but quality man so things are evened out


♤ pretty ludeer
♤ not even kidding
♤ how does he manage
♤ like with a full face of makeup i’ll never be that pretty
♤ that’s it i accepted my fate i’m so done right now
♤ crying because hOW ARE YOU
♤ natural beauty
♤ please just let me live
♤ when luhan wears makeup the world cries
♤ cough miss universe cough luhan cough 

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♤ luhan + xiaotong = cUTE COUPLE
♤ legit visual couple
♤ hella visual couple
♤ i’m not even gonna say he’s as pretty as her bc comparing isn’t nice
♤ also damn he got a nice girly she’s so nice :)))
♤ bitch i swear he’s finally happy now
♤ this boy like
♤ also he’s a cutie okay

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♤ and you can call me stupid or young or whatever but
♤ hunhan was one of the biggest blessings the world has been given
♤ like yeah it might not be your thing BUT
♤ it’s cute
♤ and it’s true
♤ fucking cute
♤ they look like avocados on toast which is minseok THREESOME
♤ they’re on minseok and i’m done this part i’m so done

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♤ he’s so pretty
♤ why 
♤ how
♤ confusing
♤ why is he so just
♤ H OW
♤ honestly how are
♤ i have no words
♤ he’s so fucking pretty that can’t i properly spell
♤ bitch how let me be as pRETTY AS YOU

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♤ i think that luhan + tao interactions are the softest
♤ like commenting for birthdays
♤ cute
♤ how cute
♤ tbh luhan looks cute w anyone
♤ esp yixing
♤ he and yixing
♤ don’t you fucking say layhan is dead
♤ it isn’t and you know it okay

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♤ how does he manage to be so cute
♤ i know you’ve heard this 190382094810948109 times but hear me out
♤ dude that’s beautiful
♤ okay also all exo members are beautiful kids but
♤ this kid in particular
♤ w ow
♤ let me be as pretty as him
♤ please
♤ my only wish
♤ in life is to be beautiful as luhan

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♤ i swear luhan can be shipped w anyone
♤ anyone in exo
♤ anyone in bts
♤ anyone in got7
♤ idc he’s just 
♤ also xiuhan anyone?????
♤ it’s the softest thing ever
♤ crying they’re so cute
♤ cries
♤ i like watching luhan be pervy and m and minseok brings out those qualities

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♤ luhan is everyone’s ot12 biaswrecker
♤ could you fucking not
♤ also luhan was everyone’s first bias
♤ stop it lu
♤ it’s true though
♤ how could you not like this mAN
♤ not even gonna make manly jokes bc i’m not eight anymore
♤ fucking stop it stop stop stop it
♤ sometimes i feel pissed bc sTOP 

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♤ this fucker never ages
♤ i swear
♤ like y’all talking abt sehun growing up too fast
♤ and i’m just here like
♤ nope sorry can’t relate
♤ like bITCH STOP
♤ luhan just makes me angry
♤ all the time
♤ talking about him nope it’ll piss me off bc i can’t make fun of him

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♤ i feel like luhan and ot12 memories triggers a lot of people
♤ so i won’t touch on that for the sake of your sad eye tears
♤ but i’ll just say that luhan in miracles in december made my mum cry
♤ that’s how sad everyone is
♤ also i’m sad bc he derps like a lot ??????
♤ looks like whenever he meets up with yixing it’s like yo u got the drugs man ??
♤ jfc i swear he’ll eventually be like YIXING SOLD ME DRUGS
♤ everyone in exo is on yixing’s drugs okay luhan was the first victim
♤ anyways all in all luhan is perfect end of story
♤ i just wrote about my first biaswrecker uggggggggggggggg

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leela why would they upload that video

-an excuse to watch each other lick things on cam and make more sexual jokes
-phil continues to show he gives no shits about any so-called quality threshold for their videos and drags dan out of his wannabe artsy bubble
-an excuse to show dapg audiences and obnoxious mainstream tween nintendo fanboy audiences that they co-own even their aprons (dan: “why do *we* own this?”) including one emblazoned w a mans glistening abs, just to make all of them uncomfortable in their heteronormativity
-they want to make that sweet ca$h bc they’re savin up for The Move and The Dog
-dan lost a bet
-phil lost a bet
-they both lost a bet
-they hate us

Do you believe me?

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Hi can u pls pls do some angst&fluff with savitar!barryxreader but takes place before barrys timeremnant decided to become savitar? Where reader is the only one who care for him n they become close n slowly having a relationship against all odds. But this barry is insecure cuz of his disfigured face. Reader finally get her man even if hes not the original. Hes better cuz he chose to be with her. Insecurity on both side. Pls do this.

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Authors Note: (I changed it up a bit so I could split it into two parts :)) Okay so here is some angsty Savitar!Barry x reader. So like I have said, I am still fairly new to the whole fic writing thing but I am trying my very hardest to put out quality content for all you awesome nerds. So with that said, on with the story!

Word Count: 920

Warnings: the word shit

Iris had died 3 years ago and Barry Allen was still trying to go back in time to save her. Over and over again it happened each day, the team would wait. I would wait for him to come back. Each time he did, he came back looking so much worse than when he went back. One day, I decided to confront him about it. 

He had just opened his portal and I ran from the cortex down to the portal room. I saw Barry standing in a corner bent over a bar and he sounded like he was crying. I started towards him preparing to comfort him. “Bar-” I began as I was interrupted by another body flying through the open portal. The body slammed into me and we were both thrown to the ground, whoever came through, crushing me. It has to be Iris, no way anyone else is dumb enough to follow a speedster through that thing. I thought. The weight was lifted from on top of me, Thank God, and I slowly opened my eyes to see not one Barry, but two of them standing over me. 

“What the hell?” I muttered aloud. “Y/N?” The ‘new’ Barry asked. “That’s my name,” I said standing up and brushing myself off, “Don’t wear it out.” ‘New’ Barry smirked at me and our Barry just glared at him. “Who the hell are you?” He asked. “You’re a time remnant aren’t you?” I asked. Our Barry seemed to have suddenly remembered he could do that, and heaved a sigh. He looked at ‘new’ Barry and then at me with a sad look. “Oh my god Barry, you can’t be thinking what I think you are.” I said. “Well?” He asked. “No. No! You are not going to just kill him!” I shouted and grabbed ‘new’ Barry’s arm and pulled him towards me. “Barry!” Cisco yelled from the doorway. Both turned to face him. “No no, uh, dude you need a new name.” Cisco said to ‘new’ Barry. “Call me Bart I guess.” Bart said. Cisco nodded and turned to Barry. “Meta attack on 17th and Parkhill, it’s pretty bad.” Barry nodded and turned to me. “Suit up Y/N,” and he turned to Bart, “and you stay here.” I nodded and walked over to my suit. “Wait what powers do you have?” Bart asked me. “Mystokenisis.” I smiled as he looked confused. “It’s basically magic. Now please stay here, Barry gets really pissy when you don’t do as told. I don’t want you in the crossfire.” I said and he nodded and walked into the cortex. “Ready?” Barry asked as I walked out with my suit on. “As I’ll ever be.” I said and he ran to the crime scene as I flew close behind.

“Barry! I’m not gonna make it out of here without some help, and you and I both know you’re too busy to come here. Let him help!” I screamed into my earpiece. Before Barry even had the chance to respond, Bart was here in a suit-Barry’s old suit- and was helping me hold the steel beam of the building. “Fine.” Barry said and Bart gave a quick thanks to Barry. Bart held up the bar as I used my powers to try and weld it back together. I thought it was stable and told Bart he could go back to Star Labs and he ran back. 

After a bit more punching kicking, getting punched and kicked, I turned to Barry. “Bar, we aren’t going to beat them today, we have to go back.” He looked at me and with sad eyes, he nodded and threw one last punch at the meta he was fighting and turned towards Star Labs. He turned to look at me before he ran and as he did, his eyes went wide. “Y/N! Watch out!” He yelled as he ran to me. That was the last thing I remember before I felt a sharp pain in my back and I passed out. 

I woke up in the med bay to shouting in the cortex. “You shouldn’t have left her there by herself!” Bart screamed. “She wasn’t alone I was right next to her!” Barry yelled. Bart and Barry looked at each other with the same look of fury in their eyes. Bart stood up and said, “If you were right next to her she wouldn’t have gotten shot. You should have been there for her. You should have been faster.” After I decided I had heard enough, I sat up and tried to get out of the bed. I pushed myself off the side and when I realized I couldn’t feel my legs, it was too late. I fell face first on the ground and yelled, “Shit!” as the team ran in to help me. Bart was the first to reach me and he picked me up and sat me back on the bed. He looked at my face and saw I had a couple of tears that were streaming down my face. “Hey, hey its gonna be okay. The paralysis isn’t permanent, it’ll be gone in a couple of days okay?” He looked at me and wiped away my tears. “Thank you.” I whispered as I wrapped my arms around his neck in a hug. He rubbed my back and whispered, “Everything is going to be okay. Do you believe that?” I pulled away from him and whispered, “I do.” He smiled and wrapped me in another hug. 

Part two is coming soon, if you have any ideas, please send requests! :)

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totally missed your summer of mutual pining request yesterday but i was just curious what moment is there when viktor realizes how content just being surrounded by yuuri makes him feel? like he's just so warm and wondering how he's been breathing all his life without this newfound thing in this heart (it's simultaneously calming and exhilarating) and he's approximately an inch away from falling completely in love with this man

Every day is Summer of Mutual Pining day on this blog for the record *_*

So @mixedbird and I were screaming about this yesterday, but: sometimes Yuuri’s overthinking just shorts out. Critical Anxiety Failure: Please Reboot. And in those moments he just grabs what he wants, without thinking. He touches your hair. He dances with a sparkler in each hand. He says something without passing it through the multiple quality filters in his head, even if he looks horrified a second later.

Victor hears, from more than one person, that Yuuri was never someone who sought out touch. To care about him was to hold yourself at safe distance, close enough to be there but far enough away that he wouldn’t run.

Yuuri’s trajectory was incremental enough to escape notice, unless you were someone who made a study of Yuuri Katsuki. Eventually, often enough to be a pattern, he sits close enough to Victor to bump shoulders, or brush legs, to lean a little if he’s tired enough - to have an escape route but still feel that pressure. And Victor just kind of sits there in a mix of ‘!!!!!!’ and ‘please don’t let me breathe wrong’ and ‘whatever I did right I need to do it every day,’ even reconciling himself to the fact that the second someone walks in, the spell is going to be broken.

And the first day someone walks in and Yuuri doesn’t flinch away, or even notice anyone watching them? It’s like the best hard fall he’s ever had.


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Before I announce them though, I want to say that the fact you participated is really winning in the end. I know that sounds like a terrible cliche, but honestly, these events are meant to encourage people to get creative and to put themselves out there. If you tried, you win in our book. Trust me on that. Us Mods were all blown away by the sheer amount of content and quality of this week’s entries. You all deserve a cake and a (gentle) hug from Caboose. 

We had a record number of people vote this round too: 97 people man! 97! Holy cow! So rest assured, even if you aren’t a winner chances are someone out there liked your work and let us know it. 

Okay, onto the results.



Five things Wash wouldn’t do for his team and one thing he would by @whimsical-writer


Old Yeller Lived Here by @zalia


This Pale Shade of Blue by @meteoratdusk


Numbers are a Pain by @primtheamazing. 



Guess That First Date Isn’t Happening by @artsyorangeykay


Cyborg Vision by @novarcade


Too Late by @captainkonot

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Congratulations to our winners and those who participated. 

First of all, I apologize for the really low quality picture, but for some reason my computer won’t take screenshots and I wanted to point out two things that bother me about the thumbnail for Mark’s Run Rooms video.

First of all, that red thing in the background… Doesn’t it resemble the Red Man? Some people think that the Red Man has something to do with Darkiplier (or even is Darkiplier) and so I began to think that this might mean something.

Second of all, the figure is surrounded by blue. It may just be to show that the figure is there, but then again, why would they choose a red figure in the first place if it didn’t mean something? And who does that blue remind you of?

I’d say Darkiplier.

The last thing I noticed was that Mark, in the thumbnail, is wearing a suit. It may seem irrelevant at first glance, but paired together with the Red Man and the blue surrounding it, it makes me feel that something is up.

Perhaps we’ll be seeing more of Dark soon?

That time in The Witcher 3 where Dandelion gets Geralt to pretend to be a robber so Dandelion can swoop in and save a woman is… so… CUTE?!

Just. Geralt of Rivia. One of the best swordfighters in the world, superhuman reflexes, etc etc

and DANDELION. Bard. Never won afight in his life.

And he’s just like “Come ooon buddy :D”
And Geralt is like “Ugh, fine

And then Geralt just… Has to pretend like “Oh nooo! I cannot defeat him!” while probably in his head being like ‘Careful now, don’t move too fast, don’t hurt him’ because lbr he could easily kill him even with that fake sword

And Dandelion has just total 100% trust that, yeah, this terrifying witcher man will let himself be defeated, he’s a right bro.


Okay Thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming



2. Legit though, I may have been flailing for her entire scene and I love Pepper Potts and this made me so fucking happy

3. I love Michelle, I love what they did with her and how interesting the character is. She didn’t have that many lines, but then ones she had were gold, and I love her. I’m also relatively sure that she knows Peter is Spider-Man and she’s just going to mess with him about it. 

4. I love Tony in the father role, and honestly, I love the amount of development he’s getting here, and how he’s doing his best to mentor Tony and even though there are things he could do better (more productive communication, and giving Peter the attention Peter very clearly needs), he’s trying and he’s putting in the effort not to be like his dad, and he’s also not shying away from making that comparison about his dad out loud to Peter and that actually means a lot because it means he’s not denying the role he’s taken on 

5. I like what they did with Liz, and the parallels to Gwen Stacy, with the whole father is Spider-Man’s enemy (in a completely different way but still) thing. I like Liz as a character too. I like that they made her a character and not just Love Interest. She had things she wanted to acomplish. 

6. I was so happy that Mason finally got to use the thing he had been working on for so long. like you go dude. it fucked some shit up, but hey, you achieved your goal there. 

7. and speaking of bad guys there, I like Vulture, and I like that Vulture chose to give Peter that chance to just go in and enjoy the dance, because from the very start of the movie, he wanted to do the best he could to provide for his daughter. he was a character I could root for, even with the fact that he was a bad guy. also, I like that Peter didn’t kill him. He wouldn’t do that to Liz.

8. also I think this movie talked way more about accountability than Civil War ever did, and I’m so glad that they are. we see the Damage Control department there and the fact that there actually is something out there in charge of fixing the shit that gets broken, and keeping the alien stuff away from people. I am really really really glad they showed that. 

9. all of their characters felt like characters and not just roles. Peter. May. Flash. Michelle. Liz. Vulture. Tony. Everyone felt like characters. Everyone had something they wanted to acomplish. 

10. the lego death star. tbh, flashback to me and my best friend at 14, or you know, now at 24, building legos all night while doing other shit too. that’s so realistic I love it. 

11. the Cap PSAs. they are so unlike Cap and I love them, and tbh, maybe if he was forced to sit down and watch all of them again he would learn that yeah, fucking patience is important you dumbass. (don’t get me wrong, I like Cap, but he could really learn to take his own advice)

12. still swooning over Pepper Potts here

13. I like that they took the chance to develop the world more too. We went back to things that happened in past movies. Avengers. Iron Man. Civil War. And we added in new details. Peter didn’t really know what he was fighting about in Civil War, and Tony didn’t give him much details. Yes, they did do damage control in Avengers, and yes, this is what happened to some of that tech. Same with Age of Ultron, they mentioned where they got some of it. Happy has been carrying that ring since the first Iron Man. It was a lot of casual development, the way world building should be. 

14. Honestly, it was really really nice to see a marvel movie that didn’t feel like they shoved way too many plots into one movie. they managed to properly develop the characters without feeling like it was too much. things weren’t slipping through the cracks. I can’t remember the last time I watched a marvel  movie that wasn’t throwing in so many new characters that it kind of didn’t make any of them stand out? I don’t know. It’s been awhile. Maybe Iron Man 3? Maybe Winter Soldier?

15. It was also really nice to see a superhero movie that wasn’t the end of the world. like yeah, okay, it’s nice when they save the whole world. but there’s only so many times I can watch that. I like this street level stuff. he’s not at save the whole world. he’s not overpowered. not yet. at this point, most of the Avengers are powerful enough that they don’t struggle with these kind of things and it’s not a challenge for them unless it’s crazy. and I’m growing bored of it. Spider-Man is different and he picked a cause to fight for. His neighborhood. He had a motive and he used it. He talked to people. He was clear in what he was fighting for. And it makes him care more about damage control too. He went and saved the guy at the deli, and the cat. would the other heroes have bothered with that? 

16. that thing where he tried to sew a boat together? that was like really epic, and awesome

17. Aunt May is kind of a dork

18. Peter actually learned his lesson about taking on too many things at once. It was nice. 

19. Even in prison, Vulture isn’t telling people who Peter is. I admire that. 


21. oh and also the quality of the acting in the scene where Peter finds out that Vulture is Liz’s dad??? A+++++ that was good

22. Also, I was not expecting that twist so A+ on that one too

The Party

The Party

Requested by @angelsdeadromance ;

Hi, could I request a Steve x female reader, where its her birthday? Steve wanted to throw a quiet party but Tony doesn’t agree and throws a huge party, which bothers steve until he sees how happy she is. Thanks :) It’s my birthday today!

Author’s note: I hope you had wonderful birthday!

Contains mentions of food, Steve Rogers and general fluff :)

Steven Grant Rogers sat somewhere towards the edge of Central Park, watching the blades of grass dance in the wind as he twirled a pencil between his fingers pondering how best to capture them on his blank page. He had been seated on the uncomfortable wooden bench for just over an hour now, trying to avoid thinking about the one and only thing he could think about; you.

Or, more specifically, your birthday party.

You had told him with a small smile that you didn’t care about having a party, but the look in your eyes had betrayed your words and Steve had known you were lying. For the past week he had been trying to figure out what to do. He wanted you to be happy, and if having a party would make you happy then he would be the first to run to the store and buy plastic cups, or climb ladders to hang banners and disco lights. He would also have been the first to plan it all, if he’d only had the faintest clue how to. He had never been a party animal back before he went under the ice, and even now he still wasn’t 100% sure what made a good party. Was it the music or the lighting? The theme or the guest list?

Steve shook his head and began sketching the scene in front of him, taking extra care not to press too hard with his pencil. He had a tendency to snap them, which meant you were constantly writing lists with half a pencil, mumbling under your breath about splinters with a small smirk playing across your lips. Steve smiled at the thought of you, and thought not for the first time about how lucky he was to have you in his life. He shook his head as he thought about all the little things about you that irritated him; you never used up a tube of toothpaste, you never went out and got more bread after you’d finished a loaf, he wasn’t sure if you even knew how to tell the time you were so late for everything, and most importantly you had a lot more faith in him than he deserved. If those were your worst qualities, then Steve was truly a lucky man.

With a sigh, Steve set down his pencil. You would probably only want a small gathering of friends and family. Surely that wouldn’t be so hard to arrange?


Sam walked through the halls of the compound, humming to himself gently as he stepped in time to the music leaking through his headphones. The sun shone through the tall, immaculate windows and cast odd shadows on the ground around him as he moved. Tuesday was always a good day, because Tuesday was the day where no one got to tell Sam what to do. There was no mandatory training, no background research or infiltration of secret organisations; it was just him and his music. This Tuesday Sam felt tired of the confining open spaces within the compound and roamed the halls looking for someone, anyone, to talk to.

When he heard a crash come from the kitchen, he looked at his watch and smirked. 13:05. He knew exactly who was in there. Sam crept into the doorway and set his headphones around his neck, smirking at the scene before him.

“Right,” You said with a smile, addressing your class of two “who can tell me what this is?”

You slid a photograph onto the kitchen island your small group had congregated around and folded your arms, regarding them with a quirked eyebrow and an amused smile. The two were silent, all of you unaware of Sam’s lurking presence. “Scott?” You prompted

Scott itched the back of his neck and exhaled “A muffin?”

You made an impassive noise and inclined your head to Bucky, who Sam had never seen look quite so nervous. “Buck?”

He licked his lips and looked at you with hesitant eyes “Fairy cakes?”

You let out a burst of gleeful laughter and jumped into the air, clapping your hands in joy. “Yes! See, Barnes, I told you you were better than you thought. So that’s what we’ll be making today, you guys know the drill. Put your aprons on and scrub up,”

Scott and Bucky smiled at your exuberance and walked over to the pantry to retrieve their aprons, a light spring in their step as they went. You tucked a stray strand of hair behind your ear and grabbed your apron from the counter, looping it over your head and reaching behind your back to tie it. “Nice apron,” Sam laughed, walking into the room

You looked down at yourself and smiled at the small red white and blue shield’s covering the wipe down apron you wore. “What can I say? I know what I like,”

Sam opened the fridge, searching through the lunch boxes with vaguely threatening name labels for something he could eat. A label reading ‘Property of Bucky.’ caught Sam’s eye, and with a devilish smile he took out the container and opened it to find two chicken legs. Jackpot. He took one from the container and placed it back in the fridge before closing the door. “So, how is baking club going?” He asked, biting into the leg

You smiled brightly as you tightened your pony tail. “They’re really improving; last week we made shortbread and theirs came out looking almost exactly like mine.”

“Bet you’re gonna miss it next week,” Sam chuckled

“What do you mean?”

Sam rolled his eyes “Your birthday. Please tell me you aren’t going to be hosting baking club on your birthday,”

You shook your head, but something seemed a little sad in your smile as you replied “Well, it’s not like I’ll be doing anything else.”

“You mean you’re not going out with Cap?”

You walked over to the sink and turned on the faucet, beginning to wash your hands. Sam had a feeling it was just so you could hide your face. “Not as far as I know.”

Sam opened his mouth to reply as Scott walked back into the room wearing a plain white apron and a horrified expression. “No, no, no, no, no! I am not baking in front of the judgemental pigeon here!”

You turned around, drying your hands on a towel as you rolled your eyes “Scott, there is nothing shameful in learning how to bake.”

“Yeah man, it’s not weird at all,” Sam winked, clapping him on the shoulder

Bucky walked into the room, tying his hair into a bun as he made his way over to the sink. “Oh good, Sam is here.” He said, his voice laced with sarcasm

You shook your head and opened the cupboard, your head disappearing inside as you routed around for baking trays. “Play nicely boys.” You chastised, emerging briefly to look at Sam  “Sam, if you aren’t going to bake get out of here; not everyone can handle the heat of the kitchen.”

Sam held up his hands and stepped backwards, chuckling lightly. “Oh hell no, I’m not enough of a man for this. I’ll see you guys later.”

You closed the cupboard and let the tray drop onto the counter with a clatter. “Don’t listen to him boys, I think you guys are doing great. Scott, you’ll definitely be able to make Cassie’s birthday cake this year,”

Sam smiled to himself as he walked out of the room, putting his headphones on once again and biting into his stolen chicken leg. That would teach Bucky for eating his cereal last week; revenge had never been sweet, but it did taste a great deal like chicken.


“This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done,” Steve groaned, scrolling through your facebook friends list “I mean, how am I supposed to know which ones to invite?”

Tony lifted his goggles and looked at Steve, momentarily ignoring his suit repairs. “As much as I’d love to hear who’s going to your fourth of July orgy, I think I’d rather just find out on the day.”

Steve would have rolled his eyes if he’d had the energy, but instead kept scrolling down the page. “Tony, if you were throwing Pepper a birthday party who would you invite?”

“Everyone.” Tony said without hesitation “Party isn’t a party unless it’s embarrassingly crowded.”

“And if you only wanted to invite, say, twenty people tops?”

“Then I’d call off the party and spend the money on something better; like a coupon for dairy queen.”

Steve cursed as his laptop froze and randomly jabbed at the keyboard, waiting impatiently for it to work. Tony set down his tools and made his way over, looking at the frozen number of your facebook friends. “Three hundred isn’t that many people.”

Steve gave Tony an incredulous look and shook his head, standing from his desk chair which gratefully sprung up without the burden of his weight. “How do I even start though? Should I get the catering sorted or the entertainment?”

Tony shook his head with a sigh and closed the lid of the laptop. “Look, Cap, why don’t you just leave it to me? I’ll make sure she gets a good party and you can take the credit.”

Steve frowned, a little offended. “I can’t do that if I’ve done none of the work,”

Tony waved an arm dismissively “Then you sort out the catering. Leave the rest to me and she’ll have a great birthday. You want that, right?”

Steve hesitated; it would be great if he could focus on you rather than worry about the party. After all, he couldn’t control everything. “Okay,” He agreed, shaking Tony’s hand “but nothing too big, okay?”

Tony rolled his eyes “Scouts honour, now get the hell out of my lab and go give someone a pep talk about freedom or whatever it is that you do in your spare time.”


You stumbled your way through the door, an arm around Steve’s shoulder as you laughed so hard that you struggled for breath. It had been the best birthday ever; the two of you had been to a fair and lost all of your money trying to win a Captain America teddy bear which was now slung over Steve’s shoulder. You felt a little guilty as you walked through the compound; you had had an amazing day, but you were a little upset that Steve hadn’t thrown you a party. It was totally irrational, but for some reason this year you really wanted to celebrate with everyone.

The compound was quiet as the two of you giggled and walked down the hall; everyone else had been sent on a mission early that morning. So early that they hadn’t even been able to wish you a happy birthday in person… “It’s so weird without the rest of the team here,” You whispered “I mean, is this how it would be if there was an apocalypse and only you and I survived?”

“Well, I doubt anyone could kill Sam,” Steve muttered, a smile on his face

You rolled your eyes. He had a point. As you walked you thought of how you would be spending this Thursday if it wasn’t your birthday; you’d probably be on the mission that rest of the team had been called out on. Or you would be baking with Bucky and Scott; your heart swelled with pride as you cast your mind back to Scott’s proud face last week as he presented you with a sloppily iced fairy cake. That night before just before you had gotten into bed, he had sent you a photo of Cassie smiling with the icing smeared across her face; you had smiled so much that your cheeks still ached when you woke the next morning.

It sucked that the team weren’t there, but then again that was what you had signed up for, right? There wasn’t much room for sentimentality when civilians were in danger, and you were glad about that. What kind of team would you be if you all took a day off to party when innocent people were being attacked out there?

You pushed open the door to the lounge area, and frowned at how dark it was. Usually FRIDAY turned all the lights on the minute it got dark. You looked over your shoulder to see Steve smirking slightly as he fumbled around and turned on the lights.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” A roar of voices called from behind you

You turned and gasped in awe at the sea of friends and family stood smiling at you. Brightly coloured streamers and balloons littered the room, and a banner that hung from the ceiling proudly proclaimed that it was your birthday. Tears swelled in your eyes as you cast your gaze around the room; Tony caught your eye from the middle of the crowd and winked, raising a glass of champagne in your direction. You whipped your head around and looked at Steve, who had the green expression of someone who was going to throw up. “You did all this for me?” You asked in awe

Steve shifted uncomfortably, looking a little less green as his skin flushed red. “I didn’t realise there would be so many people,” He muttered angrily, eyes scanning the crowd and then nervously meeting yours “do you like it?”

You cast another look over your shoulder and felt a grin consume your face. “I love it.” You said, turning and throwing your arms around him

Steve softened at your touch and let out a sigh of relief, returning your embrace warmly. “Thank you,” You whispered, planting a kiss on his cheek and breaking away

“Well, it was my idea but Tony did most of the work; I was in charge of catering” Steve said awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck

You shook your head with a smile “I don’t care, Steve. It was your idea and that’s all that matters,”

Steve chuckled, a twinkle in his eye as he grabbed your hand “Come on,” He said, pulling you through the crowd “I haven’t shown you the best bit.”

You smiled and nodded hello’s at people as Steve dragged you through the crowd, your favourite music playing in the background. After what seemed like an eternity Steve pulled you to an abrupt stop in front of the food table, and at first you had no idea what was so great about it other than the fact that it was full of food. Then, with a small gasp, you looked up to see Scott and Bucky stood behind the table wearing aprons and smug grins. “You did this?” You asked, awestricken at the table of baked goods in front of you

The boys nodded, grinning uncontrollably. “It took us hours, and I nearly gave up twice.” Scott said, picking up a cookie and biting it “But I think it worked out okay in the end,”

Bucky smirked “Well, only because I pulled this punk into line,”

Sam appeared behind the two of them and grinned, throwing an arm over each of their shoulders “Actually, I think you’ll find it’s because I offered you guys a lot of moral support,”

Bucky rolled his eyes “All you did was throw chocolate chips at us and eat everything.”

“Don’t question my methods.”

You laughed and shook your head “You guys, this is amazing; I think I’ve taught you all I can.”

Scott and Bucky’s faces fell and they exchanged a panicked look. “There’s a lot of stuff that went wrong in the kitchen,” Bucky said quickly

“Yeah, and I’m pretty sure I forgot to sift the flour on these cakes,” Scott said, gesturing wildly across the table

“Not to mention the fact that we didn’t preheat the oven.”

You and Steve exchanged a look and smirked “Well…” You drawled, keeping them in suspense for a moment  “if that’s the case then I suppose we should keep baking every Tuesday until it’s drilled into the pair of you,”

They feigned disinterest, slight smiles still on their faces. “Well, if you’re sure,” Bucky said

“Personally I think we did a good enough job, but it’s your call,” Scott added

You rolled your eyes and picked up a cake as you started to back away “Great job, boys.”

The night went on until it was technically morning and everyone was having too good a time to leave. You danced and laughed and eat so many cakes you were nearly sick; all good signs of an excellent birthday party. When everyone had finally left and the members of the team who weren’t passed out on the couch found their way to bed, you stood in Steve’s arms with a grin on your face. “You know what the best part was?” You said quietly, looking out onto the chaos left over from it all

“What’s that?”

You smiled “That you got the most important part right; you got Scott and Bucky to do the catering.”

Steve blushed as you turned in his arms to face him. “Well, I know how much your baking class means to you, and they’ve improved so much since the first week.”

You yawned, falling gently against his chest with a sleepy smile, wondering how you got so lucky as to end up with such a sweet man. “Happy birthday,” Steve whispered, kissing the top of your head

It had been the best birthday ever; you sure as hell couldn’t wait for next year.

(Another request written by @toastburninglucy​ love this. Lucy has been such a helping hand for this blog, I couldn’t ask for a better writer. To have someone and others be so helpful and supportive of me, it’s amazing! - Rosalee)

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Some Gil head canons bc I adore this boy!!

- Despite being “the muscle”, Gil has very careful hands

- He collects the ceramic animals from red rose tea boxes and is baffled that they get tossed by Auradon

- Is actually very intuitive about why things happen (as long as its not about people)

- Cant read the atmosphere for his life

- Is actually v lonely and feels like the odd man out a lot

- Just wants to do things right but has trouble realizing expectations

- Good at fixing things. Like surprisingly good

- Doesnt share important observations unless asked first since he thinks that everyone else already noticed

- Likes making crafty things but isnt very good at it (theyre good quality but my god theyre ugly)

- Is learning how to play the harmonica even though everyone else is like ??? Why??

The reaching hand

Ok, didn’t notice it at first (the second time neither), but there’s this thing between the Earl + Neah and Allen + (angel, savior of us all sinners) Johnny.

Neah reaches for the (poor confused baby, I feel you) Earl, but doesn’t get near him, doesn’t go to him to take his hand and plea. Probably can’t and won’t because of reason (whY, I NEED TO KNOW, PLEASe!  —> Peter Capaldi 12th doctor broken voice). Like Neah Reasons™. So, Anyway.  


Not Johnny Gill. Johnny Gill doesn’t give a fuck about physics and that shit, doesn’t care he’s about to be omelette incarnate (horrible Tyki pun, sue me).

Allen is back. He’s back and he’s falling. 

Johnny Gill, scientist extraordinaire, doesn’t give a flying fuck he’s on whatever floor, doesn’t care he won’t survive the fall because science and feels.

Johnny Gill has more balls and reaction speed than a Crow and a Noah (seriously, science > noah powers + strange magic) both because he got no time for all that drama. Seriously, people, what the fuck.

Allen is FALLING!
He’s heard him
and came back!  (don’t get me started on how I’m feeling right now, the fucking rainstorm out of the window doesn’t compare to my tears)

Allen is back and he’s falling. Allen’s back, and he’s reaching for Johnny.

Johnny badass Gill will get to him and fall and take his hand even if it’s the last thing he does.

(Nice save Allen)

Having such a chill fucking time. Bubble bar bath, facemask, a damn good chill playlist

Undertaker - Fun and Games

Undertaker - Prompt #58 and #94: “You look cute with a baby bump” and “Ow! Ow! Stop hitting me!” 

Request for @1967-impala-dreams. Written by Moxxii.

Warnings - Fluff? Idk

Word Count - 673 words.

Originally posted by hiitsmekevin

Finally, a normal night in with your fiancee, Mark, more commonly known as - The Undertaker. Recently he’d been so busy with RAW; trying to increase their ratings and it meant that you and him had barely any alone time together. But tonight it was just you two - well three if you count the tiny baby growing in your stomach that he was currently unaware of. For the past few weeks you had been wearing baggy jumpers to hide the ever growing baby bump that had begin to form - and luckily he hadn’t noticed or pointed it out. You wanted to surprise him in some sort of cute way you hadn’t quite figured out yet

But tonight you were so glad that you once again got to spend some quality time with your man just watching movies and eating food - this whole pregnancy thing was a shit tonne of effort! Well you thought it was going to be peaceful, but for some reason your often docile fiancee was being extremely energetic; tickling your sides and play wrestling with you on the bed. Which would’ve been fine if you weren’t so lethargic from the hours of flights and lack of sleep due to the baby. But even him being slightly more excitable than you fancied wasn’t going to prevent you having a good night in.

However, being a wrestler yourself you were used to the playful pins, hits and bumps Mark would give you and they wouldn’t normally affect you at all, but with him being in that sort of playful mood and you being at a crucial mark in your pregnancy you knew that it was tonight you were going to have to tell him - but that sort of slipped your mind once you had started watching films; encased lovingly in your mans arms. 

You were snuggled up in between Mark’s arms when suddenly he started to jab your sides in order to tickle you laughing manically , as giggles bubbled from your lips and they continued as he started placing mock slaps across your arms and legs. You reciprocated with your own chops across his muscular, tattooed arms and chest. It was all fun and games still he grabbed you off of the bed by slinging you over his shoulder and you knew exactly what was coming - a mock chokeslam. He gripped you softly by your throat as he put you in the chokeslam position and slapped you not to harshly but hard enough for the slightest twinge of pain to shoot through your back. You panicked knowing the chokeslam was next and a jumble of words fell from your lips  “Ow! Ow! Stop hitting me!” you screamed. His hand instantly moved away from your neck and worry embraced every inch of his face.

“Shit, Y/N. I’m sorry did i hit you too hard” his hand rubbed circles where he had previously slapped.

“No, no i didn’t even hurt i just kinda didn’t want you to chokeslam me and i panicked and over reacted” you blushed. His face contorted in confusion; knowing you usually find the chokeslam hilarious. “There’s something i need to tell you” you bit your lip nervous about his reaction as his eyes widened waiting for the bombshell. “I-i’m pregnant” you stuttered a crimson blush gracing your cheeks. 

“That’s the reason for all of the baggy jumpers!” he shouted his hands instantly going to the hem of your tapout jumper, hurriedly lifting it over your head to expose your small yet prominent bump. His eyes widened as he rubbed the precious bump “you look cute with a baby bump, that’s our baby in there” in mused. “God I am so fucking lucky to have you.” He bent down and placed a kiss on your lips which you jumped into wrapping your legs round his waist “No more chokeslams baby” he chuckled as you giggled laying back down on the bed in his safe embrace.

I’m the lucky one here. You thought, smiling at the thought of your perfect little family.

A/N: Our first undertaker imagine is here! Sorry for using his real name but i couldn’t call him taker haha! Anywayyysss i also suck so bad at titles but hope you enjoy ~ Moxxii

Day 3: Public

He was formidable; a worthy adversary to be sure. But Grindelwald knew that before he ever step foot towards an actual duel with Percival Graves. Weeks of following the man from the shadows, dogging his every move, had proved two things: 1.) That Grindelwald had no chance of besting the man in a fight until he was wounded or exhausted and 2.) That Percival Graves did have a weakness even so.

Like every man who blazed brighter than history, a beacon for the years to come, he had an Achilles Heel. But it was not vanity, nor greed, nor any quality one might expect. In fact, he was almost annoyingly perfect – good through and through. No, Percival Graves had no moral weakness. 

But he was, however, quite a lonely man.

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Jonathan Byers: AKA My Underrated Son

Jonathan Byers, according to the script, is a sixteen year old boy. The eldest son of Joyce and Lonnie Byers, big brother to twelve year old Will Byers. 

Let’s talk about how this family dynamic works from the perspective of season 1. Lonnie and Joyce have divorced apparently, and while the show makes it unclear whether Lonnie left or Joyce kicked him out I do believe that it’s been said in the original manuscript that Lonnie left four years prior to the story. So let’s go back.

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anonymous asked:

Salaam alaykum, So there is this man who reached out to me in a halaal way. He has studied Islaam a lot and still is. He even studied Islaam abroad. And he really wants to get to know me so dearly by speaking to me with ofcourse my father. The qualities he has are perfect and he is exactly what I look for in a man. But I am not sure if I am ready. How do you know if you are ready for marriage? Are there a few things you can mention which are a must to know or to be capable of before marrying? X

Wa'alaikum assalam.

I have seen the pressures from brothers and sisters on here who explain how perfect you need to be in order to marry. Coming from those who are not yet married, they couldn’t possibly understand what marriage is all about. Be yourself. There is nothing more to this. There is no secret spell that will ready you for marriage, no book that will make you the perfect wife/husband, because you can only learn and fully understand marriage through your own experience. If this man brings calm to your soul, that is enough. If you are ready to settle down, that is enough. Yes, you should continue to improve in the aspect of deen, but that is not for your spouse or anyone for that matter, it is for you. Likewise on his part. Other than that, there is nothing I, or anyone else can tell you, that will prepare you, because every couple is different in their own quirky way. This is something you learn on the job, regardless of how ready you felt you were.

I really hope this works out for you In Sha Allah, and if so, may Allah put barakah in your marriage, ameen.

Flowers in the Window Chapter 4

Wow only me 5 months to update, sorry! Life & work stuff just took over all my time.  I will try not to be so long in my next update. As always many thanks to my lovely beta and friend Heidi. She had a big job on her hands, as this chapter is rather long, so ta very much dude! :D xx
Hope you all enjoy this chapter and thank you for reading and for the lovely comments. Previous chapters can be found on A03


“It’ll have to do” Katniss muttered under breath after she had re-braided her hair for the fourth time that morning. She took a deep breath in, breathed out hard and studied her reflection in the small mirror above the basin in the female staff bathroom. 8:47 am. Nearly time to roll. Toying idly with the end of her braid she pulled out her go-to ‘I’m fabulous’ perfect nude lipstick for yet another coat. Letting out a resigned sigh she grabbed her handbag and opened the door quickly.

“Pull yourself together Everdeen” She chastised herself with a heated whisper.

 Unfortunately in the heat of scolding herself she hadn’t noticed Johanna racing in the door. Her black duster coat whipping behind her.

“Woah there, Nelly! Are you trying to make my hangover worse than it already is?!” Jo gestured to her head, which Katniss was guessing, was pounding.

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anonymous asked:

Squip X depressed reader heascannons?

As someone who suffers from pretty intense depression I will gladly write this (especially since i had a rough episode today- //shot) If this is poorly worded I apologize it’s been a long day but writing this actually cheered me up a bit so-  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-Seeing as hes in your brain he’ll always know exactly what will cheer you up,a certain song, a hobby, or even a person

-Will help reinforce healthier coping mechanisms, and steer you away from the more unhealthy ones such as over eating and self harm.

-your own personal therapist, he will listen happily and give good advice tailored especially for you

-Feeling lonely or unwanted? he’ll make sure to remind you of all your good qualities and remind you that he’ll always be there for you.

-If you need contact he’ll cuddle you or kiss you if your comfortable enough

-He’ll give you reminders that people still care about you, trust him he knows these things, the man is math, he knows thing I promise you-

-If your mood is so low you can’t bring yourself to move? The Squip will see to it that you do so that you can work towards raising your mood, even if it’s easier for you to just wait it out.

-Will try to make you laugh with humor he thinks will make you smile even in those bad times, he’ll go til you laugh with him or at least crack a smile.

-since he has (some?) control over your body he can probably help balance your brain chemicals to level them out.

-Will help you get comfortable (blankets, hot drinks, music, ect.) to the best of his and your abilities.

-He tries to be less pushy about achieving you goals even if it’s hard for him and he slips up, he really is trying

newt scamander, the odd romantic man

Newt Scamander doesn’t know how to be romantic.

Scratch that.

Newt definitely knows how to be romantic but in a very non-traditional way. Percival Graves knows this very well. He’s been the recipient of Newt’s odd gifts and fond gestures for the past decade.

(And no, Suzanne Harolds from HR, Newt doesn’t give him Antipodean Opaleye dragon egg as their 10th anniversary gift. He doesn’t know the first thing on how to mother a dragon plus Newt would fight him tooth and nail and probably pull his hair to be able to get the egg for himself anyway)

Newt is a sweetheart, every one knows this. He is kind and nice. Always ready to help out anyone without asking anything in return.

Percival falls for Newt because of those qualities. How he seems unassuming at first glance, almost dull even. But when he gets to know the man, he knows that there’s blazing fire in Newt. So passionate especially when it comes to protecting magical creatures. He is fierce and he will stand on his belief no matter what others are saying.

Newt will burn himself to protect the things that he loves. And those things include Percival.

Which is a surprise because Percival always thinks that he is undesirable; so hard to love. He believes that no one will love him.

But Newt does and he always shows it by being romantic.

Newt’s idea of being a romantic includes pulling Percival into the suitcase so that he could have bonding session with the creatures. Starting with the Nundu because “Addie is sort of the suitcase guardian so you have to get on her good side first before everyone else here.”

Newt says that with the damndest cheeky smile ever and yes, yes Percival is scared because it’s a Nundu! The apex predator! One toxic breath and he would be covered in purple green poisonous boils and die!

But for Newt he would try to bond with Addie. He would even hand feed the beast and call her beautiful, because Addie is beautiful with her black and yellow spots. He knows that those colours are Newt’s favourite colours because Newt is a Hufflepuff.

Trust Newt to keep a gigantic, dangerous beast in his suitcase just because she has the same colours of his old Hogwarts’ house.

As if that isn’t odd enough; Newt sometimes does weird movements in public.

He will shake his pert rump and wiggle his eyebrows at Percival. When it first happens, Percival doesn’t know better. He thinks that Newt is trying to flirt with him so he wiggles back his eyebrows with a smirk.

Then everything goes to hell when Newt starts to swish his coat up and flap his arms.

Newt is trying to do the mating dance of a peacock. His coat is eye catching enough to cast the bright swirl of green blue on Percival and he is tempted, Morgana help me, he is enticed by the smooth way Newt moves and how his eyes are playful and how lush his mouth look when he quirks up a flirty smile.

Newt mating dance pays off actually when Percival grabs his hand to apparate them home. Newt knows his plan works by the way he laughs lowly seeing Percival desperately wanting to be inside him; hands pawing off his coat, mouth biting his shoulder as he grinds their hard cocks together.

But if Percival is being honest, Newt is not only all those odd and amusing habits of him.

He is capable of being romantic without the dramatic flair.

Newt who is busy juggling between his responsibilities of being a departmental head and caring for his creatures, always makes time to sit with Percival so that he can vent about his frustration on the bureaucracy. Or whatever idiotic things his aurors have gotten themselves into. Newt always listens to his bitching, never once telling him to get over it.

There’s always a good cup of coffee even when Newt doesn’t drink it and sweet sticky Niffler shaped breads waiting for Percival when he comes barging into Newt’s office to find a moment of respite.

There are always soft kisses to his face and gentle fingers in hair; massaging the beginning of a headache away.

A minute with Newt adds five years to his life span.

There are times where they are both busy with their respective works yet Newt always thinks about him. Percival knows this by the way Newt always sends Dougal to hand him an apple for him to snack on during an important meeting. The sight of a floating apple doesn’t surprised anyone anymore.

Sometime Newt sends Pickett to accompany him when he’s preparing his report. The Bowtruckle chattering mindlessly as Percival checks his work.

When Newt thinks Percival is working too hard, then he will release the Niffler into his office so that the little thief will steal Percival’s shiny silver pen away. When he steps out to chase her, Newt is already waiting outside of his office; a subdue Niffler in his arms and a bright smile on his face before he announces that they’re going for dinner.

Newt rarely tells Percival that he loves the man. It’s embarrassing to utter the words.

But Percival knows.

There are self-made potions now in Newt’s little shack. Things that he brews for Percival. Murtlap and Dittany paste for when Percival’s joints ache. Mandrake roots essence for when he’s hexed by curses during raids. Pepper-Up potion in Starflower flavour because it’s sweet.

Small potions that keep Percival alive and well.

There’s a small desk for him inside Newt’s little shack too. His own place for him to do his work; a neat desk with everything being in their places next to Newt’s own messy desk littered with hastily written notes and thick volumes of journals.

Newt referring to Percival as “Daddy” when he talks to the creatures. How there is always a fond, pleased smile on his face whenever the creatures flock to Percival and hang on to him; asking for his attention.

He knows Newt is always reluctant to leave him when he has to go away for weeks or months at times. The way he holds on to Percival tightly like he wants nothing more than to pack Percival inside the suitcase too. How Newt always kisses him tenderly, his eyes red with unshed tears. How he murmurs “I’ll come back to you soon.” before apparating away.

When he comes home, Newt is always eager to pull Percival into his arms and sag against him as if he is glad to come home to Percival and he does.

Of course he does, because no matter how far and how long Newt goes away; he always thinks about Percival. Letters are not sufficient enough for him to tell Percival how he yearns for the man.

And Percival doesn’t ask for weird trinkets and odd artefacts for Newt to bring home.

He just wants Newt and his odd ways of showing that he loves Percival; of how he casts a bright light in Percival’s world with his small, kind gestures that speak of love and adoration in volume.

Because for Percival, Newt is enough.

(also in this series, percival graves is not a romantic man)

Hatfields & McCoys Sentence Starters

Feel free to change a sentence where needed.

  • “Well, I ain’t staying to watch the boys we just saved die for a lost cause.”
  • “You just twist things to suit yourself.”
  • “I’m going on home. I don’t much care for the perfumed stank in here.”
  • “This is about honor, about lying, stealing and murdering.”
  • “This case is dismissed. Everybody get the hell out of here.”
  • “What is the second most beautiful sight in [place]?”
  • “Not to boast, but I believe I have a strong reputation as a good kisser.”
  • “I ain’t fooling here, [name]. I intend to marry you.”
  • “I beg your damn pardon?”
  • “I can see you ain’t a bad person but this whole thing, it ain’t right.”
  • “You still believe in praying?”
  • “Didn’t even pay for your drink. What kind of damn man are you?”
  • “Your snoring used to keep me awake. Now it’s the silence.”
  • “My mind won’t rest.”
  • “What do you want out of this life?”
  • “You poor, miserable, twisted varmint.”
  • “I suspect you know why I called this meeting here this morning?”
  • “You’re awful full of yourself, ain’t you?”
  • “I didn’t realize you’d once been an outlaw.”
  • “There’s so much I wanted to give you.”
  • “That is a rare quality and I admire you for it.”
  • “That why you married me?”
  • “You must let your heart break.”
  • “Only when the most innocent part of you suffers can there be change. Or else nothing remains of you.”
  • “I love [name] so much. Why don’t he/she/they see that?”
  • “Do what he says or I’ll scatter your brains all over this place.”
  • “I kneel for no man.”
  • “What these sons of bitches are doing is illegal.”