but really i like audrey better

Attempting to channel my inner Audrey Hepburn here.  I know, the bun looks terrible.  Audrey always had such cool hairstyles, especially when she wore her hair up.  She was such an amazing influence.   I’m wearing a 50s style dress that I altered into a halter top, which seemed to look better than the original version with puff sleeves.  

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Dating Audrey Jensen Would Include...

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  • Hand holding
  • Coming up with many theories
  • Thinking that she is lying to you
  • Accusing her of being the killer
  • “I am not the killer, Y/N! Stop saying that!”
  • “Yes, but you could be their accomplice!”
  • “BABE!”
  • Fighting about that a lot
  • You and Noah basically being in love and Audrey being jealous
  • Actually spending most of your time with Noah
  • Him being the third wheel during movie nights 
  • “I don’t know why I even come because I know every time that you both will just be sucking each other’s faces!”
  • Everyone’s mom catching you two making out
  • Her being dominant
  • Hating when she becomes shady
  • Her always sneaking in kisses 
  • “ Did you know that you’re the most beautiful creature to ever walk this earth?”
  • Audrey trying to be really smooth when flirting with you
  • Usually, Audrey is all confident but you make her weak in the knees
  • “Y/N, y-you look actually so great today! I mean like you look great everyday! I just think you’re really pretty…”
  • Her smirk turning you on
  • Everyone in the gang shipping you two
  • Noah almost telling you that Audrey likes you
  • “Hey, so, Audrey think you’re really cu-”
  • “NOAH! NO! STOP!”
  • “You think I’m cute, Aud?”
  • Her being so nervous around you
  • Awkwardly shopping for sex toys
  • “We could just order all this online…”
  • “That sounds like a better idea. Thanks…”
  • Her constantly pinning you down on the bed
  • Riding her face a lot
  • Emma always walking in
  • Noah always walking in
  • Everyone always disrupts you two
  • Loving when she yells because she gets all riled up
  • Audrey actually not letting you go anywhere alone
  • Audrey convincing Piper to let you live
  • “Piper… please… she’s my everything… I love her…”
  • Her always sneaking away from you when you hangout
  • “Babe… stay please…?”
  • Her not listening until you start to undress
  • “Babe…turn around…”
  •  Her staring at your bare chest
  • Sometimes very kinky sex
  • But sometimes really sweet sex
  • ‘I want to protect you and I’m scared that you are going to die or get hurt’ sex
  • Her constantly being worried about you
  • Taking care of eachother
  • “I love you” is something always said at least once everyday
  • Being completely lost without each other

scream .¸¸.*♡* (((like if u save any)


  1. i was fine then i met noah, booke and audrey
  2. god please save my soul because i didn’t ask to be screamer
  3. roses are red, violets are blue, scream i cant live without you
  4. brooke is perfect like… wait, anyone is perfect like brooke
  5. i’m screamer hahaha this is not funny
  6. i’m screamer and… idk man, just give me a hug
  7. i try to stop watching scream, but i can’t, becAUSE SCREAM IS PART OF MY LIFE NOW!!!1!!
  8. when watch scream i stay like OH MY GOD WTF???????????? OH SOMEBODY HELP ME MOM I’M DYING!!!! OH MY GOD I LOVE IT
  9. all i need is season 3
  10. i really believe that screamer was the gratest thing that ever happened to me
  11. audrey is better than you
  12. scream is my eternal love love love love love love loveeeeeeeee
  14. wowwwwww who’s the killer? ki………ller???? 
  15. for my eternal love, scream. its all about scream, no other, just scream
  16. what the fuck is scream
  17. life is nothing without scream
  18. scream always in my heart no matter what 
  19. missing season 3 like crazy
  20. we don’t meet people [scream] by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason
  21. my heart belongs to scream
  22. rokera emo gotica e screamer
  23. pior decisão da minha vida foi ter escolhido assistir scream
  24. assistir scream eh sinonimo de sofrimento 
  25. fica de olho nesse teu cu @brooke 
  26. terra de velcro audrey é rainha 
  27. como alguem pode duvidar do meu amor por scream o amor mais puro e verdadeiro ever
  28. eu me importo com a audiencia de scream nao com voce quem disse isso sai daqui encosto
  29. netflix eu nunca te pedi nada vc poderia pelo menos realizar esse meu desejo ne? libera season 3, t amo
  30. emma se nao gostou joga o nome dela na rodinha da macumbaJOGA MESMO
  31. adoro balada minha balada favorita eh scream
  32. brooke maddox eh uma palavra cultural emma duvall nao
  33. amar scream é arte sofrer faz parte
  34. so pago micao, sou screamer por exemplo 
  35. satanas me encontrou nos seus dominios e me perguntou o que eu fazia lá tão cedo apenas respondi indiferente preciso esperar meu surtado um tal de noah foster
  36. scream falei pouco mas falei tudo
  37. vc deve ta se perguntando pq eu tenho um fc pra scream e oq eh scream
  38. só sigo quem não assiste scream
  39. meu macho preferido se chama noah foster 
  40. se eu sou cobra emma é o zoologico inteiro é
  41. brooke sorrindo e eu em coma
  42. ✼˚̣୧¸¸.✩ ser screamer eh pedir pra se fuder  ✩¸¸୨˚*✼
  43. *:・゚☾  brooke maddox vulgo rainha samba de salto 15  *.:。 ☽*
  44. ✧*:・゚•̤ᴗ•̤*ૢ¡¡¡!!! scream makes me so happy!!!¡ ✦*ೃ°˖*
  45. * ✧*:*ૢ brooke is so small and cute i dont know how can some people hate her ✦✨*ೃ°
  46. ✧*:*ૢ❁ scream makes me laugh and cry at the same ❁°˖**
  47. noah makes me smile like an idiot (•ᴗ•❁)
  49. *∗˚ ・゚•̤ᴗ•̤*ૢ¡¡¡! honey, yoU ARE NOY BROOKE MADDOX, stap trying o.k?¿!!¡
  50. ✦*ೃ°✦*°˖*once upon a time there was a princess. it was audrey jensen. she’s my princess. the end (•̤ᴗ•̤)*ૢ¡¡¡!✨


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like se pegarem algo, obg sz/like if u save any, thx

The Set-Up and the Catch

Request: Combined Audrey sets Noah and Reader up and the Lakewood Six catch you making out with Noah.

Requests: OPEN for Teen Wolf and Scream


“Come on, Y/N! Just one date!” Audrey begs as the two of you set off for your next class together. “I don’t trust Zoe and I need to figure out how to get him away from her!”

It’s been two days since the party where Zoe kissed both Noah and Audrey. Audrey has been practically on her knees begging you to take Noah out on a date because, according to her, Zoe was just bad news.

“I don’t know if you noticed, Audrey, but Zoe is nice! She and Noah are really cute together and he seems to really like her.” You replied, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear as you reach the classroom.

Little did Audrey know, you have always had the biggest crush on Noah and pawned after him constantly. However, once Zoe came into the picture, you began to back off when you realized that Noah didn’t have feelings for you as he did with Zoe.

“Y/N! You know that Noah has always had a crush on you!” You whirled around to Audrey, confusion written all over your face.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, but that’s not funny.” You snapped, moving past her to enter the room. “That’s an awful joke, Audrey. I like Noah and the fact that he doesn’t like me back hurts, I can’t believe you would say something like that when you know-,” You cut yourself off immediately, realizing that Audrey really didn’t know about your monster crush.

“You like me?” Your face started to heat up immediately, realizing that not only had you turned to talk to Audrey, Noah had been standing behind you since the beginning of your small rant. “Y/N, hey!” You turned slowly towards him, noticing that Zoe was, as always, trailing right behind him. “That’s crazy, oh, oh my gosh! I like you too!” Zoe looked at him quickly, in shock, before running into the classroom.

Audrey winked at you before following Zoe into the class, watching as she huffed silently in her seat as you and Noah continued to talk.

“Noah, really, you don’t have to pretend to make me feel any better. I know that you and Zoe have something and I won’t be the one to mess that up for you, especially after Riley.” You said, turning again to walk inside the classroom.

“No, really! I’ve had the biggest crush on you since, well, forever. Maybe we could, uh, maybe you could, well. Uh.” Noah replied, struggling for words. You smiled, knowing that even if he did have feelings for you, he was still the same old Noah.

“He’ll meet you at your house at four, Y/N!” Brooke answered for him, brushing past the two of you to go to her seat.

“Yeah, four. Four is good. For me. Is it for you? Because if it isn’t then-,” Noah was cut off as Ms. Lang bumped you both into the classroom, and ushered you to your seats.

Four o’clock rolled around a lot quicker than you thought it would. After arriving home at quarter to three, you rushed up to your room to straighten up and then back down to the living room to clean down there as well. By the time you were finished cleaning, it was ten to four and you had to rush back to your room to change into something else. “Do cleaning supplies stain?” You muttered to yourself as you heard the front door opening.

“Y/N!” Noah shouted out into the house, “You here?”

“Coming!” You shouted back, running down the steps.

“Of course she’s here, Foster. It’s her house, c’mon.” You heard Noah mumbling to himself as he noticed you were in front of him. “Hey! So I brought a few horror movies over for us to watch but if you don’t want to that’s totally fine! We can do whatever you like.”

“I like horror movies as much as you do, Noah. Come on!”

You’d been watching The Shining for the past forty-five minutes, after completing Psycho, Prom Night, and Halloween IV.

You were getting antsy now, it was unusual for you to sit through one movie, let alone four. You noticed that Noah wasn’t paying much attention to the movie either and was attempting to slyly edge closer to you. “Hey, Noah?” You mumbled, turning towards him fully.

“Oh, hey! I wasn’t trying to get closer to your or anything! Just situating myself, I’ll just-,” You cut him off quickly, pressing your lips to his.

Noah was cut off in surprise, but quickly kissed you back. Moving closer to him, your hands pressed firmly on his face to keep the kiss going; he moved his arms to wrap around your waist. You were suddenly on his lap, the kiss continuing almost immediately.

Your front door opened quietly as the rest of the Lakewood six, minus Jake, snuck in and stood at the entrance of your living room. Brooke and Audrey smirked at the scene and Emma and Kieran stood in shock. “Hey, lovebirds!” Audrey cheered, smiling at her two best friends.

You jumped up from Noah instantly, shielding your blushing face. “I’ve never seen anyone make out like that before.” Brooke laughed, bumping Emma with her hip.

“I never would’ve guessed we would’ve walked in on something like this!” Emma finally started laughing at Kieran’s statement. Your friends continued to laugh and poke fun as Noah sat shocked on the couch and you stood glaring at your friends.

“Get out of my house!”

About The Admin INTJ

You guys had some fantastic questions. We’re actually filling this out for each other so our answers are going to be exactly as we say them out loud. Thought you’d like that. Super excited… let’s see how this goes!

About the Admin

Name: Lydia

Nickname: Dia, Zee (like the end of crazy)

Between the Age of: 18-24

M/F: Female

*Orientation: Straight, golly whoever asked this was nosy… then again, I asked for that…

MBTI: INTJ obviously

Hogwarts House: Slytherin, but like, a good one

*Style of Clothing: Um… typically black leggings and a fandom shirt, or big heavy sweater… all in shades of black, grey, and charcoal… okay fine… sometimes really soft pink. But don’ t put that on there Drew.

*Three Positive Things About You: Augh!!! I’m so bad at these things (ENFP: what? bragging about yourself?) haha, fine… I love learning and do it well, I run a blog that people like… It does to count… and I’m an excellent violinist.

*Three Negative Things About You: When I’m not working on it I’m overly harsh, I tend to over analyze things to the point of annoyance of others, I get overwhelmed easily.

*One Really Odd Thing About You: Um…I’m a bee keeper… You didn’t know that? I thought I told you. Yeah, those are hives in my yard…

*Life Motto: Oh goodness this is hard… Um… probably “To go against the dominant thinking of your friends, of most of the people you see every day, is perhaps the most difficult act of heroism you can perform.“ Theodore H. White Not exactly a motto but definitely words to live by.

*Number of Siblings: Two! One younger sister and a twin brother who doesn’t live around here.

Number of Pets: Okay… so do you think they want me to include my farm animals? I’ll just put them all. These are mine by the way, this doesn’t include my family’s livestock. I have… 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 rabbits, 20 ducks, 10 chickens, 3 goats, a pond of Koi, and 3 hives of bees.

*Number of Friends: 3… maybe 4. If you count my family then 7 including you guys.

Average Hours of Sleep: 4-5 hours


Dessert: Tiramisu

Food: Tomato basil soup… yep…

Hot Beverage: Tea! Tea! Always ALWAYS tea…

Color: Silver, black, and light light pink… SHUT UP Chris! I can be an INTJ who likes pink.

Number: 21

Book: Seriously? Nope… Can’t choose one.

Movie: This isn’t really any better… um… maybe the Imitation Game. Oh! the King’s Speech with Colin Firth is really good too… 

TV Show: Sherlock and Downton Abbey… and maybe some others… but I haven’t watched them yet so I don’t know for sure…

Song: This is just as hard as the others! I’ll just do my favourite type. I like Jazz a lot, and also Chopin… and Celtic Violin Music…

Actor: Actor? Benedict Cumberbatch, Geoffrey Rush, Eddie Redmayne, and Hough Jackman… maybe… the order tends to differ and names typically get replaced but Cumberbatch will always stay… Actress? Audrey Hepburn. Easily.

Movie Character: Euros Holmes and Sherlock… and Mycroft… except sometimes not him…

Book Character: Sirius Black, Sherlock Holmes, and Mr. Darcy… What?

Villain: TV? Moriarty in BBC Sherlock. Movie? Victoria Vinciguerra from Man from Uncle and Book? Ooh… Too many good ones.

Animal: Kestrels

*MBTI Type: What? Um… INTJ’s and maybe ENTJ’s and INTP’s, and ENFP’s and… you know what? I can’t choose they all have their benefits and I’m not going to post that I like one person over another on my blog!

*Sound: This is fun one! Um… I love the sound that bricks make when you drag them across each other. It sounds like opening an ancient door or something. You should try it sometime!

*Smell: Freshly baked peach cobbler. Yeah that’s what you smelled coming in. You want some? Let me finish this and we can get some. Wait. Drew… Don’t put this on there! What on earth!

*Flower: Oh goodness… you know roses are going to sound so typical but they are. They have to be the real, full, old English variety though… and they have to have the thorns in tact.

*Memory: Don’t have quite enough to choose from yet.

*Place: Home

This or That

*Marvel or DC: Ooh… this could potentially start a battle here. I’m actually equally fond of both.

Tea or Coffee: Uh… TEA! Duh!

Salty or Sweet: Salty

Dog or Cat: Cat

Dark or Light: Dark

Black or White: Black

*Home or Out: Home

*School or Work: School

Sleep or Awake: Well… I’d like to sleep but I’m always stuck awake.

Mind or Heart: Mind

*Logic or Love: Logic

Book or TV: Book

*Fruit or Vegetable: What the? Um… Fruit?

Random Choices

*Kill one of your group: Parker(ESFJ) No… I’m not going to! Yes, you can eat the cobbler. I wouldn’t waste a whole cobbler if I was going to try to kill you…

*Become a Mythical Creature: Dragon or Vampire… probably Vampire… You know what… I’m already a Vampire so we’re good…

Never watch this movie again: Interstellar… Sorry but I wouldn’t

*Get a Super Power: Flight… or the ability to become a kestrel at will…

*Deserted Island, choose your companion: Mycroft Holmes… we probably wouldn’t be deserted for too long.

*Live this Characters life: Hermione Granger’s

*Eat only this food: Soup… what? I like soup…

*Never leave this room: My room

*Who are you closest to in your group: This is getting tricky… Uh… to be honest Drew(ENFP)

*Three positive things about those in your group: Let’s see… Chris is clever, hard working, and rich… haha… it’s true though. Drew is kind, caring, and good at keeping the peace. Parker is… um… I’m kidding! Parker has a good sense of humor, no sense of fear, and good at making us do stupid things! That’s a GOOD thing!!!

*Three negative things about those in your group: Ooh… okay um… Chis is a bit prideful, too harsh sometimes, and kind of distant. Drew is overly sensitive, a bit over bearing, and tends to lose who he is in trying to please others. Parker is arrogant, and not always the brightest, I’m sure you tr- you’re actually spilling cobbler on your… yeah… there. Haha… that was funny… um and a bit too much for sometimes. Over all I really like you guys though!

That was really fun actually. ENFP is next but we’re going to take a break to finish the cobbler… So… Yay!

Audrey Jensen x Reader - Killer

Pairings: Audrey Jensen x Reader
Warnings: Swearing
Words: 2194
Request: “
An Audrey imagine where you’re Noah’s twin and Audrey likes you and the killer knows and stalks you because of it and threatens her with what they know so she gets really clingy” - anon
Request (2): “Hey babe. Do you think you would be able to do a short lil Audrey drabble where the reader walks in on Audrey changing? And the reader is Noah’s sister if possible? Thankyoooooooou :DDD”
- @ezramillerqueer  
Note: I posted this first part for like a minute the other day before deleting it cause I thought it’d do better with this request than on its own. And btw, does anyone know when Audrey and Noah met? Cause I always just assumed that they were like always friends since children but idk. Thanks :)


“Noah, you prick!” I slammed his door open, “Stop using my chapsti-“

I froze in my tracks, eyes trained on the half-naked girl on my twin brother’s bed who was previously struggling to pull her tight jeans on, now staring at me like a deer caught in the headlights. My posture straightened and I breathed in slowly as my brain slowly processed what was happening, delayed slightly by the wonderful sight before me.

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“On My List”

This fucking JMR fic took me forever, so I hope you all like it. If not … I’m just sticking with Cockles, because … damn.

“Lindsey Lohan.”

Ew, really? Oh my god. I’ve lost all respect for you, man.”

Misha chuckles and shakes his head “I don’t think she’s that bad.”

Jensen scoffs so hard, he probably dislodged a tonsil. “Bad or not, she’s really your first choice? The one freebee, no questions asked—good to go lay? Her?”

Rob watches his two friends, amused—comfortable and warm nestled between a throw pillow and his generous stack of empty beer bottles.

“Well, now that you mention it, I’m thinking Audrey Hepburn might be a better choice.”

“Isn’ she dead?” Rob slurs, which pulls a pleasant little laugh past Jensen’s just-licked lips.

“Yeah she is … and even if she wasn’t, she’d be like a hundred and two by now. Can you think of anyone age appropriate who currently has a pulse?”

Misha ponders this for a moment, seeming to think long and hard, like it’s a question for the ages. “Justin Beiber” he finally says with fervor.

“Okay, if you’re just going to fuck around, I’ll stop asking” Jensen snips back. He’s soon leaning forward in his chair to snatch up his own beer, taking a swig before plopping it down again—all with a disappointed shake of his head.

Sor-ry” Misha sighs, throwing up his hands. “I didn’t realize this game was so serious to you.”

The green eyed man looks to the far side of the room, shrugging with an air of forced-nonchalance. “It’s not, but I was curious and you’re just dickin’ around.”

“Well, I can’t say I’ve ever actually thought about it that much.” He seems more sincere now and Rob thinks that he’s probably telling the truth; Misha Collins doesn’t live through scenarios after all.

“Oh c’mon! Now I know you’re lying!”

Jensen apparently, does not agree.

The two men are soon tilted towards one another, gesturing harshly over the coffee table between them—casting angry shadows on the convention schedules spread out across the glass. Rob smiles to himself, feeling the drunk slosh about his brain, fizzing like warm waters of a jacuzzi. He loves watching Jensen and Misha bicker like this—drunk or not. The two act like an old married couple half the time he’s around—and like flirting teens the other half. All in all, they’re just really cute—no better way to describe them than that, and Rob can’t stop the grin that grows with his friends’ volume.

“Well, fine—since you’ve given it a lot of thought! Who would you do then … if Danneel  and I—uh if she gave you a free pass?” Misha peeks over at Rob a moment, as if to see if he’s still listening.

He is—but he’s fading in and out, falling helplessly into the soft give of the armchair beneath him.

“Sofia Vergara” Jensen answers quickly.

“Typical” Misha spits back steamed and tender, with an eye roll on the side.

Jensen hunches forward some more, propping a defensive elbow atop his knee and puffing out his chest. “What?”

“Oh nothing—just, Macho Jensen going for the biggest boobs he can find. It’s just … typical.”

“Dude … she’s hot.

“I realize she’s hot, but I mean, is that all you’re thinking about? Not personality, just looks? Don’t get me wrong … if she presented me with the opportunity, I’d be a fool to pass on it, but—”

“But nothing! See, you’re exactly as perverted as I am so don’t try to pull some high and mighty bullshit!” Jensen hisses, leering heavily at blue eyes that now avoid his gaze.

Rob let’s out a bubbly laugh with that one—how could he not? His friends get so silly and stupid over one another—over silly, stupid things; so much so that they’re just some brightly colored fur away from being Muppets.

“What?” Misha asks him suddenly, a smile pulling at his cheek once he finally faces the very drunk third wheel keeping them company in the green room.

“You two’re funny” Rob garbles, and watches warmly as Jensen and Misha deflate, smiling back and forth to one another, laying out a new common ground with the sight of the man melting into his own beard.

“And you’re wasted” Jensen counters, standing up from his chair. “We should get you back to your room … it’s already—” he glances down at the watch on his wrist. “Shit, it’s already two in the morning. Fuck, flying tomorrow’s gonna suck.”

“Always does, sleep or not” Misha agrees, pulling himself up as well.

“You didn’t ask me.” Rob’s beer slicked voice pulls both the men’s ears back down, curving their attention to him.

Wha?” Jensen laughs, taking a step closer just as Rob’s eyes begin to flutter.

“You din’ ask me” he chirps again and Jensen turns to Misha, confused, shoulders gathered in a shrug.

“I think he wants you to ask him who his freebee-fuck would be” Misha clarifies, in a tone that makes it seem likes this is a totally normal conversation. Then again, for their group—it kind of is.

Jensen’s eyebrows smash together as another laugh clamors from his throat. “Jesus … give the guy a few Sierra Nevadas and he’s fucking toasted.”

If Rob had the energy, he’d correct Jensen. It was six Sierra Nevadas—thank you very much.

Soon, Jensen is bending down, laying a heavy hand on Rob’s shoulder, shaking him a little to make sure he’s even still awake. “Okay, bud. Who would you do, then? Ya know, if Mollie would let ya.”

Rob peeks back into the questioning face in front of him, and then slumps his eyes to the right to see Misha standing at Jensen’s side. “She’d let’me” the man giggles, finally dropping his head and nestling his cheek against Jensen’s hand.

The action doesn’t seem to faze the guy though, because all Jensen does is lift his other palm and pat Rob’s cheek. “Oh yeah? You two already talk about this or somthin’?” Jensen asks, and Rob blinks slowly as he nods.

“Was this one of those ‘you each make a list’ things?” Misha chimes in, sounding genuinely curious.

Rob nods again.

“Okay, well don’t leave us hangin’ here, man. Who’s on your list?” Jensen asks, giving Rob’s beard a little rub with his thumb.

 “You two” Rob yawns, slipping easily into the press of Jensen’s fingers and smiling as the world goes dark.

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Direct Quotes from my Mother while watching Scream
  • “Ten bucks they’re going to make Stavo and Audrey hook up and we’re going to die because why”
  • Me: I like Emma and Eli. Mom: Eh. I still like Eli with Audrey. Me: ??????? In what world?????? Mom: I don’t know. Their hair is similar and they’re both pretty so I mean
  • “Do you think if she dates Eli Kieran will fix his hair”
  • “I bet she chloroformed him and she’s pretending to be tied up” *five minutes later when Audrey is not actually tied up and reveals she did, in fact, chloroform her best friend* “CALLED IT MOTHER FUCKERS”
  • “I’m so glad you have someone who loves serial killers as much as you on a TV show.” (thanks mom)
  • “It’s not Noah, Audrey or Maggie because I said so, so who’s next on the list of maybes?”
  • “Jake was such a fucking ass hole but I miss him so much. I love you Stavo, but you’re not Jake and I want him back.”
  • “Oh darn the creep teacher with an obsession with an underage child was tortured and died in a fire, what a shame”
  • *My grandma calls during an episode* “I’ll call her back later. Nothing is more important than Scream. Except you, I love you. But Scream.”
  • “Eli deserves better he’s too good for this town and I love him” (she cried at the finale omg)
  • and my personal favorite: Mom: *Audrey telling Emma she broke her heart* STOP FUCKING BITCHING AND FIND MY NOAH I DON’T CARE YOU CAN MAKE OUT LATER WHERE THE FUCK IS NOAH

Okay, last thing well not really but for now it is. I’ve seen many posts, well quite a few, about what the sequel needs. We’ve got a year left and honestly there’s so much that could possibly happen (plus if I remember correctly, the next book is coming out too). And while I agree that Disney should try and actually have a canon queer couple and not pull any tricks or other small random things like the need for Cameron and Booboo to actually sing or to bring in the other children from the Isle. Or most importantly, just more character development for practically everyone because all of these children need it. I feel like the most important thing that needs to happen, whether in the next book, in the Wicked World shorts (though I highly doubt it) or even in the sequel, are apologies. Because everyone has been wronged in some shape way or form, and no one should be getting away with it.

  • The obvious first one is King Adam/Beast apologizing to Mal, Jay, Evie and Carlos or just other future children of the Isle that come to Auradon. I talked about this before (though untagged to avoid any drama really), and I agree with the fandom, to a degree. What Adam did was wrong, no doubt about it. He’s made a pretty shitty decision and even if he had some good intentions (I really wished he talked this out more with someone), he just…messed up. But it wasn’t like he could just, take the children of the villains away from their parents. Whatever legal system this world has, I highly doubt they’d do that. But subjecting not only the parents but the children into unhealthy living conditions, all because you wanted to keep your enemies in one place. He’s partially responsible for how ‘corrupt’ (and I use this term loosely) the children are. The parents are still mostly the blame because, well, they’re villains, and they go on and on about how a villain should act. Though Ben is crowned king, I’m not even sure when he’s actually going to take the throne officially. So until then, Beast has got a lot of making up to do.
  • Piggbacking off of that about Ben, let’s talk about the second apology that needs to happen; Mal and Ben need to apologize to Audrey for publicly humiliating her in front of the ENTIRE school (and another school too considering it was a tourney game) because of Ben serenading Mal. And yes, I know this was under the effect of the love-spell, but there still should’ve been a lick of common sense to not sing to another girl when you’re dating someone else. And even after the spell was worn off of him, he still could’ve apologized to Audrey, even privately. And Mal in general, because those two have a deep history, and honestly it’s just like being slapped in the face when you’re being wronged by the child of the woman that wronged your entire family. And that little bow near the end of the movie does not cut it. There’s another issue I have about that mistreatment to Audrey but I’ll leave that for another time. And yeah, Ben didn’t really seem interested in being with Audrey, but it’s still a douche move to kind of do that (and Ben is a sweet child, but my son no).
  • I want Audrey and Mal to apologize for Ben to using him to his advantage. If you watched Auradon Secrets (and if I remember correctly), Audrey dated Ben mostly because of appearance sake. She was mostly concerned about her little popular world. I think that at some point, she probably did fall for Ben (and honestly she probably was heartbroken about what happened, in regards to the previous point. But I will also defend my pretty pink princess). And we all know the reason for Mal. I don’t really remember if she really apologized, but I feel like an apology should happen and it shouldn’t be swept under the rug because ‘he makes you happy’. Ben deserves better than that.
  • Jay, Evie, and Carlos also need to apologize to Audrey for following along with Mal. Yes, they were going along with the plan, yes it’s what they know, but they need to apologize.
  • I would really love for Jane to apologize to the rotten/core four for basically just, being a bit of a hypocrite. Though I see her as following the crowd, because it’s high school so follow the cliché social pyramid, and she’s impressionable/low self-esteem, she was wrong too. She shouldn’t have been all ‘buddy buddy’ with Mal because she changed her style (even though Mal was using her too at one point) and then just turn on her the next. I think the popularity did get to her head, and she was slightly punished for it by Mal. I still feel like somewhere she’s guilty because she did a dumb, and she just needs to apologize, to at least start to make things right.
  • I want Lonnie and Doug to apologize for kinda just, bailing out on the rotten/core four after the events of the parents’ day scene. These were the two kids that seemed to have more faith in the children of the villains than everyone else (besides Ben but he’s obvious). And yeah Doug kinda did attempt, but he got called back by Chad. I mean, it was kind of an ‘us vs. them’ thing, but again, you can’t just sweep this under the rug by dancing with Evie in the last song.
  • I want Chad and Audrey to apologize for not having enough faith in Ben about trusting the four. Now Audrey, I understand why she wouldn’t really trust them (or at least Mal mostly), but not much for Chad. Then again, there is still the whole ‘they’re bad news, can’t trust them’, and whatever else they were told about the children of the villains. But honestly, if they were Ben’s friends (and I use that lightly too), they should’ve had just a bit more faith in him.
  • I want Chad to apologize for all four in general, but mostly to Evie. He used her and that was wrong, and to call her a ‘gold digger’, like no that’s messed up. Again, I still want Chad to apologize to all four (though he hasn’t been super rude to Carlos, so praise for that), but it runs deeper with Evie in my opinion.
  • And finally, and this is also for the sake of @geniiied, I would like Jay to apologize to Jordan and Mal about the lamp thing. Though it may have been because of his kleptomania (something that I see him struggling to work on), I feel like an apology is in order for 1) framing your best friend in a theft you did and 2) stealing someone’s home.

I know that even with these apologies, there’ll be people in this fandom that won’t change their opinions about characters (like Jane and Chad for example), and I get that. All of these kids did something wrong, whether it was big or small, and it shouldn’t be swept under the rug or just played off as a ‘oh that was because you were evil but now you’re good so it’s all good’. Taking responsibility is just the first step of growing up, and it’s just really important for everyone.

And even if all of these apologies aren’t met (which will be a bummer) as long as some of them are handled, I would appreciate that more than anything else in the world.

kanirules  asked:

Why do you hate the Breakfast at Tiffany's movie so much?

Ok so acknowledging Mickey Rooney’s SUPER racist and stereotypical portrayal of Mr. Yunioshi, I actually really like the Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie. I love Audrey Hepburn, I love the aesthetic, I love how she meets a man who is also living off the money of a rich woman and they form a bond. And honestly up until I read the book, it was one of my favourite movies of all time.


And like… warning for spoilers below… so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t read the next bit.

Basically I am angry that the movie got a “hollywood ending” … essentially it’s implied that Holly and Paul kind of end up together. That Holly gives up her independent and devil-may-care attitude and actually decides to settle down with Paul. 

And like what really gets me is that Paul thinks he has a right to Holly, he says that “I love you, you belong to me” and Holly has that famous moment where she says “no, people don’t belong to people.” And then she still gives up this “free spirit” and “no name slob” attitude and in the end they share that passionate kiss and credits roll and everyone is left with the satisfaction that Paul managed to tame the wild and free Holly and they probably end up together.

But the book has such a better ending… and it’s that Holly just fucking leaves. The story is narrated by Paul, about the time he met the infamous Holly Golightly and almost had her. That there were wild rumours of this woman who comes and goes and never stays in one place for long. That she’d travelled around the world and ridden camels in Arabia and that she had this amazing life not connected to anyone and always moving and leaving. And in the end of the book she does exactly as her character was written to do… she leaves Paul. Paul begins to fall in love with her and when he gets too close, Holly runs. Just like she’s been doing for so long. Like she did with her first husband and with all the men after that. Paul speculates about where she’s gone but the book keeps Holly as this wonderful enigma… this solitary woman who goes where she wants and does what she wants and she leaves a taste of herself on the tongues of all the men she meets, and they spend the rest of their lives wondering about the Holly that got away.

And tbh I liked that ending WAY better because when I watched the movie, I didn’t even want her to end up with Paul. I thought he was selfish and annoying and when they kissed at the end I never got that satisfaction of “ahh yes they were meant to be” it was more like “oh ok, this is where the plot went”

So yeah. Those are my thoughts on Breakfast at Tiffany’s lol


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Ok I’m sorry but I feel like I’m the only one that thinks Audrey deserves a better girlfriend. She is not sympathetic what’s so ever for what Audrey went through. She makes Audrey feel bad for having trouble trusting people. It’s just so irritating. It was like she was blaming Audrey for trying to surprise her AND she didn’t even care to stay with Audrey and make sure she was ok when she knew there was a fucking killer on the loose. Uhhh I was really hoping they would give Audrey a good girlfriend :( :( :(

good enough

Prompt: You’re in a relationship with Audrey but recently things changed and so you began acting different. Audrey makes Noah ask you about it.

Words: 682

Warnings: fighting, fluff


You sat on the couch of the store, looking at Noah questioningly. 

“Noah?” You tried, he’d been acting odd recently. 

“I just feel like we haven’t hung out,” he paused, “just the two of us in ages,” he smiled, avoiding your gaze. 

“Why am I really here?” You leaned forward in an attempt to catch his eye, he moved again, instead, looking behind you at the counter. “Noah!” You grew frustrated. 

“I wanted us to talk,” he spoke quietly. 

“So talk.”

“Yeah, right,” he stuttered, trying to figure out how to begin, “so…I, uh, I saw this film the other day, some new-ish horror, it was terrible. I mean, it wasn’t that bad but classics are classics for a reason, you know,” he began to get carried away in trying to distract you from the reason you were really there, “you can’t try to remake A Nightmare on Elm Street but throw out the storyline and give it a new name. Don’t fuck with the original; that’s the rule, you know and I just can’t believe someone would try that with such a classic fi-" 

"Noah!” You cut him off, “why am I really here?" 

He looked down, trying to figure out how to say it, he closed his eyes, "Audrey says you’ve been distant lately,” he opened one eye, peering behind you he shrugged, you turned but couldn’t see anything. 

Brushing off his hesitance you dropped your gaze, playing with your hands in your lap, “I don’t think she loves me anymore,” you whisper. 

“What?” Noah sounded shocked, you lifted your head to see that he looked it too, his gaze was, again, somewhere behind you. 

You turned again, this time you saw Audrey. She stood leaning on the counter, staring at you. 

“What?” She sounded heartbroken. 

“I think I should go,” you stood. 

“No,” Noah stood behind you, pushing you back onto the couch as Audrey made her way over, “I’m going to go…” He paused, “but I’ll be outside if you need me,” he blurted, "not listening to your conversation,“ he added diplomatically.  

Noah left and Audrey sat on the couch facing you, you couldn’t meet her gaze. She reached for your hand. 

"Well?” You spoke abruptly. She recoiled and you couldn’t move, as if staring through the wall. 

“I-” she didn’t seem to have anything to say. 

You nodded, expecting as much -she never had an answer for you.  

“Y/N,” she said quietly as you stood, you began walking to the door. 

“Y/N, wait!”

Still you kept walking. 

When you reached the door she spoke again, “I do love you still, I’m so in love with you that sometimes it scares me." 

Your heart began to race, you hand still on the door -she had a lot to explain and you weren’t sure if an apology was going to cut it this time. 

"I feel like I’m not good enough,” she almost whimpered this.

Your grip loosened and your arm fell to your side, is that what she really thought?

Slowly, she began to explain, "in general, yes, but also…for you. I feel like I’m not good enough for you and that isn’t something I can change,” she sounded like her voice could break any second. 

You turned around but she wasn’t looking at you.

“Audrey…” You spoke barely above a whisper. The most important person you knew felt like she wasn’t good enough, the idea of the even thought of it was enough to break you. “Audrey, I-” was there anything you could say that would make this better?

“Don’t.” She sounded so feeble; so broken. 

You ran towards her, pulling her into you. She began to cry. 

You pulled back and tried to get her to look at you, she began to apologise profusely. You cut her off, kissing her hard. 

She began to settle and again you tried to make her look at you. 

“You will always be good enough. For me and everyone else,” you told her, holding her by her arms. She nodded meeting your gaze and pulled you in for another kiss. 

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Books and manga you are currently reading: not reading anything at the moment, but i have the second in this series by alex grecian that takes place in the victorian era right after the jack the ripper stuff and it’s about the murder squad (a bunch of detectives that work at the scotland yard).  

Top 5 Musicals: phantom of the opera, across the universe, singing in the rain, rent, and repo the genetic opera.

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Before Grumps: Dan + Suzy

(It’s cute that Dan interviewed Suzy first before anyone else’s interview went up) 

Suzy recently got into 80′s music thanks in part to Under The Covers. Dan says that he thinks the resurgence is because 80′s music feels good and people want to feel good. 

Dan has always wanted a tree house but never had one. 

Suzy and her twin switched places one time in preschool to spare Suzy from having to go to speech class. 

Dan says that Suzy is the one into the darkest shit and Suzy said she gets it from her dad. Dan says he has met Suzy’s dad multiple times. 

Ross has met a mercenary before. 

Suzy worked in retail her whole life, was a manager at Hot Topic, until she helped Arin enough that she could quit and work on videos with him. 

Suzy says she has a bleeding heart for people and Arin is compassionate af, so it makes sense that these two will literally adopt people and take care of them. 

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Animated Eyes Part 2

Originally posted by demetrialuvater

A/N: This was requested a while back to make a part 2, to Animated eyes and here it is. There will have to be a part 3. Sorry for all grammar/punctuation/spelling errors in this. I really wanted to get something up. And sorry I didn’t make a collage for this! 

Audrey Jensen X Reader

Animated Eyes Part 1

Y/N wraps a robe around her frame and hurries down stairs shouting for Noah to get to the door before her. The knocks come again as she jumps off of the last step, they transition into loud bangs.
“Noah!” The voice shouts. “Noah let me in I’m about to drop this ugly dress you made me buy! And I need to figure out what to do with my hair.”
Y/N rips the door open and Audrey drops all of her things to the ground. Noah’s sister’s eyes pop open wide and she tries to hold in a laugh. The short hair girl freezes up and looks Noah’s sister up and down, only in a robe that stopped above her knees. Her hair was set in rollers and she already had a full face of makeup on except for lipstick. Everything about her made Audrey blush. Audrey places a section of hair behind her ears and looks away biting down on her bottom lip. The only thing that had been on Audrey’s mind the past few weeks was the interaction between the two in the bathroom.
“Are you going to pick up your things?” Y/N says looking at the dress bag on the the ground along with a backpack. Audrey doesn’t respond the heat in her cheeks was getting intense. “Audrey! Earth to Audrey!”
“Yeah,” Audrey jolts, bends down and snatches her things up. “Sorry for the aggressive knocking, clearly interrupting…this…I don’t know.”
“Audrey don’t worry about it,” Y/N says, her anger slowly dissipating and her mood getting better. She starts to laugh. “Uh Audrey I’m not trying to be rude here, but…”

“But what?” Audrey tilts her head feeling confused hugging her things tightly so they wouldn’t fall again. Her brows start to furrow.
“You don’t look like yourself,” Y/N says. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in so much makeup and eyeliner. I mean if that’s the look you’re going for…I mean it looks great.”
“I didn’t know what I was doing, I tried my best to do something different from my usual look for this dance,” Audrey says bluntly coming off a little frustrated, her speech was rushed. “It took me a lot of time to attempt this eyeliner wing and I had to keep applying more to get it too look even and neat. I didn’t even want to go to this dance, but Noah is dragging me there.”

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marihid  asked:

Hi Shanna! You are absolutely my favorite fic writer, and I think you are the perfect woman to ask for some book recommendations. I take a one hour train everyday to school, and that's when I read. I want to find a book that gets me really sentimental, like your stories, so something similar to that, but Im 22 and I have only found things that are mainly for teens and I dont really like those anymore. Thanks! btw, Im so excited for binary star! thank you for writing you make my journeys better!!

HELLO, love! This message made me so happy. Your favorite fic writer?! AH! Thank you so much. And of course, hm… some of my favorite adult books that are romance/sentimental are:

  • Me Before You, by JoJo Meyers
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger
  • When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanithi (more cerebral but it made me cry lol)
  • Fangirl / Eleanor and Park / Attachments, all by Rainbow Rowell
  • A Discovery of Witches, by Deborah Harkness

Hope you enjoy! ~

Give Into Me : part III

It’s been about a month since Jack and I have started hanging out. And we usually hang out about 5 times a week. Usually all day, or sometimes, after I get off work I’ll go over, or when I’m on break, Jack will come and hang out for the short 15 minutes I have, and sometimes we just hung out for a few hours. Either way, we spend a lot of time together.

I was currently on my way over to his place now. He texted me and told me him and Johnson were having a little party/cook out thing, and he told me to wear a swim suit, so I threw on a bikini and just put a pair of shorts on over the bottoms.

When I got there, there were a few cars there, one I recognized as Nate’s. John’s was there, and I knew Kendall was with him. And a few others. I got out of my car and called Jack, who answered on the second ring.


‘hey Jack, I’m here.’

oh okay! I’ll be out in a second.


and with that we hung up, and he was right, he was out in a few seconds. Walking up to me, he threw his arms around me, embracing me in one of his famous hugs.

Originally posted by wonderlandgirlforever

“I’m glad you could make it.” he smiled, taking my hand and pulling me inside, through the house, and outback where everyone was.

I immediately went over to Kendall, jumping on her, attacking her in a koala hug. She was my best friend. I loved her to death, and I mean, I did just see her two days ago, but still. 

“hey lover.” she spoke, kissing me cheek.

“what’s up boo?” I asked.

“just waiting for John and Nate to get back.”

“where are they?” 

“they went with Sammy to go get more alcohol.”

“luckily I’m here to save you from boredom.” 


Kendall and I talked some more, Kendall drinking some fruity alcoholic drink, and I was sipping on a beer. We were sitting around and talking to Emily, Sam’s sister, and Stass, Sam’s best friend.

Suddenly another girl showed up, and once she saw all of us she walked up to us. I saw Emily and Stass roll their eyes before putting on a fake smile as the little girl approached us.

“hey guys, do you know where Jack is?”

“yeah.” Stass replied before she started to talk to Kendall and I again. The black haired girl above us huffed in annoyance before continuing.

“okay, where is he?”

“he’s playing ball with Johnson, Hayes and Nash. I think Tez too, maybe som-”

but she turned and headed off to the boys little court they had before Stass could even finish her sentence.

“I fucking hate her.” Emily muttered.

“seriously.” Stass grumbled.

“who even was that?”

“that was Madison.” Stass spoke, rolling her eyes.

“Jacks girlfriend.” Emily finished.

“Johnson?” I asked, wide eyed. 

“no, G.”

My jaw dropped a bit. He had a girlfriend? I looked at Kendall, cause she knew about Jack and I, and Johnson did too, cause I mean, he did walk in on me and Jack making out one day.

“girl you look like you’ve just seen a ghost.” Emily laughed.

“how long have they been together?”

“like almost 3 months. Personally, I think she’s just using him. She’s getting more fame from everyone of the guys’ fans hating on her, and Jack’s just always in such a bad mood around her, or whenever someone talks about her or asks about her.” Emily spoke.

“Yeah, but lately, he’s seemed happier. I don’t know, maybe they worked out whatever problems they have.” Stass spoke.

“still, I don’t like her. I mean, for fuck’s sake, she’s only 16, and Jack’s nearly 20. She’s fake as fuck. She’s such a bitch in real life, is always taking Jack away from Johnson, she’s so clingy, she’s so annoying too.” Emily spoke.

“yeah, the guys hate her too. Sammy’s always complaining about how much of a bitch she is to all Jack’s friends, and then gets pissed at Jack when he doesn’t defend her.” Stass chimed in.

My mind was just being blown. I had no idea. He had a fucking girlfriend. What the fuck.

“she sounds awful.” Kendall spoke.

“she is.” Stass and Emily spoke at the same time.

suddenly the sliding glass door from the kitchen to outside opened, and Swazz, Sammy and Nate walked through, each carrying a thing or two of alcohol.

“Party’s here.” Sammy laughed, walking up to us. The 7 of us all made some drinks, and I quickly downed mine, everyone kinda looking at me oddly.

“dang girl.” Stass laughed.

Everyone from the back started to come up. First it was Nash and Hayes, then there was Tez, Foushe, and Johnson, and then Jack, and Madison, who was clinging onto him.

He wasn’t even looking at her. He had his head down, and when he looked up he met my eyes and his eyes went wide. They started to approach, and Johnson had grabbed a drink and came and sat by me.

“so I’m assuming you know now.” he muttered out from next to me.

“yeah. I shoulda known.” I sighed, taking a sip from my beer.

“he shoulda told you.”

“yeah” I sighed, looking down in my cup.

“hey, cheer up. if it makes you feel any better, he’s never as happy around her as he is with you.”

“a little.” I smiled.

“he always talks about you too. all the time. like, don’t get me wrong Audrey, I like you and all and you’re chill as fuck, but I get really fucking tired of hearing about you.”

I smiled hearing this, resting my head on Johnsons shoulder. “thanks.” I muttered.

“of course. And I mean, look how unhappy he looks with her right now.” Johnson spoke, so I looked to see Madison sitting on Jack’s lap, smiling and talking, about her make up, I could hear her from here. And Johnson was right. Jack looked so miserable. He looked over at me, and my head resting on Johnsons shoulder and raised his brow, confusion on his face.

“whenever anyone asks about ‘his girl’ he just smiles now. And then he starts talking about how amazing you are, and how chill and laid back you are. how funny you are, and how, and I quote ‘your beauty radiates from your soul’ or some shit sorta like that.”

I laughed at hearing that, no longer in a bad mood about Jack and his little girlfriend. I mean, yeah it sucked, cause I did like him. But it’s whatever. And I mean, as terrible as this is, I’m glad everyone has a problem with her, and I’m glad Jack looks miserable right now. He deserves it.

“yo, Johnson, wanna start cooking?” John called out.

“yeah man.” Johnson replied, standing up.

He turned to face me, grabbed my face and looked me in the eye.

“by no means do I ever encourage this kinda shit, but Jack gets jealous real easily.” he smiled before kissing my forehead and walking towards John.

Jack was looking over at me, and then his eyes followed Johnson. And then I don’t know what happened, Madison must have said something because Jack looked at her and then she grabbed his face and kissed him.

I got up from my chair and walked away. Going to join Nate, Tez, Foushe, Nash and Hayes in the pool.

“aye it’s my girl.” Nate spoke, coming up to me, embracing me in a hug.

“hey.” I smiled.

“yo Audrey, you wanna play chicken?” Nash called out.

“I mean, sure.” I laughed.

“alright, so it’s gonna be me and Hayes against you and Nate.” Nash smiled.

“alright, just know you guys are probably gonna lose.” I wink.

“that’s the spirit babygirl.” Nate laughed, throwing his arm around me. I looked up to see Jack’s jaw clenched.

Hayes and I were now on the guys’ shoulders and ready.

“you good babygirl?” Nate asked.

“perfect babe.” I laughed.

soon Hayes and I were fighting, trying to knock the other down. And it was a pretty even fight. He was a lot stronger than I expected him to be. And with one swift move made by Nash, Hayes pulled me forward, causing me to make Nate and I’s weight forward, losing his balance and causing us to fall.

I came back up out of the water laughing as Nash started marching around the pool and him and Hayes cheering.

“okay okay, new game.” Nate spoke.

“fine, you guys are going down regardless.” Nash spoke.

“hell no, I want a new partner.”

“Hayes and Audrey against Nate and I” Nash spoke.

Hayes and I looked at each other and shrugged before Nash let go of Hayes and flung him backwards.

Now I was on Hayes’ shoulders and Nate on top of Nash’s.

“you know, I would have thought it’d be the other way around.” I said as Nate and I faced each other.

“I wish it would have, but Nate has a game plan.” Nash spoke.

“and what might that be?” I asked, looking at Nate to see his eyes were on my chest. “Nate!” I laughed, covering my chest.

“shit.” he muttered looking at me. “ya know, I ain’t even sorry. It’s a nice pair.” he laughed.

“I hate you.” I laughed. “let’s just get this over with.”

So Nate and I were trying to knock each other over. It wasn’t fair at all. One of the strongest guys I know against me, who weighs 130 pounds.

Nate somehow slipped his arms under mine and grabbed my boobs, causing me to push his hands away, but he held onto my hand, and gave me a pull, and had me and Hayes falling over.

I emerged out of the water, pushing my hair back and looking at Nate.

“that was such a cheap move.” I spoke, causing him to look at me and shrug as he got off Nash’s shoulders.

“Like I said, nice pair.” He winked.

“hey guys, food’s ready.” Kendall called out from the kitchen. Everyone got up and started to head inside, and the boys had got out of the pool. I was the last one out, and was drying off a bit, before tossing my towel on a chair and walking inside. Everyone was getting plates of food before they headed back out. I had just finished getting all my food, and was putting something in the fridge when Jack walked up to me, hands on my waist and slammed me up against it.

“the fuck are you doing?”

“putting something away.” 

“I meant first you’re all cuddled up with Johnson, and what the fuck’s up with you and Nate?”

“seriously?” I looked at him and his face was stone cold. He was actually fucking serious.

I pushed him back a bit, creating space between us.

“you shouldn’t really be concerned as to who I’m talking too, or hanging out with, or even what I’m doing. You should probably get out there and go hang out with your lovely girlfriend. I’ve heard she’s great.” I spit coldly, turning to grab my plate. Jack grabbed my arm though.

“Audrey, look it’s not like that.”

“oh, so you two actually aren’t together? you just have another girl you like to keep around? here’s a tip, don’t invite two girls you’re ‘seeing’ to the same place. Things might get a little confusing.” I spoke, yanking my arm out of his grip and leaving him in the kitchen.