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Could I request Shukita where the two run into any of the other Confidants outside of the Phantom Thieves? Who and under what circumstances is your call

(inspired by this)

akira was up late last night, and ryuji knows this because ryuji was up late last night, and he sent off enough texts to know roughly when akira went to sleep. or went to sleep for the last time, anyway, because there were a lot of long delays between messages. “gaming,” was the excuse akira gave, and hey, ryuji’s been there. he’s had no reason to not believe him.

but ten o’clock is late enough for a guy to be sleeping in (and, dude, unfair that akira is allowed to sleep in that late, because ryuji was up until dawn and his mom still made him get up at eight) and ryuji has big plans for today.

“what’s up, morgana?” he grins; morgana is lounging on the counter as sojiro makes some coffee. so much for the chief’s insistence that morgana not come into the restaurant.

“whaddya want?” comes the irritated reply. morgana’s tail flicks in annoyance but he doesn’t move. perfect – ryuji ruffles the cat’s head as he barges past, his footsteps thunderous as he runs up the stairs. behind him, he hears morgana’s startled “hey, wait-!”

“TIME TO GET UP, SLEEPYHEAD!” ryuji yells before he even sees if akira is still asleep. and the boy is, and he looks like he’s still half-asleep as he sits up. the blanket that’d been covering everything but his head slips, revealing a shirtless torso, and ryuji thinks that’s strange since akira usually has a shirt on.

“what the fuck, ryuji?” he asks, but his voice is quiet and heavy with sleep. 

“early morning training, dude, remem-” ryuji starts, but it’s cut off when a second person sits up in bed. an equally shirtless second person. an equally shirtless yusuke person. 

another lightbulb goes off, that something is seriously strange. why would yusuke be shirtless in akira’s-

“oh shit,” ryuji says. oh shit

he turns around without another word, and he hears akira say something to yusuke but doesn’t process the words. 

what the eff did i just witness. 


Birthday present I drew for my best friend SIOBHAN!!! It was yesterday and I already showed it to her before : ) I just wanted to do something rly special with this (kindofembarrassingbutidontcare) vampire AU that has become our lifeblood in the past few months

(already so many feelings said already but I wANT 2 SAY MORE BC BEST TOMO!)

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Can you give my friend Megan a shout out? She really likes your blog and honestly I just want to mess with her gay ass.

Megan qurl yes your fucking gay ass is awesome!!! Keep it up 😩😩👏👏🙌👌👌👌

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ryan is going to be in a movie??? what did I miss?

I follow 2017 Ryro very loosely but I *think* it’s called Starmaker and he might have music involved with the film. I don’t know what capacity he’s involved in it more than that, like I don’t know if he’s acting or anything. If anyone knows more help qurl out

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Hi! I'm writing to you because I really have no one to talk about this. I'm in love with my best friend. It was nothing more than platonic feeling but then she kissed me ... We will never be together bc she's straight. Although i still try. I'm asking her out, making jokes about it and so on. Sometimes I feel miserable and so hopelessly i love with her but then again she's my best friend and this means even more to me. Sorry to bother you but I really wanted to tell somebody.

qurl… that’s a tough situation.. I know she’s your best friend but… straight girls are dangerous… stay safe friend

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Heyo track anon from last week here! Just wanted to say that conferences were today and i did so much better today! Placed second in my heat in the 100m and pr-ed by two seconds, anchored in the 4x200 and brought us to third, and placed first in my open 200m! Thank you so much for lifting me up B)

qurl yes!!!! Congrats :)) I’m so glad you did well 👌👌