but really omnipots

To Antis, why Sheith really isn’t pedophilia

-First-and yes: official, reference to ages were “five teenagers”. Some of you say that this is simply because it sounds catchier, which really is a weak argument I find, as you are arguing against proof of Shiro being a teenager, even though that would actually make us, automatically, a healthier and safer fandom. Dreamworks and Netflix are all official studios/networks, what they say is what every consumer sees. They are involved in production and the airing of the show, thye allow it to happen, so if anyone gets to be official, they do. If you’re so for supporting a safe environment, you would’ve highlighted this option (five teenagers) in a heartbeat. But you didn’t.  Instead 25 is apparently uncontested law, and hence drama.

-The official ages everyone sees. I can give you that the SDCC counts as an official video, with official members and official information. But you’re being hypocritical when you say it’s official and then proceed to ignore other official sources. That my friend, is called selective attention. Especially when the sources referring to Shiro as a teenager outnumber and in fact, outweigh the sources that don’t. “Five teenagers” is stated on Netflix. You know the show website that everyone goes on to watch awesome TV?  I personally did not see the SDCC video until maybe the end of December. Yes, I have been on tumblr quite regularly, and on the voltron tag, yet I didn’t start hearing about age discourse until December, when I saw one of my gay ships once again being called pedophillic. Yay! But back to the point, is that if a regular tumblr like myself manages to not see a ‘really’ important/significant omnipotently official source, it can be guaranteed that many others don’t. Out of the 9 million viewers who watch Voltron, only a small percentage sees your ‘divine’ video, compared to everyone who sees “five teenagers.” So tell me again which age is more official?

-”Safe zone.” Tim Hedrick was the only staff member who was involved in the first discussion, then it was brought to the producers and him again. Dos Santos said ‘safe zone’, meaning that yes, that’s probably the oldest/youngest they can be. Important to note this video did not include multiple directors, nor fellow writer Mitch Iverson.  

-Kallura and Shallura. No ship hate, but I have noticed antis do ship this combination, which is very hypocritical to me, in that Shiro is an adult when you want to feel morally superior when you say I’m disgusting for shipping sheith and should go to hell.

In conclusion, the fandom part that does the most harm are the antis. Yes, there are a few Sheith shippers out there with uncomfortable ideas, but I don’t forgive you for being an ass and telling me I support child abuse when all I want to see is two teenage boys being in love. Literally, I’m not even here for the smut stuff, I’m here for the cute/funny/sad content, not your f’ed up hate shit. Please focus your energies on real situations and real problems, not on telling users (some who are ironically minors and survivors btw) to go kill themselves for shipping ‘pedophilia’, when both characters have been officially referred to as teenagers, and the ship has received support from staff members (including ones in the video) because it is so ‘unhealthy’. The drive behind Shiro is an adult is mostly (not everyone) fueled by the need to justify why you hate Sheith and why your interpretation is better than ours, and unfortunately for us , the writer was so innocent of fandom warfare as to give you ammunition. And I am sorry for all those who have been affected by this discourse, not just to survivors, but also people who aren’t being recognised for the distress things like this can cause them (those with anxiety, those who are sensitive to homosexual relationships being associated with such things, depression etc- the latter which I am easily drawn back into whenever i feel i have escaped), those who have felt the need to ‘verify’ an opinion by talking about incredibly personal things. I’m personally okay with admitting about my depression, and how discussions like these can unfortunately, influence my mood no matter what I or others tell myself. I literally became so distressed by all the encouragements of suicide and being told i was supporting abuse that i literally became sick for the rest of the week, and so not only was I emotionally miserable, but bonus, physically miserable, it was a really shit week that I was constantly surrounding myself in Disney and Harry Potter content to feel slightly okay. 

I just wanted to share my experience for those don’t want to share theirs, just so they can have a voice, about how your actions have probably been the most harmful thing in this fandom.

Trick the Past Again- An Akane Kurashiki Mix

“I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve my goals. That’s just the kind of person I am.”

Kidnapper, killer, time traveler, mastermind, scientist, conspiracy nut, cult leader, savior of humanity.  A mix for Akane Kurashiki.

1. A.A.A| Squalloscope//2. Uma Thurman| Fall Out Boy//3. Oh No!| Marina and the Diamonds//4. Cold War| Janelle Monae//5. Strings and Attractors| How to Destroy Angels//6. Just One Yesterday| Fall Out Boy ft. Foxes//7. Playing For Keeps| Elle King//8. Still Alive| Portal OST//9. Black Sheep| Metric//10. Castle| Halsey//11. I am not a Robot| Marina and the Diamonds//12. Soap| Melanie Martinez//13. Academia| Sia//14. Hope on Fire| Vienna Teng//15. Blindness| Metric

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Basically my experiences with Zero Escape can be expressed with a “do it for her” graphic starring Akane Kurashiki. I adore her in all her complex, morally ambiguous, well-intentioned extremist, Machiavellian glory. So here’s my mix tribute to her, complete with the usual obsessively detailed annotations under the cut. 

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Episode starts with Cutter like “Am I making contact with the beings weve been searching for?” and then the rest of it is 40 minutes of him screaming as his entire being is undone by really pissed off practically omnipotent beings Carter you idiot

If I was your God (Spoken word by Dave McAlinden)

This poem is dedicated to the Holy Roman Catholic Church,

politicians everywhere,

the New York Yankees,

and anyone else that keeps fucking up my shit.

If I was a bible writer,

I would do a lot of editing.

I would decree religion a hell worthy trespass.

Turn dogma to paradox,

A burning bush into a magnavox,

Lighting would be enlightening,

And every baseball team would be the Red Sox.

That’s right baseball would be in the bible

Because the bible without baseball is flat out un-American.

And if I was the Pope, 

Vatican City would be as beautiful and as antiquarian as it ever was,

But prayers for absolution listing from the lips of priests would be

Sweet whispers to the husbands or wives

And the pale holy light through the stain glass.

Thats right, priests could get down.

Because if I was a holy man I’d still wanna get down

And I think it would cut down on child molestation in the church.

I’m just saying. Yes, the holy bone could be the stone that kills those two birds

And sense I’m probably going to hell for this poem anyway: 

If I was your God, 

I would sprinkle wine out into the night so that when you looked

Up to it to whither time away with questions

You’d be so drunk with the moment you’d forget

All about being saved and start seeing that the only way to be saved

Is to save yourself by just being and holding.

 See if I was therapist you probably wouldn’t wanna go to me

But I would listen like a best friend on Adderall.

And I would answer all your questions in plain language and 

Possibly offer the exact advise you were looking for

Though I know you’d never take it.

And if I was a politician

If I was a dick 

I would fuck you.

No need to thank me. 

Just doing my job. 

Because a dick and a politician, they

Both are designed to…

They are really…

If I was omnipotent and I could change things

I would probably start out by doing a bunch of weird shit

That always seems to pop up in my dreams.

Like turn telephone booths into teleportation pads.

That would be wicked fucking awesome.

I would fuck a cloud into a monsoon. 

Make all your favorite moments possible to clone.

I would light bottle rockets to bloom in to tulips.

And when they floated down I would bend a pitchfork

Into a saxophone. And play the sky 

Into the ground so we could have a soundtrack 

With the playback of our fantasies.

I would turn Qurans into Bibles;

Bibles into Qurans

Show that words of love in another language can be read as a battle plan

So I turn wars into carnivals and 

Fists into hands to make 

Musical instruments out of killing zones.

If I was an artist then I would give you my hands

But I am sorry to sayI just play the age old role of the fool

Because maybe I still believe in god, just in case.

And no, I’ve never read the bible and

I don’t know the first thing about baseball. 

I just said that to get you to like me.

And I can’t name the Pope;

I don’t even vote and

Ive never been to a therapist before. 

I’m too shit scared that I might actually have to deal with a problem.

And nobody, nobody, nobody, has limitless power.

That’s why they all want it so bad. 

Yet here we are. Still just talking about all the things we’d do if we had.

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15, preferably jack saying it if you want 😳

Rhys had been running a meeting of his own with the cybernetics department, when suddenly huge, holographic images of Jack appeared on the entire circumference of the room. Some of the employees started at the sudden appearance and wash of electric blue, but Rhys merely let out a smile and an affectionate roll of his eyes.

When Jack had been resurrected from the AI, he’d insisted that his new form be…”backwards compatible,” in his own words. Essentially, Jack had decided that omnipotence was really to his liking. He enjoyed being everywhere in Helios at once whenever he wanted to, remotely controlling anything that he could hack into, whether that be turrets or video displays or anything hooked up to the main body of Helios at all. So occasionally, Jack would plug himself into his chair in his office and appear at random, at will, all over the space station.

Heyyyy there, kiddos,” Jack’s digitized voice blared over the conference room, the echoes from outside of the hall establishing that indeed, Jack was projecting all over Helios, “sorry to interrupt you busy bees, but daddy’s got something he wants to say.” Rhys snorted a little, casting a casual glance over to one of the glowing blue displays. He was probably the only person to take a personal announcement from Jack so nonchalantly. The rest of the employees in the room were on the edge of their seats, ears perked for whatever “announcement” Jack had in store for them.

“So, Rhys, Rhysie, you all know him….string bean, nice hair, stripes on one side of his clothes for some reason, sweet perky ass? Yeaaaaah you know him.”  That caught Rhys’ attention, and indeed for a moment the looks of all the other employees in the room were fixed directly on him, before shifting back to the monitors. Rhys could feel a slight blush rising up in his cheeks. Oh no.

“Anyway, he’s been moanin’ and groanin’ about how I don’t tell him how I feel enough. Like, just cryin’ like a baby ‘cause daddy isn’t givin’ him enough attention or whatever. Oh, Jack—“ Rhys didn’t really think the falsetto sounded anything like his voice, “—I just can’t live without hearing your voice, please oh please whisper sweet nothings into my ear—you know how it goes. So,” the hologram of Jack took a big, dramatic breath. Rhys felt flush rise to his ears, covering his face up as he let out a moan of embarrassment.

“Here goes, I loooooove you, Rhysie, Love you so frickin’ much, my sweet little kitten. Now park your ass in my office as soon as possible, if you want more special attention from daddy.” The dark purr in Jack’s voice made Rhys flush for a completely different reason, placing his head against the meeting room table

My Friendos

I just really love my friends alot. I think about you all too much, and I worry and I cry…and you guys somehow stand it.

Thank you for being there. 

So far, these have been the happiest months of my life since I met you all.

Thank you, and I mean this. 

I love you guys.

ram-cat gershwin-palmer ryandecarie f0c0u hyliianprincess hyroolianwarrior aincrad-omnipotent fivenightsofdubbing mysticbaconslice

im pretty sure im godkin…………. like i dont feel a specific god or anything i just feel really omnipotent and powerful a lot of the time and it really does feel godlike

maybe they’re just really intimidated by how omnipotent and flawless Hannibal is. he has everything that could possibly be planned out planned out. he has countless backups. he’s startlingly intelligent and stronger than he has any right to be. and Mads is literally playing the character like he’s Satan on the show.

he’s about as far away from a flawed, human character as you can get and that’s what’s so great about watching/reading him.

Star Wars Rant-Along: TFA EDITION! (Chapter IV)

Right so. So. I am backs. I am bacK! its Sunday again, which means its Star Wars RANT ALONG NIGHT: TFA EDITION, CHAPTER IV! For those of u who don’t know the skinny, basically I am reading thru the TFAnovelization chapter-by-chapter drunk on cheap wine and fast food, annnnnddddd I rant about it! normally I have chocolate with this, but I am actuallysick and drugged up to my eyeballs on bennydrill and i still gots the wine, but no chocolate, so opted for ‘merican chinese fuud instead. I am regretting its.

ANYWAYS. U can find a not-so-drunk word vomit of dis thing here. You can find previous rant-alongs HERE:

Some of dis will make a lil’ bit of sense. Most of it wont. As always, spelling mistakes with be left in for nostalgia. ANYWAYS. THIS WEEK, ON HOW-ALAN-GETS-A-BONER.

CHAPTER IV (In which Finn makes his DARING ESCAPE wITH the PRINCESS)


  • Last week: Kylo, evil brother of kyle, gots a bit handsy with hoe-my-fair-is-fabulous, and by handsy I mean he tortured him. Rey took BB to Niima, avoided Uncle-my-midle-name-is-pedobear-Unkar, and generally acted like a heroine from a harlequin novel. Finn began his escape with ZE PRINCESS. Ohtze had a breakdown and began tew question her life choices. All of them.
  • THIS WEK: Finn continued to make his DARING ESCAPE WITH THE PRINCESS. We learn tha t the princess is the best pilot in the galaxy, so finn gots him a tie fightercuz princesses dig tie fighters and ngl I want a tie fighter as a betrothal gift too. MEANWHILE, general gingerfuck aka The Hux continues to act like a dumbfuck, and kyle continues to tell general gingerfuck that he is dumb. Wat a winning personality. Wat teamwork. These two are gonna go on to do great things, fer sure.

Notes (regretting the food. My stomachs is hurting)

  • I have whitewine again today, cuz white whine is all I gots. I was gonna get some red but I got dristracted by drama and my new story, so I forget.
  • My new one shot is really coo. S’veERRRYYYYY depressing, cuz I AM STRESS, but that is okay cuz it means there will be salt. Lots of salt, n’ I will mine it.
  • Pg 51, the princess aka Poe is sitting down in the tie fighter, looking over his new toy. This should have been really coo, because he’s sitting in a tie fight for the FIRST TIME, which is a GREAT TIME to describe everything in detail thru SHOWING, but anal driver doesn’t do this. Alan just tells us that poe is excited, and he just tells us what each thing is supposed to do, instead of us/poe/de audience figuring it out for themselves, which is hella boring. There are places to to ‘tell,’ but setting up a sceneis NOT ONE of them. NOT ONE OF US.

Originally posted by still-confused-about-everything

  • PG 52, when poe is talking bout the tie fight and fin n is talking bout blasters, alan finally switches to showing instead of telling, n this is good. He mixes dialogue up in the scene too, which breaks up the monotony n’ makes things more interesting. He should ha done dis WAY sooner
  • Back. I left. I was gonnawrite this standing up but the benadryl is messing with my head and I amSUPER dizzy now no I am lying downs and drinkn the wine and this is NOT goig to end well
  • CATS.

Originally posted by refurbthecat

  • Everyone needs more cats.
  • Fuck my eyes hurt wat is WONRG with them ic ants see
  • Pg 53,. All of it. everyone is in a panics as finn an the princess try to make their DARING ESCAPE. This should have been a really interesting scene, full of ACTION, but instead alan slips into really bad omnipotent narrator voice and bores the fuck out of it. dis paraphrase is the worst:
  • “throughout the finalizer, confusion expanded exponentially. Departments were alerted that normally went unexercised while the ship was in orbit around peaceful planets. Off duty personal were roused to the sounds of alarms ringing on their personal communicators. Contradictory commands flew back and forth between bemused sections. A large majority f those alerted responded slowly and reluctantly, confident that what they were responding to was nothing more than a drill.”
  • ^So like, it it FINE to summarize like this if u have already discussed this scene in detail before this, but anal driver HASN’T. he has been BAD. At doing this. He hasn’t done it. very baa indeed. And like, I know the temptation is der to write EVERYTHING, which is why he using omnipotent narrator, but honestly sometime it better to hold stuf BACK. for mystery, u know.
  • Pg 53, when th princess fires the ray gun “where moments before there had been calm, there no was bedlam, alarm, and fire.” <WAT CALM. SRSLY CALM, CUZ THE ONLY CALM I SEE IS IN THE MONOTONY OF ALAN’S WRITING.
  • PG 54, there is perspective hopping everywhere. it is really really confusing, and makes things moar confusing-er.
  • Pg 54, “a tight, humourless grin-OH MY GOD I FEEL ASLEEP

Originally posted by steven-universe-gifs

  • Never mix wine and Benadryl kidz. Nevar.it will knock u out for like… forever AND THEN U WILL FEEL AWFUL AFTERWARD
  • Alreit, lets finish dis beast. I am not a drunk anymore I don’t think think but I AM woozy af n’ haf awake. Same principal
  • Pg 54, “a tight, humorless grin crossed poe’s face. “someone on that ship called me the best pilot in the Resistance. I wouldn’t want to disappoint him.” <GAWD, ALAN. U TALKIN’ BOUT KYLO AND HOW COOL KYLO IS WITOUT THE KILO THERE. AGAIN,
  • PG 55. Pg 55 of a 260 pag book, finn FINALLY gets a name.finally. wat da fuk is dis shut, youNEVER introduce names dis late.
  • Look
  • Look at dis:
  • “unable to restrain himself, the tropper let out a yell that echoed around the cockpit. “YES! Did you see that?” Peo whipped the TIE fighter around the side of the Finalizer. “Told ya you could do it! What’s your name?” “FN-2187.” “FN-whaa?”
  • ^this ‘whaa’ is sOOOOOoooooo bad. Like dis sounds like an old man speaking in the way he THINKS dem young folks talk, an it comes off so stilted. And THIS is the way you introduce the name of one of your man characters?????!
  • Pg 55 at the very bottom, we get insight into how finn left and why he thinks the ways he does, but instead of SHOWING it, alan TELLS IT. WHY. WHY WOULD U DO THIS. This isPERFECT opportunity for finn’s growth and for us to see inside his head and how he views the world as HE (finn) sees it, but instead alan just takes over and tells us how we’resuposed to think instead?no. not cool. U just made a potentially really interesting scene SUPR boring.
  • Pg 56, finn AND HIS DARING ESCPE Wwith THE PRINCESSends. We are on page-fifty-fucking-6, and STILL no physical description of finn. This has gone on for solong we’re moving from dis-in-bad-writing shenanigans to i-think-this-says-somethin-REALLY-ugly-about-yer-personal-biases levels of bullshit. ESPECIALLY if boyega had already been cast by thispoint. If boyaga had already been cast, alan has absolutely ZERO excuses for dis.
  • Pg 56, we are back with kylo-i-am-shreddies n’ general gingerfuck, aka The Hux.
  • Pg 56 “hux didn’t understand. It was beyond comprehension” < I think a lot of things seem to be beyond yer comprehension, buddy.
  • Pg 57, alan is describing how general gingerfuck is going to fuck up finn and the princess, but liek instead of SHOWING us this, he TELLS it and summarizes it down to a single paragraph. Dis is boring af.
  • Pg 57, we start talkin bout how tall kylo is again
  • Look
  • LOOK
  • “unable to see past the metallic mask, unable to perceive eyes or mouth, one had to reply on subtle changes in voice and tone to try to descry the tall man’s mood.”
  • ^SEE. Tall. Like why mention it HERE? unless u are totally obsessed??? Also who used the word “descry’ in a situation like this anyways
  • “He(Hux) would have inquired further, but the taller figure had already turned and headed off.”
  • DAT IS TWO mentions of how tall kylo is in less than a page during the middle of wat should be a very intense battle sceen. Dat is two mentions of how tall and impressive kylo is in less than a page, while we has gone for more than 58 pages without a single physical description of finn. I know where ur priorities lie, alan. Ohtze sees. Ohtz knows.
  • Pg 60 “poe could not dispute finn’s logic, so he ignored it” < wat DUMBFUCKERY IS DIS. AND THEY SENT YOU TO DO THE SUPER SECRET MISSIONS???? Nowonder resistance is losing. The only reason they won is because general gingerfuck is dumber
  • Pg 60 “poe was not moving. His eyes were shut. Blood streamed down his face. “no – noooo! Poe!” < dis is laughably bad dialogue. All the dialogue in dis book is bad (see: rey sounding like harlequin romance lady) but dis bit is particularly painful. Also it rhyme
  • Pg 61, finn and the princess crash the tie fighter. Finn gets the fuckoutta dodge mid-air, leaving a princess to go down with the ship. Real classy finn. Real classy. U not even gonna get a second date at this point!
  • After dis we go back to general gingerfuck. He is having a very bad day and he is a leeting everyone know it
  • “biological traces are acceptable,” hux murmured, “but a coupel of skulls would be better.” <SHIT hux. U harsh. U are both mean AND dumb. This is bad combo. no dates for u either
  • Pg 63, finn is a crash on Jakku. Look:
  • “the dusky dune field stretched out in all directions, to every horizon. Somehow blue sky and sand now seemed more forbidding than the blackness of space. The warships that had largely been his home were sealed, environmentally controlled little worlds. Anything one needed was readily available, right at hand. Food, water, entertainment, sleeping facilities: All were no more than a few steps away. It was more than a little ironic that someone comfortable in the vastness of space should suddenly find himself suffering from a touch of agoraphobia.”
  • ^so like, dis is a GOOD description. It is a nice combo of showing and teling, but this description of Jakku and the finalize gets more attention to detail than finn himself (ad wat he looks like) and dis is BAD.
  • Finn finds crashed tie fighter. He tires to get the princess out of the crashed tire, but tire goes BOOm n POP and sinks into sand. Finn is left all alone.
  • Oh my god
  • Oh my god look, pg 65
  • “he inhaled deeply, then screamed at the empty planet, knowing as he did so that there was no one around to hear him. “I DON’T… KNOW WHAT… TO DO!”
  • oh myyyyyy god
  • this is the WORSt dialogue ever
  • like the WORST, and this is how u end yer chapter? This is like ‘he’s taking the hobbits to isenguard’ bad. I AM DISSAPOINT

FINAL THOUGHTS (awake and feeling kinda sick).

  • Did not really like this chapter. It had the potential to be really tense and exciting and it wasnot. Like at all. Every single action sequence was summarized and told, instead of shown in depth, an u do not do this.
  • Also, dialogue was appallingly BAD and we still get no physical description of finn.
  • Disappoint
  • I am dissapoint
  • UGH