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More than this-Stiles Stilinski/Theo Raeken {part 13}

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A/N: I don’t really know what to say because i’m kind of tired, but i actually updated again so wow props to me i guess? :) I hope you like this chapter, mah bby Kira is finally back..and someone else makes their presence too ;) I would be extremely happy about feedback or a reblog or just if you enjoy my story :) Love you guys xx

warnings: swearing, mentions of sExual IntErcOurse *scandalous* (i hate myself lol)

,,If you would have known that he broke my heart and then slept with me, you would think differently wouldn’t you?”

I looked into blanc faces. Was it shock? Did they process what I had just said?

My mother nervously laughed, showing how irritated she was.

,,You can’t be serious.  I don’t know what has gotten into you! This is not how I raised you, young lady!”

My father nodded, sending me a disappointed look.

,,Your mother is right. That kind of behavior is unacceptable.”

The realization that they showed no interest in my confession about Stiles, whatsoever, hit me. They just didn’t believe me.

It was always like that. Whenever I had done something that had upset them and I would try to explain it to them, they wouldn’t believe a word I said. Instead of letting me defend myself, they just ignored me.

,,You don’t believe me, do you? Well guess what. You shouldn’t have booked ONE SINGULAR FUCKING Room for me and Stiles, because while you guys slept oh-so-peacefully in your shared room, me and Stiles had FREAKING SEX IN OURS!”

“Watch your mouth! I can’t be-“

,,NO!” I interrupted them ,,I don’t need to hear it! I don’t need to hear you telling me how disappointed you are in me and how disgusted you are. I don’t need to hear you talk about what of a fucking screw-up I am. I already know! I already feel bad about myself! PLEASE, for ONCE, give it a damn rest and let us just drive home!”

When I was done with my rant, I was out of breath and just felt exhausted. I noticed warm liquid pouring down my face and realized I had cried- again. I was just completely done with this whole situation. I just wanted to go home and curl up into a ball. Literally.

My parents exchanged looks, they seemed to contemplate on whether or not to drag this conversation out even more. My mother nodded at my dad, who then turned to me with a frown.

,,Get back in the car. But don’t think this conversation is over! We’ll talk about this once we’re at home and ready.”

Even if I wasn’t happy with the thought of having to talk about this again, it was enough for now.

But when I turned around to head back to the car, my mood dropped even lower. There was Stiles, looking at me with the car window down. He had listened to the entire scenario. His expression was unreadable and I was too eager on getting this trip over with to think about it.

,,I’m the worst person on this entire fucking planet.” I sighed loudly, plopping down on Kira’s bed.

The car drive had remained silent for the most part. I tried my best to not look at Stiles through the side mirror and I listened to music on my phone to avoid any sort of conversation.

When we had arrived, I ran up to my room as quickly as possible, put all of my stuff on my bed and left immediately. Luckily my parents were so distracted by unpacking, they didn’t notice my absence.

I had called Kira and told her to pick me up a few houses away from where I lived, and she came as fast as she could.

The original plan was that I would stay calm, just chat with her for a while, maybe watch a movie and then as the day progressed, I would tell her about the Stiles situation.

Well, the plan failed. Miserably.

Instead, as soon as I entered her car and she greeted me with a hug, I burst out into tears.

She consoled me for a solid twenty minutes until I stopped crying so we could drive to her place.

,,No (y/n), you’re not. Look, I’m not saying that what you guys did was okay, it totally wasn’t. “ she laid down beside me on her bed, turning her face to give me a sympathetic smile.

,,But you’re human. And you’re feelings for Stiles go deep. You guys are messy and confusing and honestly, it doesn’t surprise me that something like that happened.”

She scooted closer to me and rested her head against mine ,,I love you (y/n), and I want you to be happy. But you can’t keep doing this. This whole push and pull between you and Stiles it’s…it’s killing you. I can see it. And then there’s Theo….”

Kira had always been the one who could give me the best advice. She would support me and build me up all the time, but she was also honest about everything. I knew what she said made sense. And I also knew that I had to make an important decision, one that I was just simply not ready for.

And like she said, there was still Theo. For as long as I could, I tried not to think about him, because every time I let myself do that, the guilt would eat me alive. He was there for me when I needed someone the most. At first he was just a casual hook-up, someone to take my mind of Stiles. But he had become so much more than just a rebound or a distraction. I genuinely liked him. He made me feel safe and…loved. And I had already started to give up on love.

For what felt like the thousand time today, my emotions took over and I started to cry.

,,I can’t do this Kira. I can’t.” I sobbed.

For the rest of the afternoon, Kira soothed me, brought me my favorite snacks and put in my favorite movies.

When the sun was starting to set, it was my cure to take off. Kira insisted to drive me home, and I wasn’t really complaining.

I stood in front of my door for probably five minutes before pulling out my keys and entering, dreading the upcoming talk with my parents. I just hoped and prayed they weren’t too mad at me and we could end this without any more screaming.

While I was taking off my jacket, my father was already walking towards me, wearing a stern expression. Mentally preparing myself I raised my eyebrows at him, in a so-are-we-going-to-have-the-talk-now? kind of way.

What I wasn’t prepared for, was my dad telling me that ,,There’s someone waiting for you upstairs” in the most cold tone ever.

And what I definitely wasn’t prepared for, was to find Theo standing in my room.

As soon as we made eye contact, his face lit up and he strode towards me, grabbing myself and pressing his lips against mine after mumbling

,,God, I missed you.”

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“ Hi, I just read More than this, and I wanted to say I really enjoyed it. But jeezzz, that cliffhanger though! (I also secretly really like it that Malia is a bitch in this and kira is the ultimate bad ass, because I don’t like Malia at all ( idk why) and kira is just awesome). Keep up the good work👍🏻 “ - anon

his smile is the cutest

so I’m at my best friends house right now, his name is cody and I love him so so much he is one of my favourite people in the entire world. I’m always over here and i take him to and from school and stuff, I’m so happy though bc his mum just came in and handed me a box and said it was a thank you for helping out with codys siblings and taking him to school and stuff. she got me a silver bracelet with my name on it and thank you with a heart on the back. HOW FREAKIN CUTE IS THAT she really didn’t have to thank me, I love being here and I love his family and stuff and he makes me so happy so it’s really not a big deal but it’s so nice to feel appreciated. especially bc there’s so much drama happening at the moment and I just love him so much