but really it's just that this fandom is so small

Sanders Sides random headcanons

-Logan makes origami when he wants to calm down

-He started off pretty small; stars and hearts and whatnot, but now he can make even the most delicate of designs

-He gives all the finished products to Patton who fusses over them like a proud parent because aww logan? this is so pretty??? i cant believe you made these for me?????

-Logan doesn’t tell Patton that methodically folding paper is just his way of de-stressing and he’s only giving him the final products to save space. Instead, he goes to make more

-Virgil is the only side that knows how to moonwalk

-Roman is furious, especially since Virgil not only refuses to teach him but now likes to moonwalk out of their arguments

-Roman eventually learns how to tap-dance as retaliation because yes he is that petty

-It’s not an uncommon sight for the others to walk in on Roman aggressively tap-dancing around an increasingly frustrated Virgil who jUST WANTS TO MOONWALK AWAY DAMN IT ROMAN STOP BLOCKING HIM

-Patton knits everyone Christmas sweaters. And Thanksgiving sweaters. And Halloween sweaters. And birthday sweaters. And Valentine’s Day sweaters. And Easter sweaters. And St. Patrick’s Day sweaters. And 4th of July sweaters. And Pride month sweaters. And

-The other sides suspect he’s started making up holidays as an excuse to knit more sweaters

-Sometimes Patton even makes them for inanimate objects. It’s not uncommon to see a chair draped in a bright red & yellow sweater, or a pretty blue sweater wrapped around the lamp

-It’s cute, but the others have to draw the line when Patton ties a sweater around the fridge. How are they supposed to open that now

-Virgil likes to bet with Patton on who’ll be the victor in Roman and Logan’s arguments (they both bet on Logan, so when he inevitably wins, all they do is swap money)

-Virgil likes to bet in general, usually about dares against Roman. No one is sure where he gets the money from but no one asks

–‘5 bucks says Roman won’t eat that expired sandwich I found in the back of the fridge’

*cue sounds of Roman frantically shoving the sandwich in his mouth because fUCK YOU I DO WHAT I WANT*

-Patton bruises like a peach, poor child

-He is very sensitive to everything around him being at the core of a lot of thomas’s feelings and all and that includes physical stuff too. Bump his head on the wall? Oh no it’s purple now. Hit his knee on the desk? That sure ain’t leaving soon

-It doesn’t help that he’s clumsier than a puppy

-Speaking of which, that black puppy he’s adopted? Yeah uh it’s name is Logan Jr and it’s too late to change it now

-Logan pretends to not like it, but he’s actually the one feeding and walking it the most. He’d rather have a cat but hey, what can ya do? It makes Patton happy

(Aaand that is all for now. Have a wonderful day, amigos ✌)

I gotta say, its really amazing to see how far Little Witch Academia has come, from a short movie with a small following to a successfully funded sequel and a manga or two, and now to a 25 ep tv show with a pretty large fandom, several mangas, merch and a video game! (as well as talk of a second season and a spinoff)

Its just really neat to see what was once a small movie i enjoyed become something so big with character arcs and story, and so loved by many! and its still growing

Ill never stop rooting for these lil witches :”)

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I don't mean to rush you or anything of that sort but I just wanted to ask when the charms that you have done polls on will be up for purchase. I just really excited and I want to know how much time I have to save up for them😅😊.

Hi!! No worries, and hopefully by the end of the month!! C: I have sent in the designs a bit ago so it still needs about three or four weeks, I’m hoping?? Fingers crossed! Thank you! <3 

Literally every song of In Trousers has an average of about 27 different meanings/possible interpretations/metaphorical layers and each one deserves its own 5-page analytical essay and i am willing to do just that hi welcome to my ted talk

  • Some people now: The Servamp fandom is so small, no one cares about this series
  • Me, a fandom dinosaur, recalling when it consisted of three people and didn't even have an AO3 tag: Oh My Sweet Summer Child

Confession:  A dwarven Inquisitor is NOT too ugly to romance Dorian. Neither is a Qunari. Humans aren’t inherently boring. Repeatedly shitting on my dwarves/humans/qunari is not going to make me more likely to roll an elf. Stop it. Just stop. Mind your own business. Play your own game. I’m at a point where I can’t even tell trolls from serious elf elitism anymore but the harassment is getting really old.

Mod Note: Confessor for what its worth I have had a similar experience so I do understand. I know the majority of the Lavellan fandom don’t participate in this sort of behavior. Its just a small minority of very loud fans. Just play how you want to play.












Hi guys, I’m sorry I think I need to reduce making requests for a small while and the reason is that I really need to eat and buy my meds, so I’m doing commissions! Anything is appreciated! Every piece is fully coloured and any fandom is fine! You can send me an email to pakastinprinssi[at]gmail.com


So I smile and say
When a lovely flame dies
Smoke gets in your eyes

I watched… “45 years”

After reading those season 1 scripts just now, I realized there weren’t really that many scenes where they hinted at Bellarke. Don’t get me wrong, some of the scenes really DID but personally, I get the feeling Bellarke was all the chemistry between Bob and Eliza while filming than the actual scripts. So while Jason probably did want to keep the door open and they did write some sassy, flirty scenes for Bellamy and Clarke, it seems it wasn’t ACTIVELY pursued. I’m starting to see why Bob’s and Eliza’s on-screen chemistry just fucking did its own thing on set and the writers were like “shiiit. Lets slow this down”. Dare I even say it, was Jason telling the truth (semi-truth) when he said it was really all that Beliza chemistry/Bellarke fandom that did most of the work? So much of what Bob and Eliza did on-screen doesn’t even really come through in the scripts. All the little details, small touches between them, are not written in the scripts but it seems simply choices made by the actors while shooting.

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It says request are open but its ok if your busy. So, i just realized like there is zero mysmess fics/imagines dealing with their military service. Like in korea military service is mandatory but like no one ever mentions it in the fandom. Do you know by any chance any fics that do,or even better can you do a small write with zen about it. I would die, but its ok if youre busy its just i really love your work and this has been bugging me a bit. Sorry for bothering you and have a beautiful day💜

I have no idea if I imagined it or not, but I’m pretty sure I saw something (I don’t know if it was an imagine or fanart or something) that actually had this subject, but I can’t remember for the life of me where I saw it, I’m sorry. ;_;
I don’t know much about conscription in Korea, so I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies. This was fun to write. Thank you for requesting!

It was only for 21 months. It really didn’t sound too long of a time, but somehow, the idea of being away from Zen for that amount of time made you uneasy, especially since you never know what could happen during the actor’s conscription. Zen had avoided his conscription for a while now, wanting to put as much of his time and effort into acting, but Zen’s fame was starting to rise. If the public found out about his negligence of duty, it would reflect poorly on his image and the backlash would be severe. In the end, Zen decided to just get it over and done with, but even so, the thought of leaving you all alone while he served in the army terrified the both of you.

“I’ll be fine,” Zen spoke softly, but you couldn’t tell if it was a reassurance for himself or for you. His hand reached out to stroke your cheek, and it pained your heart when you felt the slightest of trembles against your skin. You lifted your own hand and placed it atop the actor’s, trying to steady it with your own shaky one.

“You’ll be fine…” you repeated, and again, it was difficult to tell just who exactly you were trying to convince. After a pause, you added, “I’ll be fine.”

Zen nodded, his free hand moving to wrap around your waist. It would be a while since you would feel this warmth again, and when that realization hit you, you flung yourself towards the actor’s chest. You both stumbled back a bit, but as soon as the pair of you were able to regain your footing, you buried your face into Zen’s chest while he pushed your body flush against his.

“Promise me you’ll come back.” Your voice was muffled, but Zen was still able to pick up on the strain in your voice.

“I promise,” Zen answered firmly, running his fingers through your hair. “I promise I’ll come back to you.”

Slowly, you pulled back from the actor to properly look at him, a sad and uncertain smile etched on your features. “…I’ll be waiting.”

Overwhelmed, Zen took your face into his hands and suddenly pulled you in for an intense kiss. It took you a moment to process what was happening, but as soon as you did, you started to kiss him back with just as much vigour. Zen’s lips tasted salty, but you weren’t sure if it was from your tears or his, trying to lessen as much space between the two of you as possible. After all, there would be nothing but lots of space between the pair of you as soon as Zen leaves.

The kiss became less like a kiss and more like a desperate attempt to mold your mouths together. Tongues swirled against one other while hands roamed across everywhere and wherever they can reach. Both you and Zen tried to memorize each other once more in this small moment, not knowing just how much things might change in the span of his conscription. You wanted to commit every detail to memory. The feel of his trembling figure. The taste of his mouth. The sound of his soft sighs against you. The smell of his shampoo. The sight of his glossy eyes staring back at you.

“I love you,” the actor whispered to you, afraid of speaking any louder as his voice might betray him and waver and crack.

“I love you too.”

Throughout the entirety of Zen’s time serving his country, you both tried to keep in contact each other as much as possible, especially with video chats since those helped alleviate the ache in your heart the most. It was terrifying and painful to think about what Zen might be doing now, if he was taking care of himself, but you would remember his promise of coming back to you, and it helped get you through the days.

The first few weeks were extremely difficult, a heavy sense of anxiety anchoring down your heart to your stomach. It was lonely in the apartment, and you often found yourself going over to somebody else’s place for company. Everybody, the RFA and Zen’s fans, were very supportive and encouraging towards both you and Zen the entire time, and you felt grateful towards them.

Counting the days only seemed to stress you out, so you eventually stopped, merely holding onto the hope that Zen would come home soon. …And he eventually did.

When you open the door, about to leave for a quick stroll around Zen’s usual morning run route, you stop in your tracks just before you can crash into someone. You heart hammers against your chest as you slowly bring your gaze upwards, and familiar red eyes lovingly greet you.

At first, you’re not too sure how to react, your mind still trying to catch up with what you were seeing. You merely stand there, frozen in spot as your mouth opens and close, trying to find your voice. Your widened eyes start to gloss over, and your vision becomes blurred. Before you know it, you’re screaming and crying, throwing yourself onto the actor who catches you with ease.

You bury your face in the crook of his neck, ugly sobs leaving your lips, but you don’t care about that. All you care about is the familiar feeling of fingers threading through your hair. The familiar light and airy chuckle against your ears. The familiar flash of silvery white hair caught in the sun. The familiar sweet scent that you had grown to love and miss this entire time.

It’s only when the situation dawns on you more that you finally become aware of the wet droplets that fall onto your neck, Zen’s shoulders shaking underneath your arms. The actor tightens his hold against you, wanting to make up for all the lost time before pulling back so that he can kiss you on the lips, and you almost melt against him.

“Welcome home.”

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im just gonna take this time to talk for a second about how important it is to me that ddadds has a scene where crying is healthy and normal and not something to be ashamed of? with Robert no less?

like Robert is seen throughout the game as this really mysterious guy who hides his emotions and doesnt talk much and is very gaurded, you have to work hard for him to even acknowledge you properly in the end scene, and he honest to god has a scene where he… openly cries and doesn’t hide it and doesn’t feel guilty about it beyond that he’s guilty about what he’s upset about? hes not guilty about the act of breaking down and showing emotion, its shown as the HEALTHY thing to do other than push emotions aside for sex, and what’s more? is that? hes still seen as this stoic badass even after we see him cry and show emotion?

idk that scene in particular really got to me in the best way and i think it was really important that they show that happening and also show that its still manly and good to comfort others too, like not only did he cry but your character (if you do the good ending route) stays and comforts him? idk i just don’t see a lot of fandom talking about this and it was… so important to me

coming from a small company who barely had anything to becoming this big and successful. from having fansigns with 200 fans to having sold out concerts here in the us. from wearing fake brands to wearing real designed expensive clothing/accessories. from working their fucking asses off sacrificing part of their physical/mental health day and night to reach where they are now . it’s just so fucking amazing and impressive like they really did that it’s literally crazy. coming from a stan that watched them grow since debut like i can really see it, they really grew A LOT. i remember when the fandom was really that small and when i look at bts now and its just wow… i dont even know how to describe it myself imagine how they themselves are feeling right now. their hard work truly paid off im literally so so proud of them idk how to put it in any other words. 

It’s just so adorable that they’re pointing the finger at us because their shitty ship isn’t getting the votes they want…. “Mike and Eleven have a small Fandom”…. lol, mate…. Stranger Things, for its first season, had 14.07 million views. More than what Trash Wolf could ever hope for. Just because the Mileven Fandom is so pure a peaceful and not as cancerous and loud as your Fandom it doesn’t make it any lesser 😅😂

I really wanna see these Stydiot wankers go up against Malec and Clexa. To think they could win going against two gay ships + one being interracial. It’s going to be amazing seeing all their triggered Tweets and posts! :’)

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Did you know we have seen Jamie peeing in every season so far. Do you think we will see Captain Alessandro peeing?

Would it count if he’s using a different name while peeing though? I’ll need to consult the rule book…

Tiny Black Hat

Black Hat gets shrunken down. His powers are effected, he can grow to about the size of a new born and shrink to the height of a quarter, and everywhere in between.

He rides spiders and wasps around the manor at first, until Dementia eats the bug he is riding and almost vores him. (Probably on accident)

After that, Flug carries his lil’ boss around in his coat pocket. Sometimes 505 will also carry the Tiny Hat around in the pocket of his maid dress.

Tiny Black Hat tries to be intimidating and yell at Flug, but he’s really just too small and cute to be scary.

At some point Flug falls asleep snuggling newborn-sized Black Hat like a teddy bear. Black Hat does not complain.

what im weak for this week

remember when i used to apologize for being two weeks behind?

neither do i because it’s literally been months. as such, even tho there were TONS of amazing fics from august until now, i’m only going to be doing the ones since last week (Nov. 13 onwards), because otherwise i wouldn’t be able to cover everything ;A; i’ll try to keep this updated, though!!!

ps it long.

ps is there a myungjin drought wtf is going on my friends

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Okayy, so I searched the ‘anti hux’ thing in the search section on tumblr, and the horrible things the Fandom had posted about hux AND domhnall gleeson, were just so depressing. Some anti hux people were LITERALLY writing about we love Hux only because he’s white, or because he’s a nazi-like person, or we don’t respect the black characters, etc etc. It just…hurt me so, so much. I mean, how can people just Diss someone like that? It’s very..saddening. Really.
Some people also mentioned that hux shouldn’t get so much love and respect from the Fandom as no one gives a shit about his small character, and whatever he did in the movie was a threat to humanity. Like…what the actual fuck????? It’s star wars and murdering and killing is expected here, you little shit.
This post means no offence to anyone, except the anti hux people. Yes that’s right, you anti people need therapy.

And yes, I will never, ever stop loving General Hux/Domhnall Gleeson.