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i dunno if this has been asked before but would Shawn be the type to send nudes to his s/o when he's on tour and they aren't with him?

He seems to be quite private so I don’t think he would? I also think he’d probably get really anxious about them leaking but he would probably rather have skype sex? THE BLUSH HIS CHEEKS WOULD BE ON FIRE SKYMKDMD

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thinking about dan and phil skyping back in 2009 always makes me so emo ksjdkfh

when you think about the hundreds of hours of skype calls that dan and phil have had together and how they’d spend hours on skype when they couldn’t be together irl because it was the most intimate form of communication for them and they really valued the authenticity of it all and how they would fool around a lil (a lot) on skype but also get really lovey dovey sometimes and how there were probably always lots of hesitant goodbyes and you hang up first’s and then you also think about how they stopped skyping as often when they started meeting up irl more frequently but then you remember how they skyped each other from different rooms while writing tabinof and how they skyped each other while phil was at his parent’s house eatin cereal even tho he had ‘bad’ internet connection and you realize that some things never change


“No, I’m- I’m glad to have shared in your perils, Thorin. Each and every one of them. It is far more than any Baggins deserves.”

Uno: The Movie: The Sentence Starter Meme

  • “Oh what the Christ?!”
  • “It’s not great that that’s still going.”
  • “I only have fifteen.”
  • “You know what? Here’s looking at you, kid.”
  • “These rules are so stupid.”
  • “There are no friendships in Uno.”
  • “Maybe this game will last even longer than the last one.”
  • “Good luck using it, bitch.”
  • “It’s weaponized Uno.”
  • “Can I have my hand back?”
  • “If we played this game like two hours a day I’d have a six pack from laughing so hard.”
  • “If you say ‘here’s looking at me’ one more time…”
  • “We’ve made an unwinnable game.”
  • “If you had to choose between yellow and blue, what would you choose?”
  • “That’s a bad color?”
  • “You just doubled my hand.”
  • “Oh my god, we’re going to be here for the rest of our lives!”
  • “That was cool, let’s do it again.”
  • “You feel like hurting? Because I can hurt.”
  • “Is that a thing we can all agree to do?”
  • “And I am the recipient of your fuckery.”
  • “Just fucking do it.”
  • “Stop what you’re doing because I’m about to ruin your life.”
  • “I have a feeling that things are going to get salty really fast.”
  • “I feel like we should skype _____ in just so he can’t get away from the misery.”
  • “I lick every one I pick up.”
  • “Everyone has to play all the way to the end.”
  • “If I win this one, I’m leaving.”
  • “I’m gonna come atcha hard.”
  • “Just go ahead and get fucked, right there.”
  • “Hopefully that does some damage.”
  • “We are going to die here!”
  • “That was a load of bog.”
  • “Don’t return the favor.”
  • “It won’t end!”
  • “There’s nothing more important than this.”
  • “We did not anticipate this, and it is entirely my fault.”
  • “Don’t stack it on me, please.”
  • “We’re never playing this game again.”
  • “I fucking–oh god.”
  • “Always go for the mouth.”
  • “Who are these people?”
  • “When I envisioned this joke, I envisioned it being about forty-five seconds long.”
  • “We were in Poland?”
  • “That was the worst theater mode ever.”
"Lol ok"

Shortly after I broke up with the man I loved, his friend (more or less acquaintance) began texting me.

I was in a different state at the time, but our new connection was incredible. I had known this man over a year, but only now was I really getting to know him. We would talk about art, he’d Skype me when I was home alone at night and scared (I lived in a really bad neighborhood and my mom and her husband had a bad habit of leaving me alone from 6pm to 4am without telling me where they were going)  and we’d frequently talk until 5 in the morning.

He was an incredible artist and he had a kind soul. He was a little cocky and goofy on the outside (think typical “bro” type) but truly sweet to me, and it wasn’t long before we began flirting.

I started wishing I was still in the same state as him, because he would say he wanted to hang out, and I never got to hang out with this guy alone before.

My ex accused me of having feelings for him, something which I hadn’t really thought about. I thought I just had a crush on him, but then I realized perhaps I did have feelings for him. But, I still loved my ex too, and when I was confronted about my feelings for him, I denied them entirely and said “I only see you as a friend.”

About a week after that, a woman he had been infatuated with finally returned his feelings. He fell in love with her and broke off contact with me.

The last message I sent him was a picture of my kitten. I told him how I rescued him and named him Senshi, for warrior, something this guy liked to call himself and others who fought through life. He said Lol OK, and never said anything else.

I took that as a sign that our friendship had faded.

A few weeks ago, I saw him again. He and I and a few friends hung out together. We locked eyes for a moment, and smiled with a friendly gaze. I realized that I didn’t miss the flirting or the crush I had on him, I missed his friendship. I missed being able to talk about art with someone who was artistic himself, being able to talk about lonlieness with someone who had his heart broken just as hard as mine was, to talk about insomnia with someone who stayed up just as late as I did.

But maybe our paths were only supposed to cross for a short time, for him to give me the strength to get through the issues I had been fighting at the time, and then move on.

I miss you, bro. I miss your texts and your silly, stupid sayings. But I know you’re happy, and probably not thinking about me as much as I think about you, but I do miss you.

The Meme and His Tutor

Part 7:  The Time The Tutor Got Mail

Recommended Song: Q by GOT7

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Jungkook had gone and done exactly what you had told him not to do as well as making your melt a little.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1121

Length: 7/?

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[Alright, I’m gonna go play some more of Pokemon Reborn. Like before, if you reply to this post with a name than I shall nickname the next Pokemon I catch that. Even if the name is something ridiculous like JOHN CENA and such.]

Hey! I’m Tai-Leah! I’m 18 from England :D
I’ve submitted at few times and found some amazing people :D
My music taste ranges really with my mood; but I’m currently obsessed with Tøp 😅
I’m looking for someone to ether vlog/snailmail or Skype with :D I’ve had Skype for years and really wanna get back into using it :p (sorta a waste of my tiny laptops memory if I don’t use it)
I’m cool with anyone but I’d prefer someone around my age (16-19/20)
I enjoy:
Ireland (if your Irish definitely come say hi! Love Irish music and accents aha)
Doodles (we could show eachother our doodles!)
Singing (badly)
And some other that I can’t remember 😅
That’s all I have to say really; I’ll give you my kik first just so I know abit about you before we start vlogging/skyping (tbh I’d prefer just Skype aha)
Kik: darkprincess15
I hope to hear from you guys soon!

Hello all - I’m contemplating creating a Discord server for Voltronkinand questioning Voltronkin? Let me know if you’d be interested in joining so I can gauge interest before I do anything. (It would be double-friendly and have to mostly stay SFW, for the record.)

-Mod Amelie


Goddamn I haven’t drawn Ruby for a while….
I’m not sure how to anymore holyshit lol

Hello! My name is Sheila! I’ve done this a few times and decided to attempt it again. 

A little info about me: 

I’m 14 years old and from the USA, I have a dog named Harry, writing is one of my old hobbies I’m trying to get back into, I love to travel, learn languages, talk on skype/rabb.it all the time, and play really dumb games such as geoguessr. 

Back to the learning languages thing I’m currently learning Danish and Swedish. (German will be later on as well! Maybe even Icelandic again) Although, I love almost every language and can guarantee you’ll get a good laugh out of hearing me attempting to pronounce words.  

What do I want in a penpal: 

Definitely someone who can keep the conversation going. I’ve talked to many people before but only a few are really dear to my heart. I would need for someone to be able to talk a lot as I usually have nothing to do and am almost always rather bored. 

I’d also be totally cool with us being able to meet as my parents are chill about this stuff. Sending gifts on special occasions would be cool but that is something I don’t really mind! Although, skyping and/or getting on rabb.it is a must because I would really love to make sure you are who you say you are. Also if you could be out of the U.S. that’s a huge plus because I really want to learn about other cultures/languages. But, it doesn’t really matter!! 

Contact info: @heylookitssatan (tumblr) 

Age limit: 13-16

I’m having a little bit of a bad day rn and i’m gonna cheer myself up! So i’m gonna write some happy Klance headcanons, it’s just random! 

-Keith hates to see Lance sad, one time he put on a tropical shirt and started singing in the wrong language and Lance laughed so hard he started to wheeze and turn red

-When Lance tries to cheer Keith up, Keith just tries to shrug it off and let himself loathe secretly, but Lance eventually gets fed up and pretends to fall and do really stupid shit that makes Keith giggle everytime??

-Keith and Lance are that couple that show so much PDA?? Like, Lance just starts kissing Keiths neck while the rest of the paladins and group is in the room and stuff, and then suddenly they turn back around and Keith and Lance are literally making out and holding onto each other as their life depended on it

-When Keith is really happy he hides his face and turns red because he smiles a lot when he’s enjoying himself, so when him and Lance are alone and Lance makes him laugh, right afterwords Keith will shove his face into a pillow and Lance will make fun of him in a playful manner and call him adorable

-Lance gets homesick really often, so Keith uses his Skype account to get in contact with his family, because somehow it can call people on earth and Keith lets Lance talk to his mom and his other family members so he feels less home sick

-When Lance actually gets literal sick, Keith turns into a mother. He makes sure Lance is resting and well fed and he has enough water and medication and he cuddles him and then oops Keith gets sick

-Lance literally sits beside the bed when Keith is sick and when someone walks in he glares at them and asks, ‘What is your business here.’

-Lance buys Keith really stupid stuff but it’s really expensive shit like no joke Keith is living in luxury and Keith gets really mad about it because he doesn’t want Lance spending money on him ugghhh dammit Lance

-Keith is horrible at pickup lines and he tries so hard, but Lance overreacts and like pretends to swoon and accidentally falls and hits his head on the floor and Keith dies of laughter

-On the other hand Lance is vv good at pick up lines and can make anyone swoon. except maybe Keith if he can hide his emotions well that day

-Lance has seen Keith dance in the bathroom to gasolina and he hasn’t told anyone. He might also have it on film but shh it’s a secret

-Keith loves Lance a lot, and I think he wouldn’t hesitate to admit that if he didn’t have Lance he’d feel really alone. 

Got7 Internet Friend AU

waaaahhh I just really needed something to post and I really love AU’s so I decided to do an internet friend AU aha. also, this will really just be all the members in one post so there won’t be a lot of points for each member, but it’s something. and i’m wondering if i should start writing for astro too?? idk tell me what you guys think!! love you^-^


  • actual dorkiest internet friend
  • probably calls you on skype in the middle of the night just to tell you about this crazy ass dream he had
  • “no i’m dead serious y/n, it was a fort in the middle of the ocean and it was rebuilding itself while i fought away the aliens who kidnapped jinyoung”
  • constantly sending you selfies to ask you if he should post them on instagram or not
  • he’ll leave his laptop in his room while he goes to get food or something 

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Okay so what’s up kiddos! Indie here, I know long time no see, right?! I’ve been really busy with College & work and the like not to mention the internet at my house is pretty much shot (I’m trying to get it fixed fam) I will try to be more active but honestly as much as I love you all and Alek my priorities lie elsewhere. I don’ really get on skype rn because I’m getting a lot of bad vibes so if you need to hit me up I.M. is good, Discord is better. Hope to be here later this week honestly so try to catch me then.