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Scars { A Dark OQ Prompt}

My fic for the first prompt of Dark OQ week : Getting to know you. 

Summary: Regina finds a physical difference between Robin Hood and Robin of Locksely. 


In many ways he’s different from the Robin she knew. He’s more sarcastic. A little reckless. He smirks at her little rages instead of growing doe-eyed and concerned. There’s a darkness about him that the first Robin didn’t have. An air of loss and anger that nearly mirrors her own.  

These differences fit hers. They match and fill her faults and she’s pleased with each new one she discovers. Until she notices the one physical flaw that separates him from the Robin she lost.

They are in bed when she first sees them. His scars. He’d rolled over in his sleep, and she saw them when she woke. They nearly cover his back. Long and angry, she recognizes them. Whip marks.

Hesitantly she reaches out and runs her finger down the length of one, feeling his back stiffen when she does. He doesn’t turn to face her but she knows he’s awake now. They’re both silent but she doesn’t stop. She traces each one, marking their differences in size, depth and healing. There are too many of them for her liking.

She hears him sigh deeply. “They don’t feel as bad as they look,” he promises, his tone carrying just a hint of annoyance. “Not anymore at least.”

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The Ninth Step

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Dean frowns when the doorbell rings, since he didn’t expect anyone. Still frowning, he opens the door and his breath hitches.

“Hello, Dean.” The blue-eyed man says in that trademark deep and husky voice of his, something Dean didn’t manage to forget, even after years of trying.

“Do you remember me?” the man asks as it becomes obvious that Dean isn’t going to answer to the greeting.

Of course he remembers Castiel Novak. They went to college together. Castiel double majored in art and literature if Dean remembers correctly. And he does remember, because he used to be kind of obsessed with the guy. Not that he had a crush on him or anything, he actually hated him. Castiel was annoying, arrogant, pretentious and flamboyant. He was always in the center of attention, so it was hard not to notice him, but Dean seemed to be especially unable to tear his eyes off the giant douchebag. It might have something to do with the fact that Castiel was incredibly hot, with his messy dark hair and colorful tattoos, despite his love for ugly sweaters and the fact that he usually looked like he hadn’t slept in days.

They never actually talked, even though they had a lot of mutual friends (Castiel seemed to simply be friends with everyone in their year). Dean always thought Castiel ignored him because he thought himself too good for someone like Dean and Dean took every opportunity to show that the dislike was mutual.

Then, one day, Castiel showed at Dean’s door announcing that Dean’s roommate was currently fucking Castiel’s roommate in his room, therefore Castiel came to share the room with Dean tonight.

Dean was so dumbstruck he didn’t even protest and iust let the guy in.

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