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I’ve Got You (Richie/Eddie)

Summary: In which Eddie can’t help but try and stick up for his best friend against the bullies.

Prompt 27:  “Dont you dare touch him/her.” 

Warning(s): Almost sexual harassment?, Bullying, Angst

A/N: Thankyou for this request Anon! If you wanna ask me for prompts ask away HERE. If you want to ask an ordinary request ask HERE. The angst is strong in this one bois bc this isN’T FUN AT ALL THIS WILL JUST MADE YOU ANGRY AND SAD

Eddie flinched as Henry Bowers  slammed Richie’s smaller frame into the concrete below them, causing a loud groan to be heard. Eddie was being held captive in someone’s arms teasingly, with his arms placed behind him in an uncomfortable position so despite how much he struggled- he couldn’t do anything.

“Eds-” Richie coughed, trying to sit up- only for Henry to push his face back in the dirt.

Eddie’s eyes widened as he longed to help his friend, this time they were in trouble really bad. He squirmed more, whimpering in fear. Patrick Hockstetter held Eddie tighter, almost cutting off the blood circulation in his arms which only caused Eddie to yelp. 

“You like this, don’t you Eds?” Patrick smirked, putting emphasis on Richie’s nickname for Eddie.

Eddie cringed at the revolting tone of voice that Patrick used as he whispered into his ear, Eddie thrashed his small body around to try and get away from his regular bullies and try to somehow help Richie. Patrick pressed his taller self against Eddie’s back and held him tighter.

“You don’t get it, do you? You don’t get to just squirm away.” Patrick hissed into his ear, his chapped sinful lips grazing against Eddie’s skin.

Eddie clenched his teeth to bite back his words so that he wouldn’t make everything so much worse, he fluttered his eyes over to Richie to see that he was being beaten up bad- with his glasses thrown elsewhere. Eddie then begins to grind his clenched teeth together in anger. Richie was cowered in a small ball, covering his face from any damage by hiding it in his knees.

But when one kick was sent to Richie’s head from one of the random guys in the Bowers’ gang, thats when Eddie snapped.

“Don’t you dare touch him!” Eddie’s voice cracked, his cry was a plead yet a threat at the same time.

Everyone seemed to have stopped, staring at Eddie in shock at his tone of voice. Even Richie peered blindly between his fingers with a soft look in his eyes.

Eddie was shaking with both anger and fear, feeling Patrick tighten his grip and tugging at his delicate skin caused Eddie to cry loud- a shrilling noise vibrating his voice box and rolling off his tongue. Patrick smirked, doing it harder and stretching the poor boys skin, causing a large burning sensation to take over.

Richie went to sit up and crawl over to Eddie, only for someone to stand on his back and keep him in place, causing Richie to groan weakly.

“Oh, you’ve fucked up now.” Henry hissed, walking over to Eddie with his threatening knife raising to Eddie’s cheek as he walked over and stood in front of the fragile boy.

Eddie tried to move his head back, but he only felt Patrick behind him. Either way, he was fucked with whatever way he was forced to go.

The cold metal from the knife was pressed to Eddie’s cheek, with Henry glaring with sinister eyes and staring down the small boy.

“You fuckin’ listen to me, don’t you dare talk to me like the way you fucking did. Or else I’ll fucking peel your skin off!” Patrick continued to tug on Eddie’s skin whilst Henry screamed in poor Eddie’s face, “Y-..You fucking got that? Tell me you fucking heard me.”

Eddie whimpered, looking away and not speaking a word as fear took over, with of course the threat and the knife against his skin getting to his emotions. He was too weak to do anything in this situation, he was young and small.

After a few seconds of silence, Henry’s eyes narrowed before a blob of saliva was spat into Eddie’s face, causing Eddie to feel horror seethe within him.

“Do you like that? Huh? You love germs, don’tcha?” Henry teased, shoving him back and raised his muddy hand and wiped the saliva all over poor Eddie’s face.

Eddie shut his mouth and eyes, screaming eternally and holding back tears at the thought of all the germs and diseases that could be held within his saliva and the mud that had been smeared on his face from his disgusting skin.

Patrick laughed, holding Eddie in place before licking over his ear, causing Eddie to make an audible gag. 

Richie’s eyes were wide as he was watching the scene with horror, protectiveness reckoning within him. Richie tried to push the guy on top of him away, thrashing around helplessly. The guy went by the name Belch, Richie had so heard.

“Hey, get the fuck off me before you-”

Belch glared down at the boy, before grabbing him by his dark brown roots and slamming his head into the floor over and over again. Richie felt a buzz in his head, everything slowly blurring out as his forehead begun to pulse with immense pain. Everything was fading and all he could feel was how he was helpless to do anything with his muscles aching all over.

Eddie had his eyes open in the slightest as he saw that blood was trickling down Richie’s lips from one of his nostrils and he sobbed out in fear for his friend and himself, bracing for only the worst to come.

“Whats going on here?”

Suddenly, everything stopped. Eddie fully opened his eyes to barely see due to the saliva coating his eyelashes which only made his stomach churn. But from what he could make out, he could see a cop car which had appeared to startle all the bullies.

Henry stared at his father, his eyes narrowing for a moment.

“We were just playing.” Henry hissed out between his teeth, giving Eddie a ‘playful’ shove with a lot of force. 

Patrick too, moved away without even noticing the dark red marks that coated Eddie’s pale skin. Victor backed off from the scene a bit and Belch stepped off from Richie and left his head be. 

A silent conversation was shared between the father and son before they scrambled off, the reason being unknown to Richie and Eddie. The cop however didn’t even check upon the two battered boys, but instead drove away without a car in the world. 

Eddie felt his knees weak as he rushed over to Richie, kneeling beside his laid body and turning him over and staring down at the swollen face of Richie Kozier. Richie had a dark black eye and a busted lip, as well as a popped nose. All three making it look as if he had been thrown down a hill.

“Richie? Oh fuck- oh shit, you look terrible, do you need medicine or something-”

“Eds, maybe we shouldn’t have called them pussies.. and said that they wouldn’t do shit to us..” Richie whispered with a lazy smile.

Eddie chuckled sadly, using his own shirt to wipe away Richie’s blood despite his lingering thoughts of diseases and sickness’ possibilities with the situation and ignoring the saliva that coated his face which still disgusted him to this moment. The mud on his face had only stuck to his pores and already started to clog them up.

“I’ve got you, shut up.” Eddie whispered, sighing to himself.

Richie raised one of his hands, with his head in Eddie’s lap, wiping away some of the saliva on Eddie’s face and his other hand soothingly rubbing at the burns that had been given to Eddie’s arms.

“I’ve got you too, Eds.”


okay so I had this red riding hood AU idea for otayuri in my head since I saw this jacked that I drew for Beka here…. I’m sure someone already did this but I don’t care…. I just had to do this okay?! qwq //sobs

I made some really plain ref sheets here with a few quick fun facts about both under the cut are some Ideas for this AU

the general story… I don’t really have much but this is what I have so far?!  ideas are always welcome btw ;3c

They meet at a convenience store late at night. Yura had to get some groceries for his grandpa (bread and vodka lol) idk why he needs something from the convenience store so late but who cares tbh?! this is an AU live with it lmao and the next store is far away from their home. He meets Beka in the store and, Beka the gentleman he is, offers Yura a ride on his bike home….. thats what I’ve got so far :’3

a bit more info of the big bad wolf called Beka: okay at first he is NOT a werewolf… just wanted to make that clear haha  the first thing you have to know is that he have to transform into a full wolf once a month (no it don’t have to be full moon), if he don’t transform in this time period he unwillingly transforms into his full wolf form and go berserk. (he loses the ability to think clearly and is aggressive af) He can transform into three different forms. First is the human form so he don’t frighten normal humans with his presence and can peaceful live among them. This form is still stronger than an average Human tho. Second is half wolf as you can see in the ref. I had an idea for this form but its too complex so I won’t use it (I’m too lazy to write that down okay?! don’t judge me) and the last form is full wolf I just can say that this is his original form it’s the strongest and he is taller than a normal wolf. 

to yura I just can say: he’s…. yura… the brat we all love and adore haha no for real he wears red a lot, more than canon yura, he’s a student or maybe he’s still an figure skater… I didn’t really decided what he is doing for a living also for now it isn’t really important for the AU?!

sorry there are like 100 grammar mistakes… English isn’t my first language :’D

honestly i think the point i want to make rn before ppl… say something dumb… is that maybe as a straight cis fan … you dont understand how significant the pride flag is or maybe you do but you feel kinda an emotional distance with it like you might be a supporter of our rights but you’ll never feel the type of connection our community does and sometimes it can be alienating to lgbt fans when artists (mostly straight ones) dont even acknowledge the lgbt community or do so from a distance like maybe a comment so ppl dont call them homophobic / transphobic and sometimes artists are just actually homophobic / transphobic and thats hard if ur fan

so lgbt fans we can get really fucking lonely when we consume media.. and thats why some of us latch onto “gay things” whether its aristotle and dante or the san junipero episode or any form of lgbt media in the hopes of seeing ourselves and i just want cishet fans of harrys to understand him holding that pride flag and just embracing it means … so fucking much to us…. and maybe ur lgbt and u dont see it as a big deal and honestly ur entitled to that opinion but for us where it means the world like…. just …. understand where we’re coming from. listen to us, support us, thats all we can ask and i love harry for what hes done and i can never thank him enough like…. i really cant 

qhaylie  asked:

when was the first moment tony felt safe with bucky and steve? when did they all figure out they were in love with each other -- did they have alike an 'oh fuck, so that's what im feeling!' kinda moment?

I already answered the second question previously so I’m going to focus on the first one.

It takes what feels like forever to Steve and Bucky, who are terrified that Tony will never feel safe with them. And it feels like no time at all to Tony, who is terrified because his previous interactions with alphas were so different.

In reality, eleven months is both forever and no time at all. Steve and Bucky are earnest, and patient, and respectful. Tony has no idea what to do with all of that but he appreciates it more than words can ever say. He doesn’t realize that he was sort of waiting for Steve and Bucky to try and push him for more until the preparations for the wedding are in full swing and they talk about how excited they are for the honeymoon–and not even in a dirty way, but in a “I get to spend two weeks alone with both of you and no one will bother us!” way.

Steve talks about all the sketching he’ll finally get done and maybe even a painting or two, and Bucky chatters about all the books he’s going to read that he’s had to put off because of the time they both had to spend mending fences after the war. They… they don’t even mention consummating their marriage. Tony doesn’t have time to feel self-conscious about it though, because then Bucky is turning, bright-eyed, and says that he hopes that they can discuss some books they’d like the other to read so they can talk about them. Steve adds on that if Tony doesn’t mind, he’d love to finally do a portrait of him–he’s done one for his mother and Bucky, and he wants to put one of his omega up next to them.

They’re including him. They want to celebrate with him, for him. And they’re talking to him as if sex isn’t the most important thing. Tony thinks… maybe it isn’t the most important thing to them. Maybe it’s his company they really enjoy. Maybe they really won’t hurt him, like Sarah said.

Steve and Bucky watch in awe as Tony’s shoulders truly relax for… probably the first time ever. They never realized that Tony was still on guard even when he was obviously enjoying spending time with them. But now he’s relaxed. He’s comfortable. He’s… he’s beautiful.

“Can I kiss you?” Steve blurts out, and Tony’s eyebrows fly up in surprise. “I–Tony, I love you. May I please kiss you?” Tony blushes and looks down at his feet and nods. Steve wants to lunge at him, kiss him hard enough that Tony can be certain of his feelings. Instead he carefully cups Tony’s cheeks in his hands, brushes a kiss as soft as air over his lips, and he feels Tony’s lips tremble with emotion.

“May I kiss you too, Tony? Please?” Bucky asks when Steve leans back. “I love you so much. You’re precious to me.” Tony flushes darker and nods. Bucky grabs his chin in a light, easily breakable grip and tips his head back to brush their lips together. He feels more than hears Tony’s hitched breath against his lips, and he leans back and feels something flip in his chest when he sees the tear rolling down Tony’s cheek.

But Tony doesn’t look sad. Tony… Tony looks like something he’d been missing had finally settled inside him.

Tony looks like a wall he hadn’t even known he’d built has finally come down.

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been a while since i answered some QUESTIONS so here we go

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diamondelight92  asked:

Wait, you're straight?????? I am honestly surprised to learn this! You write so gay!! (That's a compliment, usually when straight people write queer characters, it's very eye-rolly)

haha oh gosh, that is very kind of you to say!

the short answer to “you’re straight?” is “yeah, think so”

the long answer involves a fuckin ouroboros of overthinking and oversharing, which i will put under a cut if anyone’s curious, but man it’s such a mess.

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anonymous asked:

you mean fetish, right?

really, it’s not. I’m just a big supporter of men wearing feminine clothes.

I think, typically, men look down on feminine stuff. Like, girls can wear masculine stuff and be totally fine, but men often cant stand the thought of wearing “girly” things at all. Because there are other toxic men out there who dont have any respect for feminine things, and they’ll also disrespect & bully men who choose to wear feminine things. I think thats disgusting - no one should be bullied or disrespected because of what they want to wear - and on top of that it also irks me that some people think that feminine clothes in particular warrant disrespect. Like “men cant wear skirts because skirts are for GIRLS and girls are BENEATH US”. that kind of thing

So i love seeing my fav male characters in feminine clothes and seeing the people around them supporting them for it rather than being huge jerks about it. It’s like a world where toxic masculinity doesnt exist……..lol. So I really like that triplet halloween cd because laito and kanato were so damn positive about wearing feminine clothes - it never even crossed their minds that it could be a bad thing, or beneath them, or degrading, or anything like that. They were both having fun. I want that kind of positivity to affect ayato as much as possible until he’s as comfortable with it as them ^^

obsessedboutspn  asked:

Hiya lovely, I havent watched this season yet but I wanna get to know you. So tell me your favorite stuff cause you are amazing! Also is Theo the cuddler or is Liam? I thi nk liam.

Hey and thank you so much!! I really appreciate that you like the blog! :D So my favorite things? Hmm.. I don’t really have anything entertaining about me except I’m a music person I guess haha, I like to read when I’m not too lazy to, and I constantly question about life and conspiracy theories (IM SO LAME)!! I also enjoy writing depending on my motivation. Enough of me though LOL! As for who is the cuddlier one? I definitely agree because Theo has definitely been through a lot and can for sure use a hug. I imagine those two all alone cuddling and whenever Theo wants to rant about anything, Liam is always there to listen, being patient, and can actually understand what Theo has been going through unlike the rest of the pack. No one can understand Theo, but Liam. Because of this he is very grateful to have someone to cuddle with and have a friend as well. x

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8 42 and 66 !

What are your current goals?

uasdfjsdf i honestly have rejected all goalsetting for the time being bc it was actually proving so mentally taxing for me and i worked incredibly fucking hard this summer to apply to med schools and stuff and i know thats the next step of my journey so i just gotta wait to get in u know? so my goals are really about just chilling out and letting life happen to me a bit and not worrying so much about getting out in front of the next development or step that im gonna be taking (and, in short, to take better care of myself) 

Favourite place to shop at?

i hate shopping. i hate shopping so much. can i say like amazon, idk, i hate shopping (also east village books is a gr8 used bookstore that i love) 

How would you describe your bad side?

ahahahahaha what the fuck does this mean tbh. i dont think any of my sides are bad i am a wholesome child of god 

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hi! i was wondering if you know of any generally easy to understand leftist texts. i've been getting into socialism the past like half year but i feel like I've hit a plateau? like once you get passed the basics everyone starts using all of this jargon and just writing really horribly (even just random people on tumblr). i know i can obviously like use a dictionary but its just weird/annoying that people so into accessibility write In That Way. any tips?

i have a list of stuff i generally recommend to people getting into socialism thats easy to read, but if youve already read a bit im not sure if its stuff ur already familiar with. u should IM me and i can try to see if theres stuff i could recommend! and its easier to talk over IM too. also, for weird esoteric leftist texts i think the dictionary of marxist thought can help bc it has a lot of detailed actually leftist definitions of terms people use a lot. theres a pdf of it online if u look it up


this love is o u r s

Villainous in Mexico Pixelatl

As you all may know by now, there was an animation festival in Mexico called “Pixelatl” in which there was a conference about Cartoon Network: Villainous, imparted by the creator Alan Ituriel.

He began thanking the fans for all the support he has receive from them and how happy he was watching fans all over the world and the content that they can create (fanarts, cosplays and crafts). He also thanked the Pixelatl staff for giving an opportunity to those in mexico, like him, who want to enter to the animation world. If you don’t know about this, Alan was able to pitch Villainous to Cartoon Network thanks to the Pixelatl.

He was just so glad to be there giving that conference, and thats why he gift us an exclusive poster. The “Villainous Crew” literally put one poster per chair in the forum, so we all in the conference got one!

He show us some “cut scenes” from the shorts, and little extras or modifications that didn’t make it to the final product due to screen time limitations (which I’m pretty sure you all have already seen)

And of course, it was officially announced the continuation or “Phase Two” of Villainous. They will be making more shorts, comics, YouTube shorts about Black Hat reviewing weapons from others villains in other Cartoon Network shows and most importantly, they would begin the production of the Pilot.

Alan said that they were already working in the new shorts and he showed us as a little “surprise” one of them (not finished yet). I didn’t take pictures of it nor video because I wanted to respect the fact that it was a work in progress thing that they decided to show us as a sneak peek. But I’m sure there are already pics of it here on tumblr, so you can watch them if you scroll in the tag.

Honestly Alan is such a good and cool guy, he was really chill with fans, he drawn characters from Villainous for fans and he took lots of photos with them …but I think he’s just a little TOO good with everyone. He was signing autographs for HOURS, the conference ended at 11am and he was still there signing after 4pm I think, I’m not even sure how much time he was there, but he and his crew looked really tired after all that. All the other guests decided when to stop signing, like Jhonen Vasquez (Yes, Jhonen Vasquez, was in the festival as well) after some long time he asked the staff to not let any more people in the line, because there was a lot, and I mean A LOT of people already waiting. But Alan stayed there until the people stopped coming.

I almost wanted to ask him if it was okay to bring him something to eat, because he really spent a loooong time there. Really, he’s such a kind person, he even gave me and my sister two signed posters (because we already got our posters signed in the morning but later in the afternoon we wanted to ask the crew to sign the poster too so, when we got there with them again Alan said that they had posters already signed by the crew and that he didn’t had a problem signing two more posters again, so they give us another one. I imagine he did this with other people as well!)

So, yeah! Soon we’ll have more Villainous.

"copycat” still really bothers me

i’m sure i’m not the first person to notice this but i’m rewatching the show and the episode “copycat” just gets me so annoyed and irritated because of how adrien was written in that episode. this is probably the episode where we have the most blatant, explicit evidence of one of adrien’s flaws (i.e. his jealousy) and he is at no point forced to be held accountable for his actions. 

adrien quite literally causes an akuma because of his jealousy. but he is not forced to apologize to theo for lying about his relationship with ladybug, he’s not forced to apologize to ladybug for lying about said relationship without her consent, and adrien himself is not allowed time in the episode to acknowledge his jealousy, find fault in it, and learn from his mistake. 

adrien as a character already has this annoying habit of being presented as the “perfect boy” who very rarely makes mistakes and is idolized for it. not just by marinette. by pretty much everyone. “jackady” had this really strange scene where gabriel and ladybug were staring at adrien’s modeling shots and gushing about how “flawless” and “perfect” he is. and most of adrien’s arguably negative qualities (e.g. his occassional inability to take things seriously in battle, his naivete, his occasional impulsiveness as chat noir, etc.) are often presented in ways that either make us sympathize with his behavior or find it endearing. 

“copycat” is probably one of the only (if not the only) episodes where adrien is very clearly doing something wrong. he’s angry that theo likes ladybug so much so he lies about his relationship with ladybug and tells theo they’re a thing so that he can back off and chat noir can have ladybug all to himself. 

the problem is that the show doesn’t call out adrien for this jealousy. about the only time it does is when plagg makes a dig at him right when adrien realizes who the akuma is. 

and despite this, adrien merely rolls his eyes at plagg and scoffs at the comment as if it’s a joke. that was the perfect opportunity for adrien to take just a few seconds to say “you’re right. i should’ve never lied and let myself get jealous. that was wrong of me.”

about the best we can get is when chat noir acknowledges that he was the one who caused the akuma so he’s the one who has to go and get himself out of it. but at no point does he tell ladybug why this happened (especially because it involves her) and at no point does he vocalize the mistake he made, i.e. the fact that he let his jealousy take over. 

then this is where the episode really starts to bother me

he calls out ladybug for not showing up to the statue unveiling. they actually make chat noir take time in the middle of his screw up to basically tell ladybug “well maybe you’d know what’s going on if you showed up this morning.” ladybug had done nothing wrong in regards to this akuma. we’re dealing with her phone stealing and her bad time management on the side, but this has nothing to do with the akuma. if anyone’s mistakes should be being highlighted here, it’s adrien’s. 

but the episode continues to just let adrien get away with the fact that he lied. ladybug praises chat noir for his honesty and for the fact that he’s never lied to ladybug about anything (hello, irony) and normally this would be a pretty good moment for chat noir to at least look guilty. but instead he merely thanks her for the compliment and continues fighting anyway. 

and then it gets even worse because the one who apologizes at the end of the episode is ladybug!! she apologizes to theo for not showing up to the unveiling! which, fine ok, but where was adrien’s apology? where was his opportunity to explain to ladybug that he messed up for lying about their relationship, causing this akuma, and putting ladybug in danger?

it’s replaced with chat noir’s angst about his crush not being returned. 

we feel bad for him at the end of this episode because his “crush was crushed.” let alone that he let his jealousy get the better of him and lied to a stranger about ladybug and his relationship behind her back. we end the episode feeling sympathy for chat noir because ladybug doesn’t feel the same way for him. mr. perfect finally has an episode where he screws up and the show does not allow him to take sufficient responsibility for it and own up to his mistake. 

and it further annoys me that this happened because anytime marinette messes up, she almost always apologizes. when she didn’t listen to chloe and caused her to be akumatized? she apologized to her for not listening to her. when she yelled at lila and caused her to be akumatized because of her own jealousy? she apologized to lila for being so mean to her. marinette is continuously asked to own up to her mistakes and apologize for them (as she should) meanwhile the one time adrien screws up, he gets let off for it. 

idk man, it just gets me upset that adrien got it so easy in this episode. he should’ve apologized to theo. he should’ve told ladybug the truth. he should’ve owned up to the fact that his jealousy was totally unwarranted. 

androbeaurepaire  asked:

For the drabble prompt list, if you feel like it and if this inspire you : maybe 23 with bruce and dick ? :D (I went classic but man I adore how you write these two)

there’s a reason classic lasts so long :) thanks for the prompt! i messed with the dialogue prompt a bit, but that’s what i do. also…………. i’m really sappy and you have to bear with me

23. “I don’t need to be the hero tonight.”

Dick vaulted over the back of the couch, landing easily beside him. He stabbed a piece of sesame chicken with a fork, and took a big bite out of it. “Ooh, ginger. What are we watching?”

“Karate Kid,” Bruce rumbled.

“Wax on, wax off,” Dick quoted. “I haven’t seen this movie in ages, mind if I join?”

Bruce’s answer was to steal his fork, snag one of the chunks of chicken, and pop it in his mouth. “Too much ginger.”

“That’s a bad opinion,” Dick said, stealing his fork back. “This is quality Thai.”

“Yes, I’m sure the whole six dollars you paid for it put a massive dent in your trust fund,” Bruce said, sneaking another piece of chicken. “Whatever will you do.”

Dick bent forward, stealing Bruce’s water bottle and taking a swig of it. “Guess I can’t jet off to Costa Rica and host Rhianna next weekend, bummer. I’ll have to give her a rain check.”

“Send her my regards.”

Dick chuckled, spearing a piece of chicken and passing it wordlessly to Bruce. “Rhiannas aside, you still got Little Shop of Horrors lying around somewhere?”

“How many times to I have to live through the 80s,” Bruce muttered, fishing out the remote and tossing it to Dick.

Dick grinned. It’d been a while, since he’d gotten to see Dick that effortlessly happy. “C’mon, we haven’t had a movie marathon in ages. I have Thai, and I know for a fact there’s a carton of Rocky Road in there, and everyone else won’t be in for hours. It’s perfect. We don’t need to be heroes tonight.”

Bruce wore a thoughtful expression. “Rocky Road, you said.”

“There’s a pint of Double Chocolate Cake, too.”

“Bring me a spoon.”

Dick was a practiced liar, was uncannily talented at it, in fact, but there was a short list of people who could lie to Batman’s eyes. He knew Dick’s tells, possibly even better than he knew his own, and he knew Dick, possibly even better than he knew himself.

He could see the weight of stress in his eldest’s shoulders, the wear of many, many hard nights, like stress fractures. There had been little joy, here lately, to pin them together. When Dick had been a child, Bruce had thought that there couldn’t come a day where the brightness of his boy’s smile wouldn’t reach his eyes - that his soul was edged in too much good, too much light, to ever do anything but shine. He would give anything to have been right. 

Dick tossed a thick, dark blanket over him, dropped the pint of ice cream and a spoon in his lap, and settled back into his spot on the couch. “We can get Little Shop of Horrors on Amazon, right? And Gremlins, too?”

Bruce hummed. “That assumes that Gremlins is better than either Labyrinth or Dark Crystal.”

Dick’s mouth twisted bitterly around his spoon. “The giant vultures terrified me, and you know that.”

“Skeksis. I do know, because you wouldn’t sleep alone for a week.”

Dick shook is head, curls bouncing. “No, no, it wasn’t a week, more like a couple days, and you were annoyed for most of it. Footloose?”

“Hm. Last Unicorn.”

Dick laughed, open-mouthed and bright. “How much would you pay me not to tell anyone that’s your favorite movie?”

Bruce spooned ice cream into his mouth. “I’d advise you to look at your trust fund.”

Dick laughed, and fiddled with the remote. “Come to think of it, that movie was pretty freaky, too. I mean, the bull.”

The debate over what movies to watch ended up being useless, because Dick curled against him to halfway through Footloose and was snoring softly not minutes later. Bruce rubbed smooth circles into his hair, absently. 

It was easy to imagine that dark head of hair weaving through the Manor’s halls, half his height but with twice the life. These days, Dick moved slow, easy, every move calculated, as deadly as a panther; as much as Dick had grown up, some part of him would always be his little Robin, who cackled like mad when he slid down the banister and spent a few hours trying to lick his elbow because Bruce had told him ninety percent of people can’t lick their elbows. That night, at dinner, Bruce had told him one hundred percent of people try after hearing that, and Dick had thrown his napkin at him. 

I would saw off my right arm, if it meant seeing you that carefree again, Bruce thought, and after he was sure Dick was asleep, he bent his head and pressed a kiss to his son’s temple. 

He wormed the remote out of a split in the couch, and put on The Last Unicorn. 

“Horizon, rising up to me,” Bruce hummed, lowly, “the purple dawn.”

Dick shifted, lazily nudging him in the ribs. “I can hear you.”

“I know.”

“Sentimental old coot.”

so my mom works at pre-school style program run by an occupational therapy clinic for young kids with ADHD and/or Autism who are either unable to attend or have gotten kicked out of “normal” pre-school. the aim of the program is to teach them simple self-regulation behaviors so that they can return to a school environment, be it special-ed or with all the other students. having both of those disorders, i sometimes am able to help them tweak the program to be more affective and yesterday I had a little idea thats honestly going to change everything, even for me.


when children get upset, they learn to excuse themselves to go to the calm down corner until they can regulate themselves better. i came up with the idea that before they are allowed to go back to class they have to ask themselves three things:

  1. Am I hungry?
  2. Am I sick?/Does it hurt?
  3. Do I need to use the bathroom?

because honestly??? as a person with both ADHD and Autism, my body doesnt tell me that stuff. I have to actively think, “do I need this or am i that” because my body isn’t processing the internal sensory input of my stomach and bladder. it gets to a point where i get very angry and very upset and stand up to go storm off and then suddenly realize, im not upset, i just really need to pee. or even, im not angry at all, im just kinda hungry. I even mentioned this idea to my therapist today, who’s son has ADHD, and she’s going to implement it for him too, since he often wont notice until it’s too late.

anyway, if you or a child you’re looking after or whoever are upset and cant figure out why, try doing a tummy check, because sometimes the fix can be that simple and our bodies just don’t tell us that information until we ask <3

dsfsldfksldfksdf i’m honestly dead that gaming live stream was so good!!!!!!!!!!!! they were so funny and witty and natural and their banter works so well in real time and they just riff of each other so nicely and they work so well together and they flirted a fuck ton and im feeling so many things yall!!!!! here’s a v lengthy list of my fav moments: 

  • phil exposes dan and tells the audience dan makes fun of phil’s smile when they get their photos taken, and dan immediately wants to clarify he’s not being mean to phil, it’s all banter
  • dan says the big monster creature is phil’s mum and phil responds with his typical (giggling) outrage. dan immediately says he’s kidding and then says ‘love you kath’ bc he knows she watches and im gonna be honest that gave me a rush of emotion lmao 
  • phil: ‘take my lettuce’
  • dan: ‘feed me dad’ @ huge monster
  • phil: ‘plonk your tomato on my lettuce’
  • phil wants to name this ‘dan and phil’s salad dream’ dan immediately thinks that sounds like it could be a fanfic bc ofc he does
  • dan feels the need to clarify he was misquoted in one of the tweets from the jaguar event probs bc he saw the ppl dragging him for saying something that sounded like ‘millennials need products to help them go outside’ lmao
  • they have a loud faux argument when they both have to control driving the bus and my ears hurt but my heart is warm
  • phil tells dan to breathe before they start the first actual round and it’s cute
  • phil’s mostly on chopping and dishes duty and claims he doesn’t want to be sous chef. dan literally immediately responds by saying that typically the head chef is disliked by people and the sous chef is the one that actually does all the work .. wow …… what are these Emotions? it’s like when they were playing 1, 2, switch and phil was like, why do i have to be luigi and you get to be mario, and dan was like luigi’s actually the one people like :(((((( wtf :(
  • ‘get out of the way lad’ says phil to dan and i’m dying
  • dan making fun of phil for making a song reference ‘from 1982′ by fondly yelling ‘you relic’
  • dan says phil’s behavior is ‘absolute babuse’ .. and i’m crying bc they def just use this word now referencing the vid where phil predicts dan’s future and attacks him with a banana & dan probably thinks it’s hilarious that phil said it in the first place and why are they so fond of each other honestly
  • there’s a new chef in the game for round 2 who dan thinks looks like pj but phil thinks looks like the child of dan and pj and dan immediately makes yet another fanfic reference, saying a fic of that definitely exists (if there is where can i read it? does dan read parent!kickthefire fic in his free time? does phil read it bc of his mpreg fixation? i need answers)
  • phil doesn’t like soup bc is it a food or is it a drink (dan, vehemently: ‘it’s a food’)
  • dan says he’s gonna play this second round as the PJ-lookalike chef and phil takes issue: ‘i’m gonna feel like my friend has disappeared and been replaced by a slightly different replica’ dan looks at him blankly for a second and then says ’that was like a whole thing’ sdfjsldfsdf what a weird interaction ahahaha i feel like dan was a bit thrown by phil making a big deal out of dan playing as ‘himself’ in the game 
  • phil keeps reminding dan to relax and it makes dan giggle a lot. phil’s like, ‘philly says relax’ and dan just goes full dimply, crinkly smile and my heart has fully melted
  • phil says ‘oh daniel’ in a deep singsong-y voice. phil just sang a lot in general in this stream, the thing where he replaces words to common tunes with whatevers happening in the game, and he does that all the time and it’s one of his most endearing traits for sure
  • dan: ‘i’m going to give you a soup thats not on fire’ phil: ‘put it in my mouth’
  • dan’s making these horrendous spitting spluttering noises and phils just gentle and going ‘dan we’ve got another tomato to do’ a couple of times to get him to focus ahahah
  • ‘this is not a hierarchy thing. we’re both a part of this kitchen’ this feels like a metaphor
  • phil suggests they do a ‘fist bump of truth’ before starting the final round
  • ‘dan i love your butt’ dan reads from the chat, and promptly gives a dead stare to the camera before saying he’ll ignore the chat again for a bit
  • ‘don’t be upset I’m not offended’ says phil to the audience when dan screams at him and alleges that they would’ve done fine that round if phil hadn’t ‘ballsed it up.’ lmao!!!!! they’re both so aware of people thinking dan is mean to phil, its kind of funny that phil’s instinct was to laugh at dan yelling at him and then to reassure the viewers that he’s literally completely fine and no one needs to bother feeling upset on his behalf.
  • why can they just say a word like ‘potato’ and then immediately know the reference they’re both thinking of and both start singing at like the exact same time it’s disturbing
  • ‘dan and phil’s salady dreams’ says phil, he’s really into these suggestive salad phrases
  • phil: ‘don’t swear’ dan: ‘this is a christian channel. no yiffing’
  • phil: ’we’re like a well oiled machine’ dan: ’we’re symbiotic right now’ (is this them just describing their general state of being)
  • wtf was that whole ad bit??? phil had a potential contact lens issue and dan starts asking him about it before randomly breaking off to look at phil intensely and do some cutesy facial expressions and then ask in a strangely soft, almost childish voice whether he can ‘press the button’ and they both kind of just look at each other and giggle and then phil is like weird and placating in his tone and it’s ….. cute??? why was that interaction cute wtf? but it’s just a button to play an ad so they try it but literally no one actually got an ad (if u got an ad then u just missed phil getting up to check his contact and coming back in 10 seconds and dan saying like ‘hi’ ‘hello’ ‘what’s up’ or some random filler words like that)
  • when they look at the game again there’s a new chef on the screen and it’s a cat and phil is immediately like ‘i want to be the cat chef!!!’ and then dan is like ’speaking of yiff … hello there’ sdfksdflsdf i’m dying @ these actual furries
  • dan then goes on a small tangent about fursuits which was definitely him stating actual opinions about how fursuits should have more colors or like rainbow stripes, and if youre going to make one, why would u go for a cat? it should be fox or wolf or dog. in case anyone wanted dan’s opinions on that. phil looks legit uncomfortable for a fleeting second but they transition onwards quite smoothly
  • they shout out some of phil’s fav comments from the last vid which was cute and phil acknowledges his swear
  • phil: *wants to show the viewers their new fancy mic* dan: ’show me that micussy’ …. that about sums it up folks

[ 20 • 3 ] science ft. slightly dead succulents!

Daddy Kat (1x09)

  • makes reservations
  • buys an $11,000 plane ticket to see her girl
  • “we’ll get you a crazy amazing lawyer”
  • “im here, im in this with you”
  • comforts Adena when she starts to cry
  • gives Adena all her attention
  • asks Adena out on a date
  • always the dominant/leading hand holder
  • takes her girl to first class like its no big deal
  • walks into first class lounge like shes used to it all
  • thats what i brought you here for, our date. what would you like? let me get it for you. what do you need?(fucking daddy af)
  • has the option to not work at all when thinking of traveling with Adena bc shes obviously loaded w/ $$$ and doesnt need to
  • leads Adena upstairs to a private area to fuck
  • B I G S P O O N !!! (back/shoulder kisses)
  • shes tol-er than her girl
  • perfect shoulder height for Adena to rest her head
  • wraps her arm around Adena waiting for her flight

**Bonus: Kat gave her first class seat to Adena (x)

in conclusion,, go find u a daddy like Kat

let’s be honest...

This is probably gonna come across as quite negative, but it’s really not intended to be. I’m going to be honest because thats what this blog is about, honesty and discussion. I would never usually do a post like this, but I’ve spoken to a lot of people who are feeling the exact same way as myself. This isn’t spreading “hate” so don’t attack me for it, it’s an opinion and it’s something that I feel should be addressed. Anyway, here we go:

I genuinely feel as a fandom, we are all so blinded by how we perceive Lauren to be, that we always attempt to justify the things she says/does when in reality, there’s a lot of things, we don’t actually agree with. I’m struggling to accept this image she’s playing out. It’s obvious their team is preparing her for her solo career next year. Out of the 4, only she and Ally so far have been given permission to release a song for profit in mainstream pop this year. Now, we’ve touched on the younger fanbase issue before. Lauren has always wanted to be older and more mature than who she is. Every stage in life happens for a reason, we accept that as we grow we learn what we need to know, when we need to know it.  L attempted to grow up so fast, that she’s now lost who she was. I look at L in 2015 then I look at her today. She was more mature and aware two years ago at 18/19 than she is now. Present day, her actions and behaviour contradict everything she stands for and preaches upon us. She selective, and addresses certain things on social media, leaving other major issues out. Her sexuality is now been questioned and undermined because of who she is been linked to and who she’s supposedly dating. That’s actually fucking sad, not just for L, but for LGBT fans across the fandom. She’s either drunk/high in nearly everything she uploads on Instagram. I understand thats a lifestyle choice, thats completely acceptable. There’s millions of people that do weed, I don’t personally but I don’t have an issue with people doing it, each to their own. However, what I do have a problem with is young fans cluelessly imitating Lauren’s behaviours because of her status and profile. If she wasn’t so public and blatant about what she was doing, I wouldn’t be writing this. None of the other girls are, and this is partly my issue.  L attempts to justify who she is and her lifestyle but all she’s doing is conforming to the stereotypes put in place by the music industry by publicising everything but not what’s important.

There’s been instances where Lauren has been so rude and impolite to respectful fans who nicely and respectfully ask for pictures or to talk with her. I understand theres a lot of fans who don’t respect the girls privacy, the airport incident was just one of many situations. But, 90% of the fandom are genuine fans who literally just want to take a picture or talk for a few minutes with their idols. These are the genuine fans that in reality elevated the girls to the level of success they currently sit at today. I’ve spoke to fans who have been left in tears at the Meet and Greets because Lauren couldn’t be bothered to interact with those who had spent hundreds of dollars to specifically meet her. I understand she’s human, she’s allowed to have off days we all have them. But, it’s important to remember, Lauren chose to audition back in 2012, she chose to sign a group contract and she chose fame. Nobody else chose this but herself. 

Fame can be the greatest thing in the world. You can do what you love, gain a platform and address issues you’re passionate about and have them taken seriously. However, it’s the most damaging thing to ever exist in humanity. What comes with fame is money and greed, and individuals loose who they perceive themselves to be. L’s confidence in herself often comes across as egotistical and arrogant. In any real life situation, no one should behave like that because no one is ever going to be the best. Why’s that? Because, there’s always going to be someone in life who comes along that’s better than you are and unfortunately, that’s just the way the world works.

I’m going to be completely honest with you all here, I genuinely fear L will lose herself in industry as a solo artist. There’s temptation, and people will try and craft her into a mould for the sole purpose of making money. We’re already seeing this happen. I fear her political and social activism will be degraded because of how she behaves and portrays who she is. There’s that added pressure to be the best vocally and if were being honest, theres always someone new that’s better. Her feminism and liberation as a woman will be taken away from her if she continues being linked to those known for their misogynistic and antifeminist behaviour. Her sexuality, something so empowering, brave and a huge part of who she is, will be degraded and mocked if she’s in relationships with certain people who think bisexuality is a joke. It’s not acceptable.

The healthiest and safest thing for Lauren to do, is to distance herself from social media and concentrate on what really matters. Spending time with family to reground herself of who she is and what she stands for. She’s got so much going for her and her potential is endless. But at the same time, she’s losing a lot of respect from fans who have been there from day one and those are the same fans that regardless of contract, can make or break a career.

Pennywise headcannons (fluff)

I’ve been feeling a bit down recently so I figured I’d try and do some fluff ones this time as a way of cheering myself up. I did NSFW ones last time if you wanna check them out. Forgive me if these seem a bit flat. Emotionally the past few days haven’t been the best for me and I feel like that might come off as gloominess in my writing. •Given he’s at least a foot taller than your average human. He would always have to bend down to kiss you. •Sometimes you’d wake up to see a creepy little smiley face drawn into the frost on your window. Meaning he’d dropped by last night to check on you. Just his little way of reminding you he’s always watching out for you.

• On days where you feel nervous or anxious you’d notice a familiar looking off-white and red bird following you around.

•If you’d had a bad day you would head straight to the Neibolt house. You’d always want to be near him when you’re feeling depressed but not really wanting to talk a lot. Hearing you so quiet would worry him and he would always try to make you crack a smile or laugh.

•You’d explain different Halloween traditions to him excitedly because it’s the one day of the year you could go out as a couple in public.  And his first reaction is “So you’re telling me kiddies just walk right up to your door, looking for a scare. Well, thats fucking great. Easy feed right there.”  “Umm, I think you’re missing the point.”

•You’d get a very dramatic eye roll when you did show up on Halloween wearing your best attempt at his costume and makeup with a pile of red balloons.

•sassing him and him glaring at you when you do do that.

•“I can’t believe that stupid fucking kid called my house a crack house”. “Yeah, I know. Don’t worry tho, I like your crack house.”

•Both of you sitting on the porch of the Neibolt house when a storm is rolling in. Talking about whatever was on your mind. You’d have your legs splayed out underneath you and an arm outstretched into the rain, enjoying the familiar smell it brings.

•You’d tell him you don’t mind the sewers at all. Its the people up top that scare you more.

•Telling him you want to spend the whole summer with him.

•Carrying one of his little bells around as a good luck charm.

•Doing your best to copy his maniacal clown laugh.

•Because you keep tripping or walking into things down in the dark sewers, you decide to set up some candles down there so you can see better. Pennywise isn’t too impressed now that his liar os scented and has mood lighting.

•Because your starting to spend more and more time down in the Neibolt house with him you end up moving some go your belongings there. Books, cassette tapes, maybe a favorite pillow. You accidentally left your sketchbook there once, only for him to find a few drawings of him inside. You, of course, would be embarrassed. But he would find it endearing and make you beg him to give the book back while he held it above you, just out of your reach.

•He’d pick you up and spin you around at random moments.

•When you were younger you got beat up a lot, Derry isn’t a very open-minded place. You eventually gain the reputation of being the girl you do not fuck with. Even before you knew Pennywise had his eye on you, bad things always seemed to happen to the people who mess with you. It was only later you figured out it was him. Your his precious, little human and no one is allowed to hurt you.

•There was one time on your way home a bunch of girls from school got the jump on you. One of them grabs onto your long hair, yanking it to keep you from running away. The self-proclaimed leader of the group starts kneeing you in the gut, while the rest chant insults at you. You fall to the ground which causes the tension on your scale to only get worst. Out of instinct, you’d try your best to curl up and use your arms to cover your head in order to block some of the blows. Despite your best efforts most of them would still hit their mark. Pennywise would come crawling out of the sewer at lightning speed, fangs fully exposed, causing your attackers to scatter. He managed to grab the girl that was kicking you by her neck, lifting her and making the most inhuman snarling noise. His mouth hanging open, teeth fully splayed and drool flooding past his lips. You’d never seen him look so terrifying. After that, he’d take you straight back down to the sewers. He’d feel bad seeing you sniffling back tears and whipping the blood from your busted lip onto your sleeve. He tries to comfort you by telling you he’d pick them off slowly, one by one so they knew what was coming before hugging you tightly. He wouldn’t let you leave the sewers for the next due to him being overly worried about you.

•He’d really like holding your hand. He thinks its really cute that your hand is so much smaller than his and that he basically wrap your hand up in his.

•If you’re doing something like reading where you sitting still than he’d constantly be sitting you in his lap. Because he’s so much taller than you, he would be able to rest his head on top of yours and just look down at whatever it is you’re doing.

•The first time he saw you cry, he would feel a bit awkward and not really know what to do. Eventually, he gets the hang of it tho. He’d pick you up and pull you on his lap. Wrapping his long arms around your smaller frame, rocking you back and forth and nuzzling his face against the side of yours until you calmed down and started breathing normally again. Pennywise doesn’t have a real physical heart. He would be fascinated by the sound of your heart beating. Similar to how he can smell when someone near him is afraid, he might be able to pick up when someone around him has an erratic, panicked heartbeat ( maybe our adrenaline causes something in him to react ). But he’s never just heard the steady, rhythmic thumping of a regular heartbeat. That small little organ, the thing that he generally eats is the reason you’re his. He would probably try and get either his head or his hand near your chest when you’re asleep so he can feel or hear it beating