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Five things Wash wouldn’t do for his team and one thing he would by @whimsical-writer


Old Yeller Lived Here by @zalia


This Pale Shade of Blue by @meteoratdusk


Numbers are a Pain by @primtheamazing. 



Guess That First Date Isn’t Happening by @artsyorangeykay


Cyborg Vision by @novarcade


Too Late by @captainkonot

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leela why would they upload that video

-an excuse to watch each other lick things on cam and make more sexual jokes
-phil continues to show he gives no shits about any so-called quality threshold for their videos and drags dan out of his wannabe artsy bubble
-an excuse to show dapg audiences and obnoxious mainstream tween nintendo fanboy audiences that they co-own even their aprons (dan: “why do *we* own this?”) including one emblazoned w a mans glistening abs, just to make all of them uncomfortable in their heteronormativity
-they want to make that sweet ca$h bc they’re savin up for The Move and The Dog
-dan lost a bet
-phil lost a bet
-they both lost a bet
-they hate us

Do you believe me?

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Hi can u pls pls do some angst&fluff with savitar!barryxreader but takes place before barrys timeremnant decided to become savitar? Where reader is the only one who care for him n they become close n slowly having a relationship against all odds. But this barry is insecure cuz of his disfigured face. Reader finally get her man even if hes not the original. Hes better cuz he chose to be with her. Insecurity on both side. Pls do this.

Originally posted by winchestheart

Authors Note: (I changed it up a bit so I could split it into two parts :)) Okay so here is some angsty Savitar!Barry x reader. So like I have said, I am still fairly new to the whole fic writing thing but I am trying my very hardest to put out quality content for all you awesome nerds. So with that said, on with the story!

Word Count: 920

Warnings: the word shit

Iris had died 3 years ago and Barry Allen was still trying to go back in time to save her. Over and over again it happened each day, the team would wait. I would wait for him to come back. Each time he did, he came back looking so much worse than when he went back. One day, I decided to confront him about it. 

He had just opened his portal and I ran from the cortex down to the portal room. I saw Barry standing in a corner bent over a bar and he sounded like he was crying. I started towards him preparing to comfort him. “Bar-” I began as I was interrupted by another body flying through the open portal. The body slammed into me and we were both thrown to the ground, whoever came through, crushing me. It has to be Iris, no way anyone else is dumb enough to follow a speedster through that thing. I thought. The weight was lifted from on top of me, Thank God, and I slowly opened my eyes to see not one Barry, but two of them standing over me. 

“What the hell?” I muttered aloud. “Y/N?” The ‘new’ Barry asked. “That’s my name,” I said standing up and brushing myself off, “Don’t wear it out.” ‘New’ Barry smirked at me and our Barry just glared at him. “Who the hell are you?” He asked. “You’re a time remnant aren’t you?” I asked. Our Barry seemed to have suddenly remembered he could do that, and heaved a sigh. He looked at ‘new’ Barry and then at me with a sad look. “Oh my god Barry, you can’t be thinking what I think you are.” I said. “Well?” He asked. “No. No! You are not going to just kill him!” I shouted and grabbed ‘new’ Barry’s arm and pulled him towards me. “Barry!” Cisco yelled from the doorway. Both turned to face him. “No no, uh, dude you need a new name.” Cisco said to ‘new’ Barry. “Call me Bart I guess.” Bart said. Cisco nodded and turned to Barry. “Meta attack on 17th and Parkhill, it’s pretty bad.” Barry nodded and turned to me. “Suit up Y/N,” and he turned to Bart, “and you stay here.” I nodded and walked over to my suit. “Wait what powers do you have?” Bart asked me. “Mystokenisis.” I smiled as he looked confused. “It’s basically magic. Now please stay here, Barry gets really pissy when you don’t do as told. I don’t want you in the crossfire.” I said and he nodded and walked into the cortex. “Ready?” Barry asked as I walked out with my suit on. “As I’ll ever be.” I said and he ran to the crime scene as I flew close behind.

“Barry! I’m not gonna make it out of here without some help, and you and I both know you’re too busy to come here. Let him help!” I screamed into my earpiece. Before Barry even had the chance to respond, Bart was here in a suit-Barry’s old suit- and was helping me hold the steel beam of the building. “Fine.” Barry said and Bart gave a quick thanks to Barry. Bart held up the bar as I used my powers to try and weld it back together. I thought it was stable and told Bart he could go back to Star Labs and he ran back. 

After a bit more punching kicking, getting punched and kicked, I turned to Barry. “Bar, we aren’t going to beat them today, we have to go back.” He looked at me and with sad eyes, he nodded and threw one last punch at the meta he was fighting and turned towards Star Labs. He turned to look at me before he ran and as he did, his eyes went wide. “Y/N! Watch out!” He yelled as he ran to me. That was the last thing I remember before I felt a sharp pain in my back and I passed out. 

I woke up in the med bay to shouting in the cortex. “You shouldn’t have left her there by herself!” Bart screamed. “She wasn’t alone I was right next to her!” Barry yelled. Bart and Barry looked at each other with the same look of fury in their eyes. Bart stood up and said, “If you were right next to her she wouldn’t have gotten shot. You should have been there for her. You should have been faster.” After I decided I had heard enough, I sat up and tried to get out of the bed. I pushed myself off the side and when I realized I couldn’t feel my legs, it was too late. I fell face first on the ground and yelled, “Shit!” as the team ran in to help me. Bart was the first to reach me and he picked me up and sat me back on the bed. He looked at my face and saw I had a couple of tears that were streaming down my face. “Hey, hey its gonna be okay. The paralysis isn’t permanent, it’ll be gone in a couple of days okay?” He looked at me and wiped away my tears. “Thank you.” I whispered as I wrapped my arms around his neck in a hug. He rubbed my back and whispered, “Everything is going to be okay. Do you believe that?” I pulled away from him and whispered, “I do.” He smiled and wrapped me in another hug. 

Part two is coming soon, if you have any ideas, please send requests! :)

Flowers in the Window Chapter 4

Wow only me 5 months to update, sorry! Life & work stuff just took over all my time.  I will try not to be so long in my next update. As always many thanks to my lovely beta and friend Heidi. She had a big job on her hands, as this chapter is rather long, so ta very much dude! :D xx
Hope you all enjoy this chapter and thank you for reading and for the lovely comments. Previous chapters can be found on A03


“It’ll have to do” Katniss muttered under breath after she had re-braided her hair for the fourth time that morning. She took a deep breath in, breathed out hard and studied her reflection in the small mirror above the basin in the female staff bathroom. 8:47 am. Nearly time to roll. Toying idly with the end of her braid she pulled out her go-to ‘I’m fabulous’ perfect nude lipstick for yet another coat. Letting out a resigned sigh she grabbed her handbag and opened the door quickly.

“Pull yourself together Everdeen” She chastised herself with a heated whisper.

 Unfortunately in the heat of scolding herself she hadn’t noticed Johanna racing in the door. Her black duster coat whipping behind her.

“Woah there, Nelly! Are you trying to make my hangover worse than it already is?!” Jo gestured to her head, which Katniss was guessing, was pounding.

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Rating: T for Tokyo Ghoul so about what you might expect for this series
Characters+Relationships: Tsukiyama Shuu/Kaneki Ken. Of course.
Summary: Tsukiyama finds himself in front of Anteiku. Except Anteiku has been gone for years.
Ch: 1/??? like literally ??? because I have no idea.

So remember that one time like a million trillion months ago when I was talking about RE tsukiyama getting a second chance kuroneki? Yeah. You can blame a) midnight babysitting ive been doing where my phone and me have been spending a lot of quality time together as I hold a baby and b) my creative writing class that’s guilt tripped me into making sure i’m writing for a certain amount of time everyday. I guess it worked, because I ended up working on this for the last couple days. It’s 4 in the morning and I regret literally my entire life. I don’t know if I’ll continue this. I think I’d like to but who knows. We’ll see. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I haven’t written a finished piece in like 5 trillion years. (I gave up writing for drawing, and never the twain shall meet or what not. And writings a bit more nerve wracking for me lmao.)

Everything about him was worn. Falling apart and out of practice. The once brag worthy quality of his nose was, like so many things in his life, a distant memory, never to return.
He took a deep, nervous breath. Even the the air was the same, so spot on it made him want to believe despite himself. Hope bubbled inside him, a dangerous thing.
Coffee beans, though he could no longer tell the differing kinds so much as their general presence. Something baked. The complex, mildly stuffy, intermingling smell of the patrons, the slightest hint of blood…and…
His body recognized it before he did, instantly reacting as his mind struggled to catch up. Even faint, he could pick up on that scent anywhere, would follow it’s barest trail to the ends of the earth if it was still possible. His heart kicked into overdrive.
If he wasn’t already dead, its panicked slamming surely would’ve killed him. He turned his head with force he was sure could’ve snapped his neck.
It was impossible.

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for the domestic ship meme, can i ask for bokuaka? :D

Of course! Bokuto/Akaashi:

  • Who’s more dominant:


  • Who’s the cuddler:


  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:

Ohh, I like the idea of little spoon Bokuto, but I think that only happens when Bokuto is having a breakdown. Otherwise he just curls himself around Akaashi.

  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:

Volleyball, absolutely. Or what if they both end up doing yoga together omg that would be like really freaking adorable. 

  • Who uses all the hot water:

Bokuto. Akaashi knows that hot water does more damage to skin/hair, but Bokuto just craves that muscle relaxation.

  • Most trivial thing they fight over:

It’s probably how much money Bokuto spends on hair gel. Akaashi wishes he’d just invest in serums and oils and actually take care of his hair, and not just sculpt it every day. 

  • Who does most of the cleaning:

I think they both do their fair share.. Bokuto makes more of the messes, though, and he ends up feeling bad if he sees Akaashi cleaning after him, so he ends up doing more of it. 

  • What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue:

So of course they’ve invested in a sports TV package so they can get coverage of events that wouldn’t be on “prime time.” Especially because I don’t think volleyball is that popular in Japan? Bokuto watches anime and comedy variety shows, which Akaashi can tolerate up to a point. Akaashi prefers murder mystery shows and Bokuto has no stomach for those so Akaashi can only watch them when Bokuto’s not home.

  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:  

Bokuto thinks it’s his responsibility as the Ace of Akaashi’s heart to always be his hero. But that usually involves him trying to fix stuff himself. Akaashi is the one who calls the landlord when Bokuto gets dejected after he can’t do the thing.

  • Who leaves their stuff around:

Both of them, tbh. Bokuto leaves pillows and gym shoes and his wallet all over the place. Akaashi will put down books or papers and get busy with other things. And both of them leave dishware and mugs on the coffee table regularly.

  • Who remembers to buy the milk:

They keep a pad of paper on the fridge for grocery lists, and whoever is going to make the trip plucks the current list off with him. 

  • Who remembers anniversaries:  

Both of them. Akaashi is very organized and will put things in his phone to help him remember (order the cake, deadline to get the gift, etc.). Bokuto remembers out of pure sentimentality (”Akaashi, this is the day we shared our first ice cream kiss!”)

  • Who cooks normally:

Bokuto, I could see him being a good cook. Somehow I feel like Akaashi would just be a disaster in the kitchen, even when he follows a recipe exactly.

  • How often do they fight:

They squabble a lot. Fights are rare because Akaashi is very protective of Bokuto’s sensitive feelings, but sometimes frustrations get the better of him and he lashes out? That probably is like, an annual thing. Rare.

  • What do they do when they’re away from each other:

Akaashi is a perfectly fully functioning adult. Bokuto shows everyone photos of his super cute boyfriend from his cellphone. 

  • Nicknames for each other:

Akaashi calls Bokuto “Kou.” Bokuto will just draw out Akaashi’s surname, sort of playfully referencing the way he called for him in high school. “A-kaaaaaaa-shiiii!” 

  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner:

When they settle in together, they share a bank account. Before that, it’s definitely a source of contention. Bokuto feels an obligation as “senpai” (and again, Ace of Akaashi’s heart), but then Akaashi protests that he’s a man too, and he doesn’t want to feel demeaned. Bokuto does it more often but Akaashi will surprise him by paying for more expensive meals on special occasions before Bokuto can reach for his wallet.

  • Who steals the covers at night:

When Bokuto isn’t spooning him, Akaashi does; he got used to sleeping surrounded by warmth.

  • What would they get each other for gifts:

Bokuto has trouble with big gifts, because Akaashi is hard to shop for, but whenever he sees something cute that makes him think of his boyfriend he’ll pick it up even without an occasion. Things like keychains and hair clips and sweets and matching house slippers. Akaashi claims that Bokuto is spoiled enough so he reserves gifts for Christmas and Bokuto’s birthday and their anniversary, and those are general nice quality things that Bokuto needs (”No, Bokuto, a grown man cannot use a Doreamon wallet, this is a nice leather one… Fine, you can put stickers on it.”)

  • Who kissed who first:

Akaashi kissed Bokuto first.

  • Who made the first move:

Bokuto technically, acting purely on instinct and not really considering the signals he was putting out. So many touches because “I want to be close to you, Akaaaashi!” without considering why he felt that way.

  • Who remembers things:

Bokuto remembers little things, like “Oh, Akaashi, remember that crepe shop we went to after your economics final sophomore year, how you fed me your strawberries? You used to be so cute!”

Akaashi has a more general memory based around the strong emotions Bokuto’s been able to coax out of him.

  • Who started the relationship:

Akaashi. Bokuto would never have been able to take that step for fear of rejection. 

  • Who cusses more:

Bokuto, especially when he has some drinks. He’s rowdy. 

  • What would they do if the other one was hurt:

Depending on the situation, take care of the other or call emergency services. Bokuto would cry while doing the tending/making the call, but Akaashi can’t really connect to the emotional reaction until the physical situation is dealt with and he knows Bokuto will be okay.

  • Who is the dirty talker:

I was going to say Bokuto, but I actually love the idea that it’s Akaashi who says filthy things and Bokuto who goes red to the tips of his ears. 

  • A head canon:

Bokuto likes to bury his head inside of Akaashi’s shirts while Akaashi is wearing them, and just nuzzle his belly and soothe himself on his boyfriend’s smell. Akaashi has started buying pajama shirts a few sizes up because he hates his clothes being stretched out but wants to be accommodating. 

Re; Tony and the Civil War

So, I found THIS post in the Marvel tag today, and since it was tagged, I assumed it would be okay to respond to it. Not reblogging because it’s a picture post (aka no Read More’s allowed, and this will be long).

Re: Tony Stark & his standing in the Civil War (are you surprised this happened considering all of yesterday’s screaming)

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Belle - Dean Winchester x Reader (Beauty and the Beast AU) - Part 4

Title: Belle

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: None :)

Word Count: 2,352

A/N: So sorry for how long this has taken to get up! It’s not too long but it’s roughly the length they usually are, anyway enjoy! PS: It’s quite a lot of speech but oh well! Credit to whoever made the GIF, I think it’s on the GIF anyway but I found it on google :)

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Read Part  1 here!  Read Part 2 here!  Read Part 3 here!

“Who does she think she is! No one says no to me!” Castiel ranted to Marv as they waited for the teacher to arrive in class. He shuffled multiple times in his seat still on edge from when you had turned him down.

“Damn right,” Marv agreed nodding his head as he spoke. No one ever challenged Castiel either, his parents practically owned the town which made it awfully hard for anyone to be even the slightest bit rude to him, either you were nice or you got the hell out of the way so he wouldn’t notice you. Luckily for you he wanted you so badly he wouldn’t dare say a bad word about you to his parents.

“Dismissed, rejected, humiliated, why do I have to go through so much? Nothing I do helps, I must be awful…” Hurt almost washed over his face but anyone that knew him could tell he was all self loving inside. Although perhaps he really couldn’t understand why you wouldn’t love him after all he had received nothing but love his whole life and you, the girl who little liked, were the one who turned him down.

“Oh come on Castiel,” Marv rolled his eyes at the blue eyed boy, “Pull yourself together.”

He moved around the front of his desk so he in right in front of Castiel. Waving his hands around to get his attention he continued,

“You know it disturbs me to see you so down in the dumps, everyone here would love to be you, gosh you’re probably the favourite in town! You can even ask Gabriel, Uriel or even Balthazar!”

“Hey guys! Castiel here,” Marv pointed towards him, “Seems to be struggling with rejection. Never thought I’d hear those two things in the same sentence!” He belted out in laughter and Castiel scowled at him as if to say he had gone to far. Clearing his throat Marv said, “Help a man out would ya?”

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It was this quality that Hamilton attacked with his pamphlet and that Benjamin Franklin memorialized by describing Adams as “always an honest Man, often a wise one, but sometimes, and in some things, absolutely out of his senses.” Adams himself admitted as much in his better moments, confessing that there had “been very many times in my life when I have been so agitated in my own mind as to have no consideration at all of the light in which my words, actions, and even writings would be considered by others.” Combined with his fist-clenched independence, Adams’s impulsive self-disclosure could not help but hurt his public image. Not only did he often say things that he later regretted, but he had few allies to champion his caused and redeem his name.

And yet his emotional outbursts were honest reactions to malicious abuse - particularly the outbursts during his presidency, the fodder for Hamilton’s “Letter.” So Adams explained in a public address on his birthday, given two years after the publication of the pamphlet: “Under the Continual provocations breaking and pouring in upon me from unexpected as well as expected quarters, during the two last years of my Administration, he must have been more of a Epicurean Phylosopher, that I ever was or ever will be, to have born [sic] them all, without some incautious expressions at times of an inutterable Indignation.” Any man would have done the same, he suggested, and he had “no other Apology to make to Individuals or the Public.”

Adams did not, however, surrender total control of his emotions. Though he denounced Hamilton heartily in his Patriot essays, he still exercised some restraint, slight though it was. When Cunningham suggested that Adams’s attack on Hamilton was too harsh, Adams spilled his real feelings into a letter so filled with bile that he demanded the original back with no copy taken. He did the same when Cunningham defended Hamilton’s character by citing Hamilton’s final statement, written the night before his duel. Surely a man who had spoken with such “moving tenderness of his ‘Wife and Children’” was not as depraved as Adams imagined, Cunningham wrote. Adams responded with a stream of venom intense enough to shock Cunningham and once again requested his letter back uncopied.

—  Joanne Freeman, Affairs of Honor

anonymous asked:

Even though he's too cool to admit it, Nursey secretly loves dressing up for Halloween, so when Bitty tells the whole team they're not invited to the party unless they dress up, he's like "well I guesssss I have to then" but goes all out on makeup and even makes part of his costume. Then he totally chirps Dex for putting in the bare minimum of effort on his costume - "bro if you gotta do it you might as well lean into it" but of course secretly he things Dex's alien antennae are totes adorbs

Nursey is fucking dweeb!!! A CERTIFIED DWEEB. Like the biggest I’ve ever seen! And this headcanon fits with that perfect, Nonnie. I feel like Nurseys family always has a huge fucking Halloween? Like they’re that house that gives out king size Hershey bars and has a haunted house and a popcorn machine (I used to live in a place that had that One Street where everyone went over the fucking top) so he gets SUPER fucking excited in like August and starts to plan out his costume- he’s the one that stitches up the whole thing. He is Capatin America one year and he made the shield and the whole suit and it HIGH QUALITY man, everyone is super impressed when he rolls by the Haus with it. And Dex has his fucking alien costume and Nursey teases him but the whole night he can’t stop thinking about how hot Dex is and he isn’t even trying (I think I’ve mentioned that Nursey takes forever to do his hair and is, in general, a person that tries hard to do everything but like is nonchalant about it) and Nursey is so obvious about his crush the whole fucking night so much so that Chowders like “if you’re not going to kiss him then chill”. And Nursey is floored by 1) chowder was sassing him and using his own term against him and 2) he did not realize how obvious he was being. I just have a lot of feelings about the Haus on Halloween and specifically the Frogs. Thank you for sending this!!! Feel free to send more!!

STEAM  (new fanfic story)

Here is my latest little fic. It’s a bit fluffy and slightly steamy. 

I had fun assembling the image to go with it. I hope you like it. Please check out my other fics as well and leave comments/reblog if you dig. 

You can read the whole thing below the fold or here on AO3. It’s an M, but not an E. 

Starling City wasn’t big like Gotham, but it was sizable enough that Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak both registered surprise when they crossed paths on the street on a Saturday morning. They saw each other every day at the office and most evenings in the Lair, but on weekends, at least weekend days, Team Arrow went their separate ways. While Digg sunk deeply into domestic bliss with the soon-to-be mother of his child, Felicity repeated simple rituals that grounded her and made her happy. She ran errands and tried to spoil herself a little.

Felicity made eye contact with Oliver just as he emerged from a doorway, carrying a small bag emblazoned with the logo of the phone store he had just exited.

“Oliver!” Felicity blurted out. It was a cool fall day and his broad shoulders filled out a charcoal jacket magnificently. She would have admired him thoroughly if she hadn’t been so dazzled by the look of him in the outdoors, in October sunlight.

“Hello,” his warm smile descended as he drew closer. Her face was familiar and, well, his favorite. The young woman was dressed in a blue sleeveless blouse over grey yoga pants and black kitten heels.

“You’re cold, Felicity.” Oliver reached out to cover her hands, which were protecting her exposed arms from the cool air.  

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“My mind went white and even now the reality hasn’t sunk in” - Masahiro Sakurai

In a recent article in Famitsu, most notably, in Sakurai’s column, Sakurai-san talks about the passing of Satoru Iwata:  

Posted by Kotaku, he summarises his ‘best superior’ and ‘a man who understood me better than anyone’ in five sentences, elaborating his reasons further.

He was a man of virtue.  

“Where a normal person would get annoyed or angry, he would never show such emotions and would instead analyze, organize, and offer ideas. He was someone who could bow his head and apologize for things that weren’t his fault. I often worried about his stress levels, but he always talked with a smile.”

He had a brilliant mind. 

“Even when people would talk at length or without focus he was able to quickly say, “so, what you’re trying to say is…” and quickly summarize their point. He was able to see to the heart of people and things and was a master of simplifying them so that anyone could understand their point. He could immediately make a call on changes to improve. I have no doubt that many people were saved by this quality.”

He was a man of effort.

“Even though he didn’t start out in the managing field, he read numerous management books, he would ask for advice from the necessary people that he would take to heart, and managed to become the president of Nintendo. What he gained from his years as a programmer allowed him to take many long-term projects to successful fruition.”

He was open and generous. 

“Things like his Iwata Asks, and Nintendo Direct weren’t things that necessarily required the president of Nintendo to stand at the front and do. There was always the risk of frivolous criticism. And yet, by being the spokesperson, I believe he showed the importance of properly conveying a message to his audience.”

He was empathetic. 

“After he became the president of Nintendo, he would write emails to all employees to communicate and as hard as it was, took a stance to try to treat everyone as equals. He would often ask third parties to see how people were doing. As an individual, he had no self-righteous qualities.”

Sakurai then goes onto recall his last past memory with Mr Iwata. 

Sakurai was a really close person to Iwata, as noted from this article. As you may know, Sakurai was mentored under Iwata back in the HAL days. They both also formed the basis of the game ‘Super Smash Bros.’. Iwata also approached Sakurai in 2006 to make Brawl and later on, to direct Kid Icarus: Uprising

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The First Day I Met Chris Colfer..

A lovely anon asked me to write Chris meeting Darren on set, being a Starkid fan and all awkward. I hope it’s something like what you wanted. ~1,805 words.

Darren was led to the to a room inside the large gray building.

So this is where they come up with all the ideas for Glee.’ he thought to himself. ‘Wow.

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Healer’s Guide to Dating - Jealousy Management

Sometimes I really think that the only reason why JH wants to spirit YS away to that uninhabited island of his, is because he is jealous of every single man who dares to come near her within 3 metres distance. I suspect that even a dog of male sex wouldn’t be spared. Frankly, if looks could kill, there would be two more corpses in the Seoul morgue today and SomeDay News would be in need of a new owner and a spy. Fortunately for them, murder is against Healer’s policy. Still, I wouldn’t tempt him fate if I were them.

To say that JH has a complicated love life would be the understatement of the century plus he isn’t exactly a master lover. He tends to stumble just at the mere mention of kisses and the actual kissing business causes him heart palpitations. But do not despair because his trusty uncle is there to help his inexperienced nephew in getting laid (my mind’s in a gutter). It’s so understandable that the ever-observant MH would notice JH’s interest in YS - when a man tends to end every second sentence with words like “Young Shin” or “I will protect Young Shin”, it doesn’t take an investigative journalist to figure out the epic level of his crush. So while using the pretext of the interview he is actually PLAYING A MATCHMAKER! MH is purposely baiting JH the whole time and later, he even arranges more quality time for him with YS. MH was never supposed to be the third wheel of the love triangle, instead he’s become a YS&JH fanboy! BEST THING EVER! Awwww, the sideway glances and knowing smiles he keeps giving JH - there is no doubt that MH is going down with this ship, too!

MY FEELS! The look YS and JH exchange after she enters! Spy, it isn’t the first time you’ve cockblocked my OTP! Let me give you a friendly reminder - be careful because people have died in this show for less!

Knock, Knock Ch. 9: Hoist the Colors

I’m finally feeling better again! So I gift to you this happy chapter of Knock, Knock, complete with a goofy header. Sure this chapter doesn’t have the True Love payoff of “Firebird” or the cheerful reunion of “Last Rites” … but it also doesn’t have the gut wrenching pain of those episodes either! Soooo, enjoy some swashbuckling adventures.

(And to thank you all for your patience while I was sick, I’m going to try to get the next chapter up by Friday and at least 2 follower appreciation fics before the finale.)

Catch up on tumblr:
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She’d agreed way too fast. She should have let him sweat it out, should have tried to bargain for something, just tried to look a little less desperately eager.

(Shoulda, coulda, woulda.)

But, no, she’d agreed before he’d even asked and she wasn’t the least bit sorry for it.

Well she hadn’t been, anyway, until she realized exactly what she was getting herself into.

“What do you mean, we need to go to the costume shop? Pirate hat. Right here.” Emma pleaded, not looking to rom-com up her life with a changing room montage (and also not looking to max out a credit card on rayon and spandex she’d wear all of once in her life).

“Emma, do I strike you as the type to do anything halfway? This isn’t just a throw on a hat and say arrrggh a lot kind of performance here. I’m going to need 100 percent dedication from you to make it really work.” Oh, of course. Mister Perfect had to slip and be a stereotypical guy once in a while, right?

“From me? Isn’t this your business we’re talking about?”

“Of course, love, but I need to test out the atmosphere and see if hiring actors is the best option. I need to really sell the experience for everyone, and while I’m not a poor man by any means, I don’t have unlimited capital. So I need you and Will to live up to your names and be my Will and Swann until I can figure out if I need to hire real ones. Savvy?”

“I’m guessing that makes you Jack then?”

“Gives me an excuse to drink on the job, right?” He waggled his eyebrows and wiggled his hips and when he recognized her entire lack of amusement, he bowed his head in apology. “Kidding.”

“You won’t see me getting on a boat with you if you have a drink in your hand, captain.”

“I assure you milady,” he said with a gallant bow. “The only drink in my hand will be coffee. And a lot of it, actually. As we start somewhat… early.”

Once again, it may have benefitted her to pause three seconds before agreeing to this whole stand-in actress deal, if only just to get all the actual facts. “Early? I assumed it was a nighttime deal.”

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anonymous asked:

I've just started reading Civil War, and I'm really baffled by the fact that Peter acts like and is treated like a teenager, despite the fact that he is an adult and married to MJ. I'm pretty much pretending Peter IS a teenager at this point, otherwise I've got weird cognitive dissonance things going on.

I don’t think that’s really a crazy thing to do, Anon. I mean, we can talk about Peter’s relationship to Tony, and how he’s clearly looking to Tony to be a new surrogate Uncle Ben, but that really only takes us so far – and the whole thing is rather out of character for Tony anyway. Not that he hasn’t had mentorship moments with various people, but honestly, Tony’s never really had a sidekick or shown any interest in active mentorship – even Rhodey, who both was Iron Man and is War Machine/Iron Patriot, was always more of a peer (technically an employee, but boy did they spend a lot of time in towels together for an employer/employee relationship).  

scifigrl47 has often said this, and I agree, that regardless of the quality of the story, Peter is the heart of Civil War as written. He’s the audience POV character more than anyone else. Steve and Tony don’t have arcs, not really; they each have a moment (Steve when he’s about to kill Tony, Tony after Steve has “died”) when their worldview shifts, but Peter is the one with the actual journey. He’s the one who experiences the real epiphany after visiting the creepy negative zone Gitmo setup, and then has to extract himself and his family from the terrible situation he’s gotten into. 

And because he has to both realize he’s on the wrong side and then come into the right side, he has to be a bit wide-eyed and young, naive and easily manipulated. By Tony, yes, who I think does it deliberately, but also by Steve, who I think a) knows how useful Peter will be and b) desperately needs Peter’s childlike admiration, because it validates his choices. Steve is fully capable of planting himself like a tree beside the river of truth and saying “No, you move” – but it’s nice to be able to heroically narrate himself doing it to someone who will support that decision. 

So yeah, I think we get a bit of regression on Peter – but I think that’s also understandable, that they chose Peter as that person. Peter spent like thirty years in high school, after all, and in a lot of canons, he still is.