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“No, I’m- I’m glad to have shared in your perils, Thorin. Each and every one of them. It is far more than any Baggins deserves.”

"Lol ok"

Shortly after I broke up with the man I loved, his friend (more or less acquaintance) began texting me.

I was in a different state at the time, but our new connection was incredible. I had known this man over a year, but only now was I really getting to know him. We would talk about art, he’d Skype me when I was home alone at night and scared (I lived in a really bad neighborhood and my mom and her husband had a bad habit of leaving me alone from 6pm to 4am without telling me where they were going)  and we’d frequently talk until 5 in the morning.

He was an incredible artist and he had a kind soul. He was a little cocky and goofy on the outside (think typical “bro” type) but truly sweet to me, and it wasn’t long before we began flirting.

I started wishing I was still in the same state as him, because he would say he wanted to hang out, and I never got to hang out with this guy alone before.

My ex accused me of having feelings for him, something which I hadn’t really thought about. I thought I just had a crush on him, but then I realized perhaps I did have feelings for him. But, I still loved my ex too, and when I was confronted about my feelings for him, I denied them entirely and said “I only see you as a friend.”

About a week after that, a woman he had been infatuated with finally returned his feelings. He fell in love with her and broke off contact with me.

The last message I sent him was a picture of my kitten. I told him how I rescued him and named him Senshi, for warrior, something this guy liked to call himself and others who fought through life. He said Lol OK, and never said anything else.

I took that as a sign that our friendship had faded.

A few weeks ago, I saw him again. He and I and a few friends hung out together. We locked eyes for a moment, and smiled with a friendly gaze. I realized that I didn’t miss the flirting or the crush I had on him, I missed his friendship. I missed being able to talk about art with someone who was artistic himself, being able to talk about lonlieness with someone who had his heart broken just as hard as mine was, to talk about insomnia with someone who stayed up just as late as I did.

But maybe our paths were only supposed to cross for a short time, for him to give me the strength to get through the issues I had been fighting at the time, and then move on.

I miss you, bro. I miss your texts and your silly, stupid sayings. But I know you’re happy, and probably not thinking about me as much as I think about you, but I do miss you.


A Guide to Writing Captain Swan Fanfiction: By lifeinahole27 and oubliette14

(Less enthusiastically known as: a guide to accomplishing fucking nothing.)

The following excerpt comes from Chapter 1: How to Be a Writer.

Roll around in indecision for a long time, then open up a doc file.

Stare at document for an even longer amount of time. Write 10 words. Erase 7 of them. Stare at document again.

Write three paragraphs that sound okay now, but later you’ll go back and discover you’ve just babbled about kittens and rainbows for two and a half of them and you’ll have to try again.

Make disparaging notes to yourself about what you should be writing.

Open up the internet and tell yourself that you’re doing research.

If you say it often enough, you might just start to believe it.

(Important Note: Tumblr does not count as research and is only acceptable when writing smut that requires staring at gifs of Killian’s O-face.)

Perfectly acceptable research includes phrases such as “Colin O'Donoghue shirtless” and “Captain Swan kiss”. It’s research after all, and you need this kind of inspiration to write passages that will move your readers to tears of joy.

There is however a time limit that should be set for such research. If you find yourself staring at Colin’s face for over an hour, it MIGHT just be time to back away and admit that you’ve actually accomplished nothing.

However, if after that hour you are suddenly inspired to write the smut, just go ahead and write the smut. Plot can come later. Write the damn smut. It’s why you started the story anyway.

Unless of course you find great pleasure in cock-blocking those poor, poor souls while also driving your readers mad with frustration.

If that happens to be the case, go ahead and write over 100k words before you let anyone get near third base.

(Side note: If you do this, your name is probably Carley, and a lot of people will claim you are evil and ruler of the underworld and flail at you a lot. This is encouraging. Keep cock-blocking them, but throw them a bone with some hot make-out scenes whilst doing so.)

Also, do not juggle two (or more) multi-chapter fics at a time. I don’t give a fuck what your muses say. THEY KNOW NOTHING. Just don’t do it.

(Disclaimer: Very little in this guide should be taken seriously as it was written while both authors were avoiding any sort of ACTUAL writing.)

And on a rather unfortunate note, the guide was never finished because both authors decided to “research” shortly after they began and never returned to the project.

apologies  for  the  absence  !!      lack  of  muse  (  and  time  )  led  to  a  sudden  hiatus  from  my  part .      i’m  back  now  ,  however  ,  and  i  plan  on  getting  to  all  the  drafts  and  such  while  also  revamping  leia’s  account  with  a  theme  change  and  such  !!

anonymous asked:

Did u just recently get into heathers? Just wondering cause I've loved the musical for a few years now and it makes me so happy to see artists i love talking about it and drawing stuff for it honestly. There's been an uphill climb in fan art and stuff and I'm just wondering why. Cause of the Hamilton animatics happening? Did ppl find other musicals to do animatics to? How did this happen how did u find it I must know

Technically my buddy Adrien mentioned it to me one time on skype, but I didn’t really get into it until like two month ago!

I have a lot of nerds in choir who would also sing heathers like all the time so I finally slipped and watched the show! The soundtrack is amazing


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NAME: aja
PRONOUNS:  she/they
SEXUALITY: lesbian
TAKEN OR SINGLE:  saving myself for satan 


ONE: i’m not sick, but i’m not well
TWO:  and i’m so hot
THREE: ‘cause i’m in hell 


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): i guess like 8 years but i didn’t really get into it until 2012
PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: aim, tumblr, skype, chatzy 
BEST EXPERIENCE: mmm. i really like the first time i played sinjin, but this is actually the best experience i’ve had. 


FEMALE OR MALE: i don’t have one 
FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: fluff comes easiest, angst is fun for me, smut is extremely difficult sometimes esp bc i’ve only been writing it for a year, but it’s about as hard as writing fight scenes at this point. both involve physical give and take that can go a bit over my head. i’m neither sexual nor violent. go figure. (okay i’m violent but in a passive way.) 
PLOTS OR MEMES:  eh i just like winging it tbh, but memes are good icebreakers. 
LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: i tend to like long, but sometimes a single paragraph will feel better as far as flow goes from me. i get distracted by the nature of rp because, usually when you’re reading a book, you won’t have one situation explained in one character’s point of view, and then turn right around and hear it from the other character’s pov. 
BEST TIME TO WRITE: i prefer late afternoon, early evening. but my inhibitions are lower around the witching hour so i might take more risks, but oft at the expense of coherency. 
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): i think i’m most like fubuki as far as situation goes– we both live in the shadow of our sister and we’re trying to create our own path in the same field. bados uh we like the same shoes and we like gore. blondie genos… we’re both ready to spread the good news about saitama. courtney… we’re both ready to spread the good news about maxie and we both like purple…. and we’re sick of all these god damn children… and also we’re smol. overgrown rover uh… we both have six eyes and like being on the floor. bork. 

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When Joe Met Caspar

A/N: This is the first Jaspar fanfic I’ve ever done! Thanks for the it was fun to write! Sorry for any mistakes! 

June 15th

{1:08} Caspy: Airplanes are scary :( I’m scared

{1:09} You: :( Caspar they aren’t that scary just a little fear-inducing.

{1:10} Caspy: REALLY JOE?



{1:14} You: Keep yelling at me you won’t have any place to sleep when you get to England (:

{1:17} Caspy: Really? Because I remember a certain Skype session where you just kept begging me to yell at you. (;


{1:20} Caspy: So you don’t want me to visit?

{1:21} You: Still visit, I wanna see what your actual face looks like in real life and kiss u

{1:22} Caspy: Love u, got to turn off my phone cause these death traps might crash if I keep it on

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