Beauty and the Beast is my fave movie!

Goodness golly jee, I’m so flattered??? oh my goodness idk what to say but thank you!!! unfortunately most of my fics are on hiatus right now because I’m working on two different big bang fics, plus a collab fic with a friend, and my other fic Misdialed, so I won’t be updating it soon :( 

However!! It is planned out to the last chapter (mostly) so when i do start it up again, it should be easier to update. (I have a bad habit of fully planning fics, writing the first chapter, and then going back to other fics TTuTT) Thank you so much for your patience, and I really do hope you aren’t too upset with me for not updating it right away :’3

Thanks for tagging me @elliejoys​ <3

1. favorite anime?: Too many favorites tbh but I’m stuck with gintama and danganronpa for now :)

2. your worst anime: Nothing specific but I dont like some that have ridiculous and messed up animation. 

3. do you read the manga that goes along with the anime you watch?: So far, fairy tail is the only anime I really did kept updated in anime and manga until now apart from others. It just so happened I’m tracking this anime for a long time. But in general, it depends how I start watching a series either through manga or anime and decide later if I want to catch up in both.

4. most favorite genre?: Mostly shounen, comedy, drama, slice of life, & shoujo… recently starting to like mystery, psychological and crime nowadays.

5. least favorite genres?: Hentai, yandere, ecchi and harem. I consider watching various genres in general just not these ones.

6. favorite character? Uchiha Sasuke & Sakata Gintoki <3

7. least favorite character?: I don’t have any??? Unless I can mention from a specific anime??

8. qualities you like in a character?: Fuhahaha, it’s always those edgy type characters with dark/haunted past..

9. short or long anime?: Long animes as long as they are still okay and worthy to watch in my perspective…

10. anime or manga?: When I start watching a series from anime (not the manga), there are tendencies I won’t read the manga anymore (though I will still read some parts). Not because I don’t want too, it’s more like I got used to watch the anime in the long run and I’m just lazy to read the manga :P

11. how do you choose the anime you watch?: I have a bad habit of judging the book by it’s cover so what I do is read reviews of the titles I find interest or ask my in real life friends to convince me cause I’m a tough cookie. Sometimes edits/gifsets appearing on my dash just catches my interest too.

12. skip or listen to intros/outros?: I usually don’t especially when tracking seasonal animes. Idk.. I just like watching their openings the most, maybe because I’m a fan to some japanese artists and discover their titles featured in animes I follow, even if their not my fave.

13. how do you cope if your friends or family don’t like you watching anime?: Everyone in the house watches anime, except my mom but doesn’t mind watching with me sometimes lol. So I don’t really have any problems with this :) As for my friends, I don’t reveal much how addicted I am to anime shows except to some ;)

14. do you stop an anime midway if you don’t like it?: Yes, it happens so there’s nothing I can do about it.

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STATUS JO (update 2)

((Alright, I still feel really bad that I’ve yet to post any more asks since my last Status Jo update, but things have yet again gotten really busy in my life. I HAVE been working on the art for multiple answers, though I will admit I’ve been jumping back and forth between all of them and doing bits at a time. With so much schoolwork to do - even if it IS just mostly my online class atm - I honestly believe it’s going to take me a little while to get this up and going and posting often again. Maybe a week or two more, unless I decide to post answers with just lineart and not fully colored for a short bit. I’m so sorry about this, I did NOT expect things to go as crazy as they have. please continue to bear with me, and thank you all so much for sticking around still! till next time!!))

Until I Find You - Chapter 5 - maybetomorrow - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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Supergirl Hiatus (1/27)

Today’s update: Chapter 5 of Until I Find You (Anastasia AU)
In which Mike Matthews puts his plan into motion…

A little late in the day, BUT it’s still Tuesday for me so I’m surviving.

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If you want on or off the update tags, lemme know.  I’m really bad about remembering who expressed interest in what, so please correct me, I won’t be upset.  

An especially big hug for @thoughtsfromaclutteredbrain for being an angel and tagging me in a whole bunch of cute gifsets.  I am v grateful for you.  Please don’t stop <3

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hey any blog recommendation like urs? u stay so loyal to that animation movie life and also a personal blog its a good mix heal my dashboard

first off: thank you! i’m pretty sure i’m blushing omg

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and second off: tooootally! here you go!

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there’s probably more i could think of, but on a tired mind this is all i could drum up!

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i guess i definitely am one of those people, I mean, I've lived and felt what Jack is feeling before and well, most authors don't really write those experiences well or accurately so when reading the latest updates I felt myself go 'woah'

I definitely think you’re not alone, anon. I know there’s quite a few of us who read to kind of go through that angst. I know there’s readers who basically can’t wait for the angst to be over, but in a way, I’m not actually one of them. Like I live for those moments of comfort, but only if they come from hurt first. I need to go through both, somehow, to feel like I’ve really been on a journey with the character.

And I’m really glad this stuff resonates with you and gives you something that you don’t often find, it’s one of the reasons I write this stuff in the first place, because I don’t often find it myself. <3