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I loves me a good villain =w=

Been threatening to draw more President Star forever and I finally got around to it today. Still haven’t drawn a pinup of Val and honestly I just don’t think i can bring myself to, She doesn’t seem like the type to flaunt herself, but maybe that will change once the first part of Horde of Heroes comes out. XD

Anywho, Val and President Karil Star are part of Horde of Heroes which belongs to @gooseworxmusic! (and I hear it’s supposed to be coming out pretty soon!) Go check them out, they make cool art and REALLY great music =w=

Hey followers of mine:

I organized all my fics that are specifically about the magnificent and kickass ladies of TMNT on AO3, and just wanted to encourage you all to go check them out.

Only the first two are currently connected in terms of AU-verses, but they’re all really awesome in my opinion. Definitely worth the read.

Please go check them out! Show these ladies the love they don’t get in canon! We all know they deserve some, at least from the fandom!

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bananas-de-fire  asked:

1, 5, 10, 15, 20

1) Who’s the first mutual you’ve ever made?

Not sure if the VERY first mutual wants to be tagged here, but @out-in-my-world would be the second, then. Ah, I’ll tag the first too. @doubleglitch

5) Your most problematic mutual?

@cindersglamour probably.

10) Which mutual would you like to know better?

Tough question. Can I name a few? I’ll name a few.



@a-curious-passerby always

You I guess!

15) Your most artistic mutual?

Uhhhhh goodness I’m friends with such talented folks to be honest.

@seasaltlime is really good! Very good art! Please check them out.

@solarflarelight is my stardust child.

@hoshiidans is pretty good at art too.

20) Think of a mutual and name one thing you admire about them.

@cresswellvaneck for being an amazing gal pal and honestly one of the sweetest people I know on this site.

Also @takumi-pineapple-prince for making me feel so wonderful.

Thanks for asking :D


“You say things with your mouth
Cobwebs and flies come out
I hear a second voice behind your tongue somehow
Luckily I can read your mind
Flies and cobwebs unwind
They will not take you down
They will not cast you out, out. 

Won’t you stay alive
I’ll take you on a ride
I will make you believe you are lovely.”

- Twenty One Pilots, Lovely


throwback to that one time Spencer tried to drag Aleks into the ocean and Aleks turned into a fucking pro wrestler

Imagine jamming to old school music with Woozi while you two are in the kitchen, making breakfast.



with the help of @witchy-woman and @witchy-wife i actually got some stuff done with this weekend (which is pretty amazing considering how much time we spent outside)

anyway! go check them out there are some really nice ones, along with all the crystals i put up yesterday!!


Hello everyone, prev kurootetsuros, I changed my url not too long ago because of my love for YOI lool. Anyways, I hope you’re all doing good now that school and finals are over (and if you still have some tests left then good luck dears!). It’s the end of another year, so I wanted to make a quick follow forever to thank everyone that follows me. I recently hit 20k+ which JUST BLOWS MY MIND! Really guys thank you so much, I never thought that this shitty blog of mine would get this far 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。All of these blogs are absolutely amazing and you should really check them out! I admire them so much, be it with the graphics they make, or just how nice and hardworking they are in general, I love them all so much  ♡ ♡ ♡


0 - J

@-shintarou (@dotmilk), @0ikawa, @0kamii, @a-sakuras, @aizawashoutta, @akahito, @akiteru, @alastia, @allenswalkers, @amuriita, @anything-shoujo, @ayumiko, @bakamura, @bohkutos, @cherubi, @chiamis, @chibishi, @cibee, @crossroad–demon, @daughterofsatan, @dazaiosamu, @dns07, @durararas, @escarletes, @estearisa@fairytailwitch, @flamefly, @fulllbusters, @gintoci@hanae-ichihara, @harutenshi, @hawuka, @himeyona, @hitsougaya, @ichimatsus, @ieyasus, @irishiko, @izumou, @jaegersz, @juminss

K - Q

@kadrena, @kaegeyama@kammishiro, @kandas, @katsuraz, @kawarou, @kazukies, @kiyaasarin, @komories, @kurokohs, @kuurikaras, @kurummi, @kurootesturou, @ma-jenka, @mazusu, @megamichoro, @micaelis, @midforde, @mikotoray, @mitsukamis​, @mormikas, @mukoros, @namikazes, @naruzumake, @nchuyas, @nicolasis, @nikifohov, @nikiforovic, @nikiphorov, @noearchivistes, @oohiras, @plisetskis, @plisetsukih, @quenma

R - Z

@rainnieday, @ratotax, @reishikiz, @rinmoustacheoka@ryoutakises, @sakamotoz@sakusa-chan, @satsuyo, @sawtsuki, @seihanndas, @seiikas, @sennenkoi, @sexpai@sexuoh, @shokugekis, @shgieo, @shotous, @shreya-chan, @sshiroyasha, @sukerokus, @suzuyajuzoo, @sylphystiaa@taitetsu, @tartatail, @tenkas@tsukis, @tsukiyma, @ukiinas, @ulquiora, @victornikiforovs, @vityasnikiforov@yamazekis@yoshiohka@youkas, @yukkie-s, @vyctornikiforov, @winterout, @zakuras, @zeino


I think you guys should go check out these guys!

@keito-plier @thatmayahart @itsfoxyy @martziplier98 @lum1natrix @notsogrumpy-curls @dork-iplier @dogiplier @adorkwithhats @jeaniplier @crankyapocaplier @floralcrownjack @aesthseptic @justchasingghosts @briseptiplier @biscuitplier@crankyplier @partypewds @wiishugifs @markired @paperbaghero @marielgum @apocalypto-12 @punkbarbie @septishit @delirious-nyctophile @crankityler @pluto-support

They’re sweethearts, and they make amazing gifs/art/edits/or anything really. 

So I think you should go check out their blogs!

‘Kiss Me’ Fic - Zen

(Based on the ‘kiss me’ HC by @mysticmessengersreact)

You can find that >here<

Looking at him made your heart ache. Never before in your life had you experienced a crush like this. Every little thing he did caused your heart to jump. When he flashed his perfect smile at you, you were pretty sure your heart stopped. Right now you were sat in the car with Zen, singing along to cheesy songs. Most of them were his own songs. Every now and then he would shoot a glance your way, catching you staring at him with a smirk on your lips. There had been so many times you wanted to make a move, confess your attraction, but Jaehee’s words always stopped you. She always told you about how a scandal or relationship would hurt his reputation. You knew his fan girls wouldn’t be happy if he had a girl in his life. But for the first time since your crush had started to develop you weren’t thinking of that. Instead you were thinking of how amazing it would be to just press your lips against his. Throughout the day at the mall you had imagined being with him, how different would it be trying on stupid clothes and annoying other people with your goofiness if he was more than just a friend. You were so lost in thought about how your life would be with him by your side you didn’t even realise he had pulled up outside your home. Clearing his throat he turned to look at you, “looks like we’re here now.” You smiled in response and he got out to walk round and opening your door. “Thank you,” you managed to get out as he took your hand and escorted you out of the car. He was such a gentleman. Usually guys that were as attractive and talented as him were narcissistic and unkind. Although Zen was undoubtedly narcissistic, he had a genuine heart of gold. He was a diamond in a pile of rocks. As you walked side by side to your front door he continued telling you about his new role. He had started telling you about it in the car when his song came on and you both got lost in singing it together. Although you would never be as good as him at singing, you didn’t care, it was nice to just have those carefree moments with him. As you reached your door he finished what he was saying. “Yeah so hopefully it’ll go really well. It’s been a while since I had an opportunity as good as this one…” he trailed off, examining the curiosity on your face. The way he looked at you took your breath away. If you had any self control left, it was gone now. “Kiss me,” you whispered just loud enough for him to hear. His eyes widened in shock, and instantly your body filled with regret. How could you be so stupid? Why would he ever want to kiss you. A smile crept across his face. “If that’s what my lady wants,” he muttered, getting closer and closer to your face by the second. Before you knew it his lips crashed into yours. It was hard and gentle at the same time. All those moments you had wanted to throw yourself at him had built up to this. Wrapping your arms around his neck you pulled him in closer. Despite the passion between you, it was clear he wouldn’t go any further due to his gentlemanly nature. 

This was as good as you would get. For now.