but really dean is precious

  • Ron : Guys, did you know that in England, only 1 person out of 100 is gay?
  • *Harry, Draco, Ginny, Luna, Seamus, Dean, Pansy, Lavender and Parvati all look at each other*
  • Ginny : Well.. more like 1 out of 10 isn't.

The Walking Dead panel at San Diego Comic Con, 2016 

JDM on why everybody hates the bad guys: “Well, I mean…someone was talking about perspective, and who’s the villain and who’s not. I mean, from Negan’s perspective certainly he’s not a bad guy. I think what’s different about him is kind of this charisma and sense of humor that he has, even though there is a sense that he could kill you at any given second. But there is something about him that I think may draw some of you in that even if you hate him you may…he’ll make you smile occasionally. (looks at Norman) I think. Norman?”

Norman: (shakes head) “Not really.”

Jeffrey: “No, no. Not really.”


Q: And what was working [with Richard Armitage like]?

Audience: (enthusiastic cheering)

Dean O'Gorman: We’re all a bit like that around Richard. I’m like, “Oh, my God. So dreamy.”

Jed Brophy: (fans self) It was quite hard work.

Dean: "Armitage is something else.“ […] Like I said, I arrived a bit later, so I went down to audition, and I had the audition with Aidan, and then Philippa was showing me around the set. And she (inaudible) […] "Richard’s in,” and I was like “Okay.” And he was doing vocal warm-ups in his trailer. And he was just so lovely to me from day one. And Richard really, he really wanted the relationship between Fili, Kili, and Thorin to be, you know, as genuine as possible, so he would really do his best to make us feel comf-, feel sort of comforted. Especially me in my first week, ‘cause I was, you know, extremely nervous. And he’s just a really lovely individual, isn’t he?

Jed: I’d follow him into Erebor. He’s a king of men. 

Mark Hadlow: I guess if you were, you know, a whole lot of Dwarves, and you, whatever you are, he is honestly the leader, which is what you just said. I mean he was…you would follow him, honestly. Even Richard Armitage as Richard Armitage, without the Dwarf costume. You would follow Richard Armitage. 


force your hand. deancas. (ao3)

for michelle! happy birthday <3

It used to be easy, hunting witches. All Dean had to think about were the evil pacts and the spewing fluids and his course of action became clear: track them down, kill them off.

Which is why it’s so annoying that this particular witch messes up the perfectly good routine Dean had settled into.

They track the witch down, like they always do, but this time, as they corner him, he looks so young and panicked that for a second, it gives them pause.

It used to be simple. Hunters good, witches bad. Nowadays, though, there’s the internet. There’re a lot more people just dabbling, not having any real ill intent. A lot more people getting into stuff they don’t know nearly enough about. Witchiness just isn’t what it used to be.

Honest to God, Dean catches himself thinking, “Kids these days.”

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You always had a way with words, Seth. I’ll give you that, but when that cell drops on Sunday, you can’t talk your way out of nothing. I don’t care if it’s my last match, my last night in a wwe ring, at Hell in a Cell we’re gonna burn together but you, you’re gonna perish alone. 

I’m back home after an amazing European Tour. Here is the original Photo from me and Dean, he was so lovely and relaxed and just NORMAL. lol  He stroked my back *faints* And he has a big white Phone but I’m not sure if it is an Iphone, so don’t be sure that he’s not online lol This Trip was definitely one of the best Time in my Life. I was so sad before the Tour starts because I couldn’t see Seth or Roman but I had very special Moments. And yeah someone has stole my heart it’s Mister Neville, he is really precious.


A night to remember.

Dean’s first photograph exhibition in Europe. I’m so happy that I could be here to witness the great moment. Gentle, charming and humorous, he looks stunning in the white suit. I’m still feeling guilty for what I’ve done for the suit errrrr. The wonderful speech that Dean gave was really precious. Everyone is so proud of him, it can be seen. Dean also suggested that everyone can speak with him, discuss anything or even argue. Yes, he did show up in the gallery for a whole night and was actually talking with everyone. No matter you want to being a fangirl or talking about his art, he never refused any request.

A true gentleman, a real piece of work, and the best artist in the world. Remember tonight, for it’s the beginning of always. I believe there will be more exhibitions of Dean’s art and photography across the world in the future.