but really like can you honestly blame me

naomi is lighting up on twitter rn and I don’t blame her one bit, even if I’m expected to because I’m a fan of hers. This isn’t even really just about her not being on the poster, it’s years of frustrations finally being released. She’s been made to take the backseat for her entire career and she finally had her breaking point. So honestly, y'all can miss me with that “she doesn’t need to be all over social media with this” bullshit. They just made a complete ass of her, like they’ve been doing forever, and you can honestly just take so much. And it hurts as a fan to see someone as talented and dedicated as her have to watch others pass her up. But if she leaves, I don’t blame her in the slightest and I hope she drags the FUCK outta them on that shoot interview

hello hello hello,,, i’m mona aka your favorite mean meme machine (that was both alliteration and assonance pls love me) and this is my bb george popovich. i love plotting and angst, so if you want to plot, just like this post/dm me!

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Update (kinda???)

Holy shit guys. I honestly don’t know what to say. I’m almost at 500 followers (!!) even though I’m barely active on here anymore due to health reasons.
Trust me, I really want to get the asks done and I’m so sorry for dragging out on them for like half a year. Here I am, more or less blaming this on my health, but even though I barely post anything new except for some reblogs every now and then, you guys are still here. I seriously can’t thank you enough.
I will honestly try my best at getting stuff done from now on. New year, new me, amirite? And if I’m too slow again, please feel free to drop by my inbox and scream at me to get shit done! I want to try my best at writing from now on!

Thank you so much for still being here, for still following this trashy blog after all this.
This got kinda longer than I intended it to be, so if you’re still reading, an extra thank you!

fighter-ace  asked:

I think the number one way I recognize your art is because its soft. Its really soothing to look at. I love it to pieces!

-blush- Aw shucks. Thank you! You can blame my brush settings for that soft look - I paint with a low-ish density, so there’s a lot of soft shading happening. Honestly, I’m pretty jealous of peeps who can do that really defined cell shading - but I’m super duper happy you like the softness. 

Art trademark thing >

Living with Rap Monster

● Him trying to watch you change

    ○ At first he’d try to hide it

    ○ But eventually he would give up on that

    ○ And just sit there like “honestly can you eve blame me?”

● Getting jumpscared

● Having your things rearranged

● Him always touching your hair

    ○ Tugging on it really lightly to get your attention

    ○ Running his fingers through it so that you can relax

    ○ Tugging on it really hard in bed

● Sex everywhere in the house

    ○ Kitchen sex

    ○ Shower sex

    ○ Sex on tables

    ○ Sex on the floor

● Whenever the other members figure out where you’ve done it, they won’t ever go into the room anymore

● When he tries to wake you up early you beat him (with a pillow) to death

● But when you try to get him up early he just tries to snuggle you to death

● Him being super shy to ask you to move in

● Nervous / Shy Namjoon at any first times

    ○ He’d be shy when he saw your clothes in the drawers for the first time

    ○ He’d be shy after waking you up after your first time

    ○ He’d be nervous when you had your parents over to your house for the first time

● Really late night talks with one another 

    ○ Where he obsesses over how he feels like he finally has a place with you

● Having a house party where all your friend come over to see the new place

    ○ When the members show up everyone’s like “why won’t you sit by that table”

● They just never respond

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crusader-of-time  asked:

"Due to our ... unfortunate circumstances thanks to your Gohan, there will be no propper dinner tonight AND he's not allowed to talk to you for a week. That's how it is. You may blame him for that."

“ Wha– ”

“ that’s not fair! You can’t keep me from my boyfriend!! ”

She scowled at the man, not seeming happy in the least at this developement.   Not only was she not allowed to speak with her dear Gohan,  and really like she would listen to that,  said gohan had eaten her fair share of a meal! Honestly. 

anonymous asked:

Honestly tumblr is too complicated for me to explain my view on O and B. I love them. O more than B, yes but that doesn't mean I hate B and blame him for everything or that I love O unconditionally. I just think she's a very complex character and i love her with her flaws and mistakes. But I can't write long paragraphs like you do to really explain you my views on your ask. I'm limited in characters, contrary to you when you reply.

Yeah. That’s true. And I can’t actually respond to multiple post asks right now, I have too many and it’s too overwhelming. I’ll have to change my policies on answering asks as the fandom wakes up. I can share my thoughts, but I cant have debates on here. It’s just the format.

But what it boils down to is I am responding to the asks you send, to what you say. It may not be what you meant, but it’s what you say. And just because I examine Octavia’s darker nature or flaws does not mean I think she is bad or I hate her. Just because I look at her responsibility, her ROLE in the story, doesn’t mean I think she should suffer. There is no way for me to look at her as a complex character without looking at her mistakes and negative traits. Me exploring this? This is not simplification, it’s looking at the complexity.

Saying that two weeks of being on the wrong side is enough to negate 16 years of being who he is to her is simplification. It’s quite possible that this was her reason.That is HER simplifying the situation down to the moment, to her feelings and to her anger. And it still is bad reasoning and a bad plan and caused their plan to fail. 

Don’t say that I am only looking at Octavia’s responsibility and not at Bellamy’s. That’s not what I’m doing. I’m looking at it, I just don’t think he is the one to be held ultimately or mostly responsible for everything the way Octavia, your post and lots of the fandom does. I’m looking, and I’m saying we need to look at the responsibility of the other players. One of whom is Octavia.

You can look at the responsibility of the character for the bad actions and still love them and believe in them and think of them as a hero. One of the reasons I love Bellamy is because when he causes bad things to happen, he admits it, he apologizes, he does his best to make up for it, and he changes his behavior so he doesn’t do it again. He LEARNS and GROWS. At this point, Octavia has not even admitted her actions had anything to do with Lincoln’s death, and because of this, she can’t learn or grow from her mistakes. 

C: Being anti-Christianity or an atheist doesn’t automatically make you more “woke” lol. There was a time when I had stepped away from religion and honestly I didn’t feel any better nor more liberated. If anything I just felt hopeless because I no longer had anything to believe in. Like I understand being upset at how religion was used as colonizing tool but you can’t really blame Christianity for that just like you can’t blame Islam for every terrorist attack done in the name of Allah.

Idk it doesn’t bother me when someone says they’re not a Christian but don’t try and make other black people feel stupid or weak just because they are. I don’t think Tommy Sotomayor is a Christian but would ya’ll call him an enlightened black man?


a sort of drabble that I accidentally turned into a new au.

The slamming of the front door only proves to boost my anger.


Oh, how creative. I can honestly say I was expecting a bit more.

“Oh, just shut up!” I retorted, sinking to his level and spitting out simple minded phrases.

“I just don’t fucking understand you! In what universe is this ok?” He yelled, fistfuls of his midnight hair poking out in between his knuckles.

“It’s your fault, if anyone!” I blamed, a stupid decision, really. If Gray liked anything, which was extremely controversial, it was arguing. And maybe cuddling, but he’d never let me see the light of day if anyone but me knew that.

My fault?! You know I don’t like goddamn PDA!!” He snarled, throwing a bunch of papers off of the kitchen island pointlessly, mostly just for theatrics I could only assume.

“Well I wasn’t the one who asked Lyon to kiss me!” I shot back.

It was a ridiculous topic, in all honesty.

Gray was the one who had dragged me to the baseball game in the first place, for the sole reason that it was ‘America’s game’ and he was determined to catch a baseball even though he probably couldn’t catch a dodgeball if the situation presented itself. 

I was very well aware of what a kiss cam was. I was also very well aware that Gray strongly dislikes PDA, and although sometimes it’s nearly impossible to resist from squishing his cute little baby cheeks in public, I respect his feelings and try to keep any affections I harbor on the down-lo.

But we both have a lack of luck that has dragged us through the sewers, which explains why we were targeted by the stupid camera.

He was so cute when his face completely combusted with embarrassment and he covered his face with his stupid baseball glove and I was laughing hysterically.

Apparently, the camera man didn’t find it nearly half as amusing as I thought it was, so he shifted the camera one seat to the left, to Lyon, Gray’s best friend, who was more than happy to comply to the rules of baseball, handed down from generation to generation.

Thou shalt obey the kiss cam. Or something like that.

The millisecond that camera transitioned away to some other sucker couple, Gray completely lost his shit at Lyon.

It was actually hilarious, but alas I had shut my phone off and it takes about three moon cycles for it to officially turn back on.

Lyon seemed generally pleased with himself afterwards, truly the only thing that pissed me off about the whole ordeal. Kissing me does not make him some sort of hero. It makes me the hero, if anyone.

Just kidding. Seriously, Lyon is one of the finest guys I know. Just a little obsessive is all.

And by a little, I mean hella because he actually wrote me a song, sometimes on April Fools day I’ll hide it under Gray’s pillow and then when he finds it all you can hear is a scream of frustration and the tearing of paper into itty-bitty pieces, and he assumes that the serenade entitled Dear Juvia is forgotten forever, but the jokes on him because I have at least thirty photocopies hidden in my dresser.

So Gray gets jealous easily. At least I wasn’t the kind of person who’d take advantage of that.

Or was I…?

“It doesn’t matter,” Gray fumed, storming out of the kitchen and into our bedroom to stew.

“You’re completely right, it doesn’t,” I sang back, purposely prodding at him because he was cute when he was angry.

Sure enough, his head popped up from behind the kitchen doorframe, pulled into a sneer. “Of course it matters! Lyon fuckin’ kissed you! He’s an idiot! And you let him!”

I furrowed my eyebrows together. It was at that point when I sort of realized the gravity of the situation, that Gray was actually pissed, not ‘pissed’ with a hilarious emoji next to it, but flat out I’m-gonna-eat-a-tub-of-Ben-and-Jerry’s pissed.

“Gray, just relax, it didn’t mean anything,” I soothed, knowing that if I let the fight get out of hand we were both going to bed angry tonight.

“Yeah, well…” He stepped back into the kitchen, digging his shoulder blades into the cabinet and sighing harshly. “It meant something to Lyon, didn’t it?”

“Maybe,” I admitted, because lying got you absolutely nowhere with Gray. He huffed, as if saying ‘that’s what I thought’ and kicked his head back against the cabinet, a hollow thunk sound resonating from it.

“You know he technically liked you first though…” he said, implying that he felt slightly insecure about where our relationship was. What an idiot. If I really wanted Lyon over him, I would’ve dumped his ass into a trash compactor years ago.

“And I technically went to jail once. Are we really going to harbor on these minor details forever?” I reminded, something he usually got a kick out of whenever it was brought up. Unfortunately I saw no signs of him becoming cheery at the mention of my slight criminal record.

He shook his head, almost sadly, and looked up to avoid meeting my eyes.

“Gray,” I said sternly, insisting that he look at me. He was such a big baby sometimes.

His hard, dark eyes finally found mine from across the kitchen, telling me a thousand things that I already knew.


“I love you.”

He instantly turned away, no doubt bright red and embarrassed. I really just want to kiss the life out of that adorable bastard.

“…you too.” He finally coughed out.

“Come hug me.” I demanded, opening and closing my palms like a hungry infant.

He sighed, like this was one of the most abhorrent tasks he’d ever been enlisted, and trudged over to me. I was still sitting on the kitchen table, so it didn’t take long for him to arrive home.

“I’m still mad at you you know,” he informed as his arms encircled my waist slowly, and I opened my knees to let his body rest in between them.

“No you’re not,” I sang back, resting my chin on his shoulder and throwing my arms around his shoulder blades.

“I’ll be the judge of that.” He said quickly, pressing a kiss to the side of my hair. Cutie.

“Whatever you say.” I said dreamily.

After about a minute of hugging, Gray spoke again, which was surprising because this was the most he’d spoken straight since that time Gajeel tricked him into drinking a redbull.

“Say something for me,” he asked, well, more told, as he slightly pulled out of the hug, effectively draining away the warmth he had previously given me.

“Ok.” I agreed, but only because I wanted to hug him some more.

“Say, Lyon is a giant asshole, Gray is sexy as hell.”

“Gray, oh my god.”

“It’ll make me feel better.”

“You’re five years old.”

“On the inside, yes.” He admitted, but still looked at me expectantly.

I sighed, not believing that I was actually saying this.

“Lyon is a giant asshole, Gray is sexy as hell.”

A small smile bit at his cheeks, and his eyes bore into mine, like he wanted something more.



Those were his sexy eyes.

I bit my lip to prevent from smiling and leaned my forehead against his chest.

“Carry me?” I requested quietly.

“Oh yeah,” he said, arms already securing me as he lifted me, bridal style, from the kitchen table.

And with that, I decided that maybe I liked arguing just as much as he did.

things you CAN criticize me on in regards to Diversity In my Art:
too many conventionally attractive characters, too many able-bodied characters, not enough fat characters, not enough dark-skinned characters, too many characters with clear skin, not enough characters with albinism, not enough neurodivergent characters

things you really, really should not criticize me on in regards to Diversity In My Art:
not enough cishets

I haven’t seen the premiere yet because I’ve been busy but let me just say


Marlo is a single woc with a mental illness. I highly doubt she got pregnant on purpose. The road ahead of her is going to be scary and fucking hard. She knew Sam was into Andy and she fell in love with him anyways and it ended really badly so can you blame her for being afraid to tell Sam?

Look at the way so many fans have reacted to the pregnancy. That’s going to be the exact reaction Marlo is expecting from Sam, Andy, and honestly most of 15 simply because the division is basically a family.

So I don’t want to see that Marlo hate. If it turns out she’s lying or there’s some like hidden agenda then I’ll reassess but honestly it makes me really sad to see how people talk about her character.

{OOC} A Fresh Start

Just as the title of this post says: I’m really saying goodbye to this blog. As you can see, I have cleared everything out so someone can’t remind me of those times.

The few reasons why I am starting fresh in the Sonic fandom is because this blog has so many memories with it. Mostly with my friends and how it was all falling apart between us. I’m not blaming them, honestly but when I always come back on here it just reminds me of all those memories and it makes me a tad bit depressed.

Another reason is because I wasn’t too happy on how I was rping Amy before. People can say that they liked and all but I really didn’t.

So I’m starting new here. Classic Amy is a sideblog though. Remember though: Any relationships you had on this blog will be null and void on the new one. It just makes it much easier that way.

Why did I wait today though to open a new one? I wanted to be anniversary kind of thing because this blog opened up on November 3rd and so I decided to make it so in this case too.

Thank you for all the follows, rps and good times. I hope to see you all on my new blog though!

See you guys there!



So some of y'all know I had to take my grandma to the doctors today - and when waiting today people kept staring at me in the waiting room. So some of y'all know I had to take my grandma to the doctors today - and when waiting today people kept staring at me in the waiting room. Honestly made me uncomfortable? But at the same time I can’t blame them, like cmon I look cute af (and think I could so be Poe Dameron’s daughter???) anyways, starting to feel confident enough to post selfies on tumblr so here ya go