but ps didn't like the colors lol



stilessderek  asked:

Hey Alexa, do you still make tutorials? Like for: /post/163450077289/the-making-of-you-nikita-gill or for this amazing post here: /post/163329947819/tw-appreciation-week-day-one-favorite-character ? Because I'm so jealous of your talent xp For both your coloring and for you creativity! So amazing!

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH<<333 i do make tutorials but i’m not sure how to make a tutorial for this kind of edits. i made a tutorial on how to put two gifs into one like that here and i did a lot of this with those gifsets. you could tell me what gif in specific you wanna know how to make and i’ll do a step-by-step :)))

ahh!! so i saw that somebody already did a gorgeous coloring of @solbabydraws’ lines for @pjocoloringbookproject, but i decided that i would still wait until i had a good connection and post mine anyways!! like i’m not an art person but when i saw this i just h a d to color it, it’s beautiful i hope you like it!

(ps, i also tried to do some lighting stuff, idek)