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Okay, the discourse grew really heated in my inbox, I’m glad everyone’s so passionate about this. (As you should be because positive lgbtqia representation is important haha)

I can’t answer all of these without flooding your dashboards, so this is a collective answer of some sorts.

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Demisexual Yuuri is canon in my heart and soul oh my god

  • Does NOT like anyone pushing him before he’s emotionally ready
  • Does NOT like getting touchy feely with someone he’s not comfortable with AT ALL
  • He’s slow to warm up to people but once he is, he loves them to death
  • He’s able to access his emotions really well, but only for a certain few
  • Honestly he sees people in either a familial or platonic sense and has, so far, only seen VICTOR in a sexual sense

like….. I don’t make the rules friendos………….. Demi!Yuuri

Okay so you know how some people have headcanoned that Junkrat would have a possum as a pet? While I love the idea, something donned on me last night. All the pictures depict Junkrat with the kind of possum we have in the US. But, Australia and the US do not have the same kind of possum. In fact, they are quite different.

The Australian possum is actually a really cute lil animal:

Look at it! Ain’t it the cutest thing??

Then there’s the monster I have to deal with living in America:

I fucking hate these things and fear them with every fiber of my being.

So when you think about it, Junkrat has probably never even seen one of these. Now imagine if you will, once him and Roadhog join Overwatch and are dragged to the US for whatever reason, the finally see one.

Since Overwatch isn’t exactly legal, they probably hide out in really shitty run down buildings. Suddenly, they hear someone yelling about how there’s a possum in one of the rooms. Junkrat, who’s picturing what he’s got back in Australia, doesn’t understand why everyone’s freaking out so much and is probably calling them babies for being scared of something so cute. So he goes into the room ready to just pick it up and toss it outside, but then he sees it. All they hear is high pitched screaming and, ‘WHAT THE FUCK IS T H A T’ as Junkrat hauls ass out of there. Then Roadhog just sighs, ‘Jamison chill the fuck out it’s just a- oH SWEET JESUS WHAT IS THAT’

Cut to Roadhog trying to lure it onto one of Junkrat’s traps while Soldier 76 is trying to prevent Junkrat from blowing up the whole damn building.

In the end Zarya took care of it

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Your sappy ExR headcanons are so cute!!! Could you expand on them accidentally moving in with each other?

  • Well, it actually starts BEFORE they’re dating, like I imagine Enjolras sometimes literally fleeing the apartment when Courf and Ferre are well, loud (which he is happy about on the one hand because it means they stopped pining but on the other hand he didn’t really needed to know that and why can’t they go bother Marius for once?!)
  • So the first time he just goes to Grantaire’s (and he has all those logical reasons laid out why he went to Grantaire’s specifically even though he actually just wants to see him because yay, more pining idiots here)
  • It becomes some sort of tradition that Enjolras stays at R’s when it’s date night (and you guessed it, that totally was the plan all along because Courfeyrac pretends to be a scheming genius) and Grantaire starts to keep Enjolras’s favourite food around when has to bribe him into what movie to watch or music to listen to or something like that.
  • And once they START dating Enjolras just goes over whenever he wants to see Grantaire because he can do that now and he can take his books or laptop with him and he loves R’s apartment because firstly, it has R in it, secondly it smells really good like paint and that herbal tea Jehan put in his cupboard months ago
  • And because Sunday is sleeping-in day Enjolras starts bringing a set of spare clothes over because he might love wearing R’s too big hoodies but his jeans are just way too short.
  • And it slowly become more and more things that he needs when he’s staying over like a toothbrush here and a t-shirt there
  • And Enjolras knows where Grantaire keeps his spare key so sometimes he will go over when R isn’t at home to surprise him with dinner or something (because they are that couple)
  • And then during exam time Enjolras just stays at R’s because most of his books somehow found their way there and Grantaire is incredibly good at making sure Enjolras doesn’t overwork himself (contrary to popular believe Ferre is NOT, he’s even worse)
  • And after exams Enjolras stays there because of course he is spending his first stress free time with R
  • And I feel like at one point Enjolras would just have to go to his apartment for some small, practically pointless reason, like Jehan asks him if he has seen that one weird ass poetry book and he says he’ll look for it, and when he gets there and stands in his room he realizes that most of his things are gone, like his clothes, books, favourite mug and OH.
  • And Ferre comes out of his room and looks at him surprised like, ‘what are you doing here?’ and Enjolras is like ‘I…. live here? I think?’
  • And Ferre just shakes his head fondly and is like, ‘honey, you don’t’ and that’s when Enjolras realizes he hasn’t been in his apartment for over a month and alright, yes, okay, he totally has moved in with Grantaire

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Idk if youve been asked this before but what are your yoi sexuality hcs? :3 personally, judging only what we know from canon i see yuuri as bi/pan and victor as gay, since there hasnt been any suggestion hes into women and as for yurio, probably demi

Ooooh boy! Not sure I have one for every character yet, since there are some we barely know anything about, but I can list those I have established.

Yuuri: He is bisexual. Sorry but I live for this and for personal reasons, I cannot and will not change my mind about it.

Victor: Yeah, he is gay. I do think he’s been with women, to try it out and all, but that’s about it, and as we know, he’s never really been in love before Yuuri, so everything he’s done has been one night stands or maybe had some friends with benefits. 

Phichit: I am still strugging with him, but I could kinda see him being demisexual, actually. He is however not a character I pair up, there hasn’t really been any I could see him with. 

JJ: lmao yeah he is heterosexual, and happily engaged to the dear Isabella, so there’s nothing else to say there. 

Chris: Oooh, this man is so pansexual, like is there even any doubt there?

Emil: Bisexual, like jfc have you seen how he kinda thirst for both of the Crispino siblings? 

Sara and Mila: Both bisexual queens, just sayin’. 

Mari: She’s a lesbian and lovin’ it. 

Georgi: He is a Straight man ok.

And I think those are the ones I do have headcanons for. I know I am lacking a few characters here, but I am just stuck when it comes to them or simply doesn’t really care enough to make something up. *coughsorryMickeycough*

But yeah, there you have it, anon!

Funfact: Izuku and Shigaraki both wear the same type of shoes, or at least the same colour.


Now I have a (crack-fic like) headcanon stuck in my head where a younger Izuku and Mama Inko want to go buy a pair of shoes (perhaps in a scenario like in this cute little fic by Izuqu). And they run, without knowing it, into the younger Shigaraki who’s also there to buy shoes. And he and Izuku both begin a discussion while choosing their shoes. Probably Shigaraki just wants the red shoes because they look really cool, whereas Izuku wants them because he saw them on TV (worn by All Might, most likely. Again, hint at this fic).

Whatever the reason, they end up buying the same red, too-big shoes and part on good terms with each other – because, well, everybody loves Izuku and Izuku is nice to everyone.

The gist of it: The boys bond over a pair of red shoes.

Without knowing that they would fight each other years later as villain and hero.

Misc. Headcanons Nobody Asked For

(But they’ve been in my head all day so I figured why not)

- Lev actually knows a pretty decent amount of Russian. He just says that he doesn’t because he’s tired of people asking him to speak it.

- Yachi grows up to be a children’s book writer/illustrator.

- Daichi will adopt a silvery Great Dane that looks suspiciously like Suga.

- Tendō wears really obnoxiously patterned boxers.

- Mattsun and Makki had to be removed from the Seijō group chat because they kept spamming it with memes.

- Additionally, Oikawa’s contact name in their phones is “Ayyyy lmao”.

- Ushijima regularly babysits for the people in his neighborhood. Kids love him.

- Bokuto only eats fruit loops because the mascot is a toucan (and that’s kind of close to an owl).

- Kuroo is proficient in sign language. He doesn’t know anyone who is deaf/hard of hearing, but he thinks it’s interesting and started studying it in grade school.

- Akaashi plays an instrument in the school orchestra.

- Tanaka knows a little bit of guitar, but will never play for anyone because he’s afraid he’ll mess up.

- Yamamoto likes to help Akane style her hair. He’s really good at it, too.

- Suga gets a back tattoo during his first year at university and when Asahi sees it he nearly passes out.

Now the question becomes: am I really willing to ignore all this plot fuckery for the sake of enjoying the opt?

The answer, sadly, is yes.

theenigmaofriversong replied to your post “lookin’ for inspo for this ill-advised Loooooms gifset and, have to…”

Is it things that could be read in favor of looms, or ones that discredit the notion?

both. i’m anti-canon, all arguments for something being More True are wrong. i will admit to being extra salty at people mad at nuWho for not adhering to book spinoffs of the Cartmel Master Plan because, what? seriously? seriously???

but i still do quite like the concept of Loooooms even if the execution was remarkably bad, no reason it can’t be part of your personal Dr Who (Dr Who, as we all know, is made up of all the published bits and headcanons you personally enjoy).

theenigmaofriversong replied to your post “lookin’ for inspo for this ill-advised Loooooms gifset and, have to…”

Cause if you really wanna bait the Discourse, you’d do both.   

i’m trying my best here, yeah

Something I like about Keith and Lance’s relationship (romantic or not) and just about their characters in general is how opposite they are? Like obviously they’re rivals and are written as such, plus they’re literally red vs. blue, but more specifically (also bear with me I’m not the best at putting these types of headcanons in words):

Lance is the type of character who after initially meeting him you think you’ve seen all of him. He’s cocky and flirty and he seems like he always 100% puts it all out on the table, don’t-like-it-too-bad kinda deal. But what I really like about Lance and why he’s the most relatable character for me is that he’s more multifaceted than that and the more you get to know him you realize how much you actually don’t know him. It’s confirmed he has a big family which is where I’m sure his little façade comes from, but I also think his family is the reason he has a sweet and understanding and caring side.

Then on the other hand you have Keith, the token “Mr. Brooding and Mysterious” of the group. Meeting him is more daunting because you don’t know what you’ll get out of him. After all, he is the rebel who got booted from the garrison and has a reputation. However, what I think is interesting about Keith, for lack of a better term, is that it’s Not That Deep. I do think there are some shadier bits in his past (he IS an orphan…we’ve all seen disney movies enough to know that’s like, the saddest backstory), BUT I also think he’s just an introverted chaotic good who is doing his best to do what’s right. He’s a simple guy, really.

So basically, you think what you see is what you get with Lance and meanwhile Keith is a mystery to be solved when actually it’s more the opposite? At least that’s how I see it. And I think that’s just another piece to their chemistry together, like they complement each other so well. I really can’t wait to rewatch voltron and pick apart everyone’s characterization some more, cause boy do I love my space gays.


Ok, we all know that Chara is a messed up kid… but what about Frisk though. There are some ways of ACT and ways to spare that are rather…“not nice”. Especially with Snowdrake one……. Meh, maybe I was just headcanon-ing though.

But still… we know Chara’s backstory way more than Frisk’s. And we don’t know why they climbed up the mountain of no return either….

Sometimes I’m just really concerned for Frisk for no particular reason :v

I just had a thought. Keep in mind this just my shipping fangirl self talking, so it’s probably not the reason. But… What if the reason Toshiro isn’t a fan of his adult self is because he’s now older and taller than Momo and is afraid he won’t be her “Shiro-chan” anymore. I know he always insist she call him Captain/Taicho, but what if all this time he really liked the nickname because it came from her.

Nalu theory! Spoiler alert!

Ok, so in the recent chapter, August either blew them up (which is unlikely) or sends everyone to a different place. But natsu and Lucy are together. What if this is where Mashima is planning on having them talk about natsu leaving for a year! It makes sense: they are alone, they are in a place where nothing really happens ( just a guess) I just hope they talk soon! Another thing is that I think nalu is going to be the last ship to be canon out of all the ships. Here’s my reasoning: Gajevy was the first to become canon (AAAAAAAAHHHH XD) and i noticed that there might be a pattern in the ships becoming canon. Since nalu was the first to meet, become friend, and first shown. Then we have gray and Juvia who meet. (And she instantly fell in love! haha who wouldn’t fall for gray!) then we have Erza and Jellal and even though they met and were friends before, they meet again under different circumstances ( Jellal was possessed ) and show signs of attraction, then we finally see major signs of Gajevy in the tenrou island arc. I think (drumroll) Mashima is making the ships become canon backwards. (!!!) since gajevy was canon first, I think jerza will be second , Gruvia will be third, and nalu will be last. Also supporting the fact that nalu will be last, they are the main characters (my opinion. don’t be mad!) Mashima will probably end the series ( E.N.D. Haha cries) so yeah… That’s my theory! Please feel free to add to this! I want to discuss this and know other people’s ideas!

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But Some You Win

Combining headcanons into a cute explosion of domestic CS? Why not. This probably sucks but I really wanted to say I finished and posted something. Partly inspired by this fic by @killians-dimples. Happiest of belated 24th birthday to my best friend turned brain twin turned sister. I love you @thesassywitchofthenortheast. Please accept this fic as part of your present.

They may not have been able to split a heart, but he knows hers is the reason his beats. A rhythmic reminder of the love she has for him. (Limitless, she had called it when she found him bloody and beaten in the Underworld, vowing to bring him home and never stop fighting for him - her happy ending.) But the memories, the pain of losing and finding and fighting and darkness still linger. It never completely ebbs away, an unconscious pull that finds her palm resting against his chest throughout the day. It’s what lulls her to sleep, her ear pressed against his skin letting the soft thumping soak into her, reaffirm her of his presence and his life. She’s felt the beautiful song of his heartbeat, her other half. cease beneath her grip one too many times. She’s seen his heart outside of his chest while he kneeled begging for the life about to be stolen away. The guilt and pain of not knowing it had been missing gnawed away at the pit in her stomach weeks after the ordeal. So she checks.

With him, her walls no longer exist - shattered in death, loss, grief, rebirth and a true love paralleled by none. It’s a newfound vulnerability that leaves her open to the wounds of her past and not so hidden insecurities (wounds that he heals little by little with adoration and understanding in the sea of his eyes, comfort of his touch, and unwavering support.)

She counts the beats sometimes. He can always tell when she’s counting, the mental pause and slowed breathing that syncs to the rhythm of silent numbers. Usually it calms her but this is different. Nothing seemed to provoke the heaviness she feels. He listens to her breathing; foreheads pressed against each other in the still of their kitchen and her nails lightly scratching at the hair that resides there. Before Camelot he might have made a quip about not worrying because he’s a survivor, but the words mock them now.

“Are you alright, Swan?” he asks in a whisper, tucking her hair behind her ear with a melancholic smile.  

“Yeah, I - The dwarves caused a small fire at the Rabbit Hole and as if trying to get a full truthful story out of Leroy was hard enough, try doing when he’s hungover. And now they’re talking lawsuits and-”

“Long day?”

“Too long.”

Her fingers stop their ministrations and she presses them harder against his chest, anchoring herself in this moment and letting the scent of Killian and feel of his hand rubbing soothing circles into the small of her back cloud her senses. It’s a small comfort when exhaustion and stress are wearing her thin, to feel his heartbeat and fall into his embrace. But it’s one they’ve both grown accustomed to and becomes a cycle of sorts. She works herself too hard, trying to be the version of Emma that each individual needs, forgetting to take care of herself in the process.  

“When’s the last time you ate?” he inquires with a hint of worry in his voice that makes her heart sink.

She thinks back to the half a granola bar she scarfed down hours ago, and comes up blank after that. In fact. she isn’t sure she ate the day before either, instead spending her time scouring the forests of Storybrooke call after call. The residents are always in chaos when night presents a full moon. “Can I plead the 5th?”

“I haven’t a clue what that means, but there’s leftover chicken from Sunday in the fridge.”

“Mmm but after I eat will you promise to keep doing that with your hand?”

“As the lady commands” he responds, earning him an eye roll before she pilfers through the fridge.

She’s beautiful like this, in the in between state of awake and asleep, an unconscious sway in her step as she moseys back to the island with droopy eyes. There’s something about the way the world seems to melt away, an unawareness in her gaze that always leaves him grinning. His beautiful, adorable Swan.  “Um, love? Aren’t you going to heat that up first?”

She shrugs, continuing to stab at the food with the pointed shiny metal. “It’s fine like this. It’s just grilled chicken.”

“Yes but isn’t that the benefit of your realms great technological advances?”

“I’m hungry. You can waste time heating up your leftover food at 10pm next time you eat.” Her yawn, so wide he can hear her the pop of her jaw, beckons him behind her and she relaxes into his touch, his fingers massaging the ridges of her shoulder blade. Her sigh of content tells him all he needs and he continues his path, biting back a grin when her head falls back into the cotton of his t-shirt. “S’ nice.” she mumbles, languidly eating and reveling in his touch until the tupperware’s empty.

There was a time when silence cut sharp through them, leaving both on edge with anticipation and unnervingness, but now it is a welcome solace. She’s so exhausted and the curve of his hook is pressing into the knots in her back, his breath ghosting across her ear.  

It’s perfect. These stolen, quiet moments that no longer feel quite so foreign.

He lures her upstairs with the promise of sleep not yet sought, watching her strip with heated cheeks and adoration as she rummages through his t-shirt drawer. She slips the navy cotton over her head and grants him a sleepy smile as she cases her way into the bathroom, reemerging minutes later to curl up next to him.

“Your eyes are pretty.” She says, a softness in her tone that’s only found when sleep is teetering on taking claim of her. “They’re very blue.”

“Aye, and yours are a beautiful emerald. Now go to sleep, Emma.” he whispers, thumb caressing the round of her cheek.

She hums in response, tucking her legs between his, entangling them together. “Killian?”

“Yes, love?” He ends the question with a sigh, running his fingers through her hair.

“Did you ever meet a dinosaur?” His eyes go wide, laughing off the query with a Bloody hell, Swan! Is that an age joke? She vehemently denies it with the shake of her head, babbling on about dragons and then bigfoot. It lasts about 15 minutes, always accompanied by a compliment, whether it be the perfect shape of his jaw, the softness of his hair, or how warm he keeps her. The longer the deliria goes on, the less articulate she becomes, bubbles of laughter erupting from her chest at whatever nonsense she’s chasing. He plays along, waiting for the delirium to subside and planning all new ways to tease her the next morning.

(Which he does as she finishes her cup of coffee.)

(And she can’t say she minds it when the jokes come in between sloppy, open mouthed kisses.)