but purple is supposed to make brown eyes look lighter so that would be cool

Lyna & Carissa’s Developpment

Hi LoliRockers ! 

Here’s a big post, about Lyna and Carissa’s development. When season 1 was nearly completely written, we had a request from our producers : “Add two new princesses for season 2, and have a 5-princesses gang from now on”. 

Initially, the team was very reluctant : we knew we already had too many characters, therefore adding two more seemed a bad idea for the stories. Jean-Louis Vandestoc suggested that instead of a “5 princesses gang”, the two new princesses should be supportive characters : outside the main gang but always ready and willing to help when needed. That way, it would be easier to add them without upsetting the balance we created between Iris, Talia and Auriana. 

That’s why Lyna and Carissa were created as part of a second team : Izira’s Resistance Princesses, and why they’re not part of all the episodes of season 2 or live with the other princesses. Jean-Louis’ inspiration for them was Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune : he wanted Lyna and Carissa to be strong and independant, like Izira was. We had however to keep them both around the same age as our three main princesses, so we made them younger, and more like “princesses in training” rather than “mature veteran princesses” (much to JL’s disappointment)

Now, the question remained : what would they look like ? We wanted Carissa to be a “ fiery and tomboy warrior princess”, and Lyna to be a “snooty and delicate mage princess”. We also wanted an Asian princess, but didn’t know which one it would be… And so we started to draw…

All along your reading of this post and its designs, I let you appreciate all the little details and differences here and there. You can see what made its way up to the end, what was rejected. Just be aware that it wasn’t a straight path. It never is. 

1 - The First Researches

Finding new symbols became like a game for the whole production team, not only the artists. We all tried to suggest new cool symbols, and of course suggested a lot of very stupid and irrelevant ones. It was a good time. :)

As for the haircuts, we tried a lot as you can see. It’s probably one of the most important and distinctive feature of a magical princess, so we had to make a lot of tests.

Once we had these drawings, we made a few proposals to our producers & broadcasters, with combinations of magical and casual, and trying Lyna or Carissa as “the Asian princess”, one after each other. 

2 - First Proposal

For each of the proposal below, we tried different outfits each time. We knew that none of our proposal would be accepted entirely as they were anyway : you always end up with a patchwork of a little of each, that you have to put together somehow. Like it or not, it’s part of the process it seems.

As for the color palettes, well… “Pink”, “Orange”, “Blue”, “Red”, “Green”, “Black” were already taken. There wasn’t much left for the main colors that could fit : “Purple” and “Teal” were chosen for Carissa and Lyna. Yellow was rejected, as we tested it earlier with Auriana and… well, it really didn’t worked for the main gang. Maybe for an outsider princess ? But not for Lyna nor Carissa.

With Carissa as Asian, Lyna was Caucasian and we felt too close of Iris, and not young enough. With Lyna as Asian we could put Carissa as an Irish type, and this combination was much more appealing for us ! Everyone agreed, up to a point : we were asked at this time that Carissa should not be a redhead, as Auriana was supposed to be the group’s “redhead”, and another one was… “not needed”. Carissa’s hair color would go from red/orange to brown at this time. 

Much work was yet to be done though… We had a basic direction approved, but we needed to explore it more thoroughly and it was time for more advanced color test too. 

As for “Lyna-Caucasian” type, we kept the design and used it as a base for a character of season 2 : Debra, from episode S02E15 “The Ruby of the Orient”. ;)

3 - Color Researches

Choosing the exact outfit was a very complicated task, perhaps more for the casual outfit than the magical one. Below are a lot of our tests…

4 - Selected

In the end, here is the combination that was selected : 

… But it wasn’t still over. 

In fact, it never is until some production manager forcefully takes your model sheet, put the final approval seal, and flee with it before you can stop him/her. In our case, it didn’t happen, so, here we go for the final adjustments : 

For the princess form, we were good and convinced they were what we needed. But for the casual outfits and colors ? Not so much. 

5 - Final Adjustments

In this first model sheet, we tried different colors on both our characters to make sure the 5-Girl line up would work. We tried again color we previously rejected. We even tried to make Carissa black again. Well, it helped us confirm a few things, but we still weren’t there. For Lyna especially, we felt her top needed to be reworked : the knit, with or without sleeves, etc. (Note : we tried a lighter color for her eyes while we were at it). And of course there is always, all along the process, the question “how hard will it be to animate ?”. I confess this wasn’t a priority for a lot of people, but we tried to never forget it nevertheless.

Ok, at this stage, we had found the final shape for Lyna. We only needed to confirm our colors… We tried to put Carissa as the Irish redhead we originally wanted… and surprise ! This time it worked ! And everyone was convinced we had found her too ! 

And finaly, after a few months of work and back and forth, we could go clean and color the final model :

6 - Final Model

It’s fun to note that, even on the final color test we had, none of them was “the good one” : it was a bit of one, and a bit of another, in order to have the final model. As it always is. ;)

Ok folks, this was the last post of the season. :) 

I need my beauty-summer-vacation-sleep ! I’ll have a lot to prepare for September if I want to continue feeding you with model-sheets, development, backgrounds and stories of course… and I’m crazy late regarding the animatics and I want to fix this. 

Have a nice summer everyone, and see you back in September ! 

Roy’s Birthday Bonanza

“Kori, Princess, for the love of all things holy can you please help me with this?”

“I don’t know what you want me to do Jason. You’ve stopped me every other time.”

Scanning the kitchen, Jason’s eyes landed on the suds in the kitchen sink and the close-to-toppling pile of plates and washables. “Can you do the dishes?”

Floating over to the sink, Kori tied up her hair and rolled up her sleeves. She dumped her hands in the hot water and started washing. Jason sighed through his nose and turned to his laptop where a skype call was ongoing. “Now what Alfie?”

Alfred’s kindly smile put Jason at ease as he placed the cake precariously balanced on his arm into the oven, hot air blasting Jason in the face and making him blink. He closed the oven door and whipped his hands on the tea-towel hanging from his shoulder. “I think now you should make the frosting, Master Jason.”

“Frosting?” Jason asked, “We’re covering this in frosting?”

“Of course. I mean no disrespect, but I’m not sure how well the cake is going to look once it bakes. A good frosting-cake ratio is always desirable.”

“What flavoured icing?” Jason probed, suspiciously giving the laptop the side eye.

Alfred’s ageing face turned fuzzy as he chuckled and looked down to page through one of the many recipe books he had opened to random pages on the Wayne kitchen counter. “Would chocolate suffice?”

“Alfie, you don’t even need to ask that.” It was true. Alfred also knew the answer was yes. It was always yes. “Very well Jason. To melt the chocolate, shall we do a Ban Marie? Or would the microwave be easier?”

Jason froze, turning his head ever so slightly to glare at their microwave, with its missing parts and wires that Roy had disassembled to use in his newest project and had not yet replaced. “How long will the Band Mary take?”

“A Ban Marie, Master Jason. And close to 10 minutes, depending on how much chocolate you wish to melt.”

Kori’s head snapped up and she brushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear, leaving soap suds on her forehead. “When do you think Roy is going to be home? It can’t be long now.”

Jason closed his eyes and ground out through grit teeth, “How do you do a Ban Marie?”

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Chapter 4

Sanders Sides—A Novel

By: Yours Truly, SassyShoulderAngel319 (unless @thatsthat24 wants to adopt the rest…? *wink wink*)

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Chapter 4—Patton

I sighed and glanced between Thomas and Virgil. They were both staring at their knees. I made a face of irritation and steeled my courage. Courage wasn’t my strong point—it was more Roman’s department.

Finally I swallowed my feelings and squared my shoulders. “So you know that these scars are from your emotional pain. It’s not your fault that we bear them,” I said, wishing I had my normal outfit on so I felt more like myself—and because then I’d maybe look a little more like a dad so Thomas would be more inclined to listen to me or something.

Thomas scrunched his eyebrows. “Did you say ‘we’?” he asked. “Do you all have them?”

I shook my head and pushed my purple bangs out of my way. “Nope. Just me and Virgil,” I answered. “I’m at the core of your feelings, he embodies your fears. Both of those have a bearing on emotional scars. Old wounds. Old heartaches. Virgil definitely has more of them than I do because the pain affects your fears and anxiety more than your emotions, but we both have them.”

Thomas exhaled. “Wow. I… I didn’t know,” he muttered.

“Why would you?” Virgil retorted. “We were just figments of your imagination until this morning.”

I bit my lower lip and pulled the Steven Universe T-shirt up to reveal a huge, ugly scar slicing across my chest, showing it to Thomas. “Th-that…” he stammered. “That looks just like Virgil’s.”

I nodded. “Your first big heartbreak was hard on all of us, but the others weren’t as involved. It got to me and Virgil the worst.”

“You let your guard down,” Virgil added. “You opened me up. Well, you opened us up. And… you know how it ended.” He rubbed at the scar through his shirt, grimacing. He looked younger and more defenseless without his eyeshadow under his eyes.

I pulled the red shirt back down. “There’s nothing simple about pain,” I observed. Thomas nodded. “Just… do us a favor and don’t tell Logan or Roman. They… they don’t need to know.”

“And I don’t need more obnoxious nicknames from Roman,” Virgil remarked darkly.

Thomas nodded. “I won’t tell them,” he promised.

“Good!” I exclaimed, slapping my knees. “Now that that’s over with, I’m gonna go pet a dog.” I got up off the couch. “Unless, Virgil, you want me to stay and keep an eye on Thomas.”

Virgil shook his head. “Nah. Thanks Pat, but I’m fine here for a while. Go find a dog to pet.”

I grinned and rushed out of the apartment.

Once I was outside, I rubbed my chest through the red T-shirt. The smile on my face dropped. Despite what Virgil told Thomas about his Sides being figments of his imagination until we manifested earlier, some form of us always existed. And those forms had memories that were part of us when he solidified us for YouTube.

I remembered the day that scar appeared as I walked.

No matter whether we knew it was coming or not, nothing could have prepared us for the pain.

Anxiety and I were near each other, feeling the same thing—fear and sorrow at the same time. The others were all off on their own. As far as I knew, we were the only ones in close proximity.

Not only were we near each other, but we were sitting the same way—curled up on the floor with our arms around our knees and clenching our fists into our sleeves. We were young. Gosh, we were so young. Young, inexperienced, and completely unprepared.

All I wanted was to hold Anxiety, to comfort him, to reassure him that everything was going to be okay. But I couldn’t. I didn’t know if everything would be okay. And I was in so much pain myself I could barely move. We were both trembling—me more so than Anxiety. I turned my head as much as I could to look at him. “Wh-wh-what’s happening?” I asked, voice quivering.

“I… I don’t really know. This isn’t like any emotional pain I’ve ever felt before,” Anxiety replied.

“I-I’m scared,” I admitted.

“Me too,” Anxiety agreed.

Then the burning started. I cried out, curling up tighter and trying not to cry. Anxiety grunted, his knuckles turning white where he was clenching the sleeves of his oversized black-and-gray hoodie. He seemed so much tougher than me—I almost envied him. Almost. I didn’t have enough brainspace to think about it at the moment.

I lifted my shirt, trying desperately to figure out what was going on. Anxiety followed my lead.

We watched as the thick, angry red marks carved themselves identically across our skin. They glistened—and I knew what that meant.

Scar tissue.

Anxiety met my eyes. “Heartbreak,” he ground out through his clenched jaw. “That’s what it is.”

“I don’t like it,” I whimpered.

Anxiety slowly released his grip on his sleeves and grabbed mine. He pulled me over. We wrapped our arms around each other, holding on for dear life. I wept unashamedly, tears soaking into Anxiety’s hoodie.

That memory was conflicting. The pain was terrible and the experience was awful, but that was the first time Virgil and I really connected—which I found important.

“Hey Thomas!” a familiar voice called out, jarring me from my thoughts. I recognized it from some of Thomas’ memories. I turned. I would have taken my glasses off to look more like Thomas but I found out the hard way when I was changing shirts that I couldn’t see more than three inches in front of my face without them. So I kept them on.

The girl who approached was small. Her eyes were a lighter brown than mine and her hair had less red in it than mine—also no purple—and fell to her waist.

I racked my brain for her name. Thomas had memories of humor around her but I wasn’t coming up with her name.

“Heeeeeyyy… Natalie!” I replied, her name smacking me in the face like a wet cat.

She smiled and laughed. “Forgot my name for a sec, huh?” she joked. I shrugged. “Meh. Don’t worry about it. My professors do too. All the time.” She blinked and scrunched her dark eyebrows. “What’s with the glasses, if I may ask?”

“Oh! Uh…” I scrambled to come up with some excuse. “I’m in the middle of filming a project and I just didn’t bother to take them off.”

Natalie nodded. “Ah. I see. That’s cool,” she commented. “Uh, I was actually on my way to your apartment when I saw you.” She cleared her throat. She and Thomas weren’t particularly close but they seemed to be pretty decent acquaintances—if not quite all the way to friends just yet. “Uh, Haldir has been a little lonely today since me and my roommate were both out a lot this weekend and I was wondering if you wanted to come play with him.”

Even though I had trouble accessing Thomas’ memories, I knew Haldir was her and her roommate’s dog.

I perked up instantly.  “I’d love to!” I exclaimed.

She laughed. “Alrighty then. Wanna walk with me? I mean, if you’re going somewhere, you can come over later—”

“No, no, no!” I interrupted. “I was actually just out exploring, waiting to find a dog to pet.”

She grinned. “Of course you were,” she teased, turning on her heel to head towards her house. I quickly trotted after her to catch up. “So, uh… you okay, Thomas? You were looking a little troubled when I saw you.”

I shook my head and waved my hand dismissively. “I’m fine. Just, y’know, this project is a big one and I’m a little stressed,” I lied.

“Tell me about this project,” Natalie requested. “Like, who’s the character who needs glasses?”

“He’s called Patton. He’s meant to represent T—my moral side. And, y’know, emotions.”

“So why’s he got glasses?”

“Because usually he wears an outfit that looks more like a dad. Polo shirt, khakis, cardigan tied around the shoulders. That deal. The glasses go with it. Also he’s supposed to be near-sighted because emotions are often more about what’s important in the present,” I explained.

Natalie nodded in understanding.

I whacked myself on the forehead. “What am I doing? Where are my manners? I should be escorting the nice lady,” I remarked, extending my elbow.

Natalie laughed and looped her arm through my elbow. “You’re so sweet, Thomas,” she observed. I tried not to feel too guilty. Technically, pretending to be Thomas when I was, in fact, Patton was lying. And lying was wrong.

Which went against everything I stood for.

But Virgil was right. We couldn’t just be ourselves out in the normal world. We weren’t… whole. “We” meaning us Sides.

So I just kept up the act. Pretending to be Thomas was simpler than explaining what I was to an unsuspecting neighbor.

Natalie was whistling as we strolled down the sidewalk—a Disney tune I recognized. I licked my lips and joined in, knowing that Roman would enjoy being in my place in the moment.

As we reached the apartment I recognized as hers, she pulled a set of keys out of her pocket and stuck one in the door. She jerked it and pushed the door open.

I passed her my glasses, instantly losing my good vision. “Hold these, will you?” I requested. She laughed and took them as a blur of chestnut hair streaked across the dark splotch that was the inside of Natalie’s apartment and thirty pounds of red retriever bowled into her. She laughed and petted Haldir’s head.

“Hey boy. I brought you a friend!”

I bent my knees and smiled at the dog—what I could see of him anyway. “Hi buddy!” I exclaimed.

Haldir growled.

“Hal!” Natalie protested. “It’s Thomas! You love Thomas!”

My heartstrings twanged at the lie. I was part of Thomas, but I wasn’t Thomas.

I let Haldir sniff my hand. He seemed to perk up.

“There we go!” I commented as the dog reared up on his hind legs to lick me.

I felt all the tension ease away. Dogs made everything better.

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We All Love You

Request- one where your Sam and Dean’s sister but deans girlfriend hurts u physically and mentally so one day Cas catches her and helps u

A/N- I was a bit stumped with this at first but once I got a little idea of which way to go there was no stopping me!!! Wuahaha! *clears throat* Any who… Tell me what you think! x)

Cas x Sister!Reader

Word Count- 274

Warnings- mention of verbal and physical abuse

You were going on a date. Yep a date. You would have been happy about it if maybe this was your date. But it wasn’t. This was you brother Dean’s date. He’d occasionally bring you on his dates because he ‘loves’ you and ‘loves’ that you and his girlfriend spend time together. You hate it and she hates you. She not only shows it, she tells you ever time. You were afraid of her. She’d make you feel bad, like you mean nothing to Dean. That he only takes care of you because he has to. That he told her that he’s been putting up with you all this time. Of course, you don’t believe her. Well, not at first, but the more she tells you the more you feel like its true. Dean wouldn’t be with someone who lies and abuse his family right? Maybe he doesn’t consider you to be his family.

You stared out the window to avoid any contact with her in the car. Not that it helped. All you could think about was what she had told before you left.

She had grabbed you by your shirt and shoved you against the wall. “Look here you stupid little brat. We both know Dean is going to ask you to come along with us. We both know he doesn’t really want you to go. He just doesn’t want you to bother Sammy while he’s sleeping. He’s sick and you’d just get in the way. Too bad for him you’re going to tell him that you can’t come with us. I don’t want my night ruined too.”

“You have no right to call him Sammy.” you mumble.

“What was that?” she questioned, pressing down on a part of your shoulder that made you want to scream. “No one wants you here.”

“If they didn’t want me here they would have left me a long time ago.” you responded.

“He can’t just leave you when he promised dear ol’ dad to take care of you.” she whispered in your ear.

Your mouth hung opened and you trembled just a bit. Her words playing in your head. ‘Is he just taking care of me because of dad?’ you questioned in your head.

Dean came in, “You guys ready to go?” he smiled.

Of course, no matter how much you tried to refuse, he just wouldn’t take no for an answer. That little talk you had with his girlfriend just made you believe that he loved Sam so much that he really didn’t you to stay and bother him.

Now here you were, in the car. Dean driving, his girlfriend seated next to him, their hands connected, and you looking out the window.

“It was such a beautiful day too,” you mumbled.

“What’d you say?” Dean asked.

“Uh- I was uh- asking where we were going…” you lied.

“There was going to be a county fair or something. Thought it’d be fun to take you both.” he answered.

You suddenly remembered the time when Dean snuck you and Sammy to a fair, back when your dad hunted alone. It was so much fun. Especially since you weren’t allowed out very much, if at all. Of course you didn’t make it back to the motel in time and your dad was there waiting for you. Dean was scolded and you were crying because you thought it was your fault. Sam tried to comfort you and tried to convince you that it wasn’t your fault but you just cried more. Once Dean’s scolding was over, he hugged you saying it wasn’t your fault. That it was fun playing around with his little siblings and that it was totally worth getting lectured for it. He smiled even though he was hurt. He didn’t like upsetting his dad but he hated seeing you cry more.

Going to a fair now just had no meaning anymore. Was any of your past memories even real? Did Dean ever actually love you or were you just an extra unimportant sibling? Maybe you just became annoying over time? Those were the thoughts running through your head. None of which made you feel any better. Just a whole lot worse.

“Look. We’re here.” Dean said, bringing you out of your stupor.

“Babe can we go on the Ferris wheel first! The sun is setting and I bet it’d look cool from up there.” she said.

“Sure. The ferris wheel is your favorite right Y/N?” Dean asked.

His girlfriend glared at you without letting Dean see. “I um- I’m scared of heights.” you respond.

He parked the impala and turned around to look at you. “What? Since when?” he questioned.

“Um- you know-” you mumbled. Then you saw the lot where all the games where and of course your favorite was there. The shooting one. “I’ll be over there shooting things down. You guys go on ahead.” you said and quickly made your way over there.

“Wait!” Dean shouted but you didn’t hear him and continued on your way.

He was about to follow after you but his girlfriend stopped him, “It’s alright Dean. Y/N’ll be fine.”

Dean sighed, “You think so?” he asked worriedly.

She nodded her head and pulled him toward the ferris wheel.

Once they were at the ferris wheel’s peek, Dean tried to see if he could spot you. Which annoyed his girlfriend.

“You think Y/N’s mad at me?” Dean said.

“Why would Y/N be mad?” she asked, pretending she cared.

“Well Y/N’s been asking to go on a solo hunt. I said no.” Dean responded and sighed.

“Why not? Y/N’s a fine hunter and could probably handle a solo hunt.” she lied.

“You think?” Dean asked and she nodded, “Alright I’ll tell Y/N that the next hunt-” he started.

“Babe. If you don’t mind, let me tell Y/N.” she said.

He smiled, “Thanks.” he responded, giving a quick kiss.

Once they got off the ferris wheel she said she’d go look for you while dean buys some snacks.

She found you fairly quickly. What with you hauling around a teddy bear that was much bigger than you. It was supposed to be a Frankenstein kind of bear. An ear, an arm, its stomach, and a leg were dark brown. While the other part were lighter brown. One eye was green and the other was yellow. You loved the fact that it reminded you of your brothers.

“Y/N you are!” she shouted angrily.

You turned to face her. You had bought a waffle with whipped cream and had just taken a bite out of it when she called you. Since you were using one hand to hold your stuffed bear and the other to hold the plate with the waffle, you were eating with your face and had whipped cream on your nose.

“Wipe that off your face!” she yelled. She then noticed that people were staring at her. “Follow me.” she said. Out of fear you did as she said.

The sun had set causing a few clouds to look like a mix of magenta and purple, with a couple of stars breaking through.

She took you back to the parking lot where there was almost no people. She smiled wickedly, “Me and your wonderful brother had a lovely chat.” she started.

“I don’t care,” you said, rather uninterested.

“We agreed that you’re old enough to take care of yourself. He wants you out of the bunker. We both do.” she said.

You dropped your waffle and your bear out of shock. “Y-you’re lying.”

“Sorry. Well not really. Best decision ever. Now don’t want dear ol’ Y/N getting hurt. Let’s see if you can make it out on your own.” she said while getting into a fighting stance. “Come at me.”

You were terrified, but you put your hands up anyways. You’ve ‘sparred’ with her before. It was more like you were her personal punching bag. She’d always take things too far. You still had cuts and bruises from you last training sessions that no one but her knew about.

She waited for you to get closer first. Just before you were in her reach she stepped forward, swung her right arm that you blocked and just as quickly swung her left arm. If you didn’t know her right was dominant you would have thought her left was. She punched you really hard in your stomach. Already having a bruise there wasn’t very helpful either. She swiped at your feet causing you to fall over and she started kicking you like there was no tomorrow.

“I don’t know how you’re going to make it out there if you can’t even fight back!” she cackled.

You just laid there sobbing at your unlucky life. Wishing for a better one.

All of a sudden Cas appeared. He went to visit you. I mean, you and the boys but Sam told him that you guys went to the fair. Cas wanting to see you really bad came to find you, and boy did he find you. He appeared next to you, who was on the ground, blood coming from your mouth.

Dean’s girlfriend was shocked, “Oh- um- Hey Castiel. Dean told me that he was going to let his little sister go on a solo hunt so I was trying to give her a couple of lessons.” she covered.

Cas looked from her to your sobbing figure. “You went too far!” he shouted angrily, glaring at her.

“Shit. It’s not my fault she isn’t prepared. Better she learns now rather than later that she’s a weak piece of-”

Cas didn’t let her finish and sent her flying. Which was witnessed by Dean.

“What the hell? Cas what the hell are you doing?!” Dean shouted.

“Your girlfriend hurt Y/N. I couldn’t allow that!” he answered.

Dean turned toward you. You were trying to stand, tears falling, and blood dripping from your mouth. His eyes widened in horror. He then recalled all the times your train with her and how hurt you looked after. “How long has this been going on?” he asked you.

All you could do was look at him sadly, lip quivering.

“Babe. I was trying to see if she was ready. That’s all. It’s… It’s just some tough love.” she tried to explain.

Dean wasn’t having it, “Y/N… How long was this going on?” he asked again.

You didn’t answer. You grabbed your bear and held Cas’ arm, “C-can you take me home?” you tried to ask without sobbing in between which was impossible. He simply nodded and suddenly you were home.

You move away from him and walk over to your closet to change out of your now tattered clothes. Well, you stumbled over to your closet at least. You took off your shirt without caring that Cas was there. You’d care and be embarrassed if you weren’t hurting all over.

He saw all the bruises and cuts that were there. He silently walked behind you and touched one. His cold fingers and the fact that he pressed on it made you flinch. “Did… she do this to you?” he asked.

You slipped a clean shirt on, “It doesn’t matter.” you answer. He placed two fingers on your head but you moved away from him. “Don’t.”

“Why not? Do they not hurt?” he asked.

“Of course they hurt,” you say, turning to face him, “but I keep them to remind me that I’m weak. If I can’t face a human monster how can I face real monsters?”

He smiled at you sadly, “Why didn’t you tell your brothers… or me?”

“They don’t- They wouldn’t care.” you answer.

Cas looked shocked. “Of course they would care Y/N they love you.”

You once again move away from him and reach for your duffel bag. “They won’t.” you say as you stuff the bag with clothes.

“You aren’t leaving are you?” he inquired.

“I’m not wanted here. So, to make everyone happy I’m leaving. Everyone will be happy.” you say.

“What about you? Will you be happy? Away from your brothers? Alone?” he pressed.

You let more tears fall before you wipe them away. “I’m happy as long as they’re happy.” you answer.

“And you believe that means without you here? How can-” he paused for a moment. “Dean wants to talk to me. Please. Stay.” he said. You give him a weak smile which he took as confirmation and he left.

You sighed. “Sorry Cas.” you whisper. You zip up your bag and walk to Sam’s room. He was sound asleep so you tip toed over and kissed his forehead. “I’m gonna miss you Sammy. I-I love you.” you whispered before heading out the door.

You walked and walked without looking back. You weren’t sure if you were scared of finding Dean or Cas behind you or you were terrified to find no one at all. After about an hour of walking you found out that you were really scared of finding no on there, because that would mean that what she said was true. No one loved you. No one cared. Her words repeated in your head. Years of torture. At least you’re free from her. At least…

You sobbed. You walked and every step hurt. You crashed into something, someone, while you walked. “Sorry” you mumbled and without looking you walked around them.

“Y/N,” you heard the familiar voice call.

You instantly recognized the voice. It was Cas. You kept walking.

“Y/N. Please. Dean wants to talk with you.” he said as he caught up to you.

“I-I don’t want to. I already left. What more does he want from me?” you say, wiping away tears.

“He wants his sister back.” he responded.

You stopped walking, “Wha-” you paused, “I’m not going back. Not if she-” you let the words fall.

“She’s not there. She will never be there. She won’t ever hurt you again.” he told you.

“Dean’s just going to be mad at me then. If he broke up with his girlfriend because of me… If- If he didn’t hate me before he’s going to hate me now.” you sobbed.

“Is that what you think?” you heard another familiar voice ask. It was Dean. You froze, “You think I prefer someone who hurts you? You think I’d be mad for that?” he asked. There was anger in his voice, but other than that it was sadness. To think that he let someone hurt you so much that you’d think that of him.

“Dean…” Cas said.

Dean sighed in return. “Look, Y/N, I love you. Of course I love you. You’re my little sister, but that’s not the only reason. Every time I’d get in trouble with Dad for taking you guys out. You always blamed yourself. Told dad it was your idea. Dad could never get mad at you and he’d let me off the hook. That time I was sick, hell every time I’m sick, you know exactly how to make me feel better. Y/N please believe me when I say I could never hate you. I love you too damn much for that, kiddo.”

You turned to face him, tears in your eyes, and a wide smile on your face. You walked over and hugged him as tight as you could. When he pulled away from you, you were back home. Sam was a few feet away and he came over and hugged you too.

“Thank god they brought you back,” he whispered in your ear.

You really didn’t know what to say. You were happy. Words can never express the amount of relief and happiness you were overwhelmed with. You were home. Your brothers were hugging you. Castiel, the angel you’ve had a crush on for months, helped you realize you were important. Everything seemed right with the world. Everything IS right with the world.

“See. We all love you Y/N. Even Cas.” Dean said and everyone, especially you, turned toward him.

“Y-yes. I also love you.” he confessed with slightly reddened cheeks that he hopes no one notices.

Dean noticing it, “Wait… You don’t mean…” He looked from Cas to you whose face was burning up. “You got to be kidding me.”

Sam simply laughed.

“I didn’t want to say it like this but you asked me to say it so I did.” Cas responded.

You smiled like an idiot because that was kind of a cute response.

“Well guess what?” Dean said while wrapping an arm around you. Seeing as Cas turned his head slightly in confusion he continued. “You can’t have her!” he shouted while pulling you along, all while laughing.

“Dean!” you shouted, trying to sound angry but failing.

Sam laughed, watching Cas chase Dean who was pulling you away.

Hope you liked it! x)

anonymous asked:

How do you plan your colors? They're gorgeous.

Well uh, this is gonna be long, so apologies for that—I wanted to type a short response but then it turned into like a tiny shittier tutorial whoops.


There’s a lot of consideration to take in lighting situations, and generally it’s all about context. For a lot of the work I do in CAR, most of the situations are based around 1) the local color of the characters and 2) the lighting. From time to time, it may also be based on 3) the mood I’m trying to convey.

Hang with me as I go into all this COLOR FUN TAAAALK

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Dreams in Color

Rumplestiltskin/Belle, G

Summary: Morpheus allows Belle to enter the world of dreams, and brings Rumple along as well. He tells them they will see her happiest memory and Rumple is surprised by which one it is.

Notes: Spoilers for season 6, maybe. Based on what we know so far about the season and Rumbelle. Probably completely inaccurate and silly. For Rumbelle Week Day 3 - Colors.


At first, they were nowhere.

Everything was black. Not like the color, exactly, but a vast emptiness, a void that stretched to infinity. It reminded him of his death, when he had stabbed his father and sacrificed himself only to be rewarded with what he assumed was eternal damnation in the vault. He ceased to be. He was there still, sort of, in and among the entities that had become the Dark One, formless and angry.

There was a strange peacefulness in this darkness though. It wrapped itself around him, held him, and there was unexpected comfort in that. He thought for a moment that perhaps he had died again, that this was the end. Maybe he was simply consciousness now, floating in the ether.

But that wasn’t so.

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