but really how can you walk in and not think

Something tells me that, on the off chance that Marinette and Chloe actually agree on something (gasp!) the two of them would be a force to be reckoned with. 

Two confident, no-nonsense, gives-no-shits, will-shut-you-down-in-a-heartbeat girls working together on something? They’d be unstoppable. 

Like imagine the two of them just happen to both walk by a douchey boy in their school laughing with his douchey friends about, I don’t know, posting a really rude, sexist, gross comment on a picture of one of the girls in his class. 

Marinette would straight up take this boy’s phone out of his hands, delete the comments, and just leave Chloe to drag this kid in the corner and rip him to shreds over being downright disgusting. “How dare you think you can talk to girls like that, you soggy dish towel. I have half a mind to tell Marinette over there to screenshot everything you just said and show it to everyone in school so they’ll see how much of a pig you are.”

“Way ahead of you Chloe.”


When you hate yourself, you don’t need any enemies. There are so many ways in which you can hate yourself. The way you look, the way you walk, talk, think, act or simply just are. You can sink into that hatred, let it consume you to the point where there is no love for yourself left. But as soon as you see someone else hate themselves you try to convince them otherwise. That they are not a complete failure, waste of time, air and space. That they are beautiful and precious. You try to help them to see how wonderful they really are. But you never try to see that in yourself. Even when people try to convince you otherwise, it just doesn’t seem right. You, are good enough, have talent, are loved and are not a failure. But that concept is so absurd. How could you believe that that person you hate the most could be a wonderful person with a good heart and a great soul? How could you believe that you are wonderful?



Castiel taking care of you during your period...

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  • you end up accidentally snapping at him
  • he’s completely confused
  • when you tell him that you are bleeding he tries to heal you – unsuccessfully
  • Cas freaks out even more when he realizes that he can’t heal you
  • having to stop him from zapping you to a hospital
  • explaining to Cas what’s really going on
  • Cas nodding thoughtfully after your explanation and apologizing that his father makes woman endure something like that
  • he offers to take care of you
  • sadly he has no idea what to do, so he asks Sam and Dean for help
  • after 30 minutes he comes back with more than 10 pints of ice cream and 8 chocolate bars
  • Cas taking Dean’s words a bit too literally and thinking you’ll break into tears every single second
  • because of that he’s walking on eggshells around you
  • Cas worriedly glancing at you to check if you’re already crying
  • Castiel doing anything you ask of him
  • it’s really cute how eager he is to help you, but there isn’t much he can do
  • asking Cas to cuddle with you – at first it’s awkward, but soon it’s really comfortable
  • having to explain to Cas that it isn’t okay to tell random people that you are on your period
  • Cas checking up on you every 5 minutes as if you’re on your deathbed
  • Cas always asking you if it’s really okay for you to be walking around
  • Cas offering to carry you because he doesn’t believe your words
  • taking him up on the offer to make him shut up and to make him stop looking at you with this worried big eyes
  • Cas carrying you everywhere
  • Sam and Dean laughing when Cas carries you in the kitchen bridal style
  • glaring at Sam and Dean while Cas is completely nonchalant and continues to carry you back to your room

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hi!! i really enjoy reading your imagines omg they make me emotional ;;; YOU HAVE MAD SKILLZ if it's not too much, can I have rfa reacting to flirty MC? like the mc probably isnt even aware of it kinda thing ;;; thank you so much!!

lmaisdjaoidj i’m not skilled don’t flatter me u cutie, thank you for the request!! i know some people like this and to this day i’m shook over it


  • he’s so red
  • all the time
  • he can’t take it
  • he isn’t used to being flirted with
  • or at all really
  • “you’re doing this on purpose aren’t u”
  • ?????
  • flustered kid
  • what an innocent child
  • he kinda likes it tbh
  • but then again he wants to make the moves
  • he needs to step up his game
  • cue him stuttering and blushing after you tell him he looks cute and casually walking away


  • ok so u know how this kid likes to flirt
  • he didn’t think he’d get outflirted
  • by anyone
  • especially by u
  • he’s never blushed so hard around a woman before
  • and like wowowowoow she’s good
  • she’s too good
  • i mean
  • he tries to compete
  • but
  • he just
  • can’t
  • you’re unbeatable really
  • and the fact that you don’t even know
  • drives him cRAZY


  • she isn’t one to flirt
  • or really take any advances at all
  • but
  • in fact she flirts
  • a lot
  • without noticing
  • so i think she’d outflirt you
  • y’all aren’t even aware
  • of the shit u say to each other
  • literally wives
  • just get married omg
  • get a room
  • friendly compliments and friendly i love you’s
  • fuckuficonjknjx


  • it takes him off guard
  • but he’s also sometimes not even aware if someone is flirting with him or not
  • he thinks ur pretty bold
  • but he knows that u don’t even know
  • “i’m pretty sure.. that was not, an accident”
  • loosening tie
  • oh fuckme
  • it lowkey
  • drives him nuts
  • like calm down
  • we are in public
  • i mustn’t
  • “we have some business to attend to at home”


  • he’s spitting out his drink every time
  • or his glasses fog up
  • break
  • stuttering
  • steam coming out
  • embarrassed seven
  • is my shit
  • he’s as red as his hair
  • and it confuses u
  • like ??????
  • did i say something
  • “n– nothing!! it was nothginfodn”
  • he’s so cute and blushy omgogmomgo
  • awkward kid
  • i love the concept
  • this is some good content

Everyone talks about heartbreak, but no one talks about what it’s like to be in love.

No one talks about looking into the eyes of the one you know is your soulmate but not knowing what to say because it’d be too odd. No one talks about how it feels like falling but at the same time they’re saving you and you don’t know how to describe it because every time you open your mouth all you can think about is kissing them and suddenly you’re at a loss for words. No one talks about how it feels when they have you in their arms and you can’t really think about anything else because all it feels like is home and all you know for sure is that you would breathe in their scent every single damn day if you had the choice. And no one talks about how it’s going to feel when you walk down the aisle in a white dress or black tux and watch as the one you love realize that you were the only one they want forever, and suddenly you’re going to be eighteen again and you’re slow dancing in the refrigerator light and you’re eating takeout under the stars in the back of your pickup truck and you’re reading Harry Potter together by the fire because you love those books and they’ve never read them, and then it’ll hit you that the beautiful person with eyes like galaxies and the voice of an angel is yours forever. And you think about how falling in love with them was undoubtedly the best part of your life and now you get to relive every moment of it every day.

But I guess everyone would rather talk about heartbreak.

—  I wrote this when I was happy and it still gives me hope.

So this was just posted on Twitter today!

Who’s feeling brave? I have an idea that will take every single person’s help!


What if we submit a video to the Lucifer writers with a montage of us holding up signs to renew Lucifer for Season 3?

I figure our song of choice could be Unsteady. Unless you guys think something more upbeat like All Eyes On Me. Or something else too!

I think it’d be a lot of fun. Show the writers who we are and the different people from all walks of life love the show.

So depending on how many people want to participate, each person could either snap a picture or maybe 5-10 second video displaying their sign.

Then, one person could be designated the collector and editor of the video package. When completed, we can upload it and send it to the Lucifer writers. 😈

Input is really appreciated! This would be something that could be put together within a few days time.

Anyone on board with this? Drop a comment below!



No matter how hard it is, just run. Just keep going. It really doesn’t matter if you fly or run or walk or even crawl– honestly, it’s reaching that line and looking back and thinking, hey I did that. I mean, it’s better to look back and go ‘Wow I can’t believe I came so far’ than to look forward and go 'damn, I never did reach’.
—  daily letter to all you lovely people (with some inspiration from RUN by BTS) 
Bang Me Like Those Drums

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3.3 k

Summary: Phil is the drummer of a band, but how will the lead singer, Kevin, feel when he walks in on Phil banging his younger brother Dan as hard as Phil bangs his drums?

Warnings!! There’s 2 smut scenes: Rimming, daddy kinks, hints of DD/LB (but not), wall sex, angry sex, rough sex, dirty talking, Dan is in a skirt, Dan in panties, blow jobs, slut! Dan (if you squint), etc.

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*stops singing*….

S-So? What did you think about it? I know I’m not really good at singing and without Mioda-san’s help I-

Nagito. I’m going to move now. *stands up and walks toward Nagito*

O-Okay…*waits for Hajime to walks to him*

*Stops in front of him*….

S-So? Did you dislike it after all? You can say it, don’t worry !

You idiot. How could I dislike something so beautiful?


*kisses him* I’m saying that I heard you and that I love you too, Nagito. So will you go out with me?



Good. *hugs him* Thank you, Nagito. For letting me understand you.

Some AUs ive been thinking about
  • my friends and i are having a contest of how obscenely we can eat our icecreams when you walk past, and you’re really hot and im really embarrassed au
  • ok so yes im checking all the parking meters to see which has the most time left on it dont judge me im a poor uni student au
  • me and my friend are bitching about this girl and you overhear im sorry i didnt know she was your sister
  • “So how did you end up in holding? And what are you wearing”
  • so im in the supermarket, minding my own business, and im so close to reaching my favourite hot sauce on the top shelf, and you’re the asshole just walks over and takes it off the shelf for me you bast- oh you’re actually pretty hot- WHO YOU CALLING MIDGET?!?!??? au
  • im the brother to the bride and you look really good in that groomsman tux au
  • I don’t know you but we’re both in the principals office because they think we vandalized the school chapel and it wasnt me so just fess up already this is going to ruin my perfect record au
  • “you know, my brother only puts out the salad dressing when someone important is over for dinner”
  • yeah cool we bought a mattress but why couldn’t you have just paid the fee and let them deliver it and spare me the ordeal of riding in the car with our queen size strapped on the roof au
  • we’re both in the line for an autograph of this person i know way more about than you do fight me au
  • so i work at this cafe and you come in, sobbing so hard you can barely order your chocolate caramel frappe dude im going to have to wipe that table when you’re done crying on it au
  • where have i seen you before? au
  • you crashed your skateboard into a lamppost right in front of me lol do you want some help au

a quick review of the reasons you should be watching Call the Midwife if you still are not doing that:

  1. many many ladies
  2. so many ladies, in fact, that it might sometimes fail a reverse Bechdel test, unless Fred and Dr. Turner get into a good convo about military-issue shorts
  3. ladies supporting ladies
  4. most precious dudes to walk the Earth of East London supporting ladies
  5. ladies loving other ladies in all of the following ways
    1. friendship
    2. familial
    3. feminist
    4. lesbian
  6. babies
  7. real talk about how hard babies are though
  8. also real talk about things like abortion, birth control, slut shaming, infertility, prostitution, domestic abuse, poverty, faith, etc.
  9. don’t forget the Sound of Music-esque story that is tbh sort of better than the Sound of Music
  10. cake
  11. basically the only reason I can think of to not watch this show is if you are really squicked out by childbirth

Pairing: Nick Robinson x Reader

Words: 1,207

Warning: underage drinking, unprotected sex

“Hi, I’m (Y/N). Your interviewer for the day.” I shake his hand as I introduce myself.

“It’s lovely to meet you, (Y/N).” He shakes my hand with a polite smile.

“So, Nick. Are you single?” I ask almost nervously.

He situates himself in the chair he’s in, smirking only slightly for a moment. “Yes, I am.” He answers with ease.

With each question he answers, I can’t help but think of how intoxicatingly handsome he really is. The way he talks and moves is so smooth, how he runs his fingers through his hair so effortlessly turning me on each moment.

After the series of questions written for him are finished, I conclude the interview.

“I’ll see you at my after party tonight, yeah?” Nick asks before he walks away to his next interview for his new movie.

I nod my head, “Yeah, I guess you will.”

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I used to think I could’ve loved you. Hell, I really believed I wanted forever with you, but today I looked at you and the only thing I thought was how badly I wanted to leave; to walk out that door and be free of you. I guess that’s how you know it’s over, when you see someone you wanted to spend every second with, and every part of you just wants to run as fast as you can.
—  Run // 1-25-17

kazeelia  asked:

Can I get hc of the RFA Searan+V about MC sleeping only on her stomach and face flat of the pillow. How would they react finding out or would they be scared for examle that maybe MC isn't breathing at night. Ps: I love your blog •ω•

So I’m giving this one a go, but it’s most likely not going to be super long simply because I can’t really think of a lot of different reactions for this;;; sorry T_T I tried


  • If any of them were going to freak out, it’d be him. Because he gets worried over everything, so easily.
  • The first time he walks in to find you sleeping on the couch, he drops everything and panics.
  • Wakes you up asking if you’re alright…
  • …and then feels like an idiot when he realizes you could breath fine.
  • He’s a bit paranoid about it and will often check your pulse to make sure you’re alive.


  • Babe, what about all the lines you’ll have on your face?
  • He playfully suggests you sleeping on his chest instead, even though it’s obviously not a valid option.
  • Even though he knows that you’re probably fine, any time he wakes up first, he sets a hand on your back just to make sure he can feel that you’re breathing.


  • She knows there’s no way the human body would allow itself to suffocate like that.
  • Self-preservation is an instinct, it won’t be overwritten by your preferred sleeping position.
  • She is not a stomach sleeper, so for the most part she just thinks it’s amazing that you do like it.
  • She’s also very meticulous about making sure your pillowcase and pillow are always clean.


  • As long as you’re alive, he doesn’t really care how you sleep.
  • Of course, he still buys you the most expensive pillow, one that’s g u a r a n t e e d breathable.
  • He’ll try to tell you all of the details about it, regardless of if you want to hear them or not.
  • Past that, though, he doesn’t really think about it.


  • He’ll tease you about it. Joke around and say you don’t need to breathe to live.
  • After years of not getting enough sleep, he’s such a heavy sleeper that he really doesn’t notice. He’s out before you and you’re usually up before him.
  • Sometimes he may play pranks involving your hair, since it’s so easily accessible. Nothing bad, though; he doesn’t wish to die.


  • V wouldn’t know unless for some reason he decides to explore. Once the lights go out, the little vision he has is basically useless.
  • But if for some reason he did run his fingers across your face after you fall asleep, he’d quickly drop them down to check your pulse.
  • He’ll probably worry a bit more than he should and maybe check it a couple times throughout that first night and talk to you about it in the morning.
  • Once he knows it’s a common thing, he’ll be fine.


  • The conversation would go something like this:
    • “So you sleep on your stomach with your face shoved in the pillow.”
    • “Yes.”
    • “And you can breathe, so you won’t die.”
    • “Yes.”
    • “Okay.”
  • AKA, this boy has zero shits to give as long as you’re alive.
Healing takes a lot of courage. It isn’t only asking you to forgive those who have hurt you but it also requires you to accept yourself completely and unconditionally. There are days that are still hard and frustrating. We just wanted to be left alone, to sit down with the pain and cry it all out. But for some reason or another, we just can’t do it yet. There are also days that we feel like we’re about to give up and just walk away completely with nothing but our broken pieces and wait until emptiness soothes the soul. It’s not really that easy. It does take time to heal, to accept that some things are meant to be temporary no matter how hard you try, and how badly we want it in our life. We often fail, sometimes we stumble, we have our limitations and it takes a lot of guts to accept the truth that no matter how strong we think we are, we also need some rescuing.
—  (d.g)

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Hey Matt, you fabulous being, what's your opinion on Tord?

Matt: He’s awesome! Sometimes we go to the park and walk around in the river without our shoes on, and he’ll try and teach me how to skip stones!

Matt: I can never do it right, though.

Matt: Oh, and there was this time that we went to a carnival, and he won me a really large stuffed snake. It was so cool!

Matt: And then there was the time-

Tord: I didn’t know he remembered any of that…

(Remember, Italics means that they’re thinking)

Ok, So I’m re-watching episode 5 and “Pause” is still one of my fav clips. There is just something so achingly intense about the whole thing ~ I just really wanted to say why I think it’s so awesome ~

- The way Isak walks into the room, he can barely do it, he is so smitten he doesn’t know what to say and you can see how unsure he is about Even and just how nervous he is - he wants to go towards him but he is terrified.

- Isak’s stuttering sigh kills my heart every time! ditto Even’s shaking lip. These two are completely gone already. They are so in love and so scared of what is to come and they want to be together so badly but they are still so unsure how the other feels. 

-For me this whole scene reminds me of one of those Jane Austen TV adaptations - like “Pride and Prejudice” or “Persuasion” {bear with me here}, where the characters are really in love but they don’t know what to say to each other and what is right or wrong but they are so captivated that they can’t look away, they can barely breath. It’s aching, it’s yearning, it’s hungry, greedy stares and flushed faces. This scene is pure romance. AND I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS AT ALL. I was completely bowled over by this scene. 

-the way the scene is shot so close, like the kitchen scene where they nearly kiss. This is the first scene where Isak looks at Even like his eyes have misted over, like he is possessed, like all he can see is him and time has stopped. 

- the acting! - {I know we say it all time time!}- how you can really feel how uncomfortable Isak is when he talks about his Mum, like I can feel it crawling under my skin as he squirms - but he does it anyway because he can’t imagine for one minute not being this close to Even,not holding his hand and touching foreheads, this boy who was so closeted and who now is talking about telling his parents {I really think he would have done it then as well}. And Henrik! - so subtle - how those couple of looks to the ground for one-tenth of a second had us all being like “something’s wrong!”…….

- I know all of the words now {in Norwegian} and random lines will pop into my head when I’m busy doing something or when I’m out and I just grin to myself like the fool that I am!

- “My uncle is NOT Donald Trump!” - “Phew! ok!”

- the nose slide at the end!!!!

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Mommy, please help, I felt incredibly manly today, and I wore my best binder with my best trousers and my best shirt, and I did my hear manly, and I looked really manly, but I still got immediately misgendered and addressed as miss. And I don't know what to do, and I feel really hopeless, like it will never get any better, and I just don't know what else I can do to pass. I already walk and carry myself as a man, I always have, but it still isn't enough, and I can't do anything else than cry rig

My dear lgbt+ son, 

I understand how you feel. That’s a incredibly frustrating situation to be in and i can feel from your words how sad it makes you. 

I think it’s important to know that it’s normal to feel how you do. You’re allowed to feel that way. We talk a lot about positivity and that’s important but the truth is that there are days and situations in life when it is very very hard to see anything positive. 

I don’t want to dismiss your feelings with a quick “It’ll get better”, even though i know that it will get better. I know that you’ll meet new people who get you to know as who you really are from the start. I know that circumstances change, i know that hearts change and i know that one day you’ll be surrounded by people who see you and see the real you - and that’s not a “Miss”, that’s a man.

But sometimes it doesn’t help to know that it’ll be better one day, so i’ll focus on what i know about the present: 

I know that you looked incredibly manly and handsome today, that you looked like a man - because you are one. Nobody can take that away from you. 

I know that you do all those things because they express who you are. And that doesn’t disappear because some blind idiot doesn’t see it. Your efforts are not wasted, i promise. If people don’t see how manly you look, that’s their mistake, not yours. 

I know that you are a man. I know that you’re real. I know that you’re valid. I see that right here and now - and so do others. Not only will people see the real you one day - we, the lgbt+ family, see you today and will always see you as who you really are. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

“You Got 7 Uncles” (Youngjae x Reader)

“Do you think you can write a scenario like you did to the mark “newborn” one, but with youngjae this time? >.< I would really like to see how youngjae’s would be! :o”

Name: “You Got 7 Uncles” the pun i can’t

Character: Choi Youngjae (GOT7)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,482

Originally posted by yugyeomism

(gif credit to the original owner)

“Youngjae-ah” you called. You watched as your husband fumbled around the house nervously. His eyes shot up to lock onto yours. “It’s just the guys, why are you so worried?” you asked gently, walking towards him. You cupped his face in your hands. You couldn’t help but push his cheeks inwards which forced his malleable face to form into a rather odd expression. “Ah, (Y/N) why are you like this?” you managed to make out from his face being squashed. You let go of his face. Instead, your hands trailed down to his shoulders. “You’ll be fine,” you uttered slowly. You carefully placed emphasis on each word. He beamed; rays of light shone from his expression. “Thank you (Y/N). I honestly don’t know what I would do without you,” he replied. You placed a gentle kiss on his lips. “You’re so greasy,” you chuckled. That infamous laughter slipped out, infecting you with the pure sound that you had fallen so hard for. The two of you were suddenly interrupted by the door bell ringing. It echoed through the house. Youngjae’s eyes widened. He almost tripped over himself running to answer the door before you placed your hand on his shoulder. “It’s just your members, don’t worry,” you whispered sweetly. He nodded through smiles and ran towards the door. The doorbell was being repeatedly hit, most likely due to the likes of a certain maknae.

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