but really i almost got crushed and it was awesome

Journal 3 is awesome for a number of reasons, but one thing I think is really cool is how open to interpretation Ford’s sexuality is. Like, oh, you think he’s pan and got a crush on the tortilla chip from hell? Well:

“…I am always eager and ready for the next time he wishes to bestow his rare insights on my mind.”

“Sometimes I cannot believe how lucky I am to have come across my blessed Muse.”

“I can think of few times I have known such gratitude–it was almost as though he had read my mind! He held out his hand and I gladly accepted.”

“I know my true friend. It is my Muse.”

“This nightmare in disguise will seduce you with never-ending flattery until he gets what he want…”

Maybe that’s not your thing though. Maybe you think Ford is gay as hell and totally had a thing for Fiddleford  F:

“He is the only person I trust enough to share in this undertaking.”

“I am overcome with emotion. The sight of my old classmate up on my doorstep this morning filled my heart with such joy and gratitude.”

“The past few days have been the most energizing I’ve had since I first came to this town! I don’t think I realized just how isolated I’d become until F arrived, and his brilliant mind and amusing quirks have made this task infinitely more enjoyable.”

“Not only is this man’s mind superior to mine, but he has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen.”

Or maybe you don’t like the idea of Ford with anyone. All of his relationships appear to be strictly platonic after all. He seems like he could be somewhere on the aro spectrum:

“Why not publish now, settle down, maybe meet someone and start a family? I laughed at the thought. Romance was far more baffling to me than the greatest mysteries of the universe.”

“She also said that my extra finger did indeed make me special, and that if I wasn’t doing anything later, maybe we could get some drinks? She was flirting with me! That clinched it. I grabbed my things and got the heck OUT of there.”

“…Dad’s suit, which he gave me after graduation. He thought I’d wear it for my wedding. I thought I’d wear it to accept an award.”

So yeah. I just think it’s really cool that they purposefully didn’t try to step on anyone’s headcanons and even actually gave us evidence to support them with. :)


::I haven’t watched this show in quite a while, but I still love it, Enjoy::


(Y/W) - Your Weapon

(G/N) - Gem Name

       Beach City, What an odd name. Suppose you were one to talk, you knew your name but not why you were here, or anywhere for that matter. Something was just pulling you, It’s not like you were leaving anything behind. You’ve lived your whole life moving from place to place, making friends, and learning about everything. All you really had were some torn up cloths, your skateboard, and a duffle bag with stuff that you’d gotten along the way. You knew it was wrong to take things, but at the time you didn’t have anything so you had no choice. But here, in this new place, for some reason you promised yourself that you’d become a better… thing. You knew you couldn’t be human after one day you instinctively pulled out a (Y/W) from that chunk of gem that was embedded in your skin before a mugger could even come close to hurting an old lady. You don’t know why you suddenly sprung into action at the sign of danger, but it only felt natural at the time. You could only guess that it was because it was an old lady.

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Intenerate -- Suga

Using your spare key you let yourself into Yoongi’s apartment, not at all surprised to see him splayed out on the couch, totally still minus the gentle rise and fall of his chest.  He looks precious like this, the mid-afternoon sun shining on his pale skin and copper hair, but you’d never say that to his face.  Mostly because he’d try to kick you.

You toe off your shoes and walk over to the couch so you can sit on Yoongi’s stomach.  He wakes up almost instantly, eyes narrowed and fingers jabbing at your side.

“Your fat ass is crushing me.”

Ignoring the insult you smile and rebuff his attempts to get you to move, swatting his hands away and putting more of your weight on him.

“Why are you here?”

“Because I wanted to tell you that I’ve got someone really awesome to set you up with.”

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Glad u like it”

I was a 19-year-old college student studying French in Paris. He was my 35-year-old professor. For three months we laughed and joked with each other about music. He was the first person I’d ever met to not belittle my music taste, to have a similar music taste, and to offer me music I actually enjoyed. He made me feel like I was funny, intelligent, and an enjoyable person to be around.
Our exchanges became so frequent and so personal that I became sure he liked me. Two weeks before my scheduled departure, I told him, privately, how I felt. He was visibly taken aback and assured me that I was imagining the flirtation. As much I repeated that it wasn’t a big deal (even though it was), he barely spoke to me for the remainder of my stay.
It still haunts me to this day, a year and a half later. Was he lying about not being attracted to me? I feel that, at the very least, he knew I was attracted to him and enjoyed the attention. Nothing else explains the looks he would give me, that half-smile and twinkling eyes.
A few months after I left, I bought one of his albums online, as he’d shown me his indie band’s music. I emailed him to tell him how much I truly enjoyed it, and “Awesome. Glad u like it” was his only response. I tried messaging him almost a year later, telling him how much I wished we were still friends and that I was sorry that my feelings (now gone, I lied) got in the way of that. He saw the message and never responded. What hurts the most is the possibility that he may have been disgusted by my feelings. Aren’t crushes on teachers rather normal? I was legal and being respectful–is it really so disgusting?
Ironically, he was the one who introduced me to the Smiths. He unintentionally gave me the tool I needed to deal with the pain. “Hand in Glove” haunts me:
“I know my luck too well…and I’ll probably never see you again, I’ll probably never see you again….I’ll probably never see you again…”

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