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Reborn, Tsuna, and Xanxus with a very popular s/o? Perhaps an actress or singer. What if they got casted as the main lead to a particularly romantic and 'steamy' movie/film?


  • As the greatest hitman in the world it’s pretty natural for him to have an eye-candy like you for a lover.
  • It had started off as a fling that turned really serious and he sometimes regrets falling in love with someone so high profile since it puts him in the risk of being in the public spotlight.
  • He’s usually very supportive of your work and is usually the one who changes his schedules to make sure he has enough time to spend with you. 
  • If he’s in a commitment, he’ll see things through so he’ll always make sure you two have romantic dates despite the busy schedules.
  • You’re usually cast in romcoms and there are usually a few kisses but Reborn always makes sure to have a full-blown makeout session with you before you kiss the actor playing your love interest.
  • This always makes the actors feel incompetent and less of a man when they kiss you because if there’s one thing Reborn does better than killing people, it’s kissing people.
  • He’ll act very calm when he hears about the “steamy” movie. 
  • You’re almost surprised at his reaction and just happy that he is being so supportive of your career because the movie could be a serious blockbuster.
  • You know he isn’t calm by the rough sex you get every night after work.
  • There’s gonna be hours of sex everyday and Reborn doesn’t give a fuck if there are bruises or if you two are too tired. 
  • He’s gonna make sure you remember that no amount of ‘steaminess’ on screen can match what he does to you.


  • He started dating you because of your popularity and looks. 
  • You were an extremely popular actor and he was the Don of the Vongola. Nothing but the best for him.
  • However, the fun and games ends the moment he falls in love with you and things get serious.
  • He expects you to quit, the quicker, the better.
  • If he’s gonna take the relationship to the next level, he needs to know that you’ll be forever bound to be.
  • “The next Donna of the Vongola can’t kiss around other men on screen. You’ve had your time in the spotlight. Now, focus on being my wife and starting a family.”
  • Since he loves you so much he’ll let you continue on acting for a bit but you two get into fights over this a lot.
  • The last straw is you accepting the role in the “steamy” movie.
  • “My future wife and the mother of my children will not act like some cheap on-screen whore! I’ll be the joke of the Mafia.”
  • If you disagree or try to fight it, he will threaten every single member of the movie and the director will soon kick you out.
  • He’s going to basically drag you to the altar and make sure your career is over.
  • You’ll be a trapped bird-beautiful, talented and caged.


  • You used to be his escort for high-level dinners and balls before you made it big in the music industry.
  • After all these years he had turned into a sort-of friend and a lover. 
  • Xanxus had never been supportive but he had been by your side like a rock and that was all you ever wanted.
  • He never seemed to have a problem because all you did was sing some songs in a studio, sign some autographs and perform on stage.
  • Any moron who tried to cross a line or say anything romantic/sexual about you would end up with a bullet in their head, though.
  • But then your manager started asking you to do music videos for some of your more popular songs.
  • You tried to avoid every scene that had any physical contact with another guy because you knew how possessive and territorial he was. 
  • But you couldn’t resist signing up for the steamy music video. It would gain you a lot more fans, raise your ratings and get you more money.
  • You had decided to keep it a secret from your boyfriend until it was aired because by then he could do nothing about it.
  • You should’ve known better than to hide something from the Boss of the Varia squad.
  • When you walked into your shoot, the entire staff of 12 people who were supposed to help you shoot were lying dead on the pools of their own blood.
  • Xanxus dragged you back home and you weren’t allowed to leave for months after that.
Preferences: Height Difference

I am very short, and sometimes that makes imagines a little off for me, because I think, ‘Dude, do you have any idea how far down that person would have to bend to kiss me?’ So this is for all my shorter-than-average readers.

The Ninth Doctor teases you about being so small. For some reason, it just tickles his funny bone, so he always makes a big deal about how far down he has to bend to kiss you. Although, he does much prefer to bring you up you his level. I hope you don’t mind being picked up, because he does it a lot. You had better work on your jacket-clinging skills.

The Tenth Doctor, being his unusually tall self, would love to pick you up all the time, but he’s not exactly… built for it. Oh, he’s strong enough, but like Donna once said, if you hug him, you’ll get a paper cut. But he has discovered that having you sit on the TARDIS console brings you to a good height, so prepare yourself to sit on buttons. A lot. And on tables. A lot. And… basically on anything that’s above chair height.

The Eleventh Doctor is not nearly as freakishly tall as the Tenth, but he’s still quite a bit taller than you, and he thinks you’re adorable. He’ll pick you up briefly, sure, usually for a hug or a heat-of-the-moment kiss, but he kind of likes to kneel. If you’re sitting, he rests his head on your lap. If you’re lying down, he lies under you. If you’re standing he will find some way to make sure he is on a lower level than you are. It’s weird, it’s comedic, and it’s down-right Doctor-ish.

The Twelfth Doctor can be especially rude, and he’s said less-than-complimentary things about your height, but don’t let him fool you. He likes that you’re small. It makes him feel stronger, like he gets to protect you, and that makes him feel good. So, he’s a little rude sometimes, but he just doesn’t want you to see how much he loves it. Indulge the man.

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I think some people wanted something more overtly romantic, which I get, but I thought the way the writers did it made sense under the circumstances. Especially because they had just barely become friends again. I think it might've been different had they gotten together right after season 4.

I agree, Nonnie! I can understand why people would want something more overtly romantic. It was Season 7, and for quite awhile, Josh and Donna were TV’s best “will they/won’t they” couple. This had been something that was building since season 1! (It’s because of this that I can’t take anyone who says Captain Swan is slowburn seriously, sorry guys) But…I think it worked out for the best.

What I liked about Josh and Donna getting together at that point was that they came together as equals. Even though Josh was technically Campaign Manager, Donna had discovered a greater sense of self and found a career she was good at outside of him. They’d both grown up quite a bit, which I think was incredibly important to making their relationship last long-term. As much as I wanted Josh and Donna to get together post-Season 4 Inauguration, there was too much of a power disparity for their relationship to be successful.

But, wow, even if they weren’t together, Josh and Donna had some super romantic moments early on, didn’t they? “If you were in an accident, I wouldn’t stop for redlights” to him throwing snowballs at her window to flying to be by her bedside during an international crisis…WOW!

But, yeah, ultimately I’ll take awkward!Josh and Donna, because they still flew away together in the end. 


Behind the Scenes of The Runaway Bride (Part Two)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s coverage from DWM #378

[about the Segways]
    How long did it take David to master his lawnmower-like steed?  “It’s an incredible piece of design,” he grins, “and I still don’t quite understand how it works” […] What’s the top speed?  “There are two switches: one that we were allowed to use, and then,” he laughs, “there was the other one!  I gave it a go just once: I went at full belt around the outskirts of Upper Boat studios!”
    “Oh Jesus Christ!” screams Catherine, as she crashes into David’s Segway, knocking him flying.  “Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!”

Benjamin Cook:  Hello, David.  Are you scared of spiders?
David Tennant:  I don’t mind spiders, actually.  I don’t love a lot of things like that, but spiders, for some reason, I feel quite comfortable around.  Moths are the ones that freak me out.  It’s something to do with the way that, if they get squashed, they turn to dust.  There’s something very wrong about that.  It all feels a bit Gothic.
Benjamin Cook:  What about weddings?
David Tennant:  I’m scared of weddings, obviously, yeah [Laughs]

Other parts of this photo set: [ one ] [ three ] [ four ] [ five ] [ six ] [ seven ]
[ All of by Doctor Who Behind-the-Scenes photo sets

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hello I am here to hear some of your amazing autistic!Doctor headcanons!

ahhhh!! i intend to start a post for this actually, so people can add to it and reblog it and chat to each other about it (because there’s no way near enough autistic!doctor things)

but here’s a couple, off the top of my head

- one brushes his thumbs against his lapels a lot when he’s stressed, and i’m totally counting it as a stim

- have you heard them talk? that’s practically textbook infodumping. ten does it a lot, as does eleven, twelve does too “can i talk about the planets now?” when he doesn’t get a chance to infodump, he gets stressy. it’s also why he talks to himself a lot - he often has a need to constantly babble information about things he finds interesting

- that one part in ‘the fires of pompeii’ where donna’s like ‘don’t tell me the tardis has gone’ and he’s like ‘ok’ and she’s like ‘so where is it?’ and he’s like ‘you.. told me not to tell you??!’ that wasn’t a joke, he genuinely thought she was being serious

- his autism presents differently throughout different regenerations. for example, ten was extremely fond of hugging people and holding people’s hands, and twelve is the opposite “i will hold clara’s hand, and that’s it”. either way, it’s autistic behaviour.

- one practically never looks anyone in the eye and that’s because eye contact makes them really uncomfortable

- since he’s gallifreyan and not human, of course the symptoms aren’t exactly the same (and it’s not exactly autism as such, but it’s the closest word we have for it and it’s very similar). but he’s certainly autistic from human viewpoint, and at least neurodivergent (incredibly so) from a gallifreyan viewpoint. for instance, gallifreyans tend to be pretty obsessive from what i’ve seen and heard, so while the doctor’s special interest being earth isn’t exactly unheard of, it’s still a bit (a LOT) weird to actually want to mingle with the primitives. 

- they have problems with executive functioning, which is certainly not common among gallifreyans, since they’re all “perfect” and whatever, and would have been frowned upon. one has problems with speech processing - his brain works too quickly for his mouth to keep up and doesn’t process his thoughts properly, that’s why he jumbles up his words. eleven is a clutz because what are motor skills? 

- he’s a total extrovert in many of his regenerations. a lot of the time he absolutely loves crowds, loves noise, loves loads of sensory input. however sometimes it can get a bit much. donna once bought him noise-cancelling headphones. he didn’t use them too often, but when he needed them, he was really grateful for them. twelve uses them a lot, being a little less sensory seeking than the others

- i also headcanon them as having synesthesia (which is quite common among autistics), and again, while this may not be unheard of amongst time lords, it’s certainly not normal for all of your senses to be so jumbled up. he sees sound as colour and strawberry ice cream tastes how a summer morning feels and the year 2365 looks like a painting by gustav klimt

there are so many wow. this is not a couple like i had originally planned.

however yes i will be starting a post soon! (i’m also making somewhat of a list of all the time’s they’re autistic, asexual, adhd and nonbinary in DW :D i’ll probably end up missing out a ton but hey ho) 

Harvey is waiting for Mike outside of the church with a car, and they head off to prison. Before Mike turns himself in, they share a moment where they realize that they’re both to blame for what’s about to happen and would probably do the same thing over again. It’s quite possibly the best scene of the episode because it brings the episode back to what works about this show: Mike and Harvey’s friendship. Suits became such a fun show because of their relationship, but in the past, this season has felt like that’s been missing because the show has been so focused on Harvey and Donna or Mike and Rachel. The finale would’ve hit much harder if the episode had spent a bit more time in scenes like this where we realize why Mike is doing what he’s doing, why Harvey means so much to him. Put another way, I wish this episode had been more reflective in quality instead of consumed with plot shenanigans to save Mike. (x)

“Davies companions were all ordinary people, unlike Moffat companions!”

yeah i really relate to Martha “absolutely brilliant young med student who effortlessly juggles a demanding job and an insane family” Jones and Donna “destined to be the most important woman in creation” Noble

gee it’s almost like relatability is unrelated to the circumstances in which they became a companion

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I LOVE the Across the Hall ficlets! I must say, I'm interested in Oliver and Felicity's relationship; they seem to be very open and comfortable with each other even though they're not together. Would you care to share your head canon for them in this verse?

I’m so glad you enjoyed them! I had a wicked need for some simple smut, and Loud Music and Sugar were the result.

The best way to describe Oliver and Felicity in this ‘verse are best friends who sleep together. 

They honestly and 100% do not see anything romantic in their relationship - they are two people who enjoy each other sexually and as time goes on, they get closer and closer, until they are constantly at each other’s places, until the point where they are practically living together in two different apartments.

@simplyfragile bombarded me with amazing headcanons and we bounced some around:

Their biggest gripe in their lives is how shitty they are at relationships - they just can’t keep them… Felicity complains about this as she’s cutting Oliver’s hair, and Oliver rants about it while he’s making her lasagna.

Oliver knows where the band-aids are in her bathroom:

“Where are the band-aids?“ 

“In the second drawer down." 

"What second drawer down?" 

"In the bathroom, Felicity, where else?" 

"Well I don’t know, there’s lots of drawers in this place, you could be talking about any of the drawers.”

And Felicity pops over when Tommy’s around, absently straightening up Oliver’s apartment and reminding him he has lunch with his mom on Tuesday before going back to her place:

“Dude, what the hell was that?”

“That was Felicity.”

“I know that was Felicity, but since when were you two a thing?”

“What are you talking about, we’re not a thing.”

They go places together:

“I have this lame company party, come with?" 

"Only if we can get the good ice cream from downtown after.”

They think it’s absolutely beyond absurd when people ask if they’re dating - “Us, dating? Yeah, maybe in another galaxy…” as Felicity licks her finger to fix a stray hair on Oliver’s temple.

Oliver comes home drunk one night and goes into her apartment instead, stumbling around and crawling into bed with her. Felicity doesn’t even think twice about it, she just makes sure he’s covered before curling in against his warmth, going back to sleep.

When one of them gets sick and the other rushes them to the hospital, the nurses assume they’re together because they can fill out the intake form for each other no problem.

Donna is visiting her daughter when Oliver comes in, yelling at Felicity for taking the last of the toilet paper and not writing it on the shopping list:

“I did write it on the shopping list!" 

"No, Felicity, you wrote it on your shopping list and we both know you won’t get any when you go out. Write it on mine. You know, that stupid cactus notepad you insist on hanging on the fridge…”

… and Donna is like…

“You didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend.”

“What? I don’t. The last date I had was a month ago with that Gary guy. Remember I told you about him?”

“I’m talking about Oliver, honey.”

“Oliver? Ha, right, okay. We would make literally the worst couple ever.”



“You’re serious?”

“Uh, yeah. Oliver!”


“Would you date me?”

“We’d kill each other before we got to our first date.”


“Why are you asking if we’d date, didn’t we… Oh. Hi, Donna.”

“Hi, Oliver.”

They’re ridiculous adorable and ridiculously unaware, it’s the best.

(And inspired quite a bit by the movie ‘What’s Your Number?’)

My name is Kristi. http://letthelightwrite.tumblr.com/ I am an aspiring, self taught, (with the help of the internets,) amateur photographer in Las Vegas, NV.  I shoot a Nikon d7000 with Nikkor 18- 200  and a Micro Nikkor 40mm lens.  I have my saturation bumped up a bit in my camera because I do not like or have a lot of time for editing.  I try to post sooc as much as possible. 

I make many of my photos in and around my postage stamp sized front yard.  I love capturing details of things and my micro lens gets quite the workout.  My focus seems to be on botanicals right now, though I love landscape, architecture, and street photography. I also love to take portraits of people in their element, i.e. doing their favorite thing, much more than a planned portrait session.  Donna Boucher, shooting out of Wisconsin and Pete Heck from Hecktic Travels are inspirations to me.

bons vivants 3/? (ten/rose, chef AU)

bons vivants (n.) (french) plural, a person who is living the good life; someone who lives luxuriously and enjoys good food and drink

ten/rose, chef AU 
rating currently: adult enough ;)

chapter 1 | chapter 2

It takes all of his willpower not to text her first thing in the morning, but he knows all too well how delicious the lie in on your day off feels, and damned if he’s going to ruin it for her. 

Plus he’s got some thinking to do. What kind of date is chips, after all? It’s not a formal affair, at least he doesn’t think so; he could name half a dozen restaurants off the top of his head that would give them a fried potato experience that could very well eclipse all chips had before or since, but he doesn’t think that’s what Rose meant when she said he could take her out for chips. He doesn’t think that’s the kind of girl she is. Her refined palate and creative approach to cooking had been more than evident last night as she’d sent that exquisite parade of plates to him, but when she’d leaned in close and, tongue between her teeth, that hadn’t been a ploy to get a five star meal. Which means she’s either got a favorite chip shop in mind, or she wants him to take her to his favorite chip shop.

Standing at his counter, tea in one hand and toast halfway to his mouth in the other, the Doctor freezes. What is his favorite chip shop? What chip shops has he been to? He’s been to countless, surely, but suddenly he can’t name a single one. Every single chip he’s eaten in his life disappears as if it simply never happened, has been written over in time, has fallen out of his brain. He can’t even name the place down the street.

He’s going to make a bloody fool of himself.

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fic: Distance, part 19/?

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6 ~ Part 7 ~ Part 8 ~ Part 9 ~ Part 10 ~ Part 11 Part 12 ~ Part 13 ~ Part 14 ~ Part 15 ~ Part 16 ~ Part 17 ~ Part 18 ~

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Rose muttered to herself, leaning against the front door of her house, as she watched Mickey and the Doctor sauntering towards her. “What’s going on?” she called out to them.

The Doctor shoved his hands into his pockets and paused along the front garden path, his eyes widening innocently. “What do you mean? Nothing’s going on.”

He was definitely up to something.

Mickey shifted awkwardly beside him. “Yeah, dunno what you mean, Rose.”

“I mean, why are you two together? What have you been up to?”

“Nothing,” they said, in unison.


They resumed their walk, coming up to her with matching expressions of faux guiltlessness. “You’re so suspicious, Rose,” the Doctor complained. “Mickey and I were just having a chat, that’s all.”

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The Noble Year

In it’s 50+ year run, Doctor Who has taught us many lessons about life that we can often forget. It’s reminded us to try our best, to do what we believe is right, and that love can come in all variants of gender, race, and identity. But there’s one very important lesson that it teaches us in the form of Donna Noble.

Donna is, like us, ordinary. She’s not perfectly gorgeous, vastly intelligent, insanely talented. She has a crummy job, a less than perfect relationship with her mother, and more sass than anyone is able to take. She’s imperfect, but she’s not a total failure. When we first meet Donna, she’s selfish, manipulative, harsh, and, let’s face it, quite a bit of a bitch. But as her season progresses, so does she. She grows up before our eyes, and we forget the fact that Catherine Tate is best known for, well…

… a foul mouthed, hateful, old granny.

Catherine Tate came into Doctor Who as a comedic actress, and let’s not lie, Donna’s season was much funnier than Doctor Who has been in a long time. But Doctor Who isn’t all laughs, and neither was her performance. Donna was more than just the comedic relief. In fact, she was the source of our greatest sadness during her season. But we’re jumping ahead of ourselves with that. Back to her growth. As I mentioned before, Donna started out as a bitch. Pretty much the only thing she did right was the amount of love she showed her grandfather. Her mother constantly put her down by comparing her to other, more successful, women. By the time Donna came to us, she didn’t think she was worth much. But she went with the Doctor anyway, because he’s not ordinary. He’s amazing and special, and she wants to see the universe like he does, for once in her life. And although she does see wonderful things, the universe is not a nice place. Though harsh, Donna is a good person. Her heart’s in the right place, her mouth not always so much. During her time, she’s confronted with a decision between saving Pompeii or saving the Earth.

It’s a horrible decision that no one should be forced to make, because she’s right. It’s not fair. This was probably the first truly adult decision she’s made in her life, and it’s utterly devastating to watch. But she did what she knew was right, and didn’t let the Doctor pull the lever himself (thus carrying that weight solely on his shoulders).

Sharing in the Doctor’s pain continues to be a theme through this season, as Donna next encounters a race of telepathic slaves. In a holding cell, the Doctor tells her about the song they’re singing: The song of slavery. She wants to hear it, too.

The Doctor, being a telepath, gives her the ability to hear the song. She can’t stand it, and asks the Doctor to take it away. And honestly, we’re right there with her. Who among us would be able to listen to a song that represents generations of slavery, oppression, and abuse, and walk away from that unscathed? Certainly Donna can’t, and she does the most selfless thing she’s ever done. Together, Donna and the Doctor free the slave race. Not bad for an ordinary woman, is it?

the season went on and Donna continued to grow. she became a better person. And this ordinary woman continues to do amazing things. But through it all, she maintains the idea that it’s not her that’s special, it’s what she’s doing that’s special. It’s who she’s traveling with. She believes it has nothing to do with her. But in the season finale, we find out that this ordinary woman was the most important woman in the universe.

Through some science that would take far too long to explain to those who don’t already know, Donna becomes a human with a Time Lord brain. She asks the Doctor why this happened to her in one of the most honest scenes in the show.

And why should she believe she’s special? why should any of us? We’re normal people with normal lives and normal jobs. We aren’t extraordinary at all, and neither is Donna. But we’re all special, and we could all use that reminder occasionally. The fact that Donna helped Agatha Christie overcome her depression doesn’t really register with her, because she believes that, while she may have done some pretty special things, she is nothing special. But the thing that Doctor Who is teaching us this season is that everyone is special. That everyone is important. And that everyone can be insecure at times.

Donna is extraordinary because of the way she chooses to be. She has a kind heart. She cares. She comforts her friends and loved ones when they’re upset, and when push comes to shove, she does the right thing, even when it’s difficult and terrifying and upsetting right to her core.

You and I may never save the planet from an alien invasion, or free slaves, or save just one life. But that doesn’t mean we’re not special. But we do need that reminder sometimes, and the 4th season of Doctor Who delivered that message with a spark of humor, and more than a little heartbreak.

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Think of poor FBI agents (the real ones) in spn who got the worst case of serial/cult killing. Like, who are these people who keep killing folks with a knife and leaving wing prints?! How are they drawing wings so fast, with ashes no less! I once tried to write a fic where Donna was very stressed about this (because she knew lots of people) but failed. Anyway, it'd be interesting to read fics about these stressed and baffled professionals trying to solve the mystery

Oh gosh, yeah. I have actually spent quite a bit of time thinking about this.

Confession time, I’ve got a Death Migraine and I’m out of it enough to properly give this the sort of wacky thought process it deserves… or maybe not. But wacky’s all I got right now, so we’ll give it a shot. :P

This line of thought always leads me back to poor old Victor Henricksen. I mean talk about a sad story. He finally learns the truth about the supernatural, is given a second shot at maybe developing a sideline gig as a hunter (a la Eliot Ness), and then BOOM the supernatural turns around and kills him. Talk about a big frosty mug of wasting his damn life. (sorry, I should mention 3.12 is still probably in my top 10 favorite episodes of this show, and I think about it a lot).

And then I wonder if there aren’t other hunters in law enforcement. Because we know of at least two current awesome hunter cops: Jody and Donna. And yeah, they’re local sheriffs, but who’s to say there aren’t people even in high-up Federal law enforcement agencies that aren’t at least savvy to the supernatural in the world and help cover it up and keep hunters out of the public eye and off the Most Wanted lists when they can.

Sometimes things just happen to quickly for them to keep an incident from popping up on the evening news, or things just get Too Big To Cover Up and someone leaks footage of hunters that they can’t just disappear. But it would go a long way toward explaining why Sam and Dean have been able to not only slide through life under the police radar, but to actively and believably IMPERSONATE law enforcement agents. TO OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENTS.

So yeah, I had this one theory that the NSA has a division that keeps track of hunters, monsters, and all their various communications in order to divert regular law enforcement around situations that are well beyond their pay grade, and to let properly trained hunters deal with the problems as quietly as possible.

Maybe that’s why Toni Bevell and the cloistered surviving branch of the MoL has had such a hard time piecing together the truth of Sam and Dean’s activities all these years, and why Cas is an even bigger question mark to her. Someone higher up the food chain than local law enforcement agencies has gone to a lot of trouble to scrub every possible record of their activities, just like Victor tried to do in 3.12 once he had a fuller understanding of what was really out there in the world.


Little Things, 30

~1000 words a day. Unbeta’d. Ten/Rose. College/Uni/Roommates AU. Previous chapters here.

Jack’s question was left unanswered. Donna had opened her mouth to fling back some flirty response but the quip died upon her lips before it could be vocalised. Something behind Jack had caught her attention - her eyes darted quickly to John, a brief look of consternation appearing on her face, but it was almost instantly replaced by a big smile.

At the same time, someone tapped Rose on the shoulder. It was hard to shift whilst sharing a too small seat, so Rose ended up having to twist her body at an uncomfortable angle in order to see who it was.

She exclaimed, “What are you doing here?”

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Gravity || Chapter Eighteen

Title: Gravity (Part 19/20)
Rating: K+
Summary: —AU, all human— Awkward new boy John Noble isn’t expecting much out of his new school — and his lack of expectations are fulfilled when he’s targeted by a bully on the first day. What takes him by surprise is pretty, popular Rose Tyler coming to his rescue.
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler

NOTE: The first thirteen chapters of this story are posted on my Metacrisis roleplaying account. I promise I’m not stealing or plagiarizing or anything. It’s still the same human being posting the story, just on a different blog.

Catch up here!

John never said no to a kiss. In fact he quite enjoyed kissing. It was one of his favorite things about having a girlfriend.

Still, it was rather stunning when Rose ran to him in the middle of the cafeteria and threw her arms around him, kissing him deeply. They tried to keep the PDA to a minimum at school after all, especially with Jimmy Stone sitting less than twenty feet away — not that she was worried about his feelings.

She was more worried about John’s bones.

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