but real talk thank you guys for being great always

Okay guys real talk here

I joined the @bdjamsession event because I thought it would be fun and allow me to throw my 4taro into some cool situations with other people, especially where I’m new with rp stuff. It looks like a great opportunity and all.

Except, the only things I’ve been sent have been an anon that I SENT MYSELF BECAUSE I WAS DESPERATE and an ask from the ever faithful @yoyosbazaarsadventure (ily fam, thank you for always being here for me).

The event ends in two days.

I don’t know if I’m going to join another event, because the risk vs reward level is off balance. I’ve tried sending asks to people who are also doing the event, I’ve sent out messages asking how to participate…

There’s this one person involved and I adore their blog, and I sent them an ask for bdjamsession, and they haven’t answered it. They’ve answered so many other asks from other people– am I doing something wrong?

Tbh I might cry if they deleted my ask.

Well anyways, I just had to say this because tbh I was really excited for the event and then like, I got nowhere with it even though I REALLY tried. I guess this is a warning to beginners? (I guess I won’t say not to get involved, just don’t expect good turnout if you’re not one of the core of popular rp/daily/ask/jojos in general blogs)… Yeah.

Hey there everybody! Since I am nearing my next hundred and Christmas is coming up, I have decided to do a follow forever for all of my mutuals!!! Thank you all very much for sticking with this blog and I’m so happy to have gotten to know some of you. You’ve all been really great and I hope you all have a really great holiday! Make sure to be safe and happy!

Also– the urls that are bolded are friends! 
And to those that are not bolded: I HOPE YOU WILL BE BOLDED SOON. 


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