but really i've been feeling shitty today

I love you guys. Seriously. I’ve been poking around the bookstagram/bookblr community for the past couple of months but I haven’t felt welcoming at all for some reason, and so I keep going back to this place. Browsing through my tag, indeed, made me very nostalgic but it also reminded me of the fact that I’ve been here for almost 5 years and feel like this community has become part of my “family” in a way :) We’ve all seen each other develop and grow and despite all the negativity (hence why I haven’t been active all that much) I still want to say thank you to the people who’ve sticked around here, spreading their positive fibes and content around this community! Y'all are the reason why I’m still here and don’t want to leave ❤

tbh I say this as someone who tries to avoid twitter fandom as much as possible because I find the way they tweet at the emmerdale account really shitty, but I feel like a lot of people would do well to remember that aaron and robert are part of an ensemble cast, and while they’re your favourite part of ed, not everything revolves around their storyline. like today’s press event is about ashley and they’re still getting gross tweets about the ongoing aaron and robert storyline.

like be angry about it all you want but keep in mind there’s real people behind the emmerdale twitter account who have nothing to do with how ed is storylined and it’s got to be crap to get endless horrible tweets when all they’re doing is trying to promote the show (which is what they’re being paid to do…)

idk man it makes me uncomfortable when people complain about how the ed twitter account responds to people but never call out the really horrendous tweets people send to that account, because however you feel about ongoing storylines, it’s not an excuse to be a shitty person. you’re honestly not entitled to anything from the press team, especially if you’re going to be rude about it.


when the evening shadows and the stars appear
and there is no one there to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
to make you feel my love.