but quality man so things are evened out


“People say different things about him—he’s too brash, he’s using this or that cause—but all I can say is what I’ve seen with my own eyes. He’s the most gentle and passionate man I’ve ever met.” - Clay Cole, DJ   

“Out of his great need for that quality of love, Jerry could not have been more seductive. For the time he focused on you, he required all of you, and for a while we were happy to give all.” - Norman Lear,  Even This I Get to Experience

“He’s got a craving for affection that goes farther than any other demand or desire I ever observed in another human being.” - Jack Keller 

“People wanted to do the best they could for him. He made people feel special.  That’s why ‘The Nutty Professor’ is a classic. It’s because everyone that worked on that movie put in more effort then they normally would have I think.” - Stella Stevens

Happy 90th Birthday Joseph Levitch (Jerry Lewis)!!! (March 16, 1926)