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I would like to request of BTS where you tell them you want them to choke you during sex and call you dirty names.


* You’re at the company when you tell him you want to try it  *

~ He thinks about it for a second. ~

“ Let me see if I got this right. I get a free pass at calling you whatever I want and you won’t get mad or bring it up later?”

~ He starts imagining it. ~

“I can be as rough as I want, choke you, maybe slap my cock in your face, pull your hair… you’re gonna enjoy being my little slut very much.”

* You were talking about trying it at home, but he’s not one to wait. *

~ He leans back in his chair and starts unfastening his belt. ~

“You can close that door and come here.”



~ He likes the idea but acts like he doesn’t. ~

“I don’t know if it’s a good idea…”

“But it sounds fun…”


* You’re facetiming while he’s in Japan. *

“You want me to call you dirty names?”

“I guess I can try it.”


“It’s not like we’ve never done it before.”

“But I like that you’re asking for it.”


“Are you serious?”

~ He gets really excited. ~


* You’re in a skype call. *

~ He comes close to the screen. ~

“You always liked the dirty stuff, didn’t you?”

“I can’t wait to get there and wrap my hand around that pretty neck of yours while I make you feel so good.”


“You know it’s not my thing.”

~ Ends up making a joke about it. ~

“What if I try choking you for fun and end up killing you?”

by: TopBtsSmut

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This is my submission for the @supernaturalartbook :3

I waited to see which characters had been done, and I chose Jess because no one was going to do her! This took me so long to do because I was between houses and had the worst internet. But having @jaredsnuggles and @haveagreatgay on Skype really helped me get through. Thanks girls <3

I’m proud of you guys for making such a great book! It’s so professional and well thought-out, and definitely worth the wait!! @jaredsnuggles @jesusonthetortillas @armellin 

God I hate this. I wish I could fix it up now

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thinking about dan and phil skyping back in 2009 always makes me so emo ksjdkfh

when you think about the hundreds of hours of skype calls that dan and phil have had together and how they’d spend hours on skype when they couldn’t be together irl because it was the most intimate form of communication for them and they really valued the authenticity of it all and how they would fool around a lil (a lot) on skype but also get really lovey dovey sometimes and how there were probably always lots of hesitant goodbyes and you hang up first’s and then you also think about how they stopped skyping as often when they started meeting up irl more frequently but then you remember how they skyped each other from different rooms while writing tabinof and how they skyped each other while phil was at his parent’s house eatin cereal even tho he had ‘bad’ internet connection and you realize that some things never change

on literally any website i go onto i always feel so awkward and out of place. like anytime i make a post on here that’s just me talking i feel like a kid that walks into the wrong classroom at school and everyone’s just starin at me like “lmao this bitch is dumb”


“No, I’m- I’m glad to have shared in your perils, Thorin. Each and every one of them. It is far more than any Baggins deserves.”

Oh, Stiles Will Get Something From All This.

Lydia Martin x Reader x Scott McCall smut

Author: T

Warnings: Threesome, smut, language, unprotected sex. (wrap it in latex or she’ll steal your paychecks!)

    “Should we ask him together? Should I ask him by myself? Wait, should you ask him?” I ask with a tone of panic.

    Lydia was bouncing around next to my boyfriend’s locker as we waited for him. “I don’t- shit, I don’t know, Y/N…”

    I took a deep breath. “Okay. I’ll ask Scott when he gets over here. He can’t ever tell his princess no.” 

    I pull my tank top down a little more to expose my breasts more that they already were. I also pulled my already short shorts up higher. My werewolf sense of hearing and smell picked up Scott’s scent and footsteps as he closed in on me and Lydia.

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Uno: The Movie: The Sentence Starter Meme

  • “Oh what the Christ?!”
  • “It’s not great that that’s still going.”
  • “I only have fifteen.”
  • “You know what? Here’s looking at you, kid.”
  • “These rules are so stupid.”
  • “There are no friendships in Uno.”
  • “Maybe this game will last even longer than the last one.”
  • “Good luck using it, bitch.”
  • “It’s weaponized Uno.”
  • “Can I have my hand back?”
  • “If we played this game like two hours a day I’d have a six pack from laughing so hard.”
  • “If you say ‘here’s looking at me’ one more time…”
  • “We’ve made an unwinnable game.”
  • “If you had to choose between yellow and blue, what would you choose?”
  • “That’s a bad color?”
  • “You just doubled my hand.”
  • “Oh my god, we’re going to be here for the rest of our lives!”
  • “That was cool, let’s do it again.”
  • “You feel like hurting? Because I can hurt.”
  • “Is that a thing we can all agree to do?”
  • “And I am the recipient of your fuckery.”
  • “Just fucking do it.”
  • “Stop what you’re doing because I’m about to ruin your life.”
  • “I have a feeling that things are going to get salty really fast.”
  • “I feel like we should skype _____ in just so he can’t get away from the misery.”
  • “I lick every one I pick up.”
  • “Everyone has to play all the way to the end.”
  • “If I win this one, I’m leaving.”
  • “I’m gonna come atcha hard.”
  • “Just go ahead and get fucked, right there.”
  • “Hopefully that does some damage.”
  • “We are going to die here!”
  • “That was a load of bog.”
  • “Don’t return the favor.”
  • “It won’t end!”
  • “There’s nothing more important than this.”
  • “We did not anticipate this, and it is entirely my fault.”
  • “Don’t stack it on me, please.”
  • “We’re never playing this game again.”
  • “I fucking–oh god.”
  • “Always go for the mouth.”
  • “Who are these people?”
  • “When I envisioned this joke, I envisioned it being about forty-five seconds long.”
  • “We were in Poland?”
  • “That was the worst theater mode ever.”
The Meme and His Tutor

Part 7:  The Time The Tutor Got Mail

Recommended Song: Q by GOT7

|All Chapters|


Jungkook had gone and done exactly what you had told him not to do as well as making your melt a little.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1121

Length: 7/?

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Oh, Brother--for SoMa week day 2, Family

So here is day 2, only a day late again! It is set in the modern royalty AU like the last.

Thanks again to @sahdah and @redphlox for eyes and encouragement.

Soul was definitely not hiding.

What had he been thinking, letting her come here, letting her come with him for his annual summer trip home?

Okay, so he knew damn well what he’d been thinking. He didn’t want to come home alone a second year, hated the idea of coming home alone. Maka had been his designated shield, deflecting attention away from him by her very presence. His American protector, a curiosity. An oddity.

He could even admit he had hoped. For what, he wasn’t sure–he wanted her to love his homeland and hate it in equal measure, maybe, just like he did, wanted her to walk away from it thinking well of him, definitely. Whatever the case, he’d stumbled into this trip feeling positive.

Foolish, that, because Soul really should have known better, really should have known she would take to Wes, just like everyone always did.

Watching them spend time together, talk together, laugh together like the oldest friends, well, to admit it was painful would be to admit he cared. Caring was dangerous and he refused.

So Soul hadn’t excused himself because they were laughing just a little too loud over one of Wes’s lame stories after breakfast, and he definitely wasn’t currently secreted in his mother’s prized rose garden hoping for time and space to clear his head, never mind the overpowering floral perfume of the place made his head buzz unpleasantly.

Absolutely not. What self-respecting, self-proclaimed cool guy would hide from the woman he had brought home with him?

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"Lol ok"

Shortly after I broke up with the man I loved, his friend (more or less acquaintance) began texting me.

I was in a different state at the time, but our new connection was incredible. I had known this man over a year, but only now was I really getting to know him. We would talk about art, he’d Skype me when I was home alone at night and scared (I lived in a really bad neighborhood and my mom and her husband had a bad habit of leaving me alone from 6pm to 4am without telling me where they were going)  and we’d frequently talk until 5 in the morning.

He was an incredible artist and he had a kind soul. He was a little cocky and goofy on the outside (think typical “bro” type) but truly sweet to me, and it wasn’t long before we began flirting.

I started wishing I was still in the same state as him, because he would say he wanted to hang out, and I never got to hang out with this guy alone before.

My ex accused me of having feelings for him, something which I hadn’t really thought about. I thought I just had a crush on him, but then I realized perhaps I did have feelings for him. But, I still loved my ex too, and when I was confronted about my feelings for him, I denied them entirely and said “I only see you as a friend.”

About a week after that, a woman he had been infatuated with finally returned his feelings. He fell in love with her and broke off contact with me.

The last message I sent him was a picture of my kitten. I told him how I rescued him and named him Senshi, for warrior, something this guy liked to call himself and others who fought through life. He said Lol OK, and never said anything else.

I took that as a sign that our friendship had faded.

A few weeks ago, I saw him again. He and I and a few friends hung out together. We locked eyes for a moment, and smiled with a friendly gaze. I realized that I didn’t miss the flirting or the crush I had on him, I missed his friendship. I missed being able to talk about art with someone who was artistic himself, being able to talk about lonlieness with someone who had his heart broken just as hard as mine was, to talk about insomnia with someone who stayed up just as late as I did.

But maybe our paths were only supposed to cross for a short time, for him to give me the strength to get through the issues I had been fighting at the time, and then move on.

I miss you, bro. I miss your texts and your silly, stupid sayings. But I know you’re happy, and probably not thinking about me as much as I think about you, but I do miss you.


//Alright so uhhh, Ive hit massive anxiety towards this and haven’t really…..been able to hold up activity and get to a few asks. Im really sorry, honestly, but I feel I might “die” here n there on this blog…….

Though if you ever wanted to know a few hc’s, ideas, talk lore, shitpost, memes, etc I could place my discord tag up for anyone(??)…….only if its wanted though!

Again I’m really…sorry..

1311) My best friend got really into musicals because of Hamilton and now she gets hyped about all musicals. She really likes to fangirl about what she’s into to other people so she shows me a musical pretty much every other day. I’ve seen more than I can count tbh. You know what kind of sucks though? I don’t like musicals… like at all… but I’m kind of in love with her and she’s kind of really straight so this sucks. It sucks a lot. But every single time she’s found another musical she’s super excited about or absolutely loved, she gets really giddy and skypes me to watch it with her, oh my god I can’t say no to her.


Goddamn I haven’t drawn Ruby for a while….
I’m not sure how to anymore holyshit lol

Heya ~

Just writing to all let you know I am still here, even if I was quite inactive the last few days, since my vacation actually made a turn for the worst and I needed to have some time for myself.

A few things I was thinking about the last few days concerning magi:

I’d really like to join the Magi New Year’s Exchange but I feel scared of it. Especially because of deadline or what if I sent in something and later regret it (´゚д゚`)
Anyway maybe someone else is interested too, I will link it here, there are four more days to join so yeah.

Also, does someone has a Magi-Discord or Skype server? I’d really like to get in touch with a few other fans, maybe not one where there are immensely much users writing so that you can’t even read what is going on, but something small and nice. Or maybe someone would also be interested in this, so that we can open (another?) one, just write me >-<

Back to the blog: I change the request status, so for the future, just check if the requests are closed as stated in the description, the header from the send in asks option or the little status on the side of the theme, if you are online. I won’t write out every time I am opening and closing the box anymore. Alongside with this, I will not post about requests I delete anymore. I will keep it moderate with the deleting like always and you are welcome to write me in the messenger about the status of your requests at all time. Do not send the questions in as asks, as I won’t respond to these either. (Reasoning concerning this can be found beneath the ‘Read more’)

There is something nice to share with everyone though:

I didn’t actually noticed that so many people joined us, especially since I thought that 700 would be the end, so: Hi, hello! How are you doing guys, hope you enjoy your time here! Glad you joined us, even after the end!

Yeah well, I have a bit more things that I want to say but these are more like a bit of me letting out some frustration that I feel since a while, so if you are just here to have a good time, you can move on now! Enjoy tomorrows post and thank you for reading until here!

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Soulmate AU HCs 1/?

Au where you swap bodies with your soulmate on your 20th birthday

-Ty reaching his 20th first and wakes up in a room that’s much too cold for his tastes

-Ty trying to get used to his temporary body and going through a young 13-year-old Ethan’s stuff, trying to figure out who his soulmate is and feeling a bit weird about it because of the age gap

-Ty seeing all of the gymnastic things and finally seeing “Ethan Nestor” inscribed in the trophies and finding out that he’s in Maine of all places

-He decides to not do anything to that’ll let Ethan know he’s been visited

-Cut to nearly 7 years later, Tyler has become friends with his soulmate through the internet, he still hasn’t say anything

-It’s nearly Ethan’s 20th birthday and Eth is rambling on about how excited he is to finally get to know who his soulmate is, he hopes it’s someone he already knows

-Ty being really nervous because he’s afraid that Eth may have a different soulmate since it’s not unheard of and Tyler’s actually fallen in love with blue boi over the years

-Ethan realizing that Tyler looks really uncomfortable during their skype call and he doesn’t really get why? But eventually he goes to bed to see who he’ll wake up as, and he thinks of how nice it would be if his soulmate was his friend

-when he does wake up and he realizes who he is he’s like !!!! because why didn’t Tyler say anything? 

-Eth writing a quick note like “it’s me, your moist blue boi!” before thinking that maybe the reason Ty hasn’t said anything is that he either doesn’t like Ethan or that he has a different soulmate

-He rips up the note and he’s just angsting around his room

-Mark comes in like “tf are you doing it’s literally 4 am sleep” but Ethan can’t so he kind of tells Mark that it’s him and at first Mark thinks it’s a joke but realizes it isn’t, he promises that he won’t tell Tyler

-the next day they skype and it’s really awkward because Ty’s like “soo…who’s your soulmate?” and Eth is like “oh, a friend” and they’re both really sad?

-Eth finally comes to LA and they both try to forget it and they have a great time and anyway Ty gets drunk one day and he’s just like “i never told you, but you’re my soulmate” and at first Eth is v shocked 

-They discuss it the next day and just “wow we’re really idiots” and they’re both grinning like the fools they are


-Them throwing eggs at Mark when they find out that he knew and all three of them laughing really hard

fag mike here wanting to state the obvious, that Master Connor Kent is the most amazing person that i know. He is a fucking God! i am a 26yr old Midwestern boy and have been a submissive fag for quite some time in search of a Man worthy enough for me to serve and gracious enough to allow me to serve Him. About two months ago, I first saw Master Connor on one of His BoundbyConnor videos, and i was immediately hooked. You could just tell with every movement He made, every look He gave, and everything He said that He loved to be in TOTAL control of His slave, to give what His fag needs – pain, discipline, attention, and love. To watch Him give a stern slap or a harsh flogging followed by a gentle caress and a sensual kiss, i was in a complete state of ecstasy watching, and i needed to find out more. i quickly found His tumblr page @cashmasterconnorkent and found out He was a Cash Master. Now i had never given a Dom money before and wasn’t that familiar with the whole thing. i had zero interest in giving Him any of my hard earned money, but i did see that He was into CBT. He is so accessible to contact, so i decided to send Him a fan message on skype without really expecting a reply. Immediately i get a response, and we start to chat. i was trembling with excitement that i was talking with such an awesome Dom and 10 minutes into our conversation He made me cum by just describing everything He wanted to do to me and 20 minutes in i was ready to do what i never thought i would do, pay a tribute. He had me begging Him to thrust His massive, greedy, beautiful cock into my wallet. He thrust 3 times that night and took a total of $300 and made me cum again. my head was spinning and i was obsessed with Master Connor Kent. Over these past two months Master Connor has raped my pussywallet so many times and has taken thousands of well-deserved dollars. He is a true Master and Dom able to take a fag and mold him into His perfect slave. He converted my into His personal cash fag, and i have absolutely no regrets. Master Connor even flew out to see me on my dime to cash rape His property in person and pop my cherry. (yeah yeah i was a 26yr old virgin gay boy, but i had my reasons – a mix of drinking the “Catholic Kool-Aid” for too long, determined academic/professional aspirations, and being content with just being an online slut) Master Connor has pushed my boundaries and given me unbelievable pleasure to be able to serve Him. There has only ever been one time when i have felt like things went too far during one of our sessions, which involved a particularly large trust into my wallet. But i did what any sub should do, i communicated with my Dom. i told Master Connor how i felt, and we worked through my hurt and fear. He is so wonderful because He is somebody you can talk to and share your feelings with. He has always respected my hard limits while encouraging me to be a better fag so i can ultimately serve my Master better. This has only made my love and devotion grow stronger for Him. Master Connor has raped my wallet several times since then, and it has been amazing. Just like every other moment with Him has been amazing. But no matter what we do, i can always tell that Master Connor truly cares for me and my wellbeing as He does with all of His other boys. If you have had the privilege of serving Master Connor before, then you already know what im talking about. However, if you haven’t, then i cant tell you enough how much i think you should reach out to Him, so you can experience the joy that i have felt serving a real Man/Dom/Master like Connor Kent.

Hey! I’m Tai-Leah! I’m 18 from England :D
I’ve submitted at few times and found some amazing people :D
My music taste ranges really with my mood; but I’m currently obsessed with Tøp 😅
I’m looking for someone to ether vlog/snailmail or Skype with :D I’ve had Skype for years and really wanna get back into using it :p (sorta a waste of my tiny laptops memory if I don’t use it)
I’m cool with anyone but I’d prefer someone around my age (16-19/20)
I enjoy:
Ireland (if your Irish definitely come say hi! Love Irish music and accents aha)
Doodles (we could show eachother our doodles!)
Singing (badly)
And some other that I can’t remember 😅
That’s all I have to say really; I’ll give you my kik first just so I know abit about you before we start vlogging/skyping (tbh I’d prefer just Skype aha)
Kik: darkprincess15
I hope to hear from you guys soon!