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semi-hiatus (05/25 - ?)

i’m kind of alive??? from now on, i’ll be selective and exclusive on what threads i’ll reply to.

i’ll wake up whenever since i’ll have no time for anything from june - august. items started shipping from one country to another today, then i have more gym sessions and driving lessons take care of. i’ll be moving to america on august 1. i have a large family, so there’s more work for us to do. i also want to enjoy the philippines as much as i can before i leave for good; without worrying about other people’s timezones. i won’t return to this country until 2? 5? or even more years later. i’ll most likely be online on this blog from 11PM ET to maybe 2PM ET at most??? idk. and in case you haven’t noticed, i moved my skype. i’ll only add those i’m close to, or the ones who would actually talk to me on a near daily basis.

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Hi everyone :D

my name is Bri and I have she/her pronouns! I love things from Dan and Phil to LOTR (my tru love i was like weaned on it) and I would really love to talk to you all i’m a lonely little bean my kik is brishipsjohnlock (ugh ik) and my snapchat is nightland1 if you add me comment below so ik who you are :D And i love the clique bc I came from the Sherlock fandom and there were like fandom wide wars every week

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What color would you dye your hair?

“Oh–you know, I suppose pink tips also sound delightful. I really can’t see myself with a full head of pink hair though….”

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Sexting Michael on Skype and he gets really upset and quiet after so you cheekily ask 'what's wrong Mikey, surely your happy now or do we have to go again' & he just says 'I didn't want to do this, I've been trying really hard to resist it. it's just so hard to see the most intimate parts of you or you atall w/o being able to touch your body and having you near me. We don't have sex, we make love and this was nothing but empty sex' I got carried away and don't know where this is going sorry.

I can relate hardcore to the empty feeling so this one hit hard and like ):: mmm yes I feel this so much ughughhuhj


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Let’s get fucked up.

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hi!! have you ever recorded yourself while drawing? I really like your art and I'd love to see how you colour * __ *

Thanks! I have exactly one recording of myself doing some colouring and it’s riiiight here: http://miru667.tumblr.com/post/55326280128/once-ler-colouring

I have no idea about actual recording programs where you can speed up the vid etc so sorry about that OTL ANd I know you can barely tell what is happening in that vid too skdjgdkldg so if you have specific questions, feel free to ask! But basically what I’m doing in here is I refer to my colour plan, then I add shadows/highlights on top of my base colours, then I adjust brightness/contrast/hue/saturation of that layer. I also have an overlay layer on top of everything that I keep switching on and off throughout.

I’m really slow and get distracted by tumblr and skype a lot so i don’t ever feel adequate enough to record myself hahaha ahhhh;;

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*tacklehugs* AAAAA LEN IT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I'VE SEEN CHU. (It's nice to see ya' back on my dash again. How've you been? ;u;)

Aaaa -huggles- Haaaiii

And its been insanely boring lately without mah laptop because i can’t draw on SAI with my tablet anymore without it and im forced to draw on paper which i suck at. -sobbsss- Plus its hard to really get on Skype and Tumblr on mobile because the apps suck so much which is why im hardly around. >‘U

Anyway how are you? .u.

i wanna go to my schools gsa this week since my moms working and she won’t let me go so its bascally been my plan to go and get someone to drive me since like the begining of the year and now that the year is ending i might as well

ahh gosh /////

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hey bae ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mutuals send me ‘hey’ and I’ll say nice things about you :)

Who’s tis new phone. LOL it took you long enough to come here Hikaru because hella there’s so much to talk about you B) ahh if I remember correctly I met you on my kxsekis blog? diausdh I remember you were one of the first oc’s that ever followed me there ( from the times I was still scared of interacting with other fandoms haha ) and ahh I just thought that you had such a nice oc with so many nice verses and backstories and ugh your writing is so amazing with this nice and flowy style and I was so happy when we became mutuals really~ I am a shy person per default, so it took me a little while to really get to speak to you and ask for your skype and stuff and god look at us now? I am so glad we started talking because you are such a kind and gentle person and so funny to talk to!! It always makes me happy to talk to ya even if just for a bit since our timezones aren’t that great and work and college but yeah… You are just this huge sweetpie that I love and adore ok?