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I know you've said you don't listen to much music, but do you have any favorite songs?? Like ones that you'd stim to or just really enjoy in particular??

my current favourite songs (or songs that i would choose to listen to) are:

  • kiwi by harry styles **
  • sign of the times by harry styles **
  • no sleep til brooklyn by beastie boys
  • sabotage by beastie boys
  • be easy by ghost loft
  • pray by bishop briggs
  • be your love by bishop briggs
  • river by bishop briggs
  • ocean eyes by billie eilish 
  • all this and more by dead boys
  • psycho killer by talking heads **
  • ghosting by mother mother **
  • young by vallis alps
  • champagne supernova by oasis **
  • elephant by cage the elephant **
  • we’re a happy family by ramones **
  • pet semetary by ramones **
  • baby i love you by ramones **
  • a little less conversation by elvis **
  • all shook up by elvis **
  • b a noBody by soak
  • a happening by hyperstory
  • lose your soul by dead mans bones
  • i put a spell on you by manfred mann 

stimmy songs/echolalia songs marked with **

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I always felt like you, baptismonfire, and nick nocturne were like the heathers of horror. Like before anything could be declared worthy it had to pass through you guys.

I’d agree except you should like anything you want to. It’s ALL worthy in it’s own way, even if I don’t particularly like it. Everyone we love now had to start somewhere and often that’s not really a place where they’re connecting with a lot of people.

Besides that, it all matters to someone. Critics hate Wes Craven’s My Soul To Take, but my good friend Megan would never have made a movie herself if it wasn’t for the profound effect that film had on her. This is why we do it in a sense, to connect with people to such a level that they feel compelled to live the life they want to live. 

It’s all valuable and you should never feel ashamed for liking something.

Kouhai Trading

Imagine the captains of each team sitting at a table with all the lights dimmed except one center light.
The atmosphere is tense and they are all eyeing one another.
Sawamura, Kuroo, Bokuto, Oikawa, Ushijima, Futakuchi, Terushima in one circlular table.
The silence weighs heavy on all of them.
Then, Kuroo breaks into a cheshire cat grin, and pulls out a card.
“LEV” it says.
(This is the start of the Kouhai Underground Trading Enterprises. Or as Bokuto likes to call it. KUTE. “It sounds like Cute,“ he says.)

Lol these are just some ridiculous headcanons I feel they’d do:
-After Kuroo says “FOR HINATA” they all burst into argument.
-“Little chibi-chan is cool, he defended megane-chan. I like him.”
“I do not want Hinata on my team.”
-They all glare at Ushijima.
-“Hinata wouldn’t go where Kageyama isn’t.”
-“Fine… fair enough… Sawamura gimme your Libero. Kid has talent. Also Yakkun really likes him… I’ll give you Lev I mean he gets along with Chibi-chan.”
-“No Kuroo… no one wants Lev.”
-“HEY HEY HEY Can I take Kenmaaa? Akaashi loves it when he’s around. I’ll give you Konoha.”
-“Konoha is a third year…”
-“N O O.”
-“Hey Kuroo, you want Tanaka? Yamamoto gets along with him. I’d take Inuoka, kid’s super nice.”
-“Yaku would freak with extra kids to take care of… I told you man he’ll only accept Sugawara or Libero Chibi. Also Inuoka is our son so no.”
-“Suga… is off all bets and is a third year thank you. Noya would be so happy but we need a Libero sorry.”
-“Gimme Chibi-chan I’ll give you Kyoutani.”
-“That is so unfair man… Even I “knowl” that..“
-“Good one Bo.”
-“Can I have your glasses manager???”
-“Kyoutani is free I promise you.”
-“Only if his trainer (Iwaizumi) comes too.”
-“I think Oikawa should come to Shiratorizawa.”
-Oikawa flips the table and points his middle finger at Ushijima.
-“Over Iwa-chan’s dead body.”
-They all argue.
-Suga, Iwaizumi, Akaashi and Yaku come in, sort everything out, and scold each one of them with long lectures about illegal trading and human rights and respecting kouhais.
-In the end… no one was traded. (Even though Bokuto DID try to steal Hinata again.)

Diabolik Lovers Tweets (170303)

It’s Girl’s day~ Kou started a chain of tweets….along the way the Sakamaki brothers started blackmailing each other aaaaand we ended with Kino (/)u(\)

(Translation under the cut - Do not use/repost)

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Okay but now i'm really gonna need the story of you summoning, meeting and befriending Satan when you reach the optimal follower count. Pretty please with Jenny on top!?!?

IT’S TIME (I’ve literally been waiting for this moment for a week)

The coffee shop is nearly empty, patrons heading home to dinner and family and sleep. The parking lot outside is quiet and dark, cars silently gliding towards the road, sweeping their headlights briefly over the store front before sliding away. The baristas are more often in the break room than behind the counter, scheduling next week’s shifts and discussing how exactly they’re going to distribute the closing tasks today. They know that the customers who are left are fine, fresh refills in their cups and the knowledge that another is but a holler away.

The author has been observing the slow trickle of people for a while now, casually flipping between the novel she’s supposed to be writing, a bullet point list of interesting facial features, and a crockpot recipe she’s trying to convince herself she really wants to try.

(She does not know why she think she should enjoy crockpot shepherd’s pie. She just knows that she should enjoy it.)

She is one of three customers left in the store. There is a man she’s affectionately named “The Wizard” for his tendency to drape his coat over his shoulders like a cape. He is huddled over his tablet and might be near tears as he scribbles something out. The other customer is a woman the author knows quite well, but will not acknowledge. It is not because of her needle-like teeth or the script written carefully across her shirt or even because of the off-putting cackle the woman seems fond of.

It is because there is some trouble the author knows she should not engage.

So she ignores the woman-who-will-not-be-named and focuses on her computer.

It’s as she’s typing out “charming slouch, neck extended, a home out of his spine” and “add twice amount of onion” that she gets the notification.

The notification.

“Oh fuck,” says the author. She has not prepared for this at all. (This is pretending that she would have prepared for it with prior warning.)

(She would not have.)

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I am truly glad I came to this town and met you, senpai.

Finally some megane bishoujo, I’ve said it many times but Kyoukai no Kanata is really one of my favorite animes and holds a special place in my heart <3 My first time working with @lifestylebylovi too and it was super fun and she is super talented so please go give her lots of love! 


Kuriyama Mirai - @birthbysleeping
Photography - @lifestylebylovi

I am seriously concerned about the casting directors on Reign...

Guys, are they ok? Are they even trying? Do they think we’re stupid? Have they employed a script adviser to check the consistency of what they’re making? If they have, they need to fire them real quick, because whoever they are hasn’t seemed to realise that CATHERINE’S CHILDREN ARE ALL REAPPEARING AS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE who are WAY TOO OLD!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the good old days when Reign was kinda alright.

Remember this little guy? This lil’ cutie from Season 1? Lil’ Charles. Just in case this picture doesn’t make it quite QUITE clear that this person is a young CHILD, here’s another one: 

He’s tiny right, I mean Megan Follows is small, and he barely reaches her shoulder. Ok good, we’ve established that Charles in Season 1 was a young child of around eight years old. Good stuff.

Now I know Reign has a habit of stretching, embellishing and basically destroying history. Mary and Francis are supposed to be like 14 at the start, and clearly they’re older, but that’s ok, that’s fine, we’ll roll with it.

 The show begins in 1557:

Nice, some fluffy goats and fluffy clouds just to prove this. I’ve done my research people.

So in real life, ol’ Francie Boi was supposed to die in 1560 after being King for roughly one year

And sure thing, as I said, Reign likes to stretch history like, BEYOND the breaking point. So it’s entirely plausible that on the show Francis was king for a little bit longer, maybe we’ll give him an extra year or two. Which means the next time we see young dude Charlie he’ll have aged… hmmm around five years or so? He’ll be approx 12, right? 

WRONG! What the FuCk ma dudes, this guy right here is NOT CHARKLES I don’t know who he is, but Catherine and the rest of them should all be really concerned, they’ve been hella duped! He’s frickin old enough to fool around with this random chick

He’s aged like 10 years in 5, and NO ONE EVEN NOTICED, not Catherine, not Francis, not Mary, and especially not anyone in the writing or casting department apparently. 

Now let’s move onto Elisabeth, Catherine and Henry’s eldest daughter, dis chick from the pilot

Remember her? The one who married the Spanish dude, and then they had to have sex while a whole lot of old men watched, and Mary and her lil’ sweet naive buddies got all hot and flustered cos they were sneakily watching too? Yeah that one.

As you can see, this woman is clearly a BRUNETTE. Well, apparently Spain has really changed Elisabeth. Like, REEAALLY changed her. So good to see her back in 4x01! She goes by Leesa now, she’s blonde and older and basically looks like a completely different person…

Oh Wait.

I guess Catherine just has so many children she honestly can’t keep track and doesn’t even notice when they return to France looking like they’ve endured intense plastic surgery to reconstruct their faces, or somehow age them enormously.

Catherine has the names of all her children written in her bible, although her youngest son Hercule is missing, but I think the camera has just cut off the bottom of the page.

 At the end of Season 3, Catherine brings back this dude below to lowkey threaten Charles with MUrdEr (the most ooc Catherine has ever been, honestly this show is just…)

Now god knows who this one is, I mean it could be Lil’ Henry making a comeback from Season 1 when he was blonde and cute (see below) and got kidnapped by his insane potato-sack-wearing half sister

If so, he too has had a significant dye job at the castle salon. Except whoever this kid is in Season 3, he can’t be Henry because he’s considerably younger than Charles

I mean, what’s the deal? Charles gets hit by the ageifying-ray gun, but his little bro Henry doesn’t? How is that fair?? They never actually mention him by name, so possibly it is Hercule.

Which would mean that this hunky blonde dude Megan’s been posting on her Instagram and captioning with “My boys”… 


This makes absolutely ZERO sense, I do NOT understand. The casting directors and writers of Reign either don’t comprehend human viewer intelligence and the ability to pick up on the ENORMOUS INCONSISTENCIES THEY THROW AT US WITH WORRYING REGULARITY, or they themselves have serious memory issues. Or possibly they just don’t care. I really don’t know.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to watch Reign now is by ignoring these massively aged characters, ignoring the yawn storylines, ignoring when the only original characters we have left suddenly rewrite their whole personalities; I’m looking at you Catherine ‘I would literally die for my children’ de Medici, suddenly going, ‘Oh yeah Charles, I have loooads of other sons, don’t you forget that, I might just kill you to become regent again, k, love you, bye.’

I’ll just focus on the pretty clothes and Megan Follows’ profound talent to somehow make something out of this steaming pile of insanity.

Long story short, the only thing Reign is consistent at, is being inconsistent.

Even so, I’ll watch it every week cos I’m total trash. Rip me.

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Top 5 Oikawa moments ^_^


1. HE’S SUCH A BITCH LOL (even tho I love Tobes you gotta admit this was funny) ALSO IM GENUINELY SURPRISED HE EVEN TALKED/GAVE ADVICE TO KAGEYAMA, he’s a good boy  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2. Iwa-chan are you my mom?! 


4. When he vowed to take down Shiratorizawa (THIS MAKES ME REALLY SAD THO IM SO SORRY)

5. “Don’t you ever forget my worthless pride” GET REKT USHIJIMA 



god he’s such a little shit

a beautiful iwaoi moment



She should have been firm. She should have told him to go. It was a bad idea, him being here in her room. What if Lily had a nightmare and came looking for Mummy? What if Harry did hear them? Or worse, what if Ron did? But she was tired, dammit. She was tired of her own family acting like she was the villain. As if she’d broken poor Harry’s heart – which she bloody well hadn’t, thank you very much. Never mind her own heart, which had been ignored in the process. And with Draco… Merlin help her, but he made her feel that spark she’d been missing – only it wasn’t a spark at all. It was an inferno burning hot. She might go down in flames with it, but selfishly, she didn’t c a r e. [x]

Megan Thee Stallion is a force to be reckon with. The rapper was born & raised in Houston, Texas and asking who influences her sound proves it. “I love Pimp C” she tells us. “I really get inspiration from Biggie and Lil’ Kim also”. Well of of course Lil'Kim, Thee Stallion has some lyrics that’s pretty provocative and will have you asking her. Do you listen to Lil'Kim? With punch lines like “He like the way I make it jiggle so I let him smack it” (Thee Stallion Houston Cypher Verse). (Via @Guapomarket)

Naruto Canon Couples Foreshadowing

So many people post about why they think certain pairings “make no sense,” “never had development,” or why their ship is “the only couple that makes sense in the whole series”. So I decided to talk about how there isn’t only just one super special magic couple that “makes sense” in the entire Naruto series solely because you like it better than the others, and that most of the canon couples have some sort of development or moment at some point :)

I’m also just limiting this post to canon so it doesn’t get too long and out of hand! I may do a non-canon post later for fun, who knows! :)

As always, my pretty disclaimer: I am pro-Sakura. You will not find me bashing Sakura on here at all. (I wish I didn’t even have to say that… Jeez.) Oh, and same with Hinata. I won’t be spending time bashing her either. I like to keep things civil :)

And I promise I am not saying “this is why you should like and ship them so there”. That isn’t it at all!! You have the right to ship whoever you want!! (Trust me, kakasaku I also have kakasaku crack ships kakasaku that I enjoy kakasaku.)

I am just trying to express that Kishi didn’t just throw people together by drawing their names randomly from a hat.

Anyway, I won’t get into much detail, I just want to provide at least one example for most of the cannon couples on why there was, indeed, some sort of moment or hint that they might end up together and that it wasn’t “totally unexpected”.

First off, Sasusaku:

I hate when people claim that Sakura and Sasuke have “no development”. Just because you do not want to acknowledge the development does not mean it never happened. Some people try to make it sound like Sakura and Sasuke never ever freaking met each other until the last chapter. Since it’d take way too much time to go over and explain everything related to Sasuke and Sakura’s development because there is a ton of it, I’ll just hit a major point or two.

If you want to discount any interactions between Sasuke and Sakura between the beginning of the series until the chunin exams, I’m okay with that. A lot of people don’t care about it (not me personally though). But the moment Sasuke received that curse mark, Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship took a much more serious turn. In fact, many people began shipping them around that time. Even the data books state that it was Sakura’s heart that helped Sasuke keep his curse mark from controlling him (ya know, in case you couldn’t already tell that from reading and watching it all unfold in the forest of death).

I also chose this moment as an example because after this point, it’s quite hard to argue that Sakura just had superficial feelings for Sasuke. She had seen the darkness taking control of him, and wanted to be at his side and help him stop it from ruining him. She didn’t want to run away because it was too much drama for her or just his problem. She saw how much he suffered, and she wanted nothing more but to help him.

Okay, I could go on forever about that moment, since it’s one of my favorites, but my point is that moment alone should show that there was SOME development. This is when Sakura’s love became completely selfless, in my opinion, as well. It was a really big moment, not only in personal character development, but in the relationship between the two as well. It was one of the reasons, I’m sure, that Sasuke thanked Sakura before he left the village (the first time). I won’t go into that moment, however, because it’s pretty self explanatory (although people to love to argue about it).

Honestly I could make a huge blog post just dedicated to the development of SasuSaku alone (which, hell, I may just end up doing later), so I will just move on before I start. Point was to give you a moment of development.

I really want to bring up the Sakura bringing Sasuke back to the right dimension thing right now too, but that will have a lot of explaining to it as well because of some of the ridiculous arguments around that… SAVE IT FOR ANOTHER BLOG POST MEGAN AND MOVE ON ALREADY.

Now for NaruHina:

I know, I know. It’s not everyone’s favorite couple. I think the reason for that is a good chunk of the NaruSaku fans are bitter (I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be, I’m just saying it’s a reason why).

But it was foreshadowed. I could even tell that while reading the chunin exam chapters as a kid.

It wasn’t all about Hinata’s growth as a character in the exams. It was about how her respect and love for Naruto helped get her there. (I won’t lie though, I do not enjoy that so much of her character was based on Naruto. I feel like Kishi should have given her more of a chance to stand up for herself because of something other than her love for Naruto. I mean, women can do things without men around ya know!)

It also showed that Naruto started to notice her as a person, rather than the weird girl who gets shy around him.

Hinata was also shown to be the only girl who liked Naruto for himself as children. She wasn’t a Sasuke fangirl like the majority of the girls. That was a big part of why she ended up with him (and yes, I know Sakura and Naruto became close, but that isn’t what we are arguing about right now. Plus, as I mentioned in another post, I see Naruto and Sakura’s development as platonic.)

And then Kishi even had the whole war scene. But I won’t get into that, because it’s a bit self explanatory and I don’t feel the need to get into it.


Honestly, I don’t think I need to defend them. Their fanbase never really argues about what development they did or didn’t have (that I have seen at least). The little drama about the pairing is always so pleasant. (Well, until someone says “They are the only pairing that ever had development!” and start a fight. Hence why I am blogging this.)

ShikaTema’s development (for me) began when she helped him against the sound ninja (one of my favorite moments, by the way). I know people can use the chunin exams as an example of development, which is a-okay, but I personally didn’t feel it there (but again, that is JUST ME).

Also, remember when Shikamaru’s dad told him that No matter how strong-minded a woman is, she will show kindness to the man she loves” That description TOTALLY describes Temari. Super foreshadowing!! :) That cute smile she gave him after she blew away that sound ninja, that did it for me. Loved it so much. Then Temari snapped right back and became the strong/blunt woman she is once again when she had to help snap Shikamaru back into his senses when he became irate at himself about letting Choji almost die.

Oh, and please let me add this too, because it made me happy as well:


As for SaiIno, they didn’t really have development, per say, in the manga besides a few small hints (Ino stating she thought Sai was cute, and including Sai in her dream during the war where he fought Sasuke over her).

Plus there was this cute little bit from one of Kishi’s side chapters:

But with this couple, I feel like Kishi put them together because, well, it just made sense.

What I mean is that, to me, it makes sense because Sai is able to take Ino’s last name, so the new InoShikaCho formation could exist (well, by name anyway). Plus Sai feels more like he belongs to a family now I’m sure, considering he was just known by one name, which wasn’t even his birth name to begin with (I hate Danzo so much I really really do). Plus, Sai seems pretty happy, and I love seeing Sai happy :) (Plus, Ino’s sassiness with Sai’s bluntness! Perfect combination!) However I will agree there was barely any development for SaiIno.

… And honestly, I have nothing for Choji and his wife. No one really does. That was pretty random. I like it though. Chocho is freaking adorable with all that sass.

Okay so this is getting too long, so I’ll stop here for now. I guess I just wanted to point out some solid “there was development” moments.

Hope I didn’t bore ya! Thank you for reading :) I really appreciate it!

Star of the Show- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by antoinebibeau

You smiled and took the nights’ final bow with the rest of the cast as the audience cheered before waving goodbye as the curtains closed.

“Great show everyone!” you heard the director call. “Time to head home! Everyone have a good night and I’ll see you tomorrow!”

You grinned and hurried offstage, taking the red scrunchie out of your wig and going to the dressing rooms. Your musical debut was done and Veronica Sawyer had saved the school from her boyfriend once more. “Great job out there guys!”

“You too, (Y/N)!” Megan, the girl who played Heather Chandler, noted.”I’m seriously impressed. You were a natural out there. I guess all the rehearsals and tech week paid off for all of us.”

“I guess so.”

“And you seriously played the drama well,” Katie- the company’s Heather McNamara- said, “and- not going to lie- Dead Girl Walking got me turned on a little bit.”

Piper, who played Martha, snickered and chimed in. “You and everyone else. Let’s be realists here.”

“Well, it is a song about sex.”

Sam- who played Heather Duke- spoke up. “I still think it was enough to get Eric turned on, though. And he’s not into girls.”

You shrugged. “Well, maybe he was picturing it as Jonathan Groff or Aaron Tveit or someone instead of me.”

“How’d you guess?” you heard on the other side of the door, causing the room to erupt in laughter. He must’ve been walking by at the perfect timing.

“Lucky guess.”

You continued to dress down into your jeans, blouse, and jacket, and swapping your heels for sneakers and putting your costume back on the hanger to put away. You just finished combing your hair back out after taking the bald cap and wig off to put away when you heard a knock and a voice on the other side you recognized to be Alan, the guy who played Ram.

“Hey, (Y/N), there’s a couple of guys here who wants to meet the cast. Some celebrities it seems. Can’t do that without you.” he said. “One of them’s a looker, too. Your type. Just saying.”

You blushed. “What?”

Katie smiled. “Everyone good? No one’s naked. Good. Let’s go.”

“Wait, is this normal?”

“Oh don’t worry.” Piper said, putting a hand on your shoulder. “You’re going to be fine. It’s not common, but it’s not uncommon either. Whenever celebs come to see the show, sometimes they want to go back and congratulate us in person. That’s how I met the Obamas that one time.”

You went out with the other girls to see the other cast members and your male co-stars talking with three big guys. One who was blonde and the other two were brunet. The blonde and the taller of the brunets has long-ish straight hair and the other had curls. Speaking of the other one, he must have been the one Adam talked about.

He was tall, but not lanky and he had a nice jawline and great cheekbones, too. His eyes were bright as he spoke with Eric and Jane, who played Ms. Fleming, probably congratulating them on how well they did when Eric turned his head.

“Ah and here’s our little starlets.” he smiled. “Gents, these are the Heathers, Martha, and our Veronica, fresh from her debut. Or, as we like to call them, Katie, Sam, Megan, Piper, and (Y/N). Girls, these are Nicklas, Tom, and Andre. They play here for the Capitals. It’s ice hockey.”

Megan joked. “Of course you know, Eric. You’re from Toronto.”

He scoffed and put a hand to his chest in mock hurt. “Hey! Hockey loving is a Canadian stereotype that I am proud to uphold.”

The three Heathers and Piper went over to talk to them with the rest of the cast as you stayed behind. Surprisingly, for an actress with the lead role, you were ridiculously shy. Anyone other than someone you’re really familiar with and you’re as shut in as a clam. You opened up to Twitter and scrolled through social media absentmindedly.


You yelped and nearly dropped your phone in fright due to the sudden voice. You turned your head to find you face to face with a pair of warm brown eyes.

“You’re a sneaky one, aren’t you? I barely noticed you over here.” he smiled, backing away so you could see him better. It was the one Adam was talking about. The curly-haired man from before.

You blushed “Uh h-hi.”

“Hi. Sorry for being rude. Just… couldn’t help but notice you alone here. I’m Andre.”

You took the hand he held out and shook it. “(Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N). Nice to meet you Andre.”

“(Y/N)? That’s really pretty… Wait. You’re Veronica!”

You blushed and nodded. “Uh yeah. That’s me.”

“Wow! You were great! Really, I mean that.” he gushed. “You were… God it was so awesome! Congrats on the great show. It’s unlike any other show I’ve seen. It’s so… funny. Like an SNL skit but 20 times longer and darker. But the music was great and the jokes were funny.”

You were red at this point and couldn’t help but smile at him. He was just too damn cute. Like the human embodiment of 20 puppies stacked up in a trench coat. “Oh thank you! That actually really means a lot. It was my debut tonight, after all. That really means a lot to me. Thank you for coming.”

“Whoa, that was your debut? Like your first time?”

You nodded. “Professionally, yeah.”

“Wow.” he marveled. “That’s something else. Really.”

“Thanks.” you said. “Sorry if I’m awkward. I’m kinda shy.”

“It’s okay. Promise.”

“Yeah?” you smiled. “You wanna get a picture?”

He grinned. “That’d be awesome, actually. Thank you.”

You tapped Megan on the shoulder and asked her to take the pic. She took Andre’s phone and had you two stand close together and grin.

“Alright! Say Heathers!”

You stood still until she put the phone down and gave a thumbs up. “You’re good.”

“Thank you.” you said in unison with him before peering over at the phone to see them. “Awww they’re so nice!”

He smiled. “Yeah… Do you want me to send them to you?”

You blushed. “Are you asking me for my number?”

“And if I am?”

You smirked. “If so, just don’t be a stranger and maybe use it for something besides sending the pictures.”

He grinned. “I see you’ve found some confidence.”

“A bit. You’re just really easy to talk to.” you said, taking his phone and putting yourself into a new contact slot and entering your number, using one of the pictures as the saver. “There you go.”

“Thanks.” He replied, taking it back and hearing his friend call him. “I should go. Thank you.”

“No problem. Thank you so much for coming.”

‘It was my pleasure.” he grinned. “I’ll text you. Goodnight, (Y/N).”

“Goodnight, Andre.”


Wow, I am at such a lost for words. I can’t believe we’ve made it to 5K, like- that is more people than I have living on the island I call home. I am so grateful to everyone who clicked on the follow button after reading my little pieces; your follows, likes, and reblogs really are appreciated.

I’d like to do a quick shout out to those on my tag list, of course. You guys have supported me through a lot, I am forever indebted to you for helping me find my passion and for urging me to pursue it as a career.

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Yikes, hope I’m still in time for this - these are for @meganwhalenturner ‘s ARC Thick as Thieves contest!! Pretty much I grew up on these books and these characters have been with me since middle school. Megan, thank you so much for your awesome writing and for creating this like. absolutely formative part of my childhood. These books are beautiful.

Most of these are for The Thief, but I had to slip one King of Attolia in there.

ID #55111

Name: Megan
Age: 17
Country: USA

I’ve always loved writing letters and I’m really looking for someone who’d like to send letters and cute little gifts and share art and whatever else you want.

My favorite genre of music is rock/metal, but I also listen to rap, some classical, old rock and country, pop, and modern country music.

I love art and reading and I am obsessed with the show Supernatural.

Preferences: Somewhere between 12 and 20, and be a decent person. That’s all. I can’t wait to hear from y'all!

anonymous asked:

Akashi, Kuroko, Midorima, Kiyoshi, Nijimura trying to get their s/o to cry because she always keeps her feelings inside and acts tough even when things get difficult~

This request caught my eye~ Here you go anon! 🌸

Thank you for requesting! 💋


“Do you not trust me?” his voice was unbelievably cold, she couldn’t help but look up from her desk. He made his way over to her and placed his hand on her table. “Talk to me, (Name).”

She sighed, closing her eyes shut before opening them again. “What do you want.. Seijuro?”

He wrapped his hand around her wrist and pulled her close to him, whispering in her ear. “Do you know have any idea how much it pains me.. seeing you so miserable?”

“What about it?” she yanked her hand away and stepped back. “Seijuro, I have so much to do. I can handle this. I swear I can.” she forced a smile and raised a hand to caress his cheek.

“Go back to sleep.” she insisted.

He placed a hand on top of hers, intertwining them together and planting a kiss on the back of her hand. “Shouldn’t I be telling you that?”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Alright.” he lets out a sigh, closing his eyes for a while before opening them again, a different gaze landing upon her. “Then leave.”

“What?” she tried not to stutter, the words that came out of his mouth repeating itself over and over again in her mind. “Seijuro-“

“I’d rather see you leave.” he stated, inching away, before turning his back to her, not even continuing his sentence.

And then she broke down. It was the first time he heard soft cries coming from her, it made him regret saying things he didn’t even mean.

But she needed to release her stress and feelings. She needed someone, and knowing that Akashi could help her, why not?

He turned on his heel and without any more hesitations, embraced her tightly. “(Name).. you know I don’t mean any of the words I have said..”

She didn’t reply. Instead, she continued to snuggle in his chest. She was so vulnerable, Akashi didn’t want to let go of her.

“Love..” he planted a kiss on top of her head. “Don’t keep your emotions to yourself. I’m so sorry for what I did. But I had to. It pains me more seeing you so tired and needing someone when I’m here.”

“Now please..” he whispered, pulling away and lightly tugging on her hand. “Go to sleep. Let me take care of you.”

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“But the words momentarily died on her tongue. As he turned to face her, Emma could see he was seriously attractive. Eyes were a glittering blue, even in the sharp shadows created by her Maglight and the headlights of her car. High cheekbones made him look both refined and dangerous.” - Chapter 1 of These Nights Never Seem To Go To Plan by @stophookingatmeswan

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day, Megan (@stophookingatmeswan )! ♡ I’m so sorry it took me so long to give you your gift, but I hope you like this painting inspired by your fic. I’ve really loved getting to know you this past month!

I am going to be really honest here. I love the new Anne With An E series. It is beautiful. The cinematography alone is wonderful and stunning. The actors are all great.

But I am one of those people who will always be in love with the Megan Follows ANNE of GREEN GABLES

I guess I am beginning to understand why there will always be the 1995 P&P (Colin Firth version) devoted fans and the P&P 2005 (Keira Knightly version) devoted fans. 

In case you didn’t know, I am the P&P 2005 version. But I am the Anne of Green Gables 1985 version.

I have read Thick as Thieves. I have thoughts. Not spoilery for the books really, just something about Megan Whalen Turner’s writing style that occurred to me as I was reading the latest in the Queen’s Thief Series. (Which if you haven’t read for some bizarre reason: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?)

I think I have figured out what it is that I love so much about Megan Whalen Turner’s books. I mean, obviously they are very, very well written and plotted, and have really amazing world building. But the thing is, I think MWT writes like a fanfiction author. 

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