but really how is h so hot

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w h a t? Rdj is fucking hot af!! 😭 how can u not thirst for him??? (lol it's alright I'm just joking I also don't really thirst after michael rooker so I understand :P )

LOL XD I see, so it’s a mutual understanding we have


“Please Phichit, be serious. Break his heart? Really?”

So I’ve recently been in love with Until my Feet Bleed and Heart Aches by @kazliin and might I just say

seriously this fic is one of the best and the most well written YOI fics out there.

Me of course, being the drama queen that I am, I have a few ideas on how I think the last two chapters will play through a oh boy howdy I love me some good suffering™. Hey there’s gonna be a happy ending though right?


(yuuri god dammit just tell this p o or bOY HOW YOU FEEL HIS HEART CAN ONLY TAKE SO M U CH)

BTS Reaction : Finding Out That You Have a Choking + Daddy Kink

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jungkook : when he found out, he wasn’t even surprised like you thought he’d be. you were planning to tell him since after the first time you two had sexual intercourse, but you never could. you were afraid of how he would react. so, when he confronted you about it, you were thrown off guard since it was random "do you have any kinks baby? like choking? a daddy kink?“ his voice was gentle and he made it seem as if he didn’t know and was only curious. “yeah…those two…why are you asking me about this?” your body was heating up, half of you was embarrassed but the other half wanted him to take you right then and there. with choking and all. “call me daddy." he cocked his head to the side, did his signature tongue in cheek, and looked at you. you hesitated but it was actually what you wanted. so you did, and his reaction let you know that you weren’t the only one with a daddy kink. "let’s go.” he pulled you to the bedroom, where your kinks were fulfilled.

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taehyung : when you told him, he was both surprised and understanding. although sexual intercourse with him was amazing already, you just felt like there was something missing. and that was choking. it was just something about choking that turned you on (even more). "if you want to call me daddy then so be it princess. we’ll be having sex more often though.“ (calling him daddy gets him heated). when you learned that calling him daddy would do something to him, you didn’t waste any time to get things heated. "daddy..” you said lowly and in a seductive tone, but loud enough for him to hear. “starting already huh?” he looked at you and shot you a sly grin when you responded with a nod. (just know that he turned you inside out that day.)

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jimin : the only reaction that you received from him was a light nod and a slight look of concern written on his face. “so you really want me to choke you? are you sure?” he was concerned because, he’d do it but he needed to make sure that you were being for real. he didn’t want to end up getting carried away and hurting you. when you reassured him that it’s what you wanted, he vaguely smiled. "as long as i get to satisfy you, i’m down, you know this.“ he paused, and thought for a second before speaking again. "we’ll take care of this tonight.” nut.

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namjoon : you totally caught him off guard when you told him. the both of you were just chilling and doing what regular couples did on a regular day. he was quick to become erect at the thought of you calling him daddy. “this was random but i’m glad you told me this.” he responded. you giggled when you noticed his bulge, you were happy that he reacted this way. “daddy?” you said, as you straddled him and watched his reaction. (gif) he didn’t respond with words but instead with actions. he lifted you up and carried you to the bed.

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hoseok : he was happy to find out that you liked choking because it was something that he was thinking about trying for a while but he was too self conscious about it to ask you. “well, that’s something added to the list.” he said which made you smile. when it came to it, hoseok and you were open about a lot of things and did a lot of things during those times. (both of you have a lot of kinks and things that you like to do during sex) “and it’s good to know for sure when you want me (calling him daddy).” in that same hour, you were calling him daddy, getting choked et cetera. and the both of you loved it.

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yoongi : "mhmm..“ he only hummed when you told him. he patted his thigh, indicating that he wanted you to sit there. (something that was regular in your relationship) "so if i grab your neck like this-” he paused and placed his hand on your neck, causing you to lightly moan. “you’d be wet for me..” he said instead of asking since he already had his answer. he tightened his grip, “what’s my name sweetheart?” he eyed you with lust in his eyes, raising his eyebrow. “daddy.” and that was all that he needed to hear, he was as hard as a rock now. “i’m about to fuck you so good.” big nut.

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jin :  not in complete utter shock, but kind of shocked. if it’s what you wanted, he would be willing to give it a try. “you’re really into some crazy shit..but i like it.” he confessed. “can i call you daddy?” you asked him, in a sweet voice. (gif) you noticed how his cheeks became rosy and figured that he probably didn’t like that idea. “you don’t h-” you started to say, but he nodded which shut you up. "that’s sexy.“ (he began to look hot and bothered) there was a sudden raise in the level of sexual tension between the both of you, and you noticed it first. so, you grabbed his hand and led him to your shared bedroom where you two had a workout.   

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I have a migraine and I actually want to fall in a ditch but oh well :/ do you think you could do a got7 Mark au please? I really love your account by the way. It really helps me calm down because your writing is so smooth.

  • athlete doctor!mark tuan 
  • specializes in athletic injuries and knows too much about,,,,too many sports,,,,,,shouldn’t he be an athlete himself why does he have a medical degree
  • mark: because i went to med school,,,,,,,,,,in cali,,,,
  • everyone: we didn’t need to know it was in c-
  • mark: in California 
  • everyone thinks he’s really handsome and super smart,,,,but he isn’t much of a talker. like when he’s with patients usually nurses do all the talking and he just explains what’s going on and what kind of treatment the person is gonna need
  • he’s polite and all that but literally every patient that’s ever tried to be like “dr. tuan, what are your hobbies?” mark answers really simply and cuts to the chase
  • and it’s like,,,,,,,,you really separate work and your personal life don’t you
  • but it’s actually kinda cute,,,,you don’t have to hear him say something to tell how family orientated and sweet he is. like his desk is covered in framed photos of his parents and siblings. him holding his nieces, him with cousins, him with his best friend fellow doctor jackson
  • and for someone so quiet and serious on the job,,,,his social life looks great LOL
  • even though every nurse who’s ever asked him out has been (gently) rejected
  • you come in because you’ve been having really bad leg cramps ever since you got injured at your soccer game and instead of asking dr. tuan about his hobbies or telling him you need more pain meds
  • you’re like “doctor, let’s be real - do i have to get my leg cut off?” and you’re looking at him dead serious and mark,,,,,,,,he bursts into laughter
  • and he never does that except when dr. wang visits
  • and he’s just like “no one has ever started a conversation with me like that before!” and you’re like fffff please don’t laugh!!!! im seriously worried
  • and he regains his composure and he’s like “no, your leg will stay. it’s probably another pulled muscle.”
  • and he examines your leg and writes a prescription but he asks you why you’re smiling so wide and you’re like “because!!!! i get to keep my leg that i love so much” and mark, again, can’t hold back his chuckling
  • and he’s like “you’re,,,,,incredible you know that?” and you’re like hmmm why
  • and mark is like no one has made me laugh that hard since forever,,,,,plus they’re cute,,,,,,and he looks at your chart and says your name and he’s like
  • “call me at this number if the pain doesn’t go away, send me updates on how you’re feeling ok!”
  • and you nod and thank him and as you’re leaving you’re like talking to the secretary and you’re like “he gave me this number to call if anything happens” and when she sees it her eyes go wide and she’s like ,,,,,,that’s not our direct line,,,,,,,you got dr. tuan’s own!!!!! cell number
  • and you’re like H U H,,,,really,,,,,,,,
  • and she’s like omg omg omg he neVER DOES THAT
  • and you look over at the office where mark is going over another patient’s chart,,,,,and you remember how strong his features are, how he looks more like a model than an average doctor
  • and you can’t help but feel really lucky,,,,like you have his number,,,,,the hot doctors number,,,,,,
  • and hell yeah a week later you find yourself on a dinner date with said doctor because mark finds you charming and adorable and you make him laugh so hard he almost spits his wine out at the table LOL 

Brooke Lohst Plant Headcanons

Okay so I’ve been meaning to make a post about these for a long time but here they are:

-Brooke has been fascinated by plants ever since she was a kid

-she’d go to the grass field and pick flowers to give to Chloe every day at recess

-her favorite flowers are sunflowers bc that’s Chloe’s nickname for her

-she got the idea for the nickname bc as kids, Brooke’s hair was always bright and golden like sunflowers

-Chloe gave Brooke a succulent plant as a bday gift bc it’s the most basic plant there is and she knows n o t h i n g about them

-it’s still Brooke’s favorite to this day

-she names the most gorgeous flowers in her home after Chloe

-most of the plants names’ end up being “Chloe”

-when she goes on vacation, she has Michael water them bc she knows Chloe will accidentally kill them

-every tank top she owns has some sort of flower/plant pattern on it

-she wants to open a flower shop with Chloe when they grow up

-the squad sends her different flowers on her birthday every year

-it’s her favorite gift to receive out of everything

-Chloe is the only one who gets her sunflowers

-despite her having no knowledge of plants, Chloe could listen to her talk about them for hours (and she does)

-Brooke got Rich a Venus Fly Trap for Christmas one year and he Loves it

-Michael is always doing experiments on her plants by sharing different music with them and seeing which ones grow faster

-She doesn’t trust Rich and Jake around her plants anymore bc one time they house sat for her and they kept sending her “family pictures” of them having dinner together, the potted plants at the park going down a slide, and the plants in a bathtub with the caption “baby’s first bath!”

-Jeremy’s scared to go near her plants bc he’s afraid he’s going to knock them over and break the pots

-he did it Once and he never forgave himself

-when any of her plants feel sick, she can’t sleep bc she’s so scared

-she calls Michael even if it’s 2 am and tells him something like “hey Holly’s been feeling pretty weak can you come over with some of your music to make her feel better??” and he r u s h e s over there with all of his cassettes and cds to help

-while the music plays, Brooke makes them hot coco and they stay up playing Animal Crossing together and he comforts her bc he knows how important these plants are to her

-when Jenna gets into photography, she takes really professional pictures of her plants and gives them to Brooke to hang up in her house

-Christine is always asking about the science part of her plants (”why does this one need more sun than that one??” “where does this plant grow in the wild??”)

Please I need more Plant-Obsessed Brooke content and I will love you forever if you draw it 🌱💕


Summary: you and Hayes break up.

Requested: yep

Note: I’m so sorry that this took so long. I’ve been going through a lot and I’m going to start writing again. Because in a WEEK it’ll be a whole year of OmahaSquad-Queen. I’m so excited for r and I have some special stuff planned.

I was laying on my bed, scrolling through Instagram when I came across a picture of Hayes.

It was him with his arm thrown around some girls shoulder while half her body is pressed against him. I roll my eyes at the unnecessary sight in front of me. The caption was “this girl is my favorite😍❤”

Me and Hayes broke up about a few weeks ago. I broke up with him because he wasn’t acting right. He never texted me first and when I finally texted him he only answered half the time. He quit stopping by my apartment after he ran his errands. He didn’t invite me over anymore. If I didn’t ask him if he wanted to do something with me for a date, he wouldn’t have even contacted me.

I confronted him and he just said there was absolutely nothing wrong. So I let it go, but after about a week I couldn’t take anymore. I told him I couldn’t handle him and this new attitude and he just kinda shrugged it off.

So now he’s out, doing Hayes Grier things and posting pictures with girls 24/7. I can’t stand when he tries to make me jealous.

I decide to screen shot a few of the pictures from his Instagram.

I go to my messages and text him.

Y/n: really Hayes?
Read 11:45pm

Y:quit being childish, i just want to have a calm mature conversation.

H:fine what do you want?

Y: quit playing games with my feelings

H:I have no idea what you’re talking about, but you sound crazy. We’ve been broken up for almost a month… let me go.

Y: are you really getting an attitude with me?? And you’re just gonna deny everything?? How typical. I’m just saying this whole posting pics of you and hot girls so that you seem happy cause you’re single is killing me. I know you’re not actually happy Hayes. I know you. And in that interview you did about Top Grier… “sometimes people slip through your fingers and you realize you need them like you need air. So its crucial that you keep what you love close. Girlfriends weren’t meant to be neglected” what the fuck. How am I not supposed to feel some type of way???

H: what your point?

Y:my point, is that you can’t just act like you want to spend all your time with me and you want to do nothing but cherish me and hold me and love me. You can’t do that because just a month ago you couldn’t even send a text or even answer one. So my point is, in order to clear everything up, I need you to tell me what you want. From me, from us, from our relationship, what do you want?

H: I want you back. I want us back. I was an asshole and I’m sorry. I was stressed and didn’t know how to cope. It’s just, Nash and Taylor are so perfect and it was pissing me off, I felt like I couldn’t be as good a boyfriend as Nash was and I felt like shit. I’m really sorry princess… will you come over?

Y:yea, I’ll come over. I love you Benjamin.

H:I don’t know him…

Y:yeaaaaa okayyyyy

I laughed and grabbed the duffel bag I always use when I go over to Hayes’s house. I pack and head over to his house.

Once I get there I knock on the door nervous. What if he acts the same way he used to? What if he breaks my heart again?

My thoughts were interrupted by the door swinging open and there stand Hayes. He was wearing a pair of sweatpants and some slides, his hair was a mess and his eyes looked dull.

When he realized it was me, his eyes lit up to the blue I’ve always known. I immediately run into his arms and hug him as tight as possible. It’s feels great because his bare skin is warm and soft.

“I’ve missed you so much” I cry into his chest.

“I know baby. And I’m never very leaving again. Ever” he kisses my head as we sway back and forth before he picks up and carries me to his room.

We lay down and talk about how much we missed eachother and how much we love eachother.

“Hayes? Promise me you’ll never act like that again. Please don’t push me away.” I say falling into his ocean eyes.

“I promise y/n” He swears before kissing me.

Monsta X reaction to their innocent s/o doing a dance cover of CL’s ‘Hello Bitches’ with the same clothes as her

requested by anon~


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Shownu; The boys recently found out about your youtube channel and they were practically surprised to see you doing dance covers, especially Shownu. It was during break time when Shownu decided to watch some videos on your channel when he saw your recent video, a dance cover to CL’s Hello Bitches. Clicking it without thinking twice, the video of you wearing the exact replica of CL’s outfit got him flushed. And with you dancing just made him turn into another shade of red. He never expected that you’d have that in you and well, this boy would be freaking proud and…. turned on. And maybe after seeing this, he’d actually ask if you want to do a cover with him… that involves touching okay im just kidding

“Hey, babe. I just saw your recent dance cover and it was awesome.”

“H-huh?! You found my channel?!”

“Yeah, do you want to do some dance cover with me in the future?”

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Wonho; The moment your dance cover of CL’s Hello Bitches starts playing in his phone, he’d already be gawking at it. He’s never seen this side of you so he’s pretty much surprised at the sight of you totally wearing the same outfit with CL. Wonho would be speechless to the point that he’d be quiet throughout the whole dance cover. When the boys would ask him about what he’s watching, he’d just look at them blankly since he couldn’t fathom what he had seen.

Hyung, what are you watching?”

“*shows them his phone without uttering a word*”

“….. WAIT. IS THAT [Y/N]?!?!?!?!”

“*nods head and pulls his phone away before they could take a good look of how hot you were*”

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Minhyuk; This boy would be wondering when did you shoot this video. He’d be surprised but then just like the other boys, he’d be surprised. But then he’d be really curious about it to be honest. Like the two of you were always together, how were you able to study and learn the choreo and even buy the same outfit as hers and like when did you film that when we’re like 24/7 sticking to each other. And being the Minhyuk that he is, he’d for sure leave a lot of comments in your dance cover since supportive boyfriend.

“Babe, are you Minminmoong?”

“H-huh? What are you talking about?”

“Well, Minminmoong just left me a comment that I’m so hot that he can’t wait to have me to himself tonight.”

“A-ah… hehehe… Oops, I did it again? Hehehe”

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Kihyun; Just watching the very first seconds got him excited. He’d be freaking turned on to be honest. But then he’d also be surprised and ecstatic to see this side of yours since you’ve always been innocent in his eyes but now, you’re also badass and sexy. Just seeing your outfit would literally not let him take his eyes off of you. Like he’d be focused on your body, then face then back to body then back to the face. Kihyun would also download the video… so that he can watch it when he’s missing you.

Babe, where did you buy your outfit from your dance cover of CL sunbae-nim’s Hello Bitches?”

“Oh, I bought it online.”

“Really? Then can you wear it tonight?”

“W-what? That outfit is at the laundry shop tho.”

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Hyungwon; Hyungwon would be shook. So shook that he’d just be staring at the screen with a bottle of water in hands, and he’d be in that same position for the whole dance cover. But then by the time your dance cover finishes, he’d look at his members then back at the monitor, only to finally notice your outfit, making him choke in his own saliva. He’d rewatch the whole thing again to be honest, until someone from the boys stop him from drooling over you.

Hyung, for the nth time, we have to go now and stop staring at [y/n]’s body!”

“But… dang… I didn’t expect [y/n] to have this side…”

“So what now? Are you turned on or have fallen more for [y/n]?”

“I think…. so… Omo…. My heart’s beating so fast right now.. I think I should watch this again then watch [y/n]’s other videos.

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Jooheon; Jooheon would be freaking proud to be honest. Not only his baby’s innocent but also has this wild and sexy side. He’d be watching the video with Changkyun and would throw lots of praises and compliments on your performance and he’d even thought of having you as his main dancer for his performance. But then, he’d also be like Kihyun to be honest… he’d also download the your dance cover just in case you take down the only video with you wearing that kind of outfit. And he’d be surprised to see so much swag from you. 

Honey, where did you find this video of me?”

“Youtube. Changkyun and I found your youtube channel and wow, you’re pretty amazing baby.”

“B-but… Oh gosh, this is embarrassing.”

“Don’t be. I was even thinking, would you want to be my lead dancer for this performance that also involves that kind of outfit?”

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I.M; Changkyun would be up for it. He’d be constantly rewatching your dance cover and he’d even share it with the boys!!! It was the first time that he’s seen you wearing that so he’d better flaunt it to the boys, telling them that your his and he’s sorry for them and whatnots. Changkyun would also be that type of person who’d tease you until you die from embarrassment. He’d take multiple screenshots, and those screenshots are….. on the sexy side… 

Dang babe, when I saw your dance cover of CL’s Hello Bitches, you literally turned me on that I had to see you right away that night.”

“Shut up, Changkyun.”

“Man, I never thought that you’d have that side of yours. You were sexy and cute at the same time… even when we’re–”

“OKAY CHANGKYUN, I THINK I’VE HEARD ENOUGH. U-uh, why don’t we go and get some i-ice cream? Yes? Alright, let’s go.”

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Can we get your opinion (are they attractive) for the rest of 127? what you said about doyoung was really sweet and I'd like to know the others

oh sure!!

taeyong - is incredibly beautiful,,,,,i think the word beautiful encompasses exactly what he is but it is definitely a stoic beauty,,,,like his face reminds me of a painting???

taeil - has charm,,,,,,,rather than calling him like beautiful like taeyong i think his face is charming and his curled hair really matches his personality 

johnny - he has such seductive features,,,,when he’s being serious his eyes just turn so intense like HOW but then he smiles and becomes the literal ^_^ emoji and its so adorable,,,,,,he’s very striking

yuta - is hot,,,,,,he’s hot like ofc he’s handsome and sweet but holy moley he is h o t 

doyoung - attractive ofc,,,,that smile of his is,,,,,,,everything i love his mouth esp when he laughs and is happy!!!!

jaehyun - he reminds me of the flower boy-esque look,,,,,,he just is undeniably good-looking and has really nice hands,,,,,,

winwin - wow,,,,,show stopping,,,,,,,he doesn’t look like anyone else he’s so unique and i love his lips and ears!!!!!!!! somehow even tho he’s younger he’s very elegant looking 

mark - school boy charm??? like when i look at mark im like u play on the school soccer team and have a golden retriever named sunshine and look the best sitting at a desk with a pen pressed to your cheek,,,,,,like he’s so,,,,,,,adorable first crush style??? 

haechan - i love haechan’s nose,,,,and the way he smiles really subtly because it makes him look kinda coy but also so ,,,,, warm??? his skin is always glowing too and his neck birthmarks are cute!! 

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This is based off a true story: HC where MC retells the story to the RFA of how a girl once flirted with her with the line "You know where that short would good on? On my floor."

Did…did this happen to you??

I’m hoping not, no one should have to endure such a terrible pick-up line…

Anyway, thanks for the ask. In my head i’m imagining you meant to type “shirt” and not “short” because that made the most sense to me. Sorry if i’m wrong.

◉ Yoosung

  • blushes
  • blushes
  • blushes ୧( ˵ ° ~ ° ˵ )୨
  • “Wait, MC!!!! Now I have to watch out for other women, too?! Why are you so cute?!!”
  • this poor cinnamon roll
  • you guys have shirts with each others faces on them
  • the next time you were about to go out together he suggested you both wear them

◉ Jumin

  • “I don’t understand?”
  • Is legitimately puzzled
  • “You’re wearing the finest threads tailored specifically to your every curve. The color is exquisite with your skin tone, I picked it out myself. And it brings out the beauty of your perfect eyes. Why would it look better on the floor??? MC, this person is clearly delusional and I will not have you consorting with them any longer.” 


  • You’re gunna unleash
  • T H E   B E A S T
  • He gets really hot thinking about it
  • “MC, I need to go…take a cold shower…”
  • Is still low-key jealous and possessive at the thought
  • But for the next week he kept having dreams about it
  • “MC, who was this girl? What did she…look like?”
  • “No, wait! Don’t tell me..”//sigh


  • Oh hELL NO
  • WHO is this girl, MC?”
  • Angry and protective Jaehee, ACTIVATE
  • “How dare she talk to you like that. She obviously has no class”
  • //is pacing now
  • “I mean, you’re beautiful and perfect so I can’t blame her for trying. But she needs to know that what she did is unacceptable, I need to confront her-”
  • You have to grab her hands to stop her, looking her in the eyes.
    • JAEHEE. I LOVE YOU. ONLY YOU. There could be a million girls flocking to me but none of them would hold my heart or my soul like you do. Don’t give this a second thought, please…”
  • She’s blushing so hard
  • “Okay…MC…I’m sorry for getting so worked up”
  • //kisses
    • “Now come on, sweetie. We’re going to be late for our dinner reservations.”


  • Legit laughs
    • “Saeyoung this isn’t a joke!”
  • “Okay, okay, I’m sorry.”
  • Blushes and gets super serious
  • “If I’m being honest, I don’t care who it is, I don’t want anyone looking at you or talking to you like that. Only I should be the one to say things like that to you…”
  • He wants to know so badly who it was but you won’t tell him, you know what he’s capable of.
  • He finally gives up pestering you
  • “She was right though”
    • “Hm? What do you mean?”
  • “This shirt…”
  • He pulls you in close for a kiss while undoing the buttons on the front of your blouse
  • “…It would look better on the floor”
Nalu Oneshot

Hey!  Okay so this is a little one shot that I just decided to write??  Idk, if you’ll like it, but let me know!  I haven’t written ANY NaLu in so long sooo here you go!

Rate T for language~

Natsu scoffed as he saw the hulking form, that Lucy called her ex boyfriend, step through her apartment’s front door.  He couldn’t believe that she had invited him to her party, he thought that they were over.  He treated her like shit and she knew it, yet she always managed to get back with him.  Natsu knew that they weren’t together at the moment, yet Lucy greeted him with a smile and he returned it with an apologetic smirk that Natsu knew wouldn’t last.  Needless to say, Natsu was steaming in his own skin.  Lucy had thrown a party for no reason other than it was summer break and they were off from college.  Natsu was not one to object to a party from time to time, especially if it was his best friend’s.  He sipped whatever nasty tasting liquor that Gray had brought back for him, and glared at the back of the beast’s head.  He didn’t even remember his name, so he was just going to call him dickhead.

“What does she even see in him?”  Natsu grumbled and Gray sighed and shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t get it either man, but there’s nothing you can do about it.”  Gray pointed out and Natsu huffed.  Gray was no help.

“I just don’t get it.  He treats her like she’s fucking garbage and then goes crawling back to him.  What a freakin’ concept.”  Natsu swilled down the rest of the drink in his red plastic cup and rolled his eyes.  “Where’d you get this?”  Natsu gestured to his empty cup and Gray pointed over to Lucy’s table that held a punch bowl.  That table was where he’d prop his feet up on lazy Sunday’s and he and Lucy would watch reruns of cartoons from when they were little.  Natsu mumbled out a ‘thanks’ and shuffled his way over to the bowl, picking up the ladle, and pouring more of the red liquid into his cup.  He might as well have a good time if he was going to be stuck in the shadow of dickhead. Natsu made his way back over to Gray who was looking off into space.  Albeit, Natsu was surprised that Juvia, one of there friends who was in absolute love with Gray, wasn’t clinging to his arm, but he felt relieved. He couldn’t be around that right now.

“Hey, at least we don’t need to worry about school shit for now.  Plus we’re seniors next year and then we can graduate and get out of this town.”  Gray chugged the rest of his own drink and sighed in content.

“I don’t know, I guess.  I mean that’s great, but I wanna know what Luce is thinking of doing.”  Natsu pondered and Gray tutted in disapproval.

“Look Natsu, you know I love Lucy as a friend, no, a sister, but you need to quite wasting your time!  It’s just not gonna happen.  I say, leave your options open.”  Natsu glared at his friend, his blood beginning to boil.  Gray always managed to get under his skin, but he knew he was right.  But mixing alcohol and Natsu’s short temper was never a good idea.

“Fuck you, Gray, you don’t know shit.  Besides, it’s not like I like her or anything, she’s my best friend.  I want what’s best for her.”  Natsu retorted and Gray rolled his eyes and chuckled slightly.

“Whatever you say.”  Natsu couldn’t stand looking at Gray’s ugly mug much longer, so he gulped down the rest of the punch, wincing at the poorly mixed drink, and stumbled slightly over to Lucy. 

“Hey, Lu~cy!”  Natsu greeted her, his speech beginning to slur slightly. Dickhead was standing next to her and looked bothered by his intrusion, but Natsu didn’t care.

“Hey, Natsu!  Did you find the punch?”  She giggled, her hair falling slightly in front of her eyes.  

“I may have.  But Gray was the one who gave it to me first.”  Natsu pouted and Lucy giggled again, her eyes reflecting the fairy lights that she had decorated her apartment with.  Her laugh was contagious and Natsu found himself laughing as well.

“You remember Jared, right?”  Lucy motioned towards the angry looking boulder next to her.

“Oh yeah, uh, hey dick- I-I mean, Jared.  What’s up man?”  Natsu stifled a giggle for almost calling the guy dickhead for real.

“Yeah, whatever.”  Dickhead replied and Lucy’s brow creased.  That was why Natsu didn’t like the prick, he made Lucy upset.

“Don’t be rude.”  Lucy muttered shortly, but he just rolled his eyes.

“Hey, why don’t you take your scrawny ass back over to that friend of yours?”  Dickhead suggested with a laugh and Natsu swallowed hard.  He didn’t want to make a scene for Lucy’s sake, but he really wanted to punch the guy square in the face.

“Why don’t you go sit in a pile of rocks, you’d fit right in as big and brainless.”  Natsu shot back smirking.  Lucy looked worriedly at the pair of them.

“Guys, stop-”  Lucy began to protest but dickhead cut her off.

“No no, I’ve got this.  I think I’ve gotta smash your face in.”

“Like you could keep up.”  Natsu scoffed and it only made him even more mad. He noticed Lucy’s eyes glistening slightly and she turned away from them and ran towards Levy and Gajeel.  “What’s your problem?”

“My problem is I don’t like you hanging around Lucy and I think you’re a little shit.”  Dickhead replied, his face in a permanent scowl.  Natsu had forgotten his name again.  The room was spinning slightly, the drinks had started to get to him.

“She’s my best friend.  You’re just some asshole she dated.  Why are you even here?”

“Because Lucy wants me here.”  He smiled horribly and Natsu’s heart sank a bit.  “She wants to get back together.”

“You’re lying.”  Natsu muttered and the guy just laughed.  Natsu felt like he was losing some steam, but he knew at the very least he could outrun the bastard.

“Why don’t you take your dumb scarf wearing ass and find your special friend and get out of here.  And by the way you little shit, Lucy’ll never be yours.”  Dickhead laughed loudly.  “I’ll be tapping that fine ass all night.”  Natsu’s hand balled into a fist and pulled it back, ready to swing.

“Natsu!”  Lucy shouted, tears stained her cheeks a bit and Levy stood behind her frowning.  “Don’t.”

“But-!”  Natsu protested, and dickhead made himself look as innocent as possible.  “I’m outta here.  See ya Luce.”  Natsu growled leaving a distraught looking Lucy.  Natsu flung open the door to Lucy’s apartment, an odd occurence since he usually came through her window.  They hadn’t hung out much when she was dating the piece of shit that he left in there with her and Natsu knew that, if they were dating again, he would see even less of her.

“Fuck, Gray’s right…  Damn…”  Natsu slumped against the brick wall of the complex.  Natsu heard a door open and footsteps set down the stairs towards where he was.  “Gray, I don’t wanna-”  Natsu stopped when he saw who it was.  “Oh.”

“Hey…”  Lucy’s sweet voice filled Natsu’s ears.  Her face was that of concern and her arms hugged her small frame.  Even though it was going to be summer, she was wearing far too little clothing to be warm against the chilly night air.

“’Sup.” Natsu mumbled, turning his face away from her.  He knew that if he looked at her, he would crumble under her brown gaze.  “Sorry for ruining your party.  But what can you expect, it is me after all.”  Natsu flashed her a halfhearted smile.  When he finally looked up at her, he saw that tears were flowing silently down her face.  “H-hey!  Why are you crying?  I-it’s my fault!”  Natsu stammered.  He never knew what to do when Lucy was crying, he usually just would scoop her into a hug until she stopped a bit.  So, that’s what he did.  He wrapped his arms around her as she sobbed into his chest relentlessly.  Natsu knew she had drank a little bit too much herself; Natsu did his best to focus, but that damn punch Gray had gotten him was really fucking him up.

“N-Natsu, I-I’m s-sorry.”  Lucy choked out and Natsu looked at her as if she had sprouted two heads.

“What?  Why are you sorry, Luce?”

“B-because I invited J-Jared.  I thought h-he’d be different today.  I-I don’t know why.”  Lucy explained and Natsu swallowed thickly.

“I thought you guys were gettin’ back together.  That’s what he said.  So, I can’t really blame ya for inviting your boyfriend to your own party.”  Natsu’s voice stuck on boyfriend.  He felt it was almost sacrilegious to even call him that.

“What?  We’re not, I just was being nice.”  Lucy looked at him in confusion and sighed.  “He always does this…  He treats people like shit.  He never liked you and I don’t know why…  Maybe because we’re so close.  Oh!  Sorry, I didn’t want you to know that he didn’t like you…”  Natsu laughed lightly and rubbed the back of Lucy’s head comfortingly.

“I pretty much got that he didn’t like me.  But I can’t believe that bastard tried to tell me you two were getting back together.”  Natsu practically growled and Lucy let a few more tears slip.

“Y-you probably don’t want to h-hear this, I’m sorry.”  Lucy cried out and pushed herself away from Natsu’s chest.  Natsu immediately missed her warmth.  “I-it’s my fault, but I’ve been drinking, and I know I’m a mess.”

“You’re not a mess, Luce.”  Natsu slurred a bit, but he was sincere.  If anything, Natsu thought that she looked beautiful out in the moonlight.  “You deserve so much better than that dickhead.”  Lucy lifted her head up to meet his gaze, and Natsu was startled by the intensity in her stare.


“Of course.”  Natsu was perplexed.  “You’re my best friend Lucy…  I wan’t you to be happy.”  Lucy tiptoed herself closer to Natsu, and he felt himself getting hot under her gaze and their proximity.

“Thank you, Natsu.  You’re always so good to me.”

“I-I care about you a lot…”  Natsu softened his voice as he looked down at her.  She swayed slightly as she placed her hands on his signature scarf he had gotten from his father.  “A-ah, Lucy?  H-how much have you had to drink?”  Natsu stammered as she pulled slightly down towards her.

“U-um, not too much…  Not enough to forget what I really want.”  Lucy whispered and Natsu practically audibly gulped.

“L-Luce, i-is this what you want?  Y-you know, this is me?  Natsu, Natsu Dragneel?”  Natsu felt ridiculous.

“I know who you are.  You are my best friend and you are amazing.  And I may like you a little bit more than normal.”  Lucy giggled and Natsu’s breath caught in his throat. 

“I d-don’t know-”  Natsu was cut off by Lucy pulling his face down to hers.  She kissed him fervently and impatiently, their saliva mixing.  Natsu squeezed his eyes shut and pulled her closer to his body, allowing a small sigh escape his throat.  Lucy’s fingers played with his scarf, and then were in his hair, pulling him down to deepen their kiss.  Regretfully, Natsu pulled away quickly.  Lucy slowly opened her eyes, her breathing heavy.  Natsu’s own breathing was ragged, and he had to shake his head slightly because he was more than a little excited.


“L-Lucy, I dunno i-if you want this.”  Natsu managed to croak out and Lucy frowned.

“Natsu, you don’t know how special you are.  And you also don’t get to tell me what I want and don’t want.”  Lucy crossed her arms defiantly.  “You’re my best friend and I’m stupid because I invited that asshole.”  Natsu just stared at her silently absorbing what she was saying.  “He’s not part of my life anymore, but you always will be.”

“I love you, Lucy.” Natsu found himself blurting out and instantly felt a raging blush spread across his cheeks.  Lucy looked taken aback for a moment and then broke out into a wide smile.  She hugged Natsu tightly and he wrapped his arms around her once more.

“Thank you Natsu.”  Lucy whispered into his shirt.  “I love you too.  As a friend and something a bit more, I hope that’s okay.”

“That’s more than okay.”  Natsu chuckled into her hair.

“Hey, you think you could take Gray home though?  I think he drank a little too much and before I came out here he was stripping and actually trying to find Juvia.”

“Wow…  Yeah, wow.  That’s…  That’s just…  Yeah, I’ll go get the bastard.” Natsu let out a boisterous laugh that mixed with Lucy’s peels of laughter.  Natsu wasn’t sure what had happened between them fully, but he was going to take one thing at a time.  The first thing he was going to take care of the perverted stripper that was in Lucy’s living room.


Intro: So this is my extremely late entry to @atari-writes birthday challenge that was due AUGUST 31st yes I am a terrible person I know - and I just looked at their blog and they are on a hiatus oh no!  I am so so so so sorry!  If you see this I give you lots of hugs and apologies to the moon and back. 

With the prompts “He told me he liked me and I’m gonna go make out with him right now.  On his face.” and “Your hair is so soft…”

Pairing: Scotty x reader

Word Count: 1,458

Summary: You come back from an away mission after being attacked by a mysterious plant that causes you to forget things and go all crazy.  Dr. McCoy is putting you back together, and Scotty is worried sick, though when you forget certain details about him, he is sure to remind you. <3

A/N: I have no idea if this is any good or not.  I wrote it on my shift at the cafe I work at.  I hope you like it!


“Argh, Leonard is she gonnae be alrigh’?”

There was a grunt as the two men eased you down onto the biobed, but you arms flailed wildly and you cried ‘weeee’ as you crashed down unceremoniously. 

“Should be, Scott, can you just tell me what happened again?” Leonard asked as he straightened up, sliding your legs onto the biobed so you were laying on it, and immediately beginning to assess you with his tricorder. 

“Uh, yeah,” Scotty pushed his hair back with his hand, “we were jus’ goin’ through the forest, as we were suppose t’a, mindin’ our own business, looking for samples when outta nowhere I look back and she’s on the ground with this giant plant arm attached t’her leg.  She dinnae even scream or anythin’, so I kill the bloody thing, an’ she’s been loopy ever since.”

“No blackouts, she didn’t hit her head or have trouble breathing?” Leonard asked above your sudden high-pitched giggles. 

“Nae.” Scotty shook his head, crossing his arms over his chest and chewing on his pinky nail as he looked over at you. 

Leonard clicked his tricorder closed and turned to Scotty, “Well she seems stable right now, so I will keep monitoring her, but we really need to find out what the plant was, to make sure it’s not toxic or anything, so maybe go find Spock and try to identify it.”

Scotty hesitated for a moment, not wanting to leave you in case anything happened, but conceded. “Okay, but promise to…”

“I’ll com you right away if anything changes.”

Scotty nodded, a worried smirk on his lips as he gave a last glance at you before heading out the door. 

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BTS Reaction To You Being Shy

I made this one up myself. Because I’m shy?? Dunno. 

(Most of my reactions will be gender-neutral)


“Care to dance?” He asked sweetly. Your heart fluttered, unable to control how badly you wanted to. About to take his hand, you realized you were shy and self-conscious. Quickly, you recoiled, and swung your head back and forth. As you said no, his face fell. 


“I can’t dance! Especially not in front of people!”

He giggled stupidly, “That’s adorable, jagi! But, I really want to dance with you.” 

Looking into his eyes, you finally took his hand. After the dance finished, he whispered for only you to hear, “You were very graceful.” 


“(Y/N), can you fix my tie?” Suga asked you as he combed his hair. The two of you were heading out for a rare fancy date. You replied with yes, and began to fiddle with his tie. While you did this, focused on your task, you felt his lips press against your forehead. Freezing, your hands stopped moving. Then, after what felt like a century, your face flushed red and your hands clapped over the spot. 

“I-I…!” You stuttered, stepping back and falling back into the bathroom door. 

“Oh, please, it couldn’t have been that bad.” He grumbled, beginning to fix it by himself. 

“I mean, it wasn’t bad, it was good– I.. just–” 

He smiled, putting his forehead to yours. 

“I knew you shy, but god. Too cute.” 


The two of you were walking down the street when all of a sudden, Hoseok shouted, “JAGI, I LOVE YOU!” You squealed in embarrassment, and lightly hit his shoulder. 

“Did I say something wrong?” He questioned, confused.

“D-don’t say that in public!”

“D’aww, Bashful Jagi is my new favorite jagi!” 

Rap Monster 

You were wearing shorter shorts as it was hot out, and you entered the house, Namjoon looking up from his book to greet you. 

“Welcome back, (Y/N)…” His voice trailed off as he took you in, “Are you trying to excite me?” 

“T-this isn’t for you, it’s because it’s h-hot–!” 

“You get red really easy… It’s so cute!”

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(Sorry this gif is so big, but the more Joon the better right)


Bent over an essay, hair in all directions, you tried to finish your college work as quickly as possible so you could get at least an hour or two of sleep. Jimin, your boyfriend, stumbled out of bed to find you and find out what was keeping you. Seeing how hard you working for your future made him want to squeeze your guts out. So he tiptoed over and gave you a sweet smooch kiss on the cheek, making you jump and nearly shriek. Then, you got shy and put a hand over your face, which only made it heat up more.

“Jagiya, I know you like my kisses.”

Originally posted by bangtan

V (Taehyung)

The two of you would just be walking in the park and you shyly hold your hand out for his but instead he grabs it and brings it to his lips. He’s like lowkey simply kissing your hand really intensely, and you try to take it away from him but he continues to hold it.

“I like to give you kisses, you squirm.”

“W-who’s squirming?!”

“You are! Squirm-er!”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai


He’d probably be as shy as you because he is a small child. Although, he has become more confident with the ladies… so if he were to kiss you/give you PDA out of nowhere, you’d be flustered. Walking, he’d just quietly and casually even though he’s dying inside hold your hand. He’d stretch out his big hand to grab yours, and he’d watch as your shoulders tensed and your face went rosy.

“Wow, I really have that kind of effect on you, huh?”

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(I just had to search for Kook’s hands for this one oMG BYE)

Author’s Note:

I gotta go for real after this. Too many fluttering feelings uGh

anonymous asked:

It seems like you know a lot about spies, so what do you suggest for us who want to learn more?

Hot dang.  I’m a little wine-buzzed, so it’s very possible that the answer to this question is going to be a much more ambitious one than you wanted, but let me tell you how I learned all my spy stuff and how you can learn a whole bunch of spy stuff, too.  Here we go:

Sarah’s List of (Not Really) Secret Spy Stuff

OKAY.  Let’s start with a few key texts:

  • Ultimate Spy - H. Keith Melton This is a really great place to start because it gives you a beginner’s guide to a lot of terminology and also a really basic overview of espionage history on the grand scheme.  Plus, Melton owns so many espionage artifacts. Like, so many.  And he’s a nerd who took a bunch of pictures of it all and put it in a book, for your reading convenience.
  • The Official CIA Manual of Deception and Trickery - H. Keith Melton and Bob Wallace is also a really good starting point if you’re interested in, like, the overall cleverness of human beings.  This one talks about how, in the early days of recent espionage, magicians were recruited in order to design the art of spycraft which is ACTUALLY THE COOLEST THING EVER.  You might have to google some stuff as you read, but it’s pretty simple overall.  Very well written.  Amazing subject matter.  Plus!  Melton and Wallace list all their sources in this one, which makes it a really good launching point for further learning.  If there’s something in this book that interests you, there’s a really good chance that there’s another book you can find on the matter, listed right in the bibliography.
  • OSS Special Weapons and Equipment: Spy Devices of WWII - H. Keith Melton I have not actually been able to get my hands on this one yet, so I can’t speak to how easy it is to understand as a layman, but!  This was the first text to come out that really divulged the secrets of espionage technology to the general public.  It is on my to-read list, and it should probably be on yours, too.
  • Perhaps you’ve spotted a theme.
  • Basically, anything with the name Melton on the cover is going to be excellent.  He’s kind of a Big Deal™️ in the world of espionage history.
  • The Master of Disguise - Tony Mendez is also a very good read, if you’re looking for a non-Melton book.  The great thing about Tony Mendez is that he’s an insider.  He served with the CIA for decades—and he’s kind of the guy when it comes to the Office of Technical Services.  Sometimes he gets a little artsy and the writing gets, like, a little cheesy, but it’s Tony freakin’ Mendez, he can write however he wants and I’d still be totally enraptured.  You’ve seen Argo?  This is the crazy son of a gun who actually did the real Argo mission. He could write his books in Latin and I’d still find a way to read them.
  • The Codebreakers - David Kahn  This one is… hard.  I’ll give it to you straight, this one is not an easy read.  It’s about three inches thick, and the font is tiny, and the language is really hard to digest if you’re not already well down the espionage rabbit hole.  Imagine reading Order of the Pheonix, except you didn’t read the first four Harry Potter books first.  That’s what this book feels like. I still have a pretty hard time with this one.  HOWEVER.  If you get to the point where you’re really getting into it, and you think you’re willing to devote a good couple of weeks to this single book, then The Codebreakers is widely considered to be the foremost book on all things cryptography.  And it is really fascinating, if you can actually get yourself to read it.

Let’s say, though, that you can’t afford any of these books and/or find them at your local library (ask your local library to order them—they usually have money put aside for patron requests.  Yay, libraries!).  There’s a whole lot of online resources to learn about spies, too!

This list will likely continue to grow.  There is always more to learn about espionage, and I wish you all the luck on your espionage adventures!

CS + bargain

Summary: Killian takes care of Emma while she’s sick. She tries to find some way to repay him. (Neighbors AU)

Word Count: 3,610

Rating: T


Every time someone did something for Emma Swan she liked to repay them in some way - the reason being that nobody was ever there for her, not after she had been abandoned on the side of some road in upstate Maine. So it makes a difference to her when somebody goes out of their way to do something nice for her.

Well, someone once showed love and care to her. And she had repaid him by successfully smuggling a bag of stolen watches from a small locker at the train station. Before she got arrested and put in jail for a good eleven months.

After that, Emma vowed never to put her trust in people again. She’s better off on her own.

Especially when she is out on a cold, bitter November night in four-inch heels and a skimpy piece of vermilion cloth that can barely pass as a dress, chasing down a no-good thief and cheater.

“Asshole,” she declares as she pins him down with a knee and waits for the police to arrive. “Nice try getting away.”

The man glowers at her and tries to banter out a reply, but his words are cut off with several coughs and a sneeze. It’s evident from looking down at his bloodshot eyes and flushed, burning cheeks that he has a high fever.

Two policemen finally arrive at the scene and Emma rises from the ground and watches the man get hauled away before she struts to her precious yellow Bug parked about three blocks away. She heads home, home being a cozy apartment on the sixth floor of a well-tended complex on the outskirts of Boston. By the time she arrives at her floor and steps off the elevator, her feet are killing her.

The door to the left of hers opens and out steps her gorgeous next-door neighbor with the raven-black hair and the beautiful ocean-blue eyes and that insanely hot accented tongue. His attire is all in black: black leather jacket zipped up to the chin, black jeans, black boots. When their eyes meet, his instantly widen, mouth falling open into the shape of an O, and he blushes, hand reaching up to scratch the tip of his right ear nervously.

“Good evening, love,” he states quietly, closing his mouth and passing by her with a small wave. She reciprocates, smiling at him before she unlocks the door and opens it, leaning against it as soon as she closes it. Kicking off those damn heels, she breathes a sigh of relief and shuts her eyes before opening them and traipsing to the bedroom to peel off that disgusting dress and pull on grey sweatpants and a lavender camisole. She rubs the soles of her feet to relieve some of the pain before slipping them into the most comfortable duckling slippers she’s ever encountered in her life.

She shuffles to the kitchen slowly and opens the fridge to take out tomatoes, mayonnaise, the packs of ham, cheese, and lettuce. She sticks two pieces of bread in the toaster and slices the tomatoes. When the two pieces of toasted bread pop out of the toaster, she takes them and puts them on a plate, piling one with ham, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, smearing the other slice of bread with mayonnaise before clapping it over the other slice.

She takes the plate to the kitchen table and stifles a big yawn, deciding not to make hot chocolate for the night. Despite how exhausted she is, she manages to finish eating the sandwich relatively quickly, washing it down with a glass of water and leaving the dirty dishes in the sink. She’ll wash the plate and glass in the morning.

Emma falls asleep the second her head hits the pillow and she awakens once in the middle of the night to sneeze and tuck herself underneath the covers. In the morning, she wakes up coughing and sneezing, her forehead burning when she places her hand on it. She checks her temperature, discovering that she indeed has a fever. She must’ve gotten it from the guy she had to chase down last night.

Groaning, she manages to rise from bed, trailing to the thermostat to adjust the heat to her liking before sauntering to the kitchen to rummage through the pantry, frowning when she realizes she is out of tea.

She can really go for a nice steamy mug of peppermint tea, mixed in with a teaspoonful of honey.

She can also go for a hot bowl of delicious chicken soup from the quaint delicatessen at the corner, but she feels so unwell she doubts she can step out into the cold and manage to bring back a few groceries.

It suddenly strikes her that she has a really hot neighbor living next door who might be able to supply her with a tea bag or two before she starts to feel a little better so she can go out and purchase her own.

Don’t be ridiculous, she scolds herself. You see the guy only in the halls. You don’t even know his name.

But Emma is pretty desperate at this point. She knows she won’t survive without that necessary mug of peppermint-honey tea, so she throws on a white hoodie without zipping it up, and shuffles into the duckling slippers. She checks her reflection in the mirror and grimaces at how flushed and red her cheeks are. Brushing her hair so she doesn’t look like a bed-hair freak, she finally musters the strength to leave her apartment and knock on the door to the left.

The same hot man she had seen yesterday opens the door, his jaw falling open instantly when his cerulean eyes land on her. “H-hello, love.” Emma wants to giggle at the way he stammers when he looks at her.

Yup. She is definitely not feeling well.

“Hi, I’m so sorry for looking like a hot mess, but I have a really high fever and I ran out of tea and I really need peppermint tea because peppermint helps cool the body down and helps the fever go away and-”

Her neighbor chuckles and holds a hand up, causing her to shut her mouth as she blushes. “I was babbling, wasn’t I. Damn, this fever is real.”

“I have a whole collection of tea in my pantry,” he says. “Would you like to come in and select what you need?”

Her eyes widen. “I can’t get you sick. I just need one tea bag, that’s all. I really can’t get you sick.”

“Nonsense, love.” He opens the door wider and steps aside, beckoning her with a sweep of his arm. “It would be bad form to leave a beautiful lass such as yourself waiting in the hallway.”

“I’m sick. How can I be beautiful?” she scoffs, attempting to glare at him, but she stops herself because he is helping her out here and she really shouldn’t be rude to him.

He bends down and places his mouth by her ear. “That top of yours is rather bunched up on your breasts, love,” he whispers, straightening his back to throw a very sultry wink at her before spinning to retreat into the apartment.

Her mouth falls open in a silent gasp and she instantly zips up the hoodie, remembering that she isn’t wearing a bra underneath the camisole. She’s beginning to have second thoughts about her neighbor, but she really does need the tea, so she follows him into the complex, closing the door behind her and taking in the sight of a very neat dwelling place: books aligned in an orderly fashion on the shelf, plants hanging from the ceiling and dangling right above the top level of the shelf, guitar resting gingerly in the gap created by the shelf and a desk.

He waits for her in the kitchen by the open pantry, gesturing to it. “Take any box, love.”

“Any box?” she asks skeptically. She really came for just one tea bag. She can’t deprive the man of an entire box.

As if he can read her mind, he chuckles. “One tea bag won’t suffice. Please, take an entire box. You can see as well as I can just how much tea I have.”

She musters a smirk of defeat and stares for a long moment into his eyes before directing her gaze to the pantry, reading the labels before finally finding peppermint printed in sea-green on a box. She selects it and wraps her fingers around it, double-checking to make sure she hasn’t touched anything else and contaminated the pantry with Emma Swan germs.

“Thanks,” she whispers and he bends his head, a shy smile chiseled on his handsome features.

“Of course. This is what neighbors are for,” he announces, looking up at her. “Killian Jones.” He sticks out a hand.

Emma wants to take the hand and hold it with hers, but she suddenly coughs, bringing up her arm to cover her mouth. “Emma Swan,” she blurts out. “I would shake your hand, but I’m sick.”

“Aye. Apologies, love,” he says sheepishly, letting his hand drop to his side. He suddenly lifts it again as if to place it on her forehead, but he first looks at her. “May I?”

She stares at him for two heartbeats, inhaling sharply. “Sure,” she replies, wanting to close her eyes and sigh happily when his warm hand claps gently over her hot forehead.

“Swan, you’re burning,” he declares worriedly. “Are you sure tea will help you?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. It’s helped before,” she admits. Stuffing the box and her hands in her pockets, she shuffles back to the doorway. “Thanks again,” she says, turning to look at him.

“Love, you look absolutely adorable in those slippers of yours,” he whispers, almost awe-struck, and usually she’d roll her eyes, but all she can muster is a weak smile before she opens the door and leaves, returning to her apartment to prepare the tea and snuggle on the couch with a fluffy blanket and thoughts of those beautiful blue eyes.

She is sitting on the couch, wrapped in the fluffy blanket, holding a mug of steaming tea and watching a miscellaneous episode of Sherlock, when there is a knock at the door. She rises from the couch and wraps the blanket around her shoulder as she shuffles to the door and opens it.

Killian stands there with two brown-paper grocery bags in his hands. “I bought some things for you, Swan,” he announces with a grin, and all she can do is let her hand drop from the doorknob as she stares open-mouthed at him.

“Y-you di-didn’t have to,” she stammers. “I just wanted some tea.”

“I’m aware, but you do have a high fever, love,” he deadpans. “Now, where’s your kitchen?”

“Straight ahead,” she states, blinking as she watches him walk past her and make a beeline for the counter, putting down the bags and opening one to take out a container of soup. “You brought me soup?” she asks, incredulous.

He looks at her shyly. “I hope you don’t mind,” he says, reaching up to scratch his ear nervously. She’s begun to find the act endearing. “You’re sick and I want to take care of you. Let me take care of you, love.”

“Fine.” Emma pauses to sneeze into her arm and Killian immediately hands her the tissue box reclining on the kitchen table. She swipes a tissue immediately from the box and presses it to her nose, blowing it. “Thanks,” she sniffles after she has thoroughly cleaned her nose and thrown the crushed wad away.

“Of course.” He opens two cupboards and reaches into one, taking out a china bowl into which he pours the soup. “Where do you keep the silverware?”

“I can get that myself,” she glares, throwing open a drawer and picking a spoon before shutting it a little overdramatically. “I have a fever. I’m not crippled.”

Her eyes widen after the words spew from her and she purses her lips as she stares down at the floor, pushing a slipper-clad foot against the heel of the other. “I’m sorry,” she whispers. “I didn’t mean to snap at you like that.”

He chuckles. “S’all right. You’re unwell, that’s all.” He stretches out the bowl and she takes it from him, the heat of the bowl passing to her hands and traveling up her arms. She returns to her spot on the couch, but disregards the blanket as she sits down, taking off the slippers and tucking her feet underneath her legs.

“Mind if I join you?” His voice sounds very near and she almost jumps, turning her head to see him stare down at her, a bag of saltine crackers in his hand. She hadn’t heard him leave the kitchen.

“You’ll get sick,” she admonishes, but she secretly hopes he won’t listen as she takes the bag from him.

“Then I’ll just sit here,” he says with an amused grin and a mischievous waggle of the eyebrows, plopping down on an armchair close to the couch. “You should have the entire sofa to yourself anyway.”

She stares at him a moment longer than needed before she continues to eat and watch the mystery series. Killian does the same, the apartment silent sans the blabber on the television and the clinking of the spoon in the bowl.

“You can have some soup, you know,” she tells him, feeling guilty that she is the only one eating.

“I wouldn’t dare, Swan! The soup is for you. Besides, I already bought my own groceries; I left them in my home before coming to yours.”

She smiles timidly at him then and he rewards her with such an ear-splitting grin that she smiles widely and laughs - right before her laugh dissolves into two sneezes and a cough. “Sorry,” she says, blushing widely as she reaches for the tissue box on the coffee table.

“Nothing to apologize for.” He lifts the box and hands it to her. “There’s absolutely nothing to apologize for.”

She smiles at him again - this time without all the nasty coughing and sneezing - and reverts her attention to the soup and to Sherlock and Watson.

But she can’t help staring at Killian out of the corner of her eye, wondering just who this guy is and why he has decided to take care of her.

Killian visits her every day after that, constantly bringing her items meant to help her.

“The ice cream will help cool your throat,” he says with a wide grin as he produces a tub of rocky-road ice cream.

“Bloody hell, you’re running on tissues the way cars run on gasoline. Here are a few extra boxes.”

“I noticed you don’t have any painkillers. You definitely need a vial,” he chides, holding up the box containing the vial of Advil.

“Here’s some ginger. All you have to do is put two tablespoons of this powder in a bathtub of warm water and mix well. Then you step into the tub and lie there for ten minutes, just to soak yourself in. When the ten minutes are up, pat dry yourself and go to sleep in a blanket. Trust me, love. This remedy works.”

And the remedy does help. Everything he brings helps her, especially the ginger.

“I never knew ginger helps,” she tells him one day when her fever has begun to cool. “It’s helping a whole lot.”

“My mum used that remedy on myself and my elder brother when we were lads,” he admits sheepishly. “There was always ginger stocked in the house just in case one of us boys came down with a fever.”

“Oh,” is all she can muster as she stares blankly at the television. She can’t help but feel envy because unlike her, this man has a family, has people who care for him.

“Love, you’re glowering at the bloody screen. Is everything alright?” he asks in concern, and she blushes.

“Nothing, I’m fine.”

“Well, since I started, I might as well finish,” he whispers, tone more somber. “Mum passed away when I was nine years old. And then Liam.” He chuckles wryly. “Best man that ever walked this planet, Swan. My brother was a bloody hero. Taught me all there is to know about good form.” His jaw suddenly clenches as he leans his elbows on his thighs and looks down at the floor. “He died in a car accident. I told him not to drive after he drank too much at a party. It was raining that night.”

Emma closes her eyes and a wave of guilt washes over her for having harbored those thoughts for even a moment. “I was left on the side of the road as a baby,” she confesses. “I went from one foster home to another, but I never stayed longer than two months in each home.”

She feels something clap over her hand and when she opens her eyes, she looks down to see his ring-clad hand over hers. She averts her gaze to him. “Come here,” she says as she shifts over and pats the empty spot next to her on the couch.

“I thought I’d get sick?” he challenges with an amused raised of the eyebrows.

She rolls her eyes and tugs at his hand. Shaking his head and laughing, he joins her on the couch and she curls into him while his arm wraps around her shoulders, holding her close to him. She laces her fingers with his hand resting on his lap, squeezing them gently as she whispers, “thank you. For being here.”

“Of course, love,” he whispers back before planting a soft kiss on her golden head.

Several days pass before she wakes up, fever gone and cough just barely lingering. She can’t help but almost dance as she throws the hoodie on, dashing out of her apartment and into his. Why doesn’t he lock the door? she asks herself, but she pushes the thought out of her mind when she collides into him in the kitchen, hands crashing onto bare skin.

Well, bare skin and hair.

She gasps when she steps back, eyes flitting up and down his muscular torso, all dusted with dark glorious chest hair. When she finally looks up at him, she sees that he is staring down at her with a cocked eyebrow.

“Like what you see?” he greets her, grinning cheekily and she flushes and laughs.

“I came to tell you that I feel better!” she exclaims and his grin transforms to a happy smile as he wraps his arms around her in a warm embrace.

“I’m so glad, love,” he mumbles into her hair, his fingers toying with the ends of the blonde strands, and she exhales in relief as she nestles her chin on his shoulder.

“Thank you. Seriously, thank you,” she whispers.

“Think nothing of it, Swan.”

But she can’t think nothing of it. In fact, she can’t stop thinking about it. She wants to repay him, but she isn’t sure how to.

Because this is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for her.

She starts by purchasing a new box of peppermint tea, practically forcing it into his hands, even though he first adamantly refuses to take it.

But a small box of tea isn’t enough to show her gratitude, so she begins to do small favors for him. It gives her an excuse to ogle at him without him really noticing, and she is doing something for him at the same time.

It’s a win-win situation.

The next afternoon, she is just leaving her apartment to go take a walk when she sees Killian struggling to open the door to his place, balancing three bags in his hands. “Here, let me help,” she says as she rushes over to take two of the bags and balance one on each hip.

“You don’t have to, Swan,” he protests, but she still follows him to the kitchen, leaving the bags on the counter.

“Why do you insist on doing something for me?” he questions, leaning against the wall with his hands in his belt loops and a raised inquiring eyebrow. “Yesterday, you picked up the mail I carelessly dropped in the hallway. Today you help me carry in the groceries.”

“Just trying to be neighborly,” she states with a weak laugh. “Nothing wrong with that, right?”

“Emma.” She feels his hands grab hers, causing her to blush slightly as she looks down at the floor.

“Fine. Because you were there for me. You took care of me. All I wanted was some tea, but you went out of your way to buy me soup and bring me food and watch shows I’ve already watched and nobody’s ever cared that much for me and I just wanted to repay you, but I don’t know to rep-”

“You can repay me with one favor,” he interrupts her. “A date.”

Her eyes widen and she releases her hands from his gentle grip. “Did you take care of me so you could ask me out?” she pounces, slightly glaring at him.

He chuckles, a sheepish sound reverberating in the room. “No, Swan. I took care of you because it would be the right thing to do. You are a beautiful lass, but I wasn’t going to take advantage of that.”

She bites her lip as she scrutinizes him closely. “So, a date. A date will be enough to repay you?”

Killian grins widely. “Emma Swan, will you go out with me?”

And Emma can’t help but mirror his happy smirk. “Sounds like a good bargain to me.”

by @a-city-dove

Bruises, part 4 : My thoughts are empty I feel like I have no story

Word count : 1248

Author note : Part 4, hope you’re still on board.  As always feedback is appreciated as usual. Tag list is at the end and is still close till March 21st.  Domestic violence is not normal, don’t let that happen even once because it’ll happen again, run away or go to the police or call special numbers for domestic violence.

Warnings : Mentions of Bucky’s past.

Song of the title : All You Know, Earlyrise


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Part 3

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Rough translations of Owari no Seraph Chapter 61 PART 2

Page 15
Ferid: It’s done. His voice is out of the range, he probably won’t come back
Mitsuba: Haaa…I’m exhausted…I got so nervous…
Shinoa: …he was strong enough to kill one of us in a second
Yu: …But I’m glad that nobody died
Mika: If he was weaker, you would have killed him? Are you alright, he pierced your heart
Yu: Uhm…~

Page 16
Yu:  I think I’m alright
Mika: You think
Shinya: So, did we won?
Guren: A tie…it is
We couldn’t kill him and he took the queen
But the pervert is alive
Shinya: But it’s no good when you bring the pervert back

Page 17
Guren: Then we lost
Shinya: We lost-
Kimizuki: I really detested this guy as enemie, it makes me feel better to think that he is an ally
Narumi: …If he really is one
Yoichi: Everyone, we did it!
Ferid: But ladies, even though the main event is just about to be unfolded behind your backs, why aren’t you looking?

Page 18
Shinoa&Mitsuba: Main event?
Ferid: Just see, my bare lower body is just about to come to life-
Shinoa: GYAAAH!!! Shi…SHi-CHAN!!!

Page 19
Yu: Shinoa, whats wrong?
Shinoa: A d,d, disgusting vampire just…
Mika: I said we shouldn’t help out that guy
Yu: Hm-?
Ferid: Hey

Page 20
Crowley: You seem very happy after being revived. You easily could have dodged this as well
Ferid: But it would be less fun that way. Could you pick up my head?
Crowley: Good. Here clothes
Ferid: You’ve got the senses
Crowley : Wasn’t it hot to be burned by the sun?

Page 21
Ferid: Were you worried?
Crowley: …Well, yeah. You are the only one left to be worried about.
So how was the torture
Ferid: Haa-it was hot, I really thought that I was dead
Crowley: Well, you are already dead
Ferid: True, my heart is already dead, I’m jealous of those living humans ((LOL Ferid is literally dead inside))

Page 22
Crowley: We have become traitors, what are you doing from now on?
Ferid: We have to fight great one more time, after returning to Shibuya- and join the humans-
Crowley: So are you going to fight against the vampires?
Ferid: What? Why do we have to fight them? We are one of them

Page 23
Crowley: H-m? Then who are we going to fight?


Page 24
Ferid: Who just are you fighting?

Page 25
 Ferid: -A god
[The guardian of the world’s fate is no one  other than a strange vampire-]
Seraph of the End Chapter 61: Competition of boredom

Spuffy in Older And Far Away

I think Older And Far Away has become my favourite spuffy episode. There are others I love of course, a lot of other scenes actually (especially in s7), but OAFA has something special to me: it’s kinda… domestic. It shows albeit for just a little while how Buffy and (soulless) Spike could have been as a couple. And even if I understand that it could not last, and why, I cannot not love it.

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