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Chandelure, snivy, or tepig?

Chandelure: What Pokemon do you find the creepiest?
Snivy: Which are your top ten Pokemon?
Tepig: Which are your bottom ten Pokemon?

I don’t know about creepy but Stunfisk really concerns me… it just looks so… sad. Whenever I see it, I just feel wrong! 

Top ten, in no order: Reuniclus, Slowbro, Togetic, Noivern, Mega Swampert, Chandelure, Mimikyu, Eelektross, Celesteela, Metagross!  

Bottom ten: Aegislash. 

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Me, banging pots and pans: AUTISTIC ALLURA HCS

now this is the kind of ask i like to receive!!!!

ok normally when i get an autistic allura hc i just go “!!!!” and post it but i’ve been holding back to answer this ask ok so here are the new autistic allura hcs:

-she likes watching people ice cakes!! one time when she was like nine coran let her help ice a cake and it was the stimmiest thing she’s ever experienced.

- she’s Bad At Arguing. like she’ll know she’s right but she’s definitely not going to be able to explain to you why she’s right, her thoughts definitely aren’t organized enough for that, she just is right (she usually is, in fact, right)

- body stims for her are either really subtle like tapping her toe inside her shoe or really obvious like arm flapping and there is no in-between

- hates being dirty and has never had a single spec of dirt on her body for more than three seconds in her entire life

- she’d love the stim videos where the Stim Stuff is pastel colors, it’d be really calming to her! i know in my bones

- she loves talking about being autistic! and she was very excited to learn the paladins were her “brain siblings” and i love her

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I always imagined your Shiro as like awhile in space where he's grown his hair out and he starts really digging the look or after he gets on Earth he lets it grow out and it's my favorite Shiro design

HONESTLY i love you thank you for that Sweet Sweet Validation….

i think that the part that really isnt like canon is the hair? otherwise it would be exactly the same. (minus the art style but anyways) like i used to draw his hair more canon-y and then i got lazy and just started coloring the whole thing in…. plus i made it a lot fluffier just for the hell of it. who doesn’t love a floof boi

i also just had fun w/ the face shape and eyes and whatever. also his arm is really hard to draw so i took some Artistic Liberties and simplified it to make it fit in w/ the cutesy style (im not good at drawing robotic things too so there’s that)

ITS REALLY FUNNY bc i actually got hate mail for it once, it was something along the lines of “your shiro is NOTHING like canon shiro hes just a fangirl version” which, yea, is def tru lmao, but …

i def tried to make him v cutesy. like here’s kinda a mental image for you

though i did have a lil bit of fun with this design difference *coughs*

i know there are many sides of this but when i hate when people get up-in-arms (and i mean REALLY up-in-arms, hateful) about a close male (specifically) relationship being labeled as a ‘bromance’ and not becoming canon. the two problems i have with that is it insinuates that:

1. they need to be sexually attracted to each other to be that close (friendships can be just as strong/lasting as relationships) 

2. that male friendships in which they can express their feelings candidly, show fondness, and feel comfortable touching each other are invalid.

so I had a dream last night that I was sitting on a rooftop several stories up in a city and eating Skittles. but then I decided I didn’t want the Skittles anymore, so I started throwing them and seeing where they’d land. And I had a really good arm, too, because I was definitely throwing some Skittles several blocks over.

But then one Skittle, I threw it and it landed right in front of this guy in an overcoat, who stooped down and picked it up and ate it. And I was like “oh my god what” and I threw more Skittles at him and he just nonchalantly ate all of these Skittles that were falling from the sky at him and then I looked at him and went “…..oh my god is that Bill Clinton”

SO I SCURRY DOWN OFF THE ROOF and sure enough, it is Bill Clinton who had been picking up my Skittles off the sidewalk and eating them, so I go up to him and say hi and ask why he was eating Skittles off the sidewalk, and he goes “well I’m on my way to the inauguration, and they just started falling and I thought ‘what the hey!’” because he was speaking exclusively in cheesy slang. And I accept that explanation, but then I’m like “wait… what inauguration?” and he goes “mine”

TURNS OUT, I have time-traveled to January of 1993 and I’m like “holy shit. this is the year I was born. I’m not even alive yet. I won’t be born until the end of the year. this is so weird oh my god”

and Bill Clinton takes this all in stride, as you might expect for a man who’s been eating Skittles off the sidewalk, and he says “wow, so you’re from the future? how are things?”

And I looked him straight in the eye and said, “Things are not good, Bill.”

And I gave him the rest of my bag of Skittles and left

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[makes ugly whale noises at the cute] 😩